shows that should have never been cancelled


Sweet/Vicious aka a show that NEVER should have been cancelled.

“I know how to do things most people don’t. There is stuff happening out there and no one is doing anything about it. People are just getting away with awful things. I’m trying to make some of that right.”
“That’s the plot of Batman.”

Black Mark, White Ribbon

Request: “Can I request something for Regulus? Like your James sister and its around the time where Sirius just moved to your house and a not-so-sober Regulus appears on your doorstep looking for his brother and ends up opening up to you instead (I saw this idea in howlingremus profile so credits to them)”

Pairing: Regulus Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k (short n sweet since it’s my first time writing him)

“Boys, dinner’s ready!” You called, kissing your father on the cheek as he put his coat on. “Are you sure you two don’t want to stay to eat? There’s more than enough.”

With tears in her eyes, your mother clasped your face. “Thank you darling, but we really must be off. You know how important this pitch is to your father, although your cooking comes in a close second.”

“Yes.” He beamed. “I’ll be expecting you to leave some leftovers for when we come back tomorrow!”

If you come back tomorrow.” Sirius chimed as he and James breezed into the room, eagerly taking a seat at the dinner table.

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The world tour thing is cute but, at this point its unrealistic. If he had an idea that he would be scheduling a tour for his second album it would have been in talks before the cancellation date that ensured no penalty. Also what better way to prepare for a physically grueling tour than a couple of shows. I find it hard to believe that someone who has a hard time keeping a small date can hold the weight of 12-13 dates. They should lay off the concept of performing for now.

Japan was never gonna happen, nonnie, precisely for the reasons you stated. (I was hoping for a miracle but all the signs were there that this was going to end up like all the others.) None of this is being handled logically, much less professionally, which are sure signs of BTS fuckery.

Zayn teased Z2 way back when he did the now legendary Periscope broadcast on March 18, 2016. SGT was released in March 2017. Peter Edge teased Z2 just a couple of weeks ago. All of a sudden, just 12 days before the first Japan date, it dawned on Team Zayn that Z2 was going to be delayed so bye-bye Japan. 

Many of us have said before that no management or label that had any real interest in their artist having a successful solo career would behave the way Team Zayn has. 

Instead, they kept setting up these large scale venues after claiming Zayn had crippling anxiety knowing he wouldn’t be able to deliver…on more than one occasion. If this narrative is true, why wouldn’t they do small venues like Harry instead? Live lounges? Pre-recorded performances? I mean… ???? There were many options but nope. Nothing.

We all know how downright shitty Zolo Zayn’s promo has gone, right? I mean, just look at SGT….the exact same thing that happened after PT dropped. Subsequent singles got the same nonexistent support before MoM was effectively abandoned completely. Again, why??

Luckily for FAE, Zayn seems to be able to show up to stunt with Zigi, even if it is just to wear a path to and from the front of her building. He’s had loads of photoshoots and magazine covers. Versus drops on June 19 (when he should’ve done the 2nd Japan show) and there are going to be launch events in NYC and London. (Wonder how many Hadids will be on hand to bask in “his” moment?) Fashion commitments always seem to be prioritized as well as ensuring that Gigi gets equal if not greater billing. (If that really is Bella in that Versus video, goddammit!)

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this turns out to be the catalyst for RCA/FAE to part ways with Zayn. And guess who’ll be left holding the bag for his perceived failures and unprofessionalism?

FAE has already laid the groundwork to come out looking like they weren’t to blame for any of this. They’ve made sure that Print Zayn sang their praises in the Z book:

“I got lucky when my PA introduced me to a new management company run by a whole team of women. I was raised mostly by women, so this felt good. I had support again, and support I could trust.

Well, isn’t that just lovely and totally organic?! Golly, FAE are just the best! 

And with Peter Edge singing Zayn’s praises to EW recently, RCA will look like a supportive label who only had his best interests at heart.

If the bottom completely falls out and Zayn gets dropped, TPTB will have ensured that Zayn is perceived as pretty & talented but ultimately damaged goods, too risky for anyone to undertake. Fans will be understandably less than enthused about investing in any future appearances having been disappointed so many times before. When the 1D reunion happens, it’ll seem like poor Zayn had no choice but to come crawling back to the band.

