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Pirate Radios and other radios the fandom doesn’t talk about

Pirate Radios:

The Pirate Radios are Murdoc’s transmissions from his seclusion on Plastic Beach. He spins some records, drinks a lot, and as Murdoc describes it, we get to watch him mentally disintegrate. 

Pirate Radio 1 (Part 1) (Part 2)
Pirate Radio 2 
Pirate Radio 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) 
Pirate Radio 4 feat. 2D!  
Pirate Radio 5 (The Fall Review) 

Spotify Radio Show: 

This show was to commemorate 10 years of Gorillaz! Murdoc is still drunken and manic per usual but may also be using drugs. Listen at your own risk. 
Radio 1 (Part 1) 
Radio 1 (Part 2) 
Radio 2
Radio 3 

  • me, back then: oh boy stephan's university is a GREAT show with a fanbase that seems welcoming! :)
  • me, a little later: oh boy...steve's universal studios is a nice show, but the fanbase is kind of...rude, possessive, and disrespectful. but hey every fandom has a few bad apples! i still love the show a lot though so i'll do my best to ignore the fanbase and enjoy the source material
  • me, much later: stephanie's unicycle is...not doing so hot lately, but i have hope this is just a rut! no media is perfect! and no fanbase is perfect either! i'm just here for the source material! maybe if i just forget the episodes i felt uncomfortable with didn't happen they actually didn't hahaha :)
  • me now: please just unbubble her so i can die in peace

I want to wake up with you
with the sunrise by our window and cuddle in our warm bed before entering the daylight.

I want to eat breakfast with you and watch you grow out of your sleepy and grumpy morning mood with the shadow of your tired smile across your lips .

I want you take me out for dinner just to see my smile , when you give me a beautiful lily ,whispering how it could never match up to me..

I want to watch horror tv shows with you just because you know I would use it as a reason to cuddle close to you.

I want you to carry me to our bed when I fall asleep in your arms , because I know that you knew I’m one hell of a light sleeper and you want the best for me.

I want to do everything with you and it would tear me apart everyday if there is no me and you.


you know what i love about the bold type (among almost everything) is we get to see three different types of relationships right off the bat.

we have sutton who is in the established supportive relationship.

jane looks to be heading for the friends with benefits style relationship with pinstripe.

and then we have kat who is in the slowburn relationship where we actually get to see her fall in love. and that is so rare on tv that a show would choose for the wlw ship to be the one to have that arc over a m/f relationship and that’s just amazing.

so basically yeah please watch the bold type.

I’m missing the times when you would tell me good morning first. 
I’m missing the times when you would invite yourself over. 
I’m missing the times when I’d comfort you. 
I’m missing the times when you cared about me. 
I’m missing the times when you’d ask me, “what’s wrong?”
I’m missing the times when you’d let me cry on your shoulder.
I’m missing the times when we’d play video games together.
I’m missing the times when we’d have lunch together.
I’m missing the times when we’d listen to music together. 
I’m missing the times when we’d watch our favorite shows together. 
I’m missing the times when we’d cuddle.
I’m missing the times when we’d hold hands. 
I’m missing the times when we’d kiss.
I’m missing the times when we were falling in love. 
I’m missing the times when you told me good night last. 

I had a dream that I was Peggy’s understudy in Hamilton and it was my first time going on but I was hungry so I brought a sandwich onstage and ate it during The Schuyler Sisters. I was also on my cell phone for a lot of the performance (which was like a mini iPad, on full brightness). Also the guy playing King George did a Rent 20th anniversary tribute during You’ll Be Back by being wheeled in on a giant couch (???) and dressing like Roger. And he tried to moon the audience like Maureen does but his belt was too tight so he just gave up. And when I wasn’t onstage I just casually sat in the audience. Patti LuPone was the music director, and at one point she stopped the show to say to everyone “You know how much music arrangers are paid? Not enough!!!” One of the set pieces was supposed to be wheeled over to stage left and someone just pushed it real hard and watched it go and the whole cast stopped and watched in horror cause we thought it was going to fall off the stage (it didn’t). This all happened in a high school auditorium and the set pieces were amateurish but yes this was the official Broadway production, and it was a sold out house. After the show I found one of the theatre staff and asked if I would be paid. She scoffed and said “eventually.”

