shows that have ruined my life

Day Forty-Seven

-A woman dropped a candle, scattering shattered glass across the floor. Without hesitation, she began to crush any shards she saw under her foot, smothering them into a dust. I do not know whether this was her method of cleaning, or if she was attempting to hide the evidence of her mistakes, but her determination warned me not to ask.

-An aggressively yet impressively steampunk family came through my lane and purchased the Oregon Trail board game, leaving me further puzzled about what time period they called home.

-The total for a woman’s purchase came out to exactly $33.33 and I felt like my life may have meaning again, until she had to ruin everything by “using her store card” to “save money like a financially responsible adult.”

-I handed a child his toy zebra after scanning it. This, to him, was an intense show of kindness, and he seemed to vow his life to me in this moment. From then until he was well into the parking lot, he did not take his eyes off of me, waving persistently and shouting his goodbyes. I appreciate the adoration. I hope to see him again soon. I hope he has developed object permanence by this point.

-A man came through my lane, furious at me for the fact that we were out of a Kenny Chesney CD. I am so sorry for this man, this white heterosexual Christian man, that he has to deal with such intense persecution today.

-A girl in her twenties witnessed me hand a child a sticker and was clearly struck with envy. When it came to be her turn, she wasted no time asking for one, just as I wasted no time handing her one, just as she wasted no time plastering it across her face, just as I wasted no time appointing her as my role model.

-I watched as a baby, screaming and crying in fury, did the only thing he possibly could, and began to aggressively lick his blanket up and down. I have said it before and I will say it again: Babies. Are. Incredible.

-A woman came through with, I believe, three prepubescent boys who would not stand still long enough to be properly counted. They bombarded me with questions which I attempted to answer in rapid fire. “Is your name really Tom?” No. “Then why is your name tag like that?” They gave it to me. Store policy. “So everyone has a random name assigned?” Yes. It promotes equality in the workplace. “Are you wearing a Christmas sweater?” Yes. “Okay.” It is possible that I sacrificed honesty for speed here. 

Who else cried during the final scene where victor and yuuri both skated to “stay close to me”?

Look at the costume. I don’t know when they had the time to order it, but to have it, they put have been planning to do this duet for a while

And then victor appears

The change in the lights… from a cold blue to a warm and rich pink/purple

His smile!!!! this is probably the happiest we’ve seen him while skating…


This just happenned
  • Me: So I like this show about the devil. Lucifer has really grown on me as a person.
  • Religious friend: Ugh, but he's evil. How can you like someone who's like the SOURCE of evil.
  • All the other friends in the room: wtf
  • Religious friend: wtf
  • Me: wtf

Cryaotic quotes {Sentence Starters}
{ contains swearing }

  • “Shut the fuck up. And have a good day.”
  • “You talk like such a high schooler. It’s adorable, but please stop.”
  • “Gravity’s a bitch.”
  • “Congratulations, you’re kinda smart.”
  • “You’re not gonna die here. Not after all the shit you’ve been through.”
  • “This is not what I wanted to be when I grew up.”
  • “Do I need to knock someone out? I’ll put my boot right in their friggin’ facial region.”
  • “Do I go for the booty, or not the booty?”
  • “I’m having a really bad time with ghosts today. They just don’t seem to like me.”
  • “Dying is not something you wanna think about.”
  • “You kids wanna see a dead body? I’ll show it to you.”
  • “I’ve come to ruin your day!”
  • “There’s a few things in life better than being a bear. One of those few things are probably being a bear with lasers.”
  • “You can be weird if you want to be.”
  • “You’re an asshole-dick. Two things in one.”
  • “You also look like kind of an asshole, no offense.”
  • “That is dangerous. I like it, but it’s dangerous.”
  • “Ok, I hear sounds. I think I’m supposed to avoid those sounds.”
  • “Well, that happened. That damn well happened.”
  • “Your idea of fun has changed drastically since I first met you, dear.”
  • “I’m a motherfuckin’ miracle worker.”
  • “Killing me is not going to solve anything!”
  • “Looks like you just made a big mistake, you arrogant asshole.”
  • “Where is the ‘hell yeah I wanna do this’ option?”
  • “I like being naked.”
reindeer horns on.