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soo . . .what's all the drama about supergirl lately? I think I missed something.

oh my dear anon, you better buckle up cause you’re in for one hell of a shit show

so basically the sdcc happened, and as you may know chyler was not there to save the day so the whole cast just… did what they did. well not the whole cast, katie, david and odette were amazing.

i think that most of the drama is about this interview where they recap season 2 in a song (same as they did last year) but this year they fucked up monumentally. jeremy basically yells that supercorp are just friends and nothing more and melissa joins him while mehcad starts dancing to that… and it’s not about what they say, it’s more about how they say it.
they didn’t even mention sanvers, but what they did do was sing a song about how amazing daxam is… i.. yay slavery??
jeremy apologised for what he did, and i think we should cut him some slack, we’re human, we make mistakes, he apologised, he’s never been anything but supportive of the community. but melissa didn’t… so uh… she’s cancelled. 

another thing that pissed people off was the sanvers stuff, or lack thereof

this basically says that  “we’re not gonna show you the relationship on screen but we’re still gonna take credit for having a wlw ship on our show"
i get that the show is not about alex and her girl but for fuck’s sake they were nominated for a fucking glaad award. one would expect them to act like it and show queer people at least some respect, not feed us this blatant bullshit.

so yeah… i heard there was some more drama at the main panel but i haven’t watched that so i’m not gonna say anything in case my info is not correct… 

sdcc 2017 was one huge clusterfuck and i’m just thankful that chyler was not there to watch everything she’s been trying so hard to achieve get ruined in a matter of minutes.

katie mcgrath and her broccoli is honestly the only quality content we got from this years comic con

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Yikes Adam is getting eaten alive by fans on Twitter. Good for them, at least he knows what we want and we are making it clear.

Yes, he has been going rounds the last two days. 

Fine by me.

Look, I know some people are embarrassed by it, and think the CS fans are spoiled, but in this instance I disagree.  From my perspective, we are in an unprecedented situation.  This is not just normal fan bitching. I honestly believe the show should have been cancelled and gone out with dignity, allowing viewers to say real goodbyes and the characters to have real happy beginnings. Instead, A&E are desperately trying to hang on because they are paralyzed with fear thinking they’ll never sell another show and so we get this reboot with half the cast gone, and the main couple split.  

Plus Adam did fucking LIE in that quote to Mitovich prior to 6x10 airing.  He knew CS fans were going to be pissed about that episode and the separation going into hiatus so he told us there was an epic adventure filled with romance and passion around the corner.  That didn’t happen.  There were good things in store for CS, obviously, but not what he promised.  I have zero problem with fans calling him out on it.  He’s the one who lied, not them. He could have given a more accurate, equally tantalizing tease but he didn’t. 

Sure some take it too far, some are rude, and some are ridiculously hysterical and reactionary.  It is twitter after all.   However, a ton of them are just expressing their upset at being lied to and then having JMo go and Colin stay. That is valid. 100%. I never would have thought the showrunners/network would have allowed this situation.  But they did. So if Adam’s going to pop up on twitter and start talking to people, I have no problem with people telling him how upsetting that is. Because it is fucking upsetting. 

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I would love a hurt comfort rubberdoop fic if your still taking requests!


Ross knew that the amount of work and stress he’d put on himself wasn’t healthy. He knew he needed to take a break or he’d run himself into the ground. It had been a few days since he’d got a proper night’s sleep, or eaten a proper meal, but he was determined to get this storyboard done, he’d be letting not only himself, but his friends down if he didn’t.

Everyone had noticed how much of a workload Ross had taken on, but he refused to listen to anyone when they told him to take a break, stating that he would after his finished this or that, but everyone knew that he wasn’t actually going to stop. No matter how hard they tried, nothing seemed to work. They decided it was best to just make sure that they brought him food and drink and check on him now and again, just to make sure he was okay. It wasn’t ideal, but Ross was incredibly stubborn.

It was Barry’s turn to check on Ross, making sure that he had a diet of something other than Soylent. He expected to see Ross hard at work as always, but instead he was met with Ross sat at his desk, head in his hands. Ross was sobbing, his voice making croaky half sounds, indicating that he had probably been crying for a while.

Barry was taken aback. He’d only seen Ross cry a few times before, and it was never this intense. It was difficult for him to force himself to do something, since he knew that it was likely that Ross would want to be alone, but at the same time Barry knew that Ross wasn’t in the best state to begin with, not when he was constantly overworking himself.

