shows off her curves perfectly

Shape of You

Jasmine Cephas Jones x fem!reader

Note: This was inspired by Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, mostly because Jasmine’s body is A+ and I kept thinking of her when I was listening to it in the car the other day so here we go. 

Warnings: sex, oral sex, swearing 

Word Count: 1900 

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It was your decision to come into this bar tonight. Your friends all said they wanted to go out to a club but you never really had fun in clubs, besides you wanted to try your chances at meeting someone tonight.

Your love life had been stuck in a dry spell for longer than you cared to admit, after your last girlfriend you’d stayed far away from any potential heartbreak. But now, now you just wanted some fun.

“Okay who want’s shots?” Emma asks as you shed off your coat. You all agree and she makes her way over to the bar. 

“Just don’t drink them all before you bring them back over to the table,” you all after her with a grin. 

She rolls her eyes at you before turning away, a hint of a smile on her face. 

It wasn’t long after you and your three friends got there when she walked in. She was with her own friends, and from the minute your eyes landed on her she took your breath away.

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Roommate Luke (Smut)

The LA air was hot and sticky, making the inside of Y/N’s small apartment feel like a sauna. Walking over to the thermostat, she jiggled the switch only to met with a blank screen.

 “Fuck!” she yelled, slamming her hand against the wall.

This was the third time this year that the thermostat had stopped working. Angrily, she grabbed her Iphone out of her back pocket and dialed her landlord’s number. When he didn’t answer she left a nasty voicemail for him to listen to.

“What the hell is going on in here?” her room mate Luke asked, walking into the small living room, drenched in sweat. “And why is it so fucking hot in here?”  

 “The thermostat is broken again,” she told him, anger evident in her voice.

 “Of course it is! And on the hottest day of the year too,” he groaned, running his fingers through his blonde hair. “Wanna go to the pool?”


 Luke watched as Y/N pulled off one of his t shirts, revealing her black bikini. It fit her perfectly, showing off all of her curves and he smirked as she caught him watching her.

“Don’t even think about it Hemmings,” she said, tossing her t shirt at him which he quickly swatted away.

 Luke laughed as the two of them walked over to the pool, their skin glistening in the hot sun. They walked down the steps, the cool water, enveloping their bodies. Even though the water was cold, Y/N could still feel herself sweating.

 She watched as Luke went under the water and swam to the deeper end of the pool. When he came above the water, he motioned for him to join her. Slowly she swam over, stopping when she realized she wouldn’t be able to touch the bottom of the pool.

 “Come here,” Luke said, holding his arms out when she told him what was wrong.

She swam over and placed her hands in his as he pulled her closer. She moved her hands to his tan shoulders as she giggled feeling his hands on her hips.

 “What would Owen think about this?” Luke laughed, referring to Y/N’s boyfriend.

 “Fuck Owen,” Y/N replied, rolling her eyes.

 Luke’s eyes widened in surprise. “Did you guys break up?”

 Y/N nodded. “He wasn’t the right guy for me. Plus he sucked in bed.”

 Luke let out a deep laugh. “Well that’s always a deal breaker for me.”

 Y/N laughed. “Luke, the entire time we’ve been living together, you’ve never once had a girlfriend. It’s only been one night stands who never see again.”

 “Which is because they all suck in bed,” Luke joked.

 “Not from what I can hear.”

 Luke’s eyes went wide in surprise, his face turning a slight shade of pink. “What are you talking about?”

 “Let’s just say the walls are pretty thin.”

 “Well I’m sure I’m better than anyone you’ve ever been with.”

 “There was one guy that was good…” Y/N said. “He’d be pretty hard to beat.”

Luke’s grip on her waist tightened in response and she glanced up at him. Her eyes moved across his lips as he bit down on his bottom lip, thinking. He had no idea what he was doing to her. He bit down on his lip all the time but at this particular moment it was all she could focus on. Her core began to slowly throb as she thought about being with him.

Pulling herself closer to him and she brushed her lips against his. When he didn’t respond she began to pull away. His hand rested on her cheek as he moved her face towards his, his lips landing against hers. He kissed her roughly as their lips moved together as if they had done this a million times before. She tugged on his lower lip and ran her tongue along his teeth. He parted his mouth and her tongue slid in, intertwining with his.

 Her legs wrapped around his waist and she could feel his semi erection pressing against her core. His hands moved along her thighs coming to a stop when he reached her bikini bottoms.

“What the fuck?” he groaned, looking down at her, his eyes now a dark blue color.

 “Come with me,” she said, swimming to the closest ladder.

 He watched as she climbed out of the swimming pool, water dripping off of her. Her hips swayed as she walked back to her chair and picked up her t shirt, towel, and keys. Luke walked over to her and her eyes moved across his wet body. He ran his fingers through his wet hair, feeling himself grow harder as he watched Y/N.

“I can hold your towel,” he told her.

 She nodded, handing him the towel, giggling when she realized why he wanted it. His erection was starting to show through his wet swimsuit. He rolled his eyes and turned to walk towards their building.

Her hand brushed against his and he intertwined his fingers with hers. Her core ached as they walked towards the door and she thought of Luke’s lips against hers. He had tasted like the chlorine from the pool but he defiantly knew what he was doing. The way his lips had moved against hers and the way his tongue had danced with hers.

Luckily, they were in the same building that had the outdoor pool behind it so they didn’t have to go far. However they were on the tenth floor so they did have to wait for the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened, Luke pulled Y/N in and pressed the ‘close doors’ button before anyone else could join them. He tossed the towel over his shoulders before sis hands moved back to her waist as he pulled her against him, pressing his lips to hers. Their lips moved together as he pressed her against the wall, his hands moving up and down her bare sides. She moaned as his hand moved over a breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. She moaned as he bit down on her bottom lip.

There was a dinging sound as the doors opened to the tenth floor, breaking the bubble they had been in. Luke’s hands dropped from Y/N’s waist as they quickly exited and walked down the hall towards their apartment. Y/N fumbled with the key’s as Luke’s lips brushed over her neck. He bit down gently, knowing that there would be a mark in the morning.

