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21 things black men don’t hear often enough

1. I love you bro. We don’t tell each other as men how much we mean to each other. There is no weakness in that. Only strength, solidarity, and power.

2. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to commit to getting better.

3. Someone is depending on you, to be exactly who you are.

4. Read more. You have time to read 12 books a year (which is more than the average American). We also aren’t average.

5. Showing and sharing your emotions isn’t a sign of weakness. Paying attention to how we feel helps us become more in tune with what’s actually going on.

6. Your mental health matters. You can’t “work yourself” out of your mind. Emotional trauma is very real and worthy of our time. We’ve been through a lot recently.

7. Living is an act of resistance. You are going to live, get out all these dreams, and thrive – despite the odds.

8. You are a descendent of kings. Seriously, don’t bow your head to life. You were built for this.

9. Their opinion won’t pay your bills, or build your dreams. They won’t always see your vision. Not everyone is supposed to.

10. Failure isn’t a tattoo. Learn how to take the Ls and move on. Adapt and overcome.

11. Getting this money, and doing good, aren’t mutually exclusive. You just have to be clear on your non-negotiables and stand by them.

12. You don’t have to ask for permission to be excellent. Go for it.

13. “Everybody eat’s b” – Ace Boogie. Seriously, we can all get what we want to out here. Helping people doesn’t make you a sucker. Do have boundaries though.

14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone else (even if you’re from Harlem), but it pays to think like an owner. Signing the front of a check is very different than the back.


16. If someone knocks you for your 9-5, they (1) aren’t your friends and (2) they don’t know about your 6-10. Keep going.

17. Start owning when you can. Pay yourself first. These loans ain’t loyal.

18. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You’re excellent and it’s perfectly okay to still be warming up.

19. Try to take care of yourself. I love Popeyes, but what we put in ourselves can actually kill us. Exercise, eat well, and get active. Put some $$ on your jumper, and invite your team out!

20. Learning how to cook is a great look. Seriously. Watch a couple Youtube videos, hit Home Goods, and start cheffing.

21. “Someday” is never going to show up on the calendar. Write that book, send that tweet, record podcast. Don’t opt out, especially not right now.

hey listen up u piece of shits i love ryan ross and brendon as much as anyone here but what yall really need to pay attention to is mr jonathon walker over here, who has continuously supplied us with content and amazing-ness for the past 10 years yet everyone forgets his existence so give up some time of your day to listen to jons solo music which includes the song “sun and moon” and you fucks should go listen to his eps and albums on his band camp right now and also how about u go show him some love on instagram and twitter because he deserves it you little bitches because he tweets amazing things like “#rice” and “#tacos” now that we got that straight lets talk about how amazing he is and without him neither would pretty. odd. or take a vacation! would exist the way they are now so how about we all take a moment to appreciate the little dumb stoner we call jonathon walker

This Line Doesn't Have The Time!

I work at a grocery store and peak season is in full swing. This lady (prob mid 30’s) was nice enough through the whole scanning process and payment but as soon as I hand her her receipt she stops. She wouldn’t move forward, instead electing to stand in the same spot and READ HER WHOLE RECEIPT. I would understand if my store didn’t have a screen to show you how much each thing cost as i scanned it but we do, she just wasn’t paying attention. I had a backed up line and she waited until i started with the person behind her to speak up and tell me “oh the noodles are suppose to be on sale, you need to take one off”. And I just look at her, hoping (but not really expecting) she FUCKING GET IT that she missed her shot. I pissed her off by directing her to customer service so they can fix it. As shes about to walk away she tells me “it was rude and unprofessional that i didn’t wait till she read her receipt before i started with the next person” and Im just like?¿??¿¿??¿


“what’s going on between you and Y/N?” Stiles asked.

“Nothing.” Theo answered.

“really? because last time i checked, you showed up at my door practically raging about how she had been kidnapped and you for some reason needed my help finding her. and we’ve been searching for four hours and you’re getting super fidgety-”

“why are you paying so much attention to me? your best friend is missing!” Theo interjected.

“yeah but i trust her. she’s a bad ass. she’ll be fine.” Stiles stated. then he realized something, “wait. you showed up at my place at two in the morning saying she had disappeared. so im assuming you two were together shortly before that. what were you and Y/N doing together at near two in the morning?”