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Colin canceling this con at the last minute without saying a thing breaks my heart. He and Jen were the only reason why I was even going and I'm very upset. At least Jen canceled a long time in advance but for Colin to just do it now makes me so sad. I know he just had a baby but he knew about this for a long time. I wish he had warned us sooner. Why do you think they're doing this? Don't they have a PR team to advise them and tell them this looks a bit bad on them?

I’m so sorry you’re disappointed (and if you’re out any money, I’m especially sorry about that too) I have no clue why this appearance wouldn’t have been cancelled quite some time ago. Both Jen and Colin’s cavalier attitude towards cancelling appearances and then never addressing it on social media or elsewhere is not the best look for either of them. I assume Colin is just overwhelmed right now with the baby and not knowing how to deal with fans over the changes on the show, however if he is getting PR advice from someone… they should be fired. Pronto. ‘Cause they’re making him look bad.

You have got to be kidding me, that was such an amazing finale. Why would this show have been canceled, I’ll forever be bitter about that. They certainly did make us wait for that kiss but damn if it wasn’t worth it. That ending was so perfect, how they all stuck together, some how that’s how it should be. At some point in the story I want Benvolio and Escalus to become friends, easing the tension for Rosaline. Well since I can’t wait another moment after that finale, I’m off to read the books. I hope their as good as the tv show. That’s something I never though I’d ever hear my self saying. A final Thank You to Still Star Crossed, it may have only had one season, but it was a breath of fresh air and it definitely made a lasting impact.

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I’m Going To Miss This Show So Much

You meet Trevor Rabin at your local convenience store and start chatting in the checkout line. You’re telling him you’re a big fan, asking if he’s working on anything interesting, just normal stuff. When you reach the counter you give him a big hug before turning to the cashier. 

“Wait,” he says. You look up at him. “Listen.” You notice that the store suddenly seems to be empty apart from the two of you. “Listen to my spleens.” 

“What?” you ask, confused. 

“Put your ear to my spleens and they will tell you something important. They hold the secrets of the universe. It sounds crazy, but we both know you know already in your heart that it’s true.” He looks you in the eye and you know he’s serious.

Hesitant but curious, you crouch down and rest your ear against his stomach, which is soft like a nice bath mat. At first you hear nothing, but you soon become aware of a soft voice whispering your name. You concentrate to hear it clearly. It sounds like three distant voices combined perfectly into one and it sends shivers down your spine with its otherworldly echo. 

“What is it?” you ask, your voice shaky. “What do you have to tell me?” The spleens seem to ponder for a moment in a breathy swirl of hums and whispers before coming to a definite silence.

“We have to tell you,” they begin, “the secrets to the universe. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” you nod, although you’re not so sure.

“First and foremost, you are a very special being. That’s why we have summoned you here today and chosen you to be the recipient of our message. Yes, it was no coincidence that we met here on this day,” they assure you, sensing your confusion. “You hold great potential and power in your soul, and you will achieve great things. In this, we are fully confident. Secondly, Hannibal should never have been cancelled. That was a good fucking show. And finally, most importantly—”

Suddenly, the spleens are cut off by a sharp hiss. You pull away, startled.

“Trevor, wh—”

“That was the fourth spleen. I have to go,” he says, heading for the door. “It’s still out there, seeking vengeance for me letting it die. Thank you for listening.”

“But I never heard the end of the message,” you call after him, standing up.

“It’s ok,” he calls back as he pauses in the doorway. “The message will come to you in one was or another. You’re a smart kid. You’ll figure it out.” And with that, he’s gone, leaving you standing in awe and confusion in the empty store.

im cryening, i wILL find the spleencret to the universe someday. i have to do it. for Trevor. for all of us

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Wish!Hook didn't just kiss someone who wasn't Emma. He was raped. Making this the eleventh rape on the show. This show is ugly and deserves to die

i’m aware. and this is the only message i’m gonna answer regarding this. i truly don’t like that show anymore and i don’t even watch so i prefer to never have to talk about it on my blog and subject people to see this mess. 

so yes i agree that the show should be cancelled. it’s already the third time they did this. rape by deception is still rape and the gross people running this show should be ashamed. they’ve been called out for years regarding this and they don’t care cause shocking the audience is more important than being raped?? absolutely disgusting. they can all choke. the messages they send their audience (especially children) is appalling and i pray they never have the chance to write anything ever again. 