Y/N struggled with unlocking the door before finally pushing it open. She stepped into the hot apartment immediately dropping her keys, sunglasses, and t shirt to the floor. Luke kicked the door shut behind him, dropped his towel, and placed a hand on her shoulder turning her around to face him.

She placed her hands on his wet chest and him pushed back against the door, locking her lips with his. Her hands ran over his toned chest and down towards his swimsuit. She ran her fingers over the wet material as she palmed his length, causing him to let out a moan.

His hand moved behind her neck as he untied her swimsuit. It dropped to the floor in front of her as he moved his hand over her naked breast. His fingers squeezed her nipple causing it to stand erect before moving onto the second one.

When he was satisfied, his fingers danced along her stomach and down towards her core. His hand slipped underneath the material as she spread her legs slightly apart. His fingers moved along her folds, pleased to find that she was already wet for him. Moving his fingers, he brushed against her sensitive spot, rubbing it, as she let out a loud moan.

She pulled away from his lips as she pressed her forehead against his chest. Two fingers slipped inside of her as she let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. His fingers moved quickly as she became a moaning mess underneath his touch. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as he pumped quicker, knowing she was close to the edge.

She felt her walls clench around him before he pulled his fingers out, a smirk plastered across his face. Her hands quickly moved down to the waistband of his bathing suit. Untying it, she pulled them down to reveal his tight black boxers.

His length was evident against the material and she slipped her fingers underneath his waistband. Her hand wrapped around him, as she began to move it up and down. Just from feeling it she could already tell he was bigger than her ex. She smirked as she continued to move her hand along him.

Luke’s placed a hand on Y/N’s arm. “I’m close,” he said.

She nodded as she removed her hand and pulled his boxers down his legs. When she stood up he placed his hands on the back of her thighs and picked her up. He quickly turned around as her back slammed against the front door.

“Damn Luke,” she murmured as his lips moved along her neck.

She could feel his erection brushing against her core and she silently cursed Luke for not taking off her swimsuit bottoms. Her hands were on his shoulders and she was afraid to move them as he moved his hips against hers. All she wanted to do was fuck Luke.

Luke’s hand moved down her core as he rubbed his fingers along the material. She moaned as he placed a finger underneath the material and along her folds.

“I swear if you don’t fuck me soon Luke…,”

Luke laughed as he pulled his finger away. “Just you wait sweetheart.”

His finger brushed aside the fabric as he ran his length over your folds. Y/N’s core throbbed with need as he pushed the tip in before pulling out.

“Luke!” she yelled, digging her nails into his shoulders.

Luke pushed his length into her and slammed his hips against hers. His thrusts were quick and rough as Y/N’s back stayed pressed the wall. His lips moved back to hers as he kissed her roughly. She moaned when his length hit her sensitive spot, sending her body into a mixture of emotions. He let out a loud moan as he thrusts quickened and he felt himself becoming closer to releasing. Meanwhile, Y/N had become a moaning mess underneath his touch. He could feel her nails slide along his back and he knew there would be scratches all over.

“I’m close,” Y/N moaned.

 “Hold it,” Luke growled, quickening the pace.

Within seconds, Y/N moaned as Luke let out a string of curse words, both of them releasing at the same time. Y/N immediately felt her body become weak as she tightened her grip on Luke’s shoulders. He pulled out of her as she slowly removed her legs from around his waist.

“Please tell me we can do that again,” Y/N asked, smiling over at Luke.

Luke let out a deep laugh. “So I’m better than Owen?”

Y/N swatted Luke’s shoulder, laughing. “Absolutely.”

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2p france with 15 y/o s/o and a maid kink? Like a really skimpy maid dress and kinda more for sexual favours but sometimes he'll have her clean in really odd positions where he can see her parts nd shit I need this

Francois enjoyed this. He really really did. He loved seeing her like this. She was wearing off the clothes he bought her just perfectly. Those clothes showing off every curve of her gorgeous body.

Of course she had been hesitant at first. But eventually she had gotten used to it and was now doing her job, without any hesitation. He smiled as he could see her backside perfectly at this angle.

He was sitting on the couch, trying to focus on his TV. But he could already feel his pants tighten. He whistled. She already know the drill. She quietly removed his pants and pulled his underwear down, before taking his length in her mouth, slowly sucking on it. Teasing him.

Oh she really was good at this. He moaned out loudly and pulled on her hair to force her length deeper inside of her mouth. She sucked on it eagerly. Oh she had become such a slut for him. He absolutely loved it.

Eventually he came into her mouth. Of which she swallowed every last drop. She stood back up and bowed at him.

“Thank you for the treat, Master.”

She said before going back to her work. He grinned and chuckled quietly to himself. Oh how he loved that girl.

How The SM Characters React To Mika Wearing Their Clothes


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James is speechless and can’t stop thinking about how adorable she is and how well the colors of his clothes look on her.


Originally posted by mitsui-cchi

Erik mumbles praises about how cute she is. The way his sleeves go past her arms and his pants are bunched up a lot on the bottom is almost too much for him.


Originally posted by futuredaydreamer

Sam is confused why she is wearing his clothes, but his clothes fit her extremely well and shows off her curves perfectly. He really likes that part.


Originally posted by kittencafe

Matthew can’t get over how his baggy clothes barely hang onto her shoulders and his pants are bunched up at the bottom. She is just too adorable to him.


Originally posted by maggypandalove

At first, Damien is surprised, but instantly loves it. How he got such a precious girl like her, he will never know.

Diana (the dress in SM1):

Originally posted by morichan99

Diana is very confused, but she goes along with it anyway. Its actually very amusing to her, and the way Mika is blushing because of the slit on the side of the leg goes up really high is super cute. Also, the dress doesn’t stay on for her chest because she is not able to fill the bra part like Diana does. Overall, Diana can’t stop thinking how adorable Mika is.


Originally posted by otakujkp

Even though Naomi’s style is not quite Mika’s style, she still thinks Mika looks very good in it.


Originally posted by dailyhappylife

Suzu likes what she sees and thinks Mika can really rock her clothes.

