shows that should have never been cancelled

One More Mistake

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Rating: PG

Summary: You found a letter in your apartment, as you opened it and read the contents, you found yourself in a massive amount of heartbreak. But maybe it was the best way possible.

To you,

There are so many things I want to tell you right this moment. There are so many things going on in my head and I’m afraid to tell you everything that’s been on my mind. But let me start of by saying, I’m sorry.

You know very well, right? These two words that holds the deepest of meanings and it feels like I’ve been taking advantage of these words for a while now. I feel as though I haven’t been there for you as much as I should have.

You would give me a smile all the time, you never even once showed disappointment when I cancel on dates. And every time I would look at the crowd, you would always take the time off your day to cheer for me from the distance.

You held the paper tightly, you felt your chest being burdened with emotional weight, you could feel the heat of your neck crawling up to your ears. You didn’t know how to react as you continued to read.

Things have been difficult for us. And I know I have placed a heavy burden upon you when we started dating, but I guess I was too naive. We still have years ahead of us, but I still believed we could make everything work for us as long as we want it to be.

But I was wrong. Our lives are not like the movies. I can’t even count the times that we fought each other. The times that I left you crying, the times that felt like it was finally ending for us. And maybe, it was just that. Maybe it was right for us to go our separate ways.

I feel apologetic. To you who had to sleep without anyone by your side, to you that would wait for me pass midnight, to you that remained strong even though I have caused you so much pain.

He was right.It was all very painful. Memories of being alone, the coldness of every space you had. All you wanted was for him to look your way and tell you he loved you. But it was apparent that he had to take responsibility as the leader of the group.

He had to sacrifice his happiness with you to let the group evolve and prosper, even if it meant putting a hold to your relationship. But you weren’t the kind of person who would give up. You knew very well what you got into when you started dating Seungcheol.

You knew how it would hurt, how it would definitely break you a little. You understood perfectly, so why was this letter too painful? For any thing that he failed to do for you, for any thing that he chose over you, how come he was hurting you like this? You, who was patient and understanding.

You could feel your fingers crumple the sides of the paper. You felt your anger boiling inside of you, but your sadness and heartache overwhelmed you even more. Tears started to flow and roll down your cheeks.

I want to hold you, and keep you from all the bad things that you might experience. But it turns out, I was that bad thing. I lost my reason. And I know that you’re tired of everything that I have failed to offer you and I know these are just words that are yet to be proven by my actions. 

I want to end this relationship. I want to terminate it. I want it to be in the past as an ugly memory for the both of us.

I want to start a new beginning with you. Something that would put a smile on your face when you think about us. Something that will last forever.

But I want to prove to you, for the rest of my life, how much you mean to me. I know that I don’t deserve you, and I clearly know your worth. But please, I may have been a bad decision for you, but please, make one more mistake, for me who is not worthy of you.

Will you marry me?

Your brows bunched up together and the overwhelming feeling of happiness, relief and nervousness washed upon you. You couldn’t utter a single word, and you couldn’t let go of the paper. Once again, you felt your tears welling up. Right till the end it was an emotional roller coaster ride for you.

You could see his figure by the corner of your eye. Approaching you. You looked at him with his puppy-dog eyes, he looked extremely nervous. Seungcheol looked the same as when he asked you out for the first time.

He warily went down on one knee and you couldn’t even fathom at the realness of the moment. You could see him pull out a box. You didn’t know what to do at that very moment. The feeling of wanting to hit him and hugging him was something you couldn’t decide over.

“You’re damn right you don’t deserve me.” You said through your tears. “But you always discredit yourself for the things you have done for me.” You added, shakily giving him a peck on the forehead as you brought out your left hand.

Seungcheol broke down in tears, looking at you with the most grateful and relieved looked he had ever worn. He nervously placed the ring on your finger and gave the back of your hand a heart-filled peck.

“How are you going to prove yourself, Choi Seungcheol?” You asked.

“How about I start in the bedroom?” He joked but he clearly had it in mind. You were taken aback by his strength as he took you into his arms with ease as he gave you a loving kiss on the lips. 

Upset with constantly having only disappointment to report, Channel 7 changed their 10 pm slot to show the news that should have been. With shoestring production budgets, they reported missions to Mars and ran footage of yellow sunflower fields filled with white wind turbines. Over time, the reports from a better world became the top-rated program; the old action news shows were cancelled and replaced with infomercials for blankets that were also soda koozies. When astronauts who had never left earth crossed through the atmosphere in a red hot shuttle and, once landed, emerged carrying canisters of red soil, we did not question it, we lined up to feel the soft alien ground sift through our fingers.
—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write

So you, Nick Stahl fans, ya know he’s been in trouble these past few years. Maybe what he needs is to do what he loves… maybe maybe someone should give him a role on something important. maybe something that was cancelled and should make a comeback… I mean since HBO probably has more money than they had a few years ago, maybe, and this is just a suggestion, they should bring back CARNIVALE. JUST SAYING.

“ Spent today cooped up in a hotel room in Cologne. I was able to see a doctor and even though I have a pretty severely inflamed larynx he thinks if I keep to my prescribed regiment and get tons of rest I should be able to ease my way back into singing. I apologize to everyone in Tilburg who came out to see us with Steel Panther tonight. I went against doctors orders last night in Paris and gave it my all to sing and woke up this morning paying the price. On the plus side my Christian Bale “Batman” impression has never been better haha! Anyway in all seriousness I apologize for the show cancellation and I promise we will make it up to you! As of right now I intend on playing tomorrow here in Germany but I will definitely need some vocal assistance from the BVB Army! 😊 #theblackmass #theshatteredthroat “ - @AndyBVB

Shout Out to the Panickers and Naysayers

shout-out to those who have been accused of panicking within this fandom, ya’ll have been right every time. its those of us who waited around for the execution that have been wrong. 

shout-out to those who complained about the Crane family drama hour as early as s1 x 08, shout out those who were troubled by the fact that Ichabod scared Abbie in Sanctuary, shout out to those who didn’t care for the way Team Witness trapped Headless in season 1 (damseling Abbie), shout-out to those who were not sympathetic to Ichabod’s emotional outburst, the list goes on.

the cooler heads amongst us -myself included- have just been wrong. we should have listened to you and started campaigning on these issues immediately, might have saved season 2. 

if the show gets cancelled because of poor rating this season, who knows we might have saved it if we had listened to you. thankfully I almost never make the same mistake twice. 

Quick explanation about ratings:

Because I’ve gotten several questions already. 

The Grammys dominated the night, as anyone with a brain should have known they would. So while some of ya’ll are rubbing your hands with glee because you think the show is going to be cancelled immediately, I’ve got bad news for you. 

ABC is fully aware that they didn’t have a chance in hell of competing with the Grammys and, in Castle’s history, they’ve never had to because the Grammys have traditionally been held on a Sunday (I assume they weren’t this year because of how Valentine’s Day fell). Likewise, this is the point of the year when Castle’s ratings always (and by always I mean every single season they’ve been on the air for 20 plus episodes) drop. 

The real test for the show will be next week when its a regular night of television (Blindspot doesn’t return until Feb. 29 so, if anything, it’s a lighter competition night) is back on. Yes, an 0.8 and an 0.9 are terrible, but (as @writingonthecastlewalls said yesterday) these numbers don’t exist in a vacuum. All of these elements are taken into consideration. 

Likewise, if you are rooting for the show to be cancelled? You are cheering for people to lose their jobs. People who have families and mortgages and car notes. So, for those of you who are crowing with ridiculous justification? I hope you realize what it says about you to others that you are hoping for people to lose a steady paycheck just because you are unhappy.