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"I'm breaking up with you.." "Why?"
  • Aries: You don't excite me anymore.
  • Taurus: You don't show me how much you care.
  • Gemini: I'm feeling tied down and I can't handle it.
  • Cancer: I just don't see a future with you.
  • Leo: You don't pay any attention to me anymore.
  • Virgo: I don't feel appreciated.
  • Libra: I don't find you attractive anymore.
  • Scorpio: We just don't have a strong connection anymore.
  • Sagittarius: I don't feel like myself when I'm around you.
  • Capricorn: You're not taking this seriously.
  • Aquarius: You don't understand or accept me for who I am.
  • Pisces: You didn't love me the way I wanted you to.
Imagine sending a bath snap to the wrong person

You snapped the picture, adding the caption ‘Romantic bubble bath… now all I need is a man’ before sending it off to your friend Jada. The two of you often joked about how much you needed a significant other in your life, so pictures like this weren’t out of the ordinary.

Jared’s phone went off in the middle of an interview, your voice sounding ‘Pay me attention!’.

Both he and the interviewer laughed, and he shook his head.

“She set it as my ringtone whenever I get a notification,” he explained, pulling out his phone, “She’s more work than the dogs, I swear.”

The interviewer smiled at him, “You and Y/N have a close relationship. It’s obvious on the show.”

Jared’s ‘I don’t know what you mean’ died in his throat when he saw the snap.

The interviewer raised her eyebrows, and he mumbled, “Sorry,” as he typed out a reply.

You reached for your phone when you saw the screen light up with a notification, frowning when you saw it was Jared. You opened up snapchat and saw the messages, blushing deeply when you realised you’d sent the last picture to him instead.

‘Jesus, Y/N, I’m in an interview’

‘The bath does look romantic, but give me a chance and I’ll make it better…’

‘I’ll call you when I’m done’

The greatest thing about Shiro/Keith is about how subtle their interaction is in the show compared to other characters. Like, for your first watch you wouldn’t really pay much attention to it - it’s not as attention grabbing as other ships in the show, but then you remember.

Shiro and Keith already know each other. They have a past together. You rewatch it again and then it clicks, those subtle moments become ten times more meaningful - you begin to notice just how many times Keith is there for Shiro, how he has Shiro’s back and how attentive he is towards Shiro. You realize how much faith and trust Shiro has in Keith, how he’s also got Keith’s back.

I’m just. God, Sheith is so wonderful. The shoulder touches, the small smiles, and the warm glances they send to each other. Everything about this ship is pure and warm, slowburn and tender and just.

So good.

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Do you have any tips about being an extroverted studyblr? Like how you study differently than most other studyblrs (who all seem to be introverts somehow)? I'm an ENFP and want to work to my strengths

I actually have a whole post about studying for your MBTI type that you can check out here!

It really does help me to study in a public place or while listening to a TV show I’ve seen a bunch so that I don’t have to pay much attention but still get the ambience. I also tend to learn through explaining and talking through things, so you may want to try out study groups! I usually just end up boring my family with long rants about sociology or something, and that works too. Another alternative could be to start a study group through tumblr where you could motivate each other and share things that you’ve learned. 

Studying as an extrovert can definitly be difficult since you can loose energy from being by yourself for long periods studying, so don’t underestimate the value of taking a break to call someone to chat, either. 

Do yourself a favor and stop expecting better out of a person who continuously shows you they’re only getting worse. Pay attention to the signs. Stop making excuses for people. Stop defending their inconsiderate ways and start taking care of you and your own needs. A person is only as good as they want to be. No matter how much they claim to love you, Nothing and NO ONE can change them. Stop trying. I’ve learned that not everyone loves the same, however.. When a person loves you.. they will do what it takes to make and keep you happy. period.
—  Reyna Biddy

Ok the comments on jacks new videos are horrible, there are bots/ scams not even trying to look like jack anymore ‘giving free gift cards" reported about 30 and couldn’t deal with it anymore.

The s theirs the people asking ’ jack when’s walking dead? ’ 'jack why did you stop walking dead’ there were about 10 -20 of them it shows you how much they payed attention to the end of jacks video, he will play it when it comes out because they come out episodically.
As much as I would love to reply to these people and tell them how I feel it doesn’t help the situation, calling someone stupid only pushes them up the comments so please stop doing that and just report them for spam, same for people self promoting.

I want to keep jacks comments as clean as I can but to do that I need help.

P.s don’t be one of those people in the comments being like I going to kill all the bots cause guess what you’re adding to the spam.


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how do you know if a boy likes you??????