Valentina currently sat on top of an inflatable unicorn her bikini showing off her curves just perfectly while she was flirting with some random guy and talking to a few people she’d only met, a glass of Rosé in one hand when she noticed one of her housemates passing by the pool. “You do know this is a pool party, right? You should totally get in here.”

My Pleasure

[Okay so I accidentally deleted the requests, but here are the brief summaries]

All Requested by Anonymous:

“Yay! You’re coming back! I saw where you said you’re going to try smuts. Can you do a smut about doing it for the first time with Leo?””

“’48. I promise’ It’s your first time with Leo and he promises to be gentle?”

“Can I get 20 and 40 for Leo? Thanks!”

“Can I have a scenario with Leo where he comes home after a long trip or a tour?”

[Or something along those lines]

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word count: 2749

Warnings: Smut, terrible endings xD 

48. “I promise” // 20. “It’s your fault I’m sore” // 40. “I love her”

4 in one leggo

also I changed the perspective, let me know what you think

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Maria Reynolds X Fem Reader (Modern AU)

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You were always a bit oblivious when it came to romance. When people flirted with you, you just thought they were being nice if people would ask you out, you simply thought they just wanted to be friends. Simply put people had to be pretty blunt for you to get hints. Maybe that’s why you were spending your Friday night alone in your apartment rather than having fun with a partner.

Letting out a soft sigh you lean back against the couch, letting the cushions swallow up your body. Your mind wondered to a certain someone. The way her dark brown hair flowed down her back or how her clothes always showed off her feminine curves perfectly or maybe how her name feels so right when you say it… Maria, your close friend and recent roommate had started to consume every waking thought you had. It all started when she moved in a few months back, she had the ability to seduce anyone despite gender and somehow you had become one of them.

Pair of arms wrap around your shoulders draws your attention back to reality “what’s up cutie?”  A soft voice asks, you knew exactly who it was. If the voice didn’t give it way the signature red lips certainly did. Without waiting for an answer Maria takes a seat beside you, her arm brushing against yours as she sits closer than needed.  The beauty beside kept her smile as she pushed some hair behind her ear, the figure hugging dress and perfect makeup indicated she was planning on going out tonight but that was no real surprise.

“Just watching some cheesy horror movie” you mutter, reluctantly moving you gaze from her to the TV. What you didn’t see though was the pout on your roommates face when your attention left her “You? You look like you’re going out again” you try to ignore Maria hugging your arm tightly, her head lying on your shoulder.

“I was but I’m not too sure anymore, maybe I’ll just stay home with you” unable to hide the blush rising in your cheeks you try to focus on the movie on the screen. While you would love to spend some alone time with the source of your affection you knew for a fact Maria hated horror. A simple ghost story would cause her to stay up all night in fear so for her to just mention staying to watch was a surprise.

“A-Are you sure? I mean you usually hate stuff like this” you glance down at the girl at your side who was slowly snuggling closer and closer. Maria nods and offers a small smile as she turned to the screen. This was going to be an interesting night to say the least.


Half way through the movie Maria was hiding her face in the crock of your neck, her body shaking as she held onto you closely.  You had an arm around her, every now and again you would whisper reassuring words as you try to relax her. “Y/N you’ll protect me right? No matter what? ” her usually confident voice was small and barely as whisper at this point.

“Duh of coarse I would, what are friends fo-“something soft covered your lips, interrupting your sentence. With wide eyes you saw Maria with her eyes closed, lips moving against yours as she placed her hands on your shoulders. It took a few seconds but you quickly kissed back, butterflies forming in your stomach.

“Since you haven’t noticed my hints over the last month i decided to take a chance. I love you Y/N i have for quite some time” Maria smiles brightly, the once scared and meek girl who was cuddling against you a few seconds before was now completely gone. You were at a loss for words, she… she likes you back. Maria Reynolds, the irresistible Maria just confessed to a shy and naive girl like you.

 “Um… I-if you still want to stay in tonight we could order pizza, watch some Disney movies and… and c-cuddle”  You were a stuttering mess at this point, your face red as you nervously pull her closer into your arms.

“You had me a pizza…” Maria giggles and leans up against you once more. You smile as you look down at the near goddess in your arms… if watching horror movies caused a women like Maria to confess then maybe you should watch them more often.


Set in Sexretary universe. Clarke likes to tease Bellamy at work, but she also likes to let him eat her out on her desk. 

Rated E

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She’s wearing the fucking blouse.

The lilac one that complements her ivory skin so well. An extra button popped open so he can see the swell of her breasts, the smallest hint of cream lace. And it’s tucked into that fucking pencil skirt. Dark grey, tight, showing off the curve of her ass perfectly and ending a little above the knee, because she at least tries to be professional at work.

He’s told her how much he loves the outfit; how distracting it is because all he wants to do is corner her in her office and fuck her up against a wall, suck bruises into her skin where they can’t be hidden. Where everyone will know exactly what she’s just been doing. It makes it all the more tempting each time she passes him at his desk, a sway of her hips he knows is for his benefit, the release of a breathy sigh as she runs a hand through her blonde locks, the sound sending a jolt to his cock which is entirely unhelpful when he can’t act on it, one final salacious wink over her shoulder.

Fucking tease.

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So this was inspired by the set of pics, i reblogged of Alison seeing Emily, in her wedding dress, before the wedding. This was not a prompt sent to me, so this is my inspired idea.

Hope you all like it. This is fluff. Briefly mentions sex.

A knock on the door reverberates through the room, Emily glances toward the door as she rushes the shimmy of the white garter up her thigh. Smoothing down her dress she questions “Who is it?”

“Em its me” Shock emanates through Emily’s being. Alison knows this is their wedding day. She shouldn’t be here. Oh god why is she here?. Panic whips through her, is Ali having second thoughts. Vulnerability betrays her voice “Ali, is something wrong?” She soothingly replies through the door “No, Em. Nothings wrong” knowing Emily is currently scared of her reasons to be at her door, in this precise moment “I still want to marry you”. Emily sighs in relief, she never had a doubt in her mind that Alison would not marry her, until that very second. Something about her being here, when she shouldn’t be just made her feel….uneasy. “I just….want to see you Em” she heard her softly admit through the door.