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if you hc someone as trans, let's say a guy, are you supposed to hc them as a trans man or as a trans woman? I've never figured it out

I think it depends on the character tbh. Let’s use the guy theory okay. People head canon Dipper from Gravity Falls as trans, but they head canon him as a trans guy bc Mabel and him are (I’m like 80% sure) identical twins. He also fears not being seen as manly enough and he doesn’t want people to know his “real” name. Now let’s look at Marco from Star vs The Forces of Evil, people head canon Marco as a trans woman because (I haven’t watched anything recently so I’m going back to like the first season or whatever) when Marco and Star went to break out Star’s friend (the horse head, I can’t remember her name) he didn’t mind being called a princess and wearing a dress. It depends on the character, the show, and the person who is creating the head canon. If a person is talking about it and you’re unsure just ask them and I’m sure they tell you.

Placebo lyrics sentence starters
  • "I've never been an extrovert, but i'm still breathing."
  • "I gotta get high, before I go outside."
  • "I'm in alcoholic kind of mood."
  • "I know, you've got me wrapped around your finger."
  • "I know, the past will catch you up as you run faster."
  • "I know, the last in line is always called a bastard."
  • "We were born to lose."
  • "It's either you or me."
  • "S/he stole the keys to my house and then s/he locked herself/himself out."
  • "I'm confused and racked with self-doubt."
  • "Don't you wish you'd never met her/him?"
  • "You don't care about us."
  • "You're too complicated, we should separate it."
  • "Think I'll leave it all behind, save this bleeding heart of mine."
  • "I'll take it by your side."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing at all."
  • "Don't let me down."
  • "Your smile would make me sneeze."
  • "I'd pay to have you near."
  • "Don't forget to breathe."
  • "Another love I would abuse, no circumstances could excuse."
  • "I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind."
  • "There's nothing here but what here's mine."
  • "Never thought I'd fill with desire."
  • "Never thought I'd feel so ashamed."
  • "Never thought all this could back fire."
  • "Never thought you'd fuck with my brain."
  • "Say goodbye."
  • "You must realise that you're never alone."
  • "I'm a man, a liar."
  • "Now it takes him all day just to get an erection."
  • "Things aren't what they seem."
  • "I dream of a face that is pure as perfection."
  • "Hey motherfucker, I'm after you. I know where you live."
  • "Change your taste in men."
  • "Come back to me."
  • "Join the masquerade."
  • "I'll describe the way I feel; weeping wounds that never heal."
  • "No escaping gravity."
  • "Draw your final breath."
  • "Every time I rise I see you falling."
  • "Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?"
  • "I was never faithful, and I was never one to trust."
  • "I'm forever black-eyed, a product of a broken home"
  • "I was never grateful, that's why I spend my days alone."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you, that's why it's vulgar, that's why it's blue."
  • "Those motherfuckers got it wrong."
  • "They said I should get expensive help to fix my head."
  • "I don't care for myself."
  • "Run away from all your boredom."
  • "Run away from all your whoredom."
  • "All it takes is one decision."
  • "Run away!"
  • "You're the one who's always bruised and broken."
  • "I understand the fascination."
  • "I understand the fascination, I've even been there once or twice or more."
  • "Please don't die."
  • "It seemed a place for us to dream."
  • "Love can die."
  • "Wake up..."
  • "I've got problems with the booze, nothing left to lose."
  • "I'm faithless... I'm scared."
  • "I'm on my own for far too long."
  • "She's insane, this friend of mine."
  • "Always stays the same, nothing ever changes."
  • "Hold your breath and count to ten."
  • "Beware this troubled world."
  • "Soulmate dry your eye."
  • "Soulmates never die."
  • "Hush, it's okay."
  • "See you at the bitter end."
  • "There's something rotten down here..."
  • "Don't forget to be the way you are."
  • "The only thing you can rely on is that you can't rely on anything."
  • "Don't go and sell your soul for self-esteem."
  • "Remember me..."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry the whole night through..."
  • "I'll be your father, I'll be your mother, I'll be your lover, I'll be yours."
  • "I'll be yours."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry for days and days..."
  • "You never were a genius."
  • "Yes I know you're the jealous type."
  • "Walk away!"