I can often just sense it. It’s easier to tell if they do like you than if they don’t. Depends on them though, how they show it. If they’re shy or blunt. You have to pay attention to the vibes between you two, how much attention he gives you, how he acts around you. Eye contact is a veeeeery big thing. If they don’t like you, they’ll obviously be very aloof and oblivious. They won’t treat you differently to anyone else. Personally I think it’s about the energy they have around you, though. In your gut, if it’s right, you’ll just know. Sometimes your intuition will know before you do. Boys are simple, but how we perceive them is very complex

BTS Reaction: How you met


You probably would have met through mutual friends. It was probably at a small gathering and he happened to notice you. He’d ask one of his friends to introduce you. The rest of the night you’d be together getting to know one another.

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You’d be sitting somewhere, probably outside of a coffee shop with your headphones on listening to one of your favorite songs. You’d be off day dreaming, eyes close singing softly along with the music. When it was over you’d open your eyes only to come face to face with this weirdo. His only response would be, “You have a beautiful voice.”

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You’d probably rushing down the street, trying to make it to an appointment on time. Not paying much attention, you wouldn’t see this kid randomly showing someone else a dance move. So when he manages to dance into your path you end up knocking each other over. And that’s how it would all begin.

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If anyone, I feel like you could meet him at a fan meet. I could see it, maybe walk up to him and he just blurts out something like, “Wow you’re beautiful.”

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You might be finding yourself at a local basketball court in a nearby park a little after sunset. Nothing serious, just shooting around by yourself when Yoongi shows up and asks if he can join you. You’d probably end up playing a game of horse.

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You would meet him in a local grocery store. I know it’s cliche, but you’d both be reaching for the same thing probably. He’d probably apologize, as would you. Eventually he’d look into your basket and ask you about what you’re making. Eventually you two would exchange cooking ideas.

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You’d be at the park when a small white dog runs up to you. Seconds later Namjoon would show up to reclaim his dog, switching between scolding his dog and apologizing to you. You’d only laugh saying that he has the cutest dog.

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cursing cutie ( namjoon drabble )

He pleaded, he begged, he even offered you candy in return for you slowing down that sour mouth you had, but you refused.

It wasn’t like you cussed that much, not anymore than the average person, not any less, but he was adamant, take now, for example.

“Please, just stop cussing so much, your mouth is too pretty for those words.”

“What?” You had mumbled back to him, only half paying attention as you scanned the television screen, fingers working on the buttons as you glided through the channels.

“I said-”

“Aw fuck!” You moaned, hanging your head off the couch, catching namjoon in surprise as you sighed heavily, shaking your head.

“Y/n, did you not hear-”

“My goddamn show started 20 minutes ago, how the hell am I supposed to know what the fucks going on?” You mumbled, picking your head up and clicking quickly on the channel, groaning as the scenes played before you.



“You know, this shit only happens when I really fucking want to watch it, otherwise, it’s always fucking on, this show is lucky to have my ass watching it, they don’t have any other fucking-”


“What, namjoon?” You turned your head at his outburst, quirking an eyebrow as he stared at you with amusement and concern playing in his features.

“Please, stop cussing so much.”

You snorted, popping a piece of candy that namjoon had tried to bribe you with earlier into your mouth as you kissed the side of his ear lightly, enjoying him shiver as you opened your mouth to start.

“Fuck no.”

You pulled back, content as you gnawed on the chewy candy, and giggled as namjoon dropped his head onto your shoulder, hot breath hitting you as you changed the channel.

“Tell me, y/n, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Of course-” you started, picking up his face to be level with yours as he looked at you hopefully. Your fingers squeezed his cheeks lightly, mouth upturning into a small smirk.

“But you’re the lucky one who gets to makeout with this mouth.”

“Y/n, I swear to god!”

“I love you namjoon, so fucking much.” Bored with his frustrations.

He grumbled, pulling away from you as you still stared at his form.

But he couldn’t resist saying it back.

“I fucking love you too, y/n, even if you curse like a goddamn sailor.”

Spare Some Change, Spare Some Time|CLOSED|


“Scuse me, sir?” Judas tugged on the man’s sleeve like a toddler trying to get the attention of their mom. “Can you help me?” He stretched out his hand, opening it to show a variety of coins. “I wanna buy a Frosty and they’re two dollars and fifteen cents but I always forget which coins are which and I’m also bad at math so can you tell me how much I have?” He blinked, wide eyed, hopeful, and innocent. “I don’t wanna not have enough to pay when I get there or have the cashier take too much or too little.” 