“No, you can’t Ali” she yelps, seeing the door handle wrench downwards. “Don’t you dare come in” she warns, a scowl etching across her face, the door slowly opening not heeding her warning, she quickly adds “It’s bad luck, to see me before the wedding” seeing that hadn’t deterred her from continuing to open the door, she dashes behind an aptly carved white privacy dressing screen. Alison holds for a second, deciding not to open the door just yet. “Em” she lovingly calls, and confidently replies “I think we have had our fair share of bad luck, so I’ll take my chances” Alison pushes the door fully open and enters the room. She instantly recognises that her brunette is hidden from her. As soon as she views the room divider she knows she is hidden her self from view behind that monstrosity, she really wished them things didn’t exist, its blocking her princess from her eyesight. For a millisecond she really wants to murder the inventor of that waste of space.

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Best Party Ever

Imagine: Bucky at one of Tony’s parties, as soon as he looks up, he sees you enter the room | @oh-goodness-loki  

The sounds of clinking glasses mixed in with the commotion of conversations and laughter filled the room. Of course, pretty much everyone here I didn’t even know and had no interest in getting to know them. Since Steve practically forced me to go to Tony’s party with him, I might as well try to act civil, but it was actually quite hard when you used to be a wanted deadly assassin who worked for Hydra. I still sensed the looks people gave me, how they purposefully avoided me, my left side to be more specific. I glanced around the room, watching as the party goers bustled around in conversation.

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you have been warned, this is the most sexual i have done.. i think i sucks but here ya gooo.


It was the last class of the day and there was only 10 minutes left of your Honors Calculus class and you were sitting in your seat nervously tapping your pen on your desk waiting for your professor, Ms. Lovato to hand back your test sheets. You had watched her gently place every ones test on their desks as she walked up and down the aisles, you couldn’t help but check her out.. Her pink faded, iron curled hair was flowing just below her collar bones, she was wearing a tight somewhat see through button up shirt, with a few buttons left undone, letting a bit of her cleavage show, a black tight fitted, high waisted pencil skirt that stopped just above her knees, showing off her tanned legs and perfectly sculpted curves , she was the hottest professor in the university and everybody wanted her, especially you.. She had a body to kill and she was drop dead gorgeous. By the time she was done the bell had rung and everyone started packing up to leave so you started to do the same, standing up and putting your books in your bag and wondering why you hadn’t gotten your test sheet back.. your thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Lovato clearing her throat, you looked up and saw her eyeing you down, letting her eyes wander your body with a serious look on her face standing by her desk with her hands on her hips “Ms. Y/L/N, i’m going to have to ask you to stay after class, i need to have a chat with you” she huffed, sitting back in her chair after dismissing the rest of the class and closing the door. I made my way to her and sat on the desk right in front of her and started fiddling with my fingers “What did you need to talk to me about miss?” You asked shyly not making eye contact with her.. for some reason she always intimidated you.. “Well Y/N..” She started as she made her way to the front of her desk, placing her hands on it behind her, sitting on the edge of it.. “I’ve noticed that you have been getting distracted in my class lately.. and it has been affecting your grade simultaneously” She said, watching you play with you fingers. “I-I’m sorry Ms. Lovato, It’s Just-” “Please, call me Demi, it’s after hours now..” She interrupted you, smiling. “Alright, Demi, i’m sorry for getting distracted but if i am going to be honest, it’s because of you..” You mumbled, biting your lip nervously, she furrowed her eyebrows not understanding what you had meant. “Because of me? How so..” She crossed her arms over her chest slightly pushing her cleavage together, unintentionally. You sucked in a breath before answering, “W-Well, umm.. you’re just very distracting to me.. it’s hard to k-keep my eyes off you..” you trailed off, clearing your throat and looking down at your feet. “Oh” She replies, with a surprised tone, she pushes herself off the desk and steps forwards so you two are face to face, she places a finger under your chin and makes you look up at her, her eyes are dark and her lips are curled into a smirk.. “So.. What you’re trying to say is that all of this is my fault” She kinks her eyebrow at you waiting for an answer, you swallow hard and feel your heart rate speed up.“Well, n-not necess-” She places her index finger on your lips and pushes her body against yours, “Shut up, there will be no need for your excuses” She growled, placing both hands behind your neck and crashing her lips onto yours, you almost stumble so you place one hand on the desk behind you for support while you snake your other hand around her waist to pull her closer, the kiss is passionate but striving for hunger, you feel her nibble on your bottom lip, you slightly open your mouth, whimpering as she slides her tongue along your lip before pushing it past your lips and into your mouth, she fights your tongue for dominance as she grabs your hips and lifts you up onto the desk, she pulls away both of your trying to catch your breath, she places her hands on your thighs and leans in to start kissing your neck, you gasp and bite your lip bringing your hand up and tangling it in her hair, you angle your head to give her better access and in the corner of your eye you see the door and your heart jumps.. “The door.. l-lock the door..” You barely got out without a moan.. you feel Demi detach her lips from your neck and make her way towards the door, swaying her hips just to make you want her even more.. if that were possible. After she locks the door she turns around and looks at you, biting her lip, slowly unbuttoning her shirt as she makes her way back towards you. You felt your stomach flutter with excitement and your wet core burn. She was right in front of you, her shirt completely undone, her chest heaving, she slowly slid the shirt off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, she steps closer to you, running her hands up and down your smooth thighs, inching closer up your skirt every time, suddenly she dug her nails into your thighs and pulled your legs apart causing you to cry out, she brought herself between your legs so your faces were mere inches apart, her hot breath hitting your lips sending shivers down your spine, making every hair on your body stand, she ran her left hand up your right shoulder up to your neck.. her face leaning in to kiss you, as her left hand meets the nape your neck, she tangles her fingers in your hair and roughly pulls your head back, revealing your neck to her, she attaches her lips to where your neck and shoulder connects and lets her tongue dance against the soft flesh beneath it, enjoying the sounds of your slight moans, and quiet whimpers.. as she works her way up she adds nibbles, placing love bites all over your neck, not enough to hurt, but enough to leave a mark.. “Fucckkk, I can’t take this.. I NEED you to fucking touch me please” You pleaded, not caring if you sounded needy, you had fantasized about this day ever since you laid eyes on Demi and you wanted to be pleasured now. She nibbled your earlobe and licked the curve of your ear achingly slow.. “Do you think you deserve it baby?” She husked into your ear, sliding a hand down your torso, playing with the hem of your shirt “Do you think you deserve to get fucked like the naughty little slut you are?” She continued, tracing her fingers slightly up your stomach to your bra, cupping your breast over the thin material.. Not trusting your voice, all you do is nod, she shakes her head “Speak up, I said do you think you deserved to be fucked?” “Yes, pleaseee” You beg again, getting frustrated. “You are so naughty for thinking about me inappropriately, Y/N..” Demi said in a low tone, pulling away and taking your hand in hers, pulling you off the desk and guiding you towards her desk, she drops your hand and throws all the stuff off her desk and looking back at you “Get on the desk. Now” She said in a stern yet sexy tone, pushing you up on the desk in a fast motion, ripping your shirt off, causing the buttons to fly off, throwing the shirt on the floor.. “I bet your panties are soaked right now, all because of me..all because of your dirty, hidden, fantasies that are about to come true” She moaned out, inching closer to your face.. “Am I right? If I were to put my hands in your panties, would they be coated with your hidden desire?” Demi questioned, running her hand up your thigh, pushing past your skirt, entering forbidden property  you open your legs to give her better access as her hand reaches your inner thigh, she smirks at you and slides her fingers in your panties running them up and down your slit, spreading the slick wetness over your folds, you suck in a deep breath and exhale shakily biting your lip, she brings her fingers to her lips and sucks the the juice off her fingers while looking at your directly in the eyes “Damn baby, you taste so fucking good.. i can’t wait to have my fingers and tongue buried inside of you… fucking you until you can’t take it any longer "She moaned, whispering the last part into your ear. "Then fucking do it already!” You yelled, growing impatient. “Mmm, someones feisty..” She giggled, slapping her hands on your thighs and spreading your legs, “As you wish, my naughty little student” She whispered, lowering herself on her knees, getting herself right between your legs, pushing your skirt up to your waist and grabbing ahold your your panties, yanking them to the side, she drags her middle finger down your slit down to your wet hole, teasing the opening, you shudder with pleasure and place one hand behind you to steady yourself as your other hand laces your fingers in her hair, she slowly slides two fingers into you, curling them as she goes deeper and places one light kiss on your pussy, she darts her tongue out and laps it up and down your folds until she decides to pay attention to your throbbing clit, she breathes hot air against your core before lightly flicking her tongue against the nub, causing you to arch your back and moan out lout “GOD, Demi please just fuck me” You tugged on her hair, grinding your hips against her face for friction. She took the hint and started to scissor her fingers in and out of you, every time she hears you moan louder and louder she goes harder and faster “Fuck Y/N, you are so fucking tight i can already feel your walls closing around my fingers” Demi says huskily.. You moan in response as you feel her lips suck on your clit, swirling her tongue around it making your body roll, she pulls her fingers out of you and wraps both of her arms around your thighs to hold you still and pulls you closer as she continues to fuck you with her tongue, she looks at you in the eye, knowing your on the edge of your release.. she takes one hand and laces your fingers together, you tightly squeeze her hand ans she circles your clit with her tongue, your biting your lip trying to suppress your moans.. “Let it out baby, scream my name” She mumbled against your clit, still keeping eye contact, pulling her hand away from yours and sliding two fingers back into your pussy curling them, hitting the right spot as she moans against your clit, knowing the vibrations would send you off the edge, screaming her name, cumming against her fingers, and arching your back having the best orgasm you’ve ever received.. Demi pulled her fingers out of you and sucked the juices off her fingers.. “Mmm, you taste amazing” she whispered leaning down to kiss you lightly, then pulling you up so you’re standing “Best orgasm ever..” You say breathlessly, smiling at her “Well, get distracted more often, there will be plenty more where that came from” She giggles and winks at you, before kissing you once more.

