Pretty Little Plot Holes

I follow Five Lying Bitches on Instagram, and she posted a question someone asked her that was very interesting:

According to Marlene Lying King, Mona was original A, Charlotte became Big A when she met Mona in Radley, and someone else became A.D when Charlotte died. 

So exactly how did Charlotte kidnap Sara Harvey the night Alison went missing and put her in the Dollhouse?….

Is this just ANOTHER plot hole? 

Lets explore a few possibilities that could explain this:

  1. There has been ONE Uber A since the beginning of the show who has controlled all the other A’s. Uber A had the Dollhouse built at the beginning of the A Game. He/she kidnapped Sara Harvey that night because she looked like Alison, and kept her prisoner all those years. 
  2. The character we know as Sara Harvey is actually BETHANY YOUNG. She was never a prisoner in the Dollhouse. She was working with A the entire time as Red Coat. They switched the dead girls dental records, the dead girl is the real Sara Harvey. They devised a plan that if the Dollhouse was ever found by the police, Charlotte would take the fall as “Charles/Big A” and Bethany would pretend to be Sara Harvey to protect her identity and say that Charlotte kidnapped her. Uber A would escape and continue the game. 
  3. This is just another GIGANTIC plot hole. The writers seem to not know their story as good as the fandom. If not explained, this one could potentially be the biggest one yet.

This is just another reason as to why I have always believed that there has been ONE Uber A in charge of the game the entire time. The story will NOT make sense if this isn’t the case. Charlotte obviously did not build a Dollhouse and kidnap Sara Harvey on that night. She wasn’t even involved in the Game at that point, and was in Radley. It is completely impossible

Final questions…

If that was REALLY Sara Harvey, who the heck kidnapped her, WHEN did they kidnap her, AND WHY? 

If it is not Sara Harvey, who is she?? Why was she found in the Dollhouse? What is her motivation for being there? Why was she helping Charlotte?
Nothing Left Chapter 19, a pretty little liars fanfic | FanFiction

It was a warm day in June with a few clouds overhead. Hanna was visiting with the newborn she gave birth to only four weeks before. When the girls insisted they would come visit her in Connecticut, Hanna said she would do anything to get far away from apartment she’d been stuck in since little Tucker had been born. Realizing it was a beautiful day, Spencer, Aria and Hanna made a trip to the lake and settled in a shady spot near the water where Rosie could swim and play.

“He makes Rosie seem so…big,” Aria said quietly, pouting, as she cradled the baby in her arms. She watched Rosie attempt to build a sandcastle about ten feet away while wearing a purple life jacket over her one-piece swimsuit. While the “castle” was more like a pile of dirt, the fact she constructed it on her own made Aria realize how big her daughter was getting. So big compared to the tiny infant in her arms. Where did the time go?