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Inspired by a favorite Richard Scarry book, I drew some pages for a children’s book starring Philly Boy Roy. Manners, Philly Style teaches young readers how to behave as well as Roy.

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Graphic Design Is My Passion

lmao jk but I see all of these and I figured I’d go ahead and make one????? i like seeing people @’ing me and shit so anyways

my most amazing friends (aka the three assholes one here I actually talk to):

@villagegreens: anna you can eat my entire ass I HATE you but you’re also really cool and just a real gem, talking to you has cleared my face, watered my crops, raised my grades, etc., although I’m like 99% the philly air has affected your taste because you want to fuck my brother despite him being the epitome of a Mess (it’s genetic), but I love u anyways. I can’t wait to meet u so u can show me ur hipster philly dives

@vifen: taire, once again, you’re not gonna see this for another four million years but ANYWAYS you’re a goddamn blessing, thank u for reading and generally freaking out about my messy books and I love u so muchhhhhhhhhh even though we only skype once every seven thousand years anyways u meme you have a lot of stuff to reblog when u come back online and notice me all up in ur notifs

@pinkinmyimagination: surprise surprise im gonna follow u forever. we all know how fucking cool u are cami, despite the whole thing with the kpop/anime blog, and you’re just a goddamn saint, putting up with my Messy Life™, and just generally being my best friend. you truly are the mvp, and don’t deny it, u are the cool one. love uuuuuuu

mutuals (aka people I love and I don’t talk to because I got anxiety y’all):

favorites are bolded, and they’re not in any order because I Dont Care (if I didn’t put u on here it’s because I’m not sure if we’re mutuals or because I forgot)

@ragsies / @batcity / @knewyoudcome / @qpid / @acldrap / @mothsky / @foxygod / @biggerluketheorist / @jiimhalperts / @sappymess / @cassiansbodhi / @homocelestial / @catastrafic / @buffy-s / @frostygay / @174e / @pyradex / @pluslle / @scftghost / @bi-dianaprince / @likeachoir / @ufocaptains / @oldbluesea / @htmlcactus / @rain-sapphic / @rohsie / @starism / @silkseraph / @sweetsofts / @lesbianvelma / @sufjcn / @softishbutch / @heraetics / @shibe / @justkeepswimminswimming / @sapphiczuko / @spacecadetv / @ghostlit / @bpdjedi / @angelziegler / @4u50 / @princesleepytime / @hanfucksluke / @softestscorpio / @drunktext / @asiansulu / @ramiurl / @reyskywalkings / @asajjventress / @kittyaotic / @planetarypoe / @darkblood–kamui / @thegayverness / @piacebo / @dadscanlan / @topazfutch / @leiawlw / @jameswilsun / @hannahkinskywalkers / @bobross / @ohdream / @fashiondad / @queergore / @hotfriend / @ninekings / @starrydodie / @lesbianspoonie

if i left you out and we’re mutuals, message me and I’ll add you!!! and for the opposite, if you want me to remove you, just lmk!!!!! anyways y’all should follow these people and to my mutuals, you guys are awesome!!!