I still feel it every time -Harry S. Imagine

Her face was beautiful but emotionless. Her makeup was perfect but her eyes were empty. Y/N was standing by her window, staring out of it, watching the blossoming cherry tree in the backyard. The weather was supposed to be nice and warm, but she woke up for dark clouds and a chilly wind. Neither the nature wanted that day.

She let out a deep sigh and left her previous spot by the window to go and put on her dress. She didn’t want to go, but he wanted to see her. S he did how he commanded. After all, it was his day. And if he needed her, she will go and see him. Even is her heart broke over and over again.

The venue was extravagant, too much for Y/N’s taste. And she knew Harry hated the colours and the too much glittering decoration as well. She made her way down the aisle, trying so hard to not to fall apart. Her dark purple dress was hugging her body, keeping her together as a metaphor. She soon found his door, and knocked on it softly. Harry quickly opened the door and pulled her in.

- Finally - he let out a sigh and looked at her from head to toe. He was out of breath, she took it away. The dark purple colour was perfect for his lightly tanned skin, an the thin material hugged her slim frame perfectly, showing off her beautiful curves. Her hair was half way up in a messy bun, so her neck was visible. Her eyes were covered with long as blck black lashes, lips were a light pink colour. She looked so natural, so alive. But she was dead inside.

- What do you want? - her once soft ad loving voice was now filled with concern and pain. Harry tried to hug her, but Y/N stopped him and took a few steps back. It broke him. She didn’t want his hug anymore.

- I just wanted to talt to you - he took a frustrated sigh and sat down on the chair. His hands were running through his long locks, pulling the roots slightly - I needed someone who knows me better than anybody else. Who knows mebetter than I know myself, Y/N.