  • "Protect me from what I want..."
  • "Maybe we're victims of fate."
  • "Remember when we'd celebrate? We'd drink and get high until late."
  • "Now we're all alone."
  • "Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die."
  • "I've been waiting far too long!"
  • "Be mine."
  • "I was alone, falling free..."
  • "What happened to us, what happened to me?"
  • "Baby...did you forget to take your meds?"
  • "I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget."
  • "I will be the one to make you crawl!"
  • "I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday."
  • "Someone call the ambulance..There's gonna be an accident."
  • "I can see in the dark."
  • "I will be the one to watch you fall."
  • "I will find you!"
  • "You're always ahead of the game, I drag behind."
  • "You possess every trait that I lack."
  • "You got A's on your algebra test, I failed and they kept me behind."
  • "I just gotta get off my chest, that I think you're divine."
  • "You let me down before."
  • "I'm medicated...How are you?"
  • "It's the pills that bring you down."
  • "It's between you and me."
  • "It's the pills that pick you up."
  • "It's the special way we fuck."
  • "Fall into you, is all I seem to do..."
  • "I'm afraid to be alone."
  • "This house is no longer a home."
  • "Don't give up on the dream!"
  • "Tear us in two, is all it's gonna do."
  • "Don't go and leave me."
  • "Please don't drive me blind."
  • "I'd fill your every breath with meaning."
  • "I'll find a place we both could hide."
  • "You don't believe me."
  • "You do this everytime."
  • "I know we're broken."
  • "Your eyes forever glued to mine."
  • "I know I broke it."
  • "I know I broke you."
  • "It's horrid to see you again."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your lips."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your kiss."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your fists."
  • "I was not honest."
  • "And I'll wait my turn,to terrorize you."
  • "Can't you see these skies are breaking?"
  • "one of a kind is all I own."
  • "I wanna try but I get annoyed."
  • "In the cold light of morning the party gets boring, you're high."
  • "In the cold light of morning,You're drunk sick from whoring and high."
  • "You are one of God's mistakes."
  • "You're a waste of skin."
  • "You're waste of space."
  • "It's a song to say goodbye."
  • "Well now you need me more than I need you."
  • "You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?"
  • "It doesn't hurt me."
  • "You don't want to hurt me."
  • "So much hate for the ones we love."
  • "Tell me, we both matter, don't we?"
  • "Let me steal this moment from you now."
  • "The way you're dancing makes me come alive."
  • "Move closer, I wanna feel your touch."
  • "The way you're moving, makes you all that I desire."
  • "You are the one who took my place."
  • "And it was a leap of faith I could not take."
  • "And it was a promise I could not make."
  • "You are getting in the way!"
  • "I have nothing left to say."
  • "I will pretend it didn't hurt."
  • "You are a cheap and nasty fake."
  • "I am the bones you couldnt break!"
  • "I always aimed to please."
  • "I nearly died."
  • "For what it's worth?"
  • "Come on walk with me."
  • "Got no friends, got no lover."
  • "I've been wasting all my time!"
  • "I got no energy to fight."
  • "I don't see the point in trying."
  • "All of my wrongs, and all my wicked ways,Will come back to haunt me."
  • "He wrote all the songs I hope to write someday."
  • "Looks like the devil is here to stay."
  • "We'll kiss and tremble with the delight."
  • "I had so very much to say."
  • "I pretended I was okay."
  • "So I haven't given up."
  • "A heart that hurts, is a heart that works."
  • "No one can take it/you away from me."
  • "I long, I burn to touch her/him/you just the same."
  • "Don't let them get their way!"
  • "There is no law we/you must obey!"
  • "Damn you all to hell!"
  • "Time will help you through..."
  • "The sound of silence grows."
  • "The two of us are rebels."
  • "The payback is here, take a look, it's all around you."
  • "You thought you'd never shed a tear."
  • "This ain't no singing in the rain."
  • "You can run but you can't hide!"
  • "No one here gets out alive."
  • "Breathe me every time you close your eyes..."
  • "Taste me every time you cry."
  • "This memory will fade away and die."
  • "Just for today, breathe me and say goodbye..."
  • "How many times?!"
  • "Now I can't look you in the eye!"
  • "And I don't even want to try."
  • "Every word from you is a lie."
  • "I'm always falling on my face."
  • "I don't think that you're aware of the cost."
  • "Stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you!"
  • "Don't leave me here to pass through time!"