One More Mistake

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Rating: PG

Summary: You found a letter in your apartment, as you opened it and read the contents, you found yourself in a massive amount of heartbreak. But maybe it was the best way possible.

To you,

There are so many things I want to tell you right this moment. There are so many things going on in my head and I’m afraid to tell you everything that’s been on my mind. But let me start of by saying, I’m sorry.

You know very well, right? These two words that holds the deepest of meanings and it feels like I’ve been taking advantage of these words for a while now. I feel as though I haven’t been there for you as much as I should have.

You would give me a smile all the time, you never even once showed disappointment when I cancel on dates. And every time I would look at the crowd, you would always take the time off your day to cheer for me from the distance.

You held the paper tightly, you felt your chest being burdened with emotional weight, you could feel the heat of your neck crawling up to your ears. You didn’t know how to react as you continued to read.

Things have been difficult for us. And I know I have placed a heavy burden upon you when we started dating, but I guess I was too naive. We still have years ahead of us, but I still believed we could make everything work for us as long as we want it to be.

But I was wrong. Our lives are not like the movies. I can’t even count the times that we fought each other. The times that I left you crying, the times that felt like it was finally ending for us. And maybe, it was just that. Maybe it was right for us to go our separate ways.

I feel apologetic. To you who had to sleep without anyone by your side, to you that would wait for me pass midnight, to you that remained strong even though I have caused you so much pain.

He was right.It was all very painful. Memories of being alone, the coldness of every space you had. All you wanted was for him to look your way and tell you he loved you. But it was apparent that he had to take responsibility as the leader of the group.

He had to sacrifice his happiness with you to let the group evolve and prosper, even if it meant putting a hold to your relationship. But you weren’t the kind of person who would give up. You knew very well what you got into when you started dating Seungcheol.

You knew how it would hurt, how it would definitely break you a little. You understood perfectly, so why was this letter too painful? For any thing that he failed to do for you, for any thing that he chose over you, how come he was hurting you like this? You, who was patient and understanding.

You could feel your fingers crumple the sides of the paper. You felt your anger boiling inside of you, but your sadness and heartache overwhelmed you even more. Tears started to flow and roll down your cheeks.

I want to hold you, and keep you from all the bad things that you might experience. But it turns out, I was that bad thing. I lost my reason. And I know that you’re tired of everything that I have failed to offer you and I know these are just words that are yet to be proven by my actions. 

I want to end this relationship. I want to terminate it. I want it to be in the past as an ugly memory for the both of us.

I want to start a new beginning with you. Something that would put a smile on your face when you think about us. Something that will last forever.

But I want to prove to you, for the rest of my life, how much you mean to me. I know that I don’t deserve you, and I clearly know your worth. But please, I may have been a bad decision for you, but please, make one more mistake, for me who is not worthy of you.

Will you marry me?

Your brows bunched up together and the overwhelming feeling of happiness, relief and nervousness washed upon you. You couldn’t utter a single word, and you couldn’t let go of the paper. Once again, you felt your tears welling up. Right till the end it was an emotional roller coaster ride for you.

You could see his figure by the corner of your eye. Approaching you. You looked at him with his puppy-dog eyes, he looked extremely nervous. Seungcheol looked the same as when he asked you out for the first time.

He warily went down on one knee and you couldn’t even fathom at the realness of the moment. You could see him pull out a box. You didn’t know what to do at that very moment. The feeling of wanting to hit him and hugging him was something you couldn’t decide over.

“You’re damn right you don’t deserve me.” You said through your tears. “But you always discredit yourself for the things you have done for me.” You added, shakily giving him a peck on the forehead as you brought out your left hand.

Seungcheol broke down in tears, looking at you with the most grateful and relieved looked he had ever worn. He nervously placed the ring on your finger and gave the back of your hand a heart-filled peck.

“How are you going to prove yourself, Choi Seungcheol?” You asked.

“How about I start in the bedroom?” He joked but he clearly had it in mind. You were taken aback by his strength as he took you into his arms with ease as he gave you a loving kiss on the lips. 

  • how to get away with murde: *kills Wes*
  • me: wow i can't believe they canceled the show after 3x08 just like that, what a cliffhanger, I guess we'll never know who's under the sheet now...