She was just standing there, not sure what to do or how to react. Why did he wanted her? On his own wedding day, when he was supposed to be excited and happy. Why on Earth did he call her out of all the people who knew Harry almost as good and she? It was painful enough for her, to read the invitation for the wedding. Harry and she had history. They were the perfect couple, who were madly in love with each other, but they never dated. They were enjoying their time so much, that they forgot to put a label on their relationship.

- What do you want, Harry? - her voice was softer now. She wanted to hate him. He broke her heart, and she hates him for it, but she hated herself just as much too, because she still loved him. She tried to move on so many times, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t just let go of her very first love. -Why did you call me here, huh? After all this time, why now? Why today?

- Because nothing is making sense - he was angry becausd she was stubborn and didn’t try to read him like she used to do when Harry had hard time - I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m freaking out, because I’m about to make the best or the worst move in my left. I am so fucking clueless - he stood up and kicked the chair away. With three big steps, he crossed the distance between them, and grabbed her arm - But the main reason is…I miss you.

She was frozen. After all this time. After all this pain and heartbreak. After all those fucking sleepless nights wishing for this moment..he got the nerves to tell her these things on his wedding day.

- Harry - she tried to escape from his grip, but he was stronger - You are getting getting married in a few hours. You are marrying the girl who you love and…

- No - he yelled. His green eyes were empty. They weren’t shining like they used to. Pain, confusion and frustration were showing in them - If you say the words, I’ll call off the wedding. I won’t marry her. Y/N please.

- What words, Harry? - her voice was just a weak whisper. Both of them were selfish and stubborn.

- Tell me you miss me - his lips were so close to her mouth, she could taste his minty breath - Tell me you want me - she was getting weaker under his spell - Tell me you don’t want me to get married to her - just an inch. Just one inch was between her lips and his - Y/N…tell me you still love me - she could feel his lips brushing her while he was talking - I need to know, because I’m still madly, deeply and crazily in love with you, baby girl.

His soft lips kissed the corner of her mouth. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach, but she had to ignore them. Harry took a deep breath and kissed her. Y/N wanted to return the kiss. She wanted to feel him again, but she didn’t do it.

- Kiss me back - he murmured in the kiss. He was desperate - Please…

- Harry - she pushed him away. Tears were running down their faces - I can’t kiss you. We can’t do this - she took a step away from him and stood by the window - I can’t be selfish - she whispered to herself - What we had was deep, amazing, unforgettable, passionate…perfect. But we made a decision a long time ago, Harry - she didn’t look at him. She couldn’t. If she did, she would have given up and tell him what he wanted to hear - Go and marry her. Be happy.

she tried to get out of the room as fast as she could, but he grabbed her and pulled her back.

- Look me in the eyes and say that you don’t want me. Tell me you gave up on us. Fucking tell me that you don’t love me anymore - he was almost yelling at her. Angry Harry always scared her, but he never hurt her - If you can tell me these things, I’ll let you go. But you can’t ask me to be happy with her or anybody else, when I still hope for my happy ending with you.

- I… - she tried to come up with something. Another lie probably. She always wanted the best for him. And marrying her was supposed to be the best thing he could have done.

A knock saved her. Louis stepped into the room. He looked tired…disappointed maybe. When he caught the sight of Y/N, his eyes light up and he let out a relieved sigh.

- Mate, it’s time to go - Harry was still looking at her, waiting for the miracle. She took her chance to escape. In the door, Louis stopped her.

- Save him - he whispered and let Y/N go. She walked as fast as she could in her heels. She left him there with her lies. She had to lie. It was the right thing.

But the hurt and heartbreak was unbearable for her and for him too. And maybe, she should have been selfish. And maybe…she wasn’t late.

Stiles Stilinski - “Insecurities”

You are too insecure about your body to go swimming with your class, so you call up Stiles to help you feel better.

|GIF credit to wreckstiles|


You have always been the sweet girl with the pretty face. That’s it. No one ever teased you, really, but no one complimented anything other than your personality or your ability to style your hair. You were fine how you were. You didn’t need compliments to know that you were gorgeous, but it was still difficult sometimes, especially on days like today when you had to go swimming in gym class.

                Lydia is already changed and hopping around the change room in a soft blue bikini, showing off her perfectly even curves. You stand, holding your equally nice bikini that you had just bought, while you wait for Allison to finish up in the change room. You didn’t plan on wearing the bikini in front of any of these girls, you had only bought it for your days at home when you could use the hot tub and feel awesome in the totally overpriced bikini. But it was the only one you owned, meaning that it was the only one you had available to wear today.

                Allison finally finishes changing. When she walks out, you panic a little because she’s basically Victoria’s Secret Angel material. You rush into the change room before anyone notices your freak out.

                Despite being extremely scared, you do get changed, though, you don’t step out of the change room yet. Your knees lock up and you can’t seem to reach out and open the door. You can hear that most of the girls are already leaving the dressing room to go out into the pool, and you look through your bag until you find your phone.

                Of course Stiles is the person you call. You do it without thinking, but seriously, who else are you supposed to call? The two of you are not specifically dating, but it’s safe to say that you’re more than just friends. He’s even kissed you, multiple times, and a few of those times were in public. The two of you just didn’t label it, you guess.

                He picks up quickly. “Hey. Scott and I are dissecting a frog in biology. We have located its intestines and if you push on them, its crap comes out.”

                “What?” You furrow your eyebrows, quite disgusted.

                “It’s awesome.” You can hear his grin. After a few moments, you hear him shut a door and suddenly the sound of the classroom has disappeared. “Anyways, what’s up?”

                “I um,” you whisper, peeking through the crack in the door to make sure that no one is left in the change room. “We are at the pool.”

                “I saved a man from drowning there one. Sure it was Derek, and he still glares at me sometimes, but I know he’s forever grateful.”

                “Stiles,” you mutter, “I can’t go swimming.”

                “Oh? Did you never learn how to swim? Just tell the teacher that and I’m sure she’ll excuse you. Scott did that for years until he became all wolfy.”

                “I know how to swim, I just…” You look down at yourself. It’s not like you were unhealthy or “fat” or whatever, you just weren’t as skinny as the other girls. “Stiles I can’t go out there looking like this. Have you seen Allison? Oh my god she is gorgeous.”