yuuri [smiling]: i saw you put reindeer horns on makkachin

victor [smiling]: i thought it’d look cute

yurio [groaning]: great, now we have two horny dogs in the house

Guys, no. Ed's revenge will be very subtle and sweet.
  • Ed's revenge: Spilling wine on Oswald's best suit.
  • Ed's revenge: "No, Oswald, let me style your hair for you! I swear you will look extremely handsome!"
  • Ed's revenge: Telling Olga to make Oswald's breakfast just a tiny bit wrong. Just enough for him to feel there's something wrong with it and bother him, while still being good.
  • Ed's revenge: Moving everything in the Mansion one inch to the left without saying anything to Oswald.
  • Ed's revenge: Ruin Oswald's image with the head criminals by giving him too many hickeys to hide and then showing up in the middle of the reunion like "Honeybunch, love of my life, you forgot your papers! Here!"
  • Ed's revenge: Ruining Oswald's bespoke pants by making him have a boner and humping him without taking it off.
  • Ed's revenge: Hiding random items and only giving away the location through riddles. Oswald never found his favorite pocket knife again, that's hidden in a coffee pot.


YOI showed us The Way. YOI showed us that healthy lgbtqa representation can be effortless. YOI showed us that no “fanfiction fantasy” is wild enough to stop it from actually making it into canon. 

I recall how my lungs stopped working and my heart beat out of my chest when queer couples became canon in The Legend of Korra, Hannibal, In the Flesh, Atlantis… and don’t misunderstand me, they were all FANTASTIC and I have an insane amount of love for them. But! YOI just offers so much more and I feel like it has RUINED ME for other shows FOR LIFE. Not just anime, but everything current media has to offer.



And we still don’t know what the final big bang is going to be… I say galaxy now, but the end might take my standards all the way to the end of the UNIVERSE. And boy, I’m so not emotionally ready for it.

I had a wonderful dream that Malec was about to have sex for the first time and Alec stopped and told Magnus “I want you, I want to see the real you. Please I want to see your real eyes” and Magnus was just so in awe of Alec thinking like “how did I manage to bag the perfect man?”

That's For My Boyfriend - George Weasley Imagine


Okay, sorry if your imagines are closed but.. Can you make a George one shot where the reader is his girlfriend that secretly cares about him a lot but doesn’t show it. Then a whole bunch of annoying and rude girls start flirting with George.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Not now, George” I mutter.

It was one of those days where Mother Nature arrives and ruins your life for a few days. I’m never approachable on these days that appear once a month but George always tries too. I feel like I’m to hard on him sometimes but it’s not my fault. I have a hard time showing my feelings or emotions towards others.

I had a friend who I trusted and showed my emotions and secrets to but she betrayed me. I’ve had a hard time since showing other people how I feel. When you trust someone with your secrets, you expect them to keep them secret but she didn’t. Which leads me to be so reserved within myself.

Me and George have been dating for a few years now but I still haven’t took the big step yet, although I want to I still fear the worst. I push myself off the couch and walk away from George to my dormitory. I care about George so much but I’m afraid that if I fall to deep he’ll break me.

~The Next Day~

I was in the library vigorously tapping my finger against my book. I’ve been in here for about an hour now debating what I should do. Stay in here and actually study for my upcoming quiz or go to the Great Hall and tell George how I really feel.

It was nerve racking. I thought of so many reasons as to why I shouldn’t tell him but there were so many reason onto why I should. What if he leaves me if I don’t speak up now? What if he thinks I hate him?

It’s been so long since the first time I told him about how I feel about him and that was in the beginning of the relationship. I only ever told him how I feel once and I regret it deeply. I love him and I shouldn’t let one incident have a toll on my emotions for others.

I stand up from my chair and make my way towards the Great Hall. I’m going to tell George Weasley how much I love him and I’ll… I’ll kiss him! Yeah, that’s right because he’s my ginger.

I speed walk my way through the castle and make it to the Great Hall. I enter and see George making me smile but that smile slips as I notice that he’s surrounded by girls. I scowl before sitting on the table away from them but just close enough to hear their conversation

~George’s POV~

“Hey George” I heard multiple voices say together. I turn around to see Nicole and her gang of friends all standing behind me.

“Hi” I mutter before turning around to continue eating lunch. I felt hands rest on my shoulders making me roll my eyes. I push her hands off my shoulders. Then I feel the bench shift slightly as she and her friends surround me.

“I broke up with Adam today” she said with fake sadness, her face seemingly getting closer and closer.

“But I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out later tonight?” She touched my shoulder again and I pushed her hand away again.

Nicole and her friends were always like this when they saw that I was alone. Even when I try to escape they always push me back into my seat.

They always ask me questions about if I’m single or will I go out with them when they know that I’m dating (Y/n).