  • "I don't know where to begin."
  • "Don't leave me here."
  • "I'm sick of fighting..."
  • "The cold is biting..."
  • "My broken spirit is frozen to the core."
  • "Don't wanna be here no more."
  • "Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes?"
  • "And wouldn't it be good if we could wish ourselves away?"
  • "You must be joking!"
  • "You don't even know a thing about it!"
  • "You've got no problem."
  • "I'd stay right there if I were you!"
  • "The grass is always greener over there."
  • "I don't want to be alone."
  • "I'm alive, so alive."
  • "I'm in a desperate situation."
  • "Now there's a hand print on your cheek."
  • "Is it my imagination?"
  • "Let me pay you back in kind."
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming"
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming because I know it's not of me."
  • "I smoke a dozen cancer sticks."
  • "We run for our lives."
  • "Promise me that we will make it through."
  • "Don't worry baby - it's just the end of the world."
  • "I refuse to remain in regrets."
  • "I've existed too long in secrets."
  • "Help me start to heal."
  • "Every one of my needs will be met."
  • "I refuse to be left behind."
  • "I know you want to stop."
  • "Be glad for what you got."
  • "I recognize the smile."
  • "There are some things I cannot forget."
  • "It may be for a while, I'll pretend we've never met."
  • "And maybe we will part."
  • "Will your paranoia keep you warm?"
  • "I will still enjoy to watch you fall."
  • "Stop!"
  • "I try every day"
  • "I try every day, to think of something deep to say."
  • "If I am an extra in the film of my own life, then who the hell is the director?"
  • "Show me how to live."
  • "There's a riot in my head."
  • "Let's fight until the end of days."
  • "Let's destroy and let's devastate."
  • "I know where you live."
  • "Time is money, bastard."
  • "You are so beautiful."
  • "Love claims to have the answer."
  • "Can you imagine a love that is so proud?"
  • "We are loud like love!"
  • "If you were mine, then we would know!"
  • "And with our bodies entwined we will know paradise."
  • "My computer thinks I'm gay."
  • "I got too many friends."
  • "I'll never be there for you/them."
  • "I am a small and gentle man."
  • "Hold on to me..."
  • "My behaviour is hard to understand."
  • "But I'm still doing all I can, to try and get me some redemption."
  • "And I'm knee deep in sinking sand, crying out for your attention!"
  • "Rob the bank!"
  • "Take me home, then make love."
  • "There wasn't much I used to need..."
  • "Now my mistakes are haunting me."
  • "I've lost the power to understand what it takes to be a man."
  • "You tried your best to be a friend to my heart."
  • "I saw you wanted this to end."
  • "Please no grieving, my love, understand?"
  • "Now I feel I've lost my spark."
  • "Can't you see I'm sick of fighting?"
  • "Can't you see I've lost my way?"
  • "All my dreaming torn in pieces..."
  • "As you wake does he smother you in kisses long and true?"
  • "Want you so bad I can taste it!"
  • "If I could, I would hover while he's making love to you, make it rain as I cry."
  • "Your touch, I cannot regret!"
  • "You're so my kind."
  • "You're so my kind, erotic and devine."
  • "To me you're more than a human, you are more complex."
  • "You are like a fallen angel."
  • "Look me in the eyes, say that again."
  • "Knock me off my feet like heroin."
  • "No need to disguise or to pretend."
  • "Tonight's the night that we begin the end."
  • "I tried, God knows, I tried."
  • "There's nothing you can do to change my mind."
  • "I don't enjoy to watch you cry."
  • "Blame me for the sorry state you're in."
  • "I love you more than any man, but something's getting in the way."
  • "I do you harm because I can for the second time today."
  • "When I get drunk, you take me home and keep me safe from harm."
  • "I ask you for another second chance, but then I drink it all away."
  • "I was so delicate when we began, so tender when I spoke your name."
  • "Now I'm nothing but a partisan to my compulsion and my shame."
  • "You know, I'm grateful, I appreciate."
  • "Then I run away to wonderland, and disappear without trace."
  • "Can't you see there's a world out there?"
  • "Don't be scared."
  • "Babe I'm gonna be your man!"
  • "And it's plain to see you were meant for me."
  • "I wanna be your toy."
  • "I've been smoking too long."
  • "I wanna turn you on."
  • "I'm only a person."
  • "Open up your heart, let me slip inside."
  • "Lie to me."
  • "Drink you pretty."
  • "My mother told me, that you're never lonely when you're laughing all the time."
  • "My father told me, that you're always lonely when they're all laughing at you."
