Has anyone noticed the dolls on the mobile in 7x16 are the same dolls from Mona’s A lair?

Aria and Spencer are wearing different outfits now but Ali, Hanna, and Emily’s clothes haven’t changed. Maybe Aria’s changed because she’s working for A now (also it looks like her doll is originally wearing a black hoodie? hmm), but its interesting that Spencer’s doll is also in a completely new outfit and no longer holding a book and magnifying glass. (twin theory?)


im. screaming.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but

I feel like all of the main characters in PLL have really steamy (or alluded to) ‘intimate’ moments. Spencer, Aria and Hanna have all had quite passion filled scenes with their significant others.
Except when Emily is with someone, it’s always sweet, romantic etc. Her moments with Maya, Paige, Alison etc, are all hugs, kisses and they always seem tentative.
I get that there are young people watching this show, but why do the other girls get to roll around in bed/sofa/apartment floor and all Emily gets is a kiss in the middle of the street. I get that wlw relationships are quite sweet and emotional, but there is also passion, desire and sex.

Again correct me if I’m wrong and it might not seem like a big deal but it’s just something I’ve noticed.

Ezra was going to meet someone at the airport.

Who’s the doctor Nicole’s parents don’t like? – WREN ?
Who was Ezra going to meet? WREN ?

But Spencer got to him first.

So Ezra and Wren played that little game “not knowing each other”.

What was/is Ezra up to?

Should Wren take care of Nicole and end her life?

Why Them?

Even after all these years the basic question of the show is WHY ARE THESE SPECIFIC 5 GIRLS BEING TORTURED? A question that we still do not have an answer to. This needs to be seriously relevant and meaningful. Praying the writers have a solid and convincing reason.

We know Spencer and Alison have direct links to A because of their twisted family history, but how do Aria, Hanna and Emily fit into this to warrant the same torture by AD?

Yes, the group in general followed Ali as leader and stood by and did nothing while she blackmailed and bullied people, but this isn’t a good enough reason as to why all 5 of them have been terrorized to such great lengths for so many years.

It could be something that happened “That Night.” I find this a bit unrealistic though, because how is it possible that all 5 of them have absolutely no recollection of what happened that night? And A knows everything, so if they were drugged by Alison would he/she really hold all 5 responsible?

I think what makes the most sense is The Jenna Thing. All 5 girls were together when they threw the smoke bomb into Jenna’s barn. Jenna was blinded as a result. If A or someone he/she loves was also there that night and was disfigured in some way-this would give them a good reason to want revenge on all 5 girls.