                “What?” He still doesn’t get it.

                “Stiles, I’m too, uh, well I’m a little bit chubby. I can’t do this.” Your voice cracks. At first he was quiet but then he said, “Hold on” and the line went dead. You had no idea what he was doing. While you remain in the change room stall, you stare up at the ceiling trying to pull yourself together until suddenly you hear a door open.

                “(Y/N)?” It’s Stiles. The idiot had ditched biology and came into the girl’s change room, which was… sweet. He knocks on your stall door and you look down at his shoes. “I really hope that’s you in there. If not, this is awkward. My name is, uh, Jackson Whittemore, in case you want to rat me out to the principle-”

                You open the stall door, staring at him dumbfounded. “Dude, you’re going to get caught.”

                He pretends that he is not distracted by your breasts. “Scott is a true bro and he’s guarding the door for me.”

                You make quite an embarrassed face. “You didn’t tell him, did you?”

                He holds his hand over his heart. “Nope. Bro Scouts code of honour.”

                You smile, but it turns out to be a sad smile and so he pulls you in for a hug, trying to ignore the fact that you’re half naked.

                “I don’t know what you’re talking about, to be completely honest. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have, uh, a nice body,” he mutters against your shoulder, and he’s really awkward about it but you know he’s telling the truth.                

                You pull back a bit and look him in the eye. “I still don’t look like them, though.”

                He shakes his head, a smile forming on his face. “You don’t need to look like them. Think about it, they probably are equally insecure. We all have our little things. I still don’t like taking my shirt off cause I’m a lanky dude.”

                “But you’re hot,” you blurt out.

                He is grinning up a rainbow. “You’re hot.”

                You take a deep breath in. “Okay. Right. Thank you.”

                It shouldn’t be surprising when he kisses you, but it sort of is. It’s quick, but everything is what you needed to hear. His hands have reached your waist and he lingers for a moment. “Now, are you ready to go swimming?” His breath is hot against your lip.

                “I am,” you nod before letting him go back off to class. Of course, before he leaves, you just have to mention that you love him. And, of course, he says it back. 

One Direction Preference

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You Like Him but He Likes Someone Else

Notes: ok so the request asked for a happy ending, but they’re not all with happy endings because i just felt i would do it more justice if it wasn’t. 

Liam: You had tried to move on, tried to forget how much Liam meant—still means to you. But every time you saw him, you realized something new to love about him. Whether it was his kindness, his ability to light up the room with his words, or the way his lips twitched up into a smile. Liam always amazed you, never failing to put a smile on your face. “That is literally the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.” Today’s revelation, was finding out how much you loved to see him laugh, and hear him laugh at that. “I’m glad I could put a smile on your face.” You told him, nudging your shoulder against his own. “Oh, there is something I wanted to talk to you about.” The room suddenly became serious, and when Liam is serious, you always knew that it was a matter that needed to be dealt with right away. You furrowed your eyebrows at him, your laughter calming down, “What is it?” You asked, pulling away from the brush of your shoulders. Now, there were a few inches between you. “I met someone.” Liam stated. There was a proud tone about his voice that made you want to be happy, but you couldn’t find the happiness inside of you. Now, that space between you two was an abyss, with you falling into the blackness, reaching out for his hand and realizing he wasn’t going to grab it. You became silent, lips parted slightly in shock. “She’s great Y/N.” Liam began to tell you all about her, about how great she was: her looks, her style, her personality. She was “everything he ever wanted,” to put it in his words. If she was everything he wanted, then what were you to him?

Zayn: Zayn had wanted you to double date with him and Perrie, and you with whomever it was he decided to bring. Although you weren’t very happy about it, you decided to go for Zayn, because if you didn’t he would get upset with you, and that’s the last thing you wanted. “He’s really great Y/N.” You’ve heard him say that too many times. “I promise you’ll like him.” Another line that was embedded in your head from hearing him say it too often. Zayn’s actions were nice, him trying to make sure you were happy and going the extra mile to set you up with people, but they never worked. His good intentions always ended up only wanting to bang you and call it quits. What you really wanted, instead of Zayn setting you up, was to be with Zayn. You already knew from friendship that he was everything that mattered to you. To you, Zayn was the sun rising in the morning and not having him was like the darkness of the night. As he sat across the table from you with Perrie, you thought about this. In fact, you thought about it much too often. Your “date” was rambling about a night at a bar he recently had: “Bro, these girls were like all over me.” The exact kind of this you wanted to here on a first date. There were so many emotions bubbling through you in this moment. There was the hurt from seeing Zayn so happy with Perrie, but then so was the pure bitterness that you felt from the guy sitting next to you who was only worried about girls at the bar and the waitress coming over to your table. “I can’t do this.” You mumbled at first. Zayn noticed and cleared his throat, “What’s that Y/N?” “I said I can’t do this.” At first you were looking at the table, but then switched to stare daggers at Zayn. He knew in that moment what was happening. You shot up out of your seat, everyone’s attention at the table being drawn towards you. “Enjoy your night.” You spat at your date, but directed it toward Zayn. “Y/N where are you going?” He asked curiously as you stomped away, leaving everyone but Zayn baffled at the table.

Louis: The two of you played a game every time you went out together. You would become each other’s wingmen, him helping you find a guy and you helping him find a girl. “How about her?” You asked, casually sipping your martini. Louis twisted around in his chair, following where your finger was pointing. He turned back to you almost instantly, giving a wrinkle in his nose and shaking his head. “Nah. Not my type.” You huffed, “You’re being very difficult.” Louis snorted and lead his finger to point at a guy walking past. He raised his eyebrows in a playful notion. “No.” You quickly demised, “Not my type.” You finished with another sip of your drink and Louis huffed at you, mocking what you had just done to him. “What was that for?” You exaggerated. “Now you’re being difficult.” He joked, making you blush. “I’m just not in the mood to look tonight.” You finally told him once you finished your drink. “Why?” Louis was always one known for poking at the subject, needing to know every inch of detail involved, so of course he would urge you to answer him. You shrugged in response. “Oh come on Y/N. There’s bound to be some guy here you find worthy of.” Just as he said this, a girl walked past wearing a very short purple dress. It was skin tight and showed off every angle of her perfectly curved body. Louis’ eyes followed her intensely; he was pretty much eye-fucking her as she joined a few others at the bar. In that moment, you suddenly felt embarrassed. You had almost confessed that the only guy you felt worthy enough was Louis. And there he was, ranging off topic and imagining a night with someone else. There was no hope, you felt, that would give you the edge to be what he wanted.