  • "He tries to impress her, mentally undress her."
  • "Theres a look on your face I would like to knock out."
  • "All I want is to see you in terrible pain."
  • "Theres no light in your eyes and your brain is too slow."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "So fuck you anyway."
  • "Makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say."
  • "Theres a time for us all and I think yours has been, can you please hurry up cos I find you obscene?"
  • "I cant wait for the day that you're never around, when that face isn't here and you rot underground."
  • "Your eyes are almost dead."
  • "I wanna be much more like you."
  • "I wanna take a bath with you."
  • "I wanna say I do."
  • "The way your smile lights up the room."
  • "To jealousy I'll stay immune."
  • "She's a faker, always let's me down."
  • "Don't you make me frown."
  • "I never wanted the real thing."
  • "I didn't mean it."
  • "I'm the one to blame."
  • "Did too much cocaine..."
  • "One more time for me."
  • "Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you give a fuck!"
  • "The only place you’re truly free is cosy in your dreams."
  • "We need to concentrate on more then meets the eye."
  • "Patience comes to the ugly, not me."
  • "Laughter comes to the lucky, not me."
  • "Where is my mind?"
How I imagine the scene of Ferid turning Crowley into a vampire
  • Human!Crowley: *lying on the ground, bleeding, after a vampire had attacked him*
  • Ferid: *shows up and walks towards Human!Crowley* Oh my, Crowley-kun! You look terrible...
  • Human!Crowley: You... You were watching me fight that vampire all along, weren't you?
  • Ferid: *getting closer to Human!Crowley* Maybe~ But getting to see me now relieves your pain a little, doesn't it?
  • Human!Crowley: HOW COULD YOU-? *abruptly tries to get up* YOU BAST-! *falls back on the ground, panting*
  • Ferid: Well, if you don't want me near you then I'll just leave and let you die alone. So sad... *turning his head to the side, ready to leave*
  • Human!Crowley: *grabs Ferid by the ankle* DON'T YOU DARE- *coughing blood*
  • Ferid: *looking back at Human!Crowley*... So, are you clinging to life that desperately?
  • Human!Crowley: ... I... I must avenge my comrades. My friends. My brothers... *his voice starting to crack* I... I can't die here... *grabs Ferid's ankle tighter*
  • Ferid: Awww, so noble! As expected from Crowley-kun. It would be a real pity for me to see you die...
  • Human!Crowley: Just... *releasing Ferid's ankle* don't... *his vision starts to get blurry*
  • Ferid: Mmm... Alright! *smirks and straddles Human!Crowley*
  • Human!Crowley: *eyes wide open* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
  • Ferid: I am saving your life, of course!
  • Human!Crowley: ... How-? *feeling Ferid's weight over him, panting* Ah...
  • Ferid: Don't worry, you will be fine! At situations like these, only a true love's kiss can save you~ *laughs*
  • Human!Crowley: ARE YOU SE-?! *coughing*
  • Ferid: Of course I am! *keeps laughing*
  • Human!Crowley: *facepalms internally*
  • Ferid: You do want to keep living, right?
  • Human!Crowley: ...
  • Ferid: You see, I can make your wounds heal in no time. In fact, I can grant you eternal life! In order to accomplish that, I shall feed you my blood... Mouth-to-mouth. *laughs*
  • Human!Crowley: *sighs deeply* Unbelievable...
  • Ferid: Trust me, that is the only way I can save you!
  • Human!Crowley: *panting*... I feel that... I'm talking to the Devil himself right now...
  • Ferid: But I am much more beautiful, right? *smug face*
  • Human!Crowley: ... I am already dead... and I ended up in Hell. That must be it...
  • Ferid: Don't be silly, Crowley-kun! Now, you better accept my offer before you die~
  • Human!Crowley: *looking at Ferid right in the eyes*
  • Ferid: You don't have much time left and you know it. I can see it in your eyes... *leaning closer to Human!Crowley, pinning him to the ground with both arms*
  • Human!Crowley: ... You... you saw this moment coming... right? *panting*
  • Ferid: *passing his tongue over his upper lip* Perhaps~ *chuckles*
  • Human!Crowley: *heavily panting* I... don't care anymore. Just... Do what you have to... *visibly weakened, starting to close his eyes*
  • Ferid: *bites his lower lip with his fang, making it bleed* My pleasure~ *lowering his head, opening Human!Crowley's lips with his tongue and pressing their lips together for a while*
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Yesterday I thought I would stay for Jamie and Claire. Now, I think I'll probably just save my money and skip repurchasing the STARZ app next Saturday as I had planned. I'll find another show to watch this fall instead. Everything about Outlander is so unlikeable.

