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i edited the beta kids!! heres them individually and with a couple of groupshots, one of which has a cheesy background to show off the whites n stuff.
tumblr resized them so click to see better!

andi mack ep 12 spoilers ahead!!

ok so i’m watching the ep right now and i got to the scene… you know the scene where cyrus turns around and i’m loosing my mind rn. i literally paused and clutched my chest ok i can’t believe i’m seeing an actual queer kid on a disney show with my own two eyes in the year of our lord 2017. i’m. i can’t.

yeah i know it could have been sooner, it SHOULD have been sooner. i’m almost 22 and finally there he is, a boy who’s in love with a boy, a main character no less. an actual child being queer on disney channel i’m about to cry.


If you haven’t seen Ravi’s call-in to N’s radio show w Eng subs yet do yourself a favor you will not regret it

ft. Dolbaegi lording over the entire khh industry & challenging everyone in sight to rap battles & softening to promise Ravi snacks, interspersed w flustered Ravi giggles 

you’re welcome


Turns out “two baby teenagers growing up” is an excellent reading of this show. Also, “baby’s first monster romance,” but that one goes without saying

Aaannnd finished.  I’ll make a sewing blog post about it…um…some other time…that’ll show the back’n’stuff.  I still don’t know if this was a good idea.