shows that are easy to color are my faves

why does lumiereswig like great comet so much?

you’ve seen me posting a shit-ton about it. but why??? what does a small candelabra find attractive about a show that’s all Russia, and weird music, and being mad at the Tonys’? (ok that’s not the actual show. that’s just me at all times)

in a sad attempt to get people to pay attention before it disappears forever, here is what The Fucking Dearest Great Comet is about, why you should watch it (while! you fucking! can!!), and why it is my fave.

  • the plot is surprisingly simple. i know i know ‘war and peace’ blablabla, but it’s easy: a young girl arrives in Moscow society, is wowed by its glitter and color, and is torn between her fiance and the handsome new peacock she meets. EASY. country girl in the big city. this is not a show that will make you feel stupid
  • the production design is FUCKING GORGEOUS. costumes, lights, set, sound, all of it. it’s all red velvet and soft lights and it killed my depression
  • the cast of characters is FUCKING RELATABLE. the prologue covers this a little, but the characters also fucking transcend their one-word descriptions. they’re real, deeply respected characters. Most days I feel like Helene. But sometimes I’m sonya or marya or mary or natasha or dolokov or pierre. I know there is a character in here you’ll love.
  • ok so the songs. i know what you have done. you have gone to youtube and you’ve listened to some songs, and then you hit ‘the opera’ or ‘the private and intimate life of the house’ and were like ‘ THESE SONGS. ARE TRASH. THEY ARE NOT BOPS. THEY ARE SCRATCHY-WEIRD. THE FUCK.’ like yes i know, half these songs sound like garbage. particularly if you’re used to, like, the highly polished bops that most musical songs are. this isn’t a song you put on in the background and whistle to
  • BUT. BUT. the songs tell the STORY. (this is honestly why you should SEE ‘great comet’. the songs support the action; they aren’t the mixtape.) the whole damn musical is sung except for one part by Pierre. and all the choices in the songs are to tell you the STORY. marya’s rage is not pretty. mary’s feelings are complex. the mean old man in his underthings is MEAN. listen to it like that (but FUCK. MAN. SEE IT. )
  • i’m just saying: it’s FUN garbage songs
  • by paying for a ‘great comet’ ticket, you’re paying for an opera. but you’re ALSO paying for a night out at the greatest russian gay club ever. you’re paying for a wild dance party. you’re paying for a personal, intimate concert with crazy fucking talented actors. you’re being invited into this beautiful world that’s wild and seductive and in love with you.

ok so those were the normal reasons. aLSO:

  • incredibly fucking detailed female characters
  • diverse cast
  • vodka
  • i want ‘balaga’ to play at my wedding
  • and also my funeral
  • dave malloy is lovable
  • beautiful costumes
  • it’s SO interactive. you WILL NOT be bored
  • honestly. i just. fuckin love great comet. goodbye