Niall: You were finally going to tell him today. After months of this burning emotion for him, you had finally built up enough courage and created the perfect speech that would allow you to spew your feelings onto him. He would do with them as he wished, but you needed to get it off of your chest. You had texted him and asked for him to meet you for coffee. There was something about the public eye that you knew would give you the strength to just come out and say it. Being out would also prevent a negative reaction from him, but you deeply hoped it would succumb to that. Recently Niall had told you about someone he was interested in seeing romantically. He told you how great he thought she was and how he thought she was the greatest person he had ever met. That’s why you felt it was crucial for him to know just how you felt about him so you could stop anything before it started. Maybe that was selfish of you, or maybe it wasn’t. All you knew was that it needed to be said. “So what’s up?” Niall asked, sitting casually across from you. “I need to tell you something.” You blurted, waiting no time in getting to the point. You were afraid if you waited any longer than it would be too late. “And I want you to at least take it into some sort of consideration.” You began, watching his eyebrow raise in some sort of confusion. “I have feelings for you-like real feelings, and not the kind that I can hide from you any more.” Niall opened his mouth to chime in but you continued, “And I know that you’re thinking about dating that girl. I just think you should think about because I think that we’re really great together and I just want you to know that.” When you were finally done, Niall chuckled lightly. “Y/N…” “I know it’s crazy. I’m sorry for sprawling this onto you. I just…I needed to tell you. It was killing me.” Niall leaned back in his chair, looking at you deeply for a moment, and the raised forward, grabbing your hand in the process. “That girl I was thinking about, who I thought-not think-is the greatest I’ve ever known?” He asked as if you didn’t remember him saying it, “That girl is you.”

Harry: “How’s your love life going?” He asked you. Usually, when someone asks the question, it’s because they are up to no good. You gave him a wary look. “Why are you asking?” You hoped he wasn’t going to try and set you up with one of his friends, because the last few times he did, it didn’t turn out so good for you. “Just ‘cause.” He was smirking, and doing a terrible job at hiding it. You raised your hand and hit him square in the chest. He cowered with an “oomph”, bringing his hand to caress the spot you had just hit. “Ouch.” He pouted, “What on earth was that for?” “Just ‘cause.” You mimicked with a playful grin and gleam in your eyes. Harry shook his head at you, “That doesn’t justify you hitting me.” “I just wanted to.” You told him, hoping that would be enough to drop the subject. And after a few minutes, thankfully, it did. “Are you interested in anyone?” Harry asked, reverting back to that previous topic that you knew now he wasn’t going to forget about. “Why do you care?” You asked, kind-of harshly for talking with your friend. Because of our tone of voice, Harry grew silent, his voice just above a whisper. “I was just asking, sheesh.” It wasn’t a mystery that he was annoyed. “Sorry.” You muttered. “I’m sick of being asked that. It seems like that’s all anyone cares about.” “Let’s say hypothetically…” Here we go, “That I had a friend who was interested in per say dating you.” You rolled your eyes as he finished. “No.” “Hm?” “Tell your friend I give my sincerest condolences.” That topic may be cold as ice, but the hypothetical friend would have to wait, even if  you had no clue Harry was asking not for a friend, but for himself.  

First Date || Dantana

Taking another glance in the mirror, Santana applied a thin layer of lip-gloss as she made sure that her make-up was impeccable. She wanted this night to be amazing, as it was her and Dani’s first official date. Sure, they’d been together for about two months now, but they’d never gone on a real date. Never. That was about to change, though and Santana couldn’t be more excited. She was dancing around in their buss as she was getting ready by herself, Dani off getting ready in another. It seemed a bit silly, but she wanted the night to feel like their first date and it would ruin some of the magic if they got to see each other before they’d have to leave. “You can pick me up in 5.” Santana texted her, as she was putting on her earrings. She was wearing a tight blue dress, stopping right above her knees and it showed off her curves perfectly, clinging to her body in all of the right places.

Hearing the knock on the door, she grinned and took the few steps it only took to stand by it before opening it. “Hi stranger.” She smiled, sure that she’d be doing it all night.

The Proposal

Nobody requested for this. I just wrote it for the fun of it.
AU. Teacher!Hayffie doing the dirty.

The Proposal

The teacher’s room was empty except for a man leaning back on the chair behind his designated table. The table itself was messy with stacks of papers and writing materials strewn all over it but the mess was not what was bothering him.

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Undisclosed Desires - Ch 4

TITLE: Undisclosed Desires


AUTHOR: hiddlestonforlife


GENRE: Romance, Drama

FIC SUMMARY: After Amora’s father gets thrown into Asgardian prison for committing treason against Loki, Loki decides to keep Amora as his personal servant. 


AUTHOR’S NOTES/WARNINGS: This fic takes place after Thor 2. Loki is king. There won’t be any smut in the first couple of chapters but there will be as the story goes on. 

(PLEASE READ: I am starting something I’m calling a ‘watch list’. If you wish to be notified every time a new chapter of UD comes out, let me know somehow and I will add you to a list of people who I will contact every time a new one is published.)


Amora was starting to get the hang of things around the palace. She knew which maids were friendly, which were not. She knew when to go get Loki’s food so that it didn’t get cold. She knew when to clean the floors so that they dried in time. She wasn’t happy, not at all, but she was a bit more at peace now that she didn’t feel like she was running around with her head cut off. 

When she returned to Loki’s chambers, needing to make his bed, she was surprised with a foreign piece of clothing on his sheets. She looked carefully at it. It was a dress and there was a note attached. She at first thought it was for some type of punishment that he had yet to give her and she realized that it very well could be.

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