Pietro Maximoff Imagine-Requested

 Requested by Anon: AU where the reader is Pietro’s girlfriend and wanda’s bff? And if you could involve the avengers in the story it would be perfect.

A/N: I hope you like it! Requests are closed until next Sunday I have to catch up with all the asks. Thank you guys for requesting it means a lot to me. You are all beautiful human beings and even though I can’t tell you personally and even some of you virtually because you’re anonymous so I just hope you all know that. Thank you so much amores xox

Everyone was lounging in the living room. Steve was flipping through the channels so everyone can vote on what to watch even though the only ones paying attention were Steve, you, Wanda, Pietro, and Clint. Tony and Bruce were looking at some nerdy science thing on the computer and commenting on how wrong the information was and laughed at how bad it was, Bruce was reading some book and listening to opera music quite loudly. Nat was trying to show Vision and Thor how to play poker and how important it was to keep a straight face. You were sitting on the couch facing the television, leaning on Pietro and resting your head on his shoulder. He had his arm around you and held you closely. Wanda was on the other couch sitting with Vision. Her cheeks were tinted pink due to the close proximity to Vision. You smiled  at Wanda. You wished that Vision would just make a move on Wanda. It was obvious that the both of them liked each other.

“It’s getting late.” Clint spoke up, mainly looking at you, Pietro, and Wanda.

“Why do we always have to be the ones to go to bed early?” You huffed as you and the twins stood up.

“Because you guys are our babies. You need the most sleep and knowing you guys, you won’t actually fall asleep until like an hour from now. Besides we start training tomorrow again.” Nat backed Clint up. You rolled your eyes playfully and said goodnight to everyone as you interlaced your hands with Pietro’s. He brought the interlaced hand up to press a gentle kiss on the back of your palm. You walked towards your room before you stopped in front of your bedroom door.

“You go ahead to bed, I want to talk to your sister.” You said looking up at him. He looked confused.

“Don’t ask.” You added before kissing his jaw and walking to the stairs to go up another level to Wanda’s room.

“That’s going to be my goodnight kiss?” He called out after you. You turned around with a coy smile.

“If you’re a good boy maybe you’ll get a reward.” You winked at him before jogging up the stairs, leaving your boyfriend, open mouthed in disbelief down there. You walked past some guests doors, Visions room, and finally made it to Wanda’s room. You gave a gentle knock.

“Come in.” You heard her call from inside. You opened the door and saw her writing in what seemed to be a diary. You went to go sit down on the bed.

“So when are you going to admit it?” You said as you crossed your legs on the bed and looked at her with a smirk.

“Admit what?” She asked, continuing to write in her journal, not turning around.

“That you like Vision.” She stopped writing and turned around in her chair.

“Is it that obvious?” She whispered at you, her eyes wide.

“Only to me. Both Vision and your brother is completely oblivious. I think Nat knows but I’m not sure…she may have suspicions but if she does she hasn’t mentioned anything.” You explained to the blushing twin in front of you. She let out a giant sigh.

“Thanks, Y/N for not telling anyone. I don’t know what I like about him exactly. I mean he saved me from my falling city and he’s always been such a gentlemen and has just been so sweet to me. But I don’t think that I could ever date him. I don’t deserve him.” Wanda got up from her desk and plopped down on the bed next to you.

“I thought the same thing about Pietro.” You admitted.

“But honestly Wanda it’s clear that you both like each other. I mean he’s come up to me and asked me about you and-”

“What has he said?” Wanda asked me, getting really excited, crossing her own legs.

“I can’t tell you! I have been sworn to secrecy!” You exclaimed dramatically. You both giggled.

“C'mon Y/N! We’re best friends! You were sworn to secrecy to me first!” Wanda smiled at me and gave her best big sad eyes.

“You and you’re brother have a talent for having big sad eyes. And pouting.” You commented leaving Wanda in a fit of giggles.

“Okay so he asked me a couple of things over time. The first thing was if you have ever talked about him before and-”

“What did you say?!” Wanda asked worried again.

“Let me finish talking and maybe you’ll know.” You told her. She closed her mouth and motioned with her hands to get you to keep talking.

“I told him that even if you did I wouldn’t be able to tell him. The second time was to ask the things that you liked. I told him to ask you and he said that he was too shy.” You told her. She squealed in excitement. You have never seen her like this before.