“Sorry to hear about that but I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh come on George. I know you want to be with me instead of her” She said in a slow voice as if trying to effect me.

“I have a girlfriend” I repeat standing up to get away.

“What is it about that wench?!” Nicole practically yelled. My blood was boiling and there was steam literally coming out of my ears.

“Don’t you ever talk about my girlfriend like that or you’ll have me to deal with” I spat. Nicole actually looked scared this time, she timidly took a few steps back.

“Hey!” I heard a voice say from behind Nicole.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“What is it about that wench?!” I heard Nicole yell. I’m not going to sit here and listen while she talks crap about me. I stand and make my way around the table towards George and those girls!

“Don’t you ever talk about my girlfriend like that or you’ll have me to deal with”

I had to admit George is pretty hot when he’s angry but that’s besides the point. George always defends me no matter what, which makes me realize that there are so many reasons as to why I love him.

“Hey!” I say tapping Nicole’s shoulder not so gently she turns around and I land a punch on her nose. Everyone in the Great Hall gasps.

“That’s for talking about me!”

I punch her once more and push her.

“and that’s for my boyfriend!”

George smiles at me and I walk over to him, I grab the front of his shirt and pull him down to attach our lips together.

“Are you okay?” I ask smiling.

“I think I’m the one who should be asking you that” he chuckles.

“George, I’m sorry for everything. I’ve been such a bitch and I’ve never really told you how much I appreciate and love you for everything you do for me.” I whisper

“Don’t be sorry, I’m just glad you told me something because I thought you were going to leave me.” He hugs me tightly. “But it’s not going to cut it” he whispers.


“Well for me to feel better. I need a kiss here” he points at his cheek and I kiss it lightly.

“And here” he points at his forehead and I kiss it.

“And here” he points at his lips and I kiss it immediately making us both laugh in between the kiss.

“Miss. (Y/l/n)! Please follow me to Professor Dumbledore’s office” Professor Mcgonagall said.

“Someone’s in trouble” he whispers in my ear.

“You’re lucky you have me, Weasley” I say following Mcgonagall to Dumbledore’s office.

“I know”


naughty or nice?

victor [pulling yuuri on his lap]: so tell me, yuuri. have you’ve been naughty or nice?

yuuri: what? of course i’ve been nice, victor

yurio [laughs from the other room]:

i don’t know for sure who the evil genius was who said, “hey let us make the actual devil our protagonist of this tv show and then go in whole hog with the most perfect and fitting and poignant and well written love story for him ever,” but i would like to shake that person’s hand

It took me many, many years of having my life ruined by Shonda Rhimes to realize that the world won’t end if I stop watching a television show. Just because it once gave me sky high feelings doesn’t mean I have to pull out all the stops to try and prolong the emotional roller coaster ride. When you’ve fangirled for a few decades, you learn to cope with the reality that one day you will wake up, look at a photo of your favorite actress, and discover that the feeling is just…GONE. Or you’ll watch your ship sink and shrug your shoulders, knowing that two more random idiots will soon enter your life and reign supreme. For every ship there is a season. A time to weep, and a time to read every smut fan fic you can possibly find, and a time to move on. The 30-year-old fangirl gets this.

Why Fangirling Is Better In Your Thirties [x]

There wasn’t a word of this that I didn’t nod my head at. Leaving a show behind, quitting a ship, staying out of petty fights, shrugging off haters, picking the friends that matter… fandom is much sweeter the more perspective on life you possess. You realize that the fandom itself doesn’t really matter, but how it enhances your life does. So make your fandom life a happy place. Lord knows no one else will do it for you.

edited to add: I am saying this because *I* identify with it. I’m not saying you all have to too. I assume we’re all able, regardless of age, to decide our own truth and level of investment with fandom. That was sort of the whole point with the post, actually: figuring out what you like and owning it. That’s what I’m doing it. If you disagree with it, good for you and I’m glad. I can only speak for me, but I’m not going to let someone else tell me what I feel is wrong.
Put On A Good Show - Chapter 3 - A Painted Face
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Relationship: Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge
Characters: Junkrat | Jamison FawkesRoadhog | Mako Rutledge
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Circus, Alternate Universe - 19th Century, more AUs to ruin my goddamn life, Period-Typical Racism, Abuse, Frottage

Summary: Mako joins the circus and meets a peculiar fool

Yo I fucking did it. Have some gentle lovin’.

why you should watch Madam Secretary

I want to tell you about this show because I loved The West Wing and I wanted another political drama to watch, so I started this show and it’s just about ruined my life. I personally find that although it does have a lot of focus on the political stuff, my favorite parts of the show are the relationships between the McCords as husband and wife, them and their kids, and the Secretary and her staff (pluss her staff members among themselves). The relationships and the characters really make the show worth watching. So I won’t be telling you about all the problems Secretary McCord deals with, but more about characters and relationships!

First off, you have Téa Leoni as Bess McCord, the Secretary of State, and Tim Daly as Henry McCord, her husband and theology professor. They both kick a lot of ass. You may recognize Tim Daly from Private Practice (among other things). He does a lot of work for non-profits and he’s super cool. In 2006, Téa Leoni shared that she became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Téa and Tim have been dating since 2014  ♡

This is Bebe Neuwirth ^^^ You may know her from Sweet Charity, Chicago, or the Addams Family on Broadway, or from the TV show Cheers. She plays Nadine Tolliver, the Secretary’s Chief of Staff. I don’t wanna give away too many spoilers but… Nadine is badass, she was part of like. . this touring dance troupe before she went to law school. She also speaks French. She’s wonderful.

This is Patina Miller ^^ She was in Sister Act and later won a Tony for playing the Leading Player in Pippin… she was also in the Mockingjay movies of Hunger Games. She plays Daisy Grant, the Secretary’s press coordinator. She’ll punch you in the face if need be.

If you’re not convinced by the cast alone, I’ll tell you a little more about my mother, Elizabeth McCord

(creds to @secretaryelizabethmccord​ for this screencap)

Elizabeth spent 15ish years as a CIA analyst before teaching polisci at University of Virginia. One day she’s chillin’ in her barn with her horses and the President drives up and asks her to be the Secretary of State… guess what? She says yes. Being S.S. means doing a lot of badass stuff… she’s gotta make hard decisions, stand up for people, prevent things from being bombed. She also sees Henry almost die like a dozen times? He’s kind of the smartest idiot husband on tv? he’s always just. ..  almost getting himself killed while she happens to be watching?? I love Henry. .  let’s talk more about Elizabeth and Henry

(gif via @madamsecretary-gifs​)

Bess and Henry are, shockingly for tv, in a happy and healthy marriage. They love each other a whole lot, they’re honest with each other (unless confidentiality laws prevent them from doing so). They’re very playful and they hold hands a lot and they call one another “babe” quite frequently… I really love them ..  a lot. . they have three kids. . They have a few ups and downs like a marriage should, especially because they each have such intense careers, but they work through it and every time they’re on screen together, my heart swells  ♡  ♡  ♡  ♡

Okay lastly I want to talk about Blake and Elizabeth

Blake Moran (played by Erich Bergen) is Bess McCord’s personal assistant. He’s the only staff member she hired herself; the rest of the staff worked for the previous secretary. He basically acts like he’s her second son? When she needs something, he’s there. When she can’t get to the hospital to see her husband (bc security), he goes. When she needs help picking out a dress, he helps. When she needs bagels, he finds her some bagels. When she’s confused about her older daughter’s boyfriend and how to handle things, he steps in to help. When she says “Blake, call-” he says “Henry. Got it.” In one episode he’s at her house and Bess is walking up the stairs to go to bed and she calls down to her daughter something along the lines of “goodnight, love you!” and her daughter and Blake both reply “love you, too!” or smthn like that. .  it’s so pure… he’s the best.

that’s about it but please watch this show and send me a message if you do?? I can recommend some great MSec blogs and I’d love to have more people to talk to about the show!!! anyways have a nice day  ♡

Ten Things I Actually ‘Love’ About Teen Wolf

 So my blog has been full of good old fashioned hate for a long time now, ever since Season Six ruined my entire existence, but hey ho. This show has actually been a backbone in my life for a long time now, something I turn to when I’m sad, a show I can’t actually picture my life without and considering they have wrapped up now, I’m going to list ten things I love about this darn show in order from what I love most.  

1.       My Anti-strdia Fam

2.       Malia Tate (+Shelley Hennig)

3.       Scott McCall (+ Tyler Posey)

4.       Stalia

5.       Marrish

6.       Scallison

7.       Pre-season 5b/6 Stiles Stilinski (+Dylan O’Brien)

8.       Sciles (+O’brosey)

9.       Sterek

10.     Jordan Parrish

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I’ve just realized how amazing YoI is. Usually anime shows us teams and/or foreigners from the big, influential countries like France, UK and Germany. And yes, we do have USA and Canada here, but there are also those that aren’t portrait a lot - like Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

I love this show. May it never end.