“I can’t believe you two still haven’t actually even flirted.” You chuckled in disbelief. Wanda looked at you with a raised eyebrow.

“That reminds me of a certain someone with my brother.” She defended herself.

“Well to be fair, Pietro was flirting with everyone but me so I had no way of knowing.” You claimed. Wanda was going to prove you wrong until you heard Pietro at the door.

“What are my two favorite girls talking about?” Pietro asked, walking in the room and sitting on the corner of the bed, looking at you and Wanda expectantly. Wanda shook her head and Pietro turned his gaze on you with a smirk.

“Well? Are you going to tell your boyfriend what you two were gossiping and giggling about?” When you didn’t respond he grabbed both of your legs and pulled you so your legs were resting on either side of him, straddling him. You had some height so you were looking slightly down at him. You just shrugged your shoulders.

“Sorry babe but I promised.” You smiled down at him.

“Well fine then. I guess I’ll go back to our room. But I’m taking you with me because like Barton said, we have training tomorrow..and I want to cuddle.” He admitted standing up, carrying you with him. You looked at Wanda over his shoulder and blew her a friendly kiss goodbye with your hand and she did the same.

“Night Wanda!” Pietro said before closing the door with his foot. Pietro set you down and pinned you against the wall.

“Now how about that treat?” He asked before attaching his lips to yours.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! A few more stories coming out this week before my main one this weekend! Much love! xox

✩°. winslow’s interview.

NETFLIX REPRESENTATIVE: “Thank you so much for speaking with us today ! First, we just need you to introduce yourself and say who you play on University.”

I’m Winslow Klein and I play the lovely Rosalind Marks on University.

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To My Future Love #11

To my future love,

I promise I will not let the words, “I love you,” become tired.

I will find ways to show you how much I adore you without opening my mouth.

I might wake up fifteen minutes early to bring your coffee to you in bed.

I might hide little love notes in your favorite book, on your favorite mug, beneath your favorite candle.

I might sketch you when you’re not paying attention and make a scrapbook of the countless angles of your beauty, so that you can see yourself the way I see you.

I might write you poems or sing you songs, even though you’re already the loveliest piece of art I’ve ever known.

I might do all these things and more, just to make sure you always know how precious you are to me.

It is easy to say the words, “I love you.”

So instead, my love, I promise to always show you.

- Z.M. (Letter #11 to you, wherever you are.)

Rey's Official Playlist Part VI: Return of the Denial
  • Me: *Listening to Rey's Official Spotify Playlist*
  • Playlist: "Omen" by Disclosure, Sam Smith
  • me: alright, probably not a love song this time
  • me: probably about how evil Kylo Ren is, how much they hate each other
  • lyrics: "I'm feeling something, something different"
  • lyrics: "When you left, the picture changed"
  • me: love song
  • lyrics: "Needed you to show me, Without you I am lonely"
  • me: ok kylo is lonely but Finn's probably lonely too, probably
  • lyrics: "My mind would rule my heart"
  • lyrics: "I didn't pay attention to the light in the dark"
  • me: wait
  • lyrics: "It left me t o r n a p a r t"
  • me: *spits out several drinks*
  • lyrics: "You left before my eyes"
  • me: snow fight, the ravine, go on
  • lyrics: "You're relocating-"
  • me: and?
  • lyrics: "-and I need you by my side"
  • me:
  • me: return of the force bond

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Hi I want to self-study Japanese and Korean as well but I don't know where to start can you give me a few tips on how to start learning them?

Sure~! For both, I recommend learning how to read and write Hiragana/Katakana (kana) and Hangul immediately. Try not to use or rely on learning materials that only use romanization. 

For kana, you can use this from Tae Kim’s website. Tofugu also has guides for hiragana and katakana, but they focus more on learning to read them than write them, so if your main goal is just to read them, then you might prefer this (but I do recommend learning how to write them as well; it’s not that much more difficult). 

For Hangul, I used the Sogang Korean Program (the Introductory Korean section) and the videos on this youtube channel. This chart shows stroke order pretty well.

Make sure to pay attention to stroke orders and especially pronunciation for both!

Here are some other posts I’ve made that might help:

Starting Japanese Self Study

General Tips for Studying Japanese

General Tips for Studying Korean

Korean Resources

Plus here are some other links that may be useful:

Getting started with Japanese - FAQ

Japanese Resources

More Korean Resources

Hope that helped, good luck! ^^