Turn is good. Catch up on that. 

The Crown is awesome

I mean there is always Game of Thrones

And Poldark

or you could just go to the movies… 

So many options. Outlander doesn’t seem like one of them at present. Really… what once was unabashed excitement for Sept 10 is now just Meh… maybe I’ll watch when I get home from work… 

The Types as My Chemical Romance Lyrics
  • ISTJ: "Well, when you go, don't ever think I'll make you try to stay. And maybe when you get back, I'll be off to find another way."
  • ESTJ: "Teenagers scare the living shit out of me. They could care less as long as someone'll bleed. So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose. Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me."
  • INFP: "I won't explain or say I'm sorry. I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar. Give a cheer for all the broken. Listen here, because it's who we are."
  • ENFP: "Do or die, you'll never make me, because the world will never take my heart. Go and try, you'll never break me. We want it all, we wanna play this part."
  • ISFJ: "And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence? And if the world needs something better, let's give them one more reason now."
  • ESFJ: "For every failing sun, there’s a morning after. Though I’m empty when you go, I just wanted you to know that the world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me."
  • INTP: "Well it rains and it pours when you're out on your own. If I crash on the couch, can I sleep in my clothes? ... If it looks like I'm laughing, I'm really just asking to leave."
  • ENTP: "We're damned after all. Through fortune and flame we fall. And if you can stay then I'll show you the way to return from the ashes you call."
  • ISTP: "I stopped bleeding three years ago while you keep screaming for revolution. Because rebellion's not a t-shirt you sell. You keep your money and I’ll see you in hell."
  • ESTP: "'Cause even heroes get the blues, or any misery you choose. You like to watch, we like to use, and we were born to lose."
  • INFJ: "And if the world stops believing, I'll keep believing that the world could make a change."
  • ENFJ: "If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes."
  • INTJ: "You're in time for the show. You're the one that I need, I'm the one that you loathe."
  • ENTJ: "You've got to make a choice if the music drowns you out and raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth."
  • ISFP: "You don't know a thing about this life, and we are up for everything it takes to prove we're not the same as them."
  • ESFP: "I can't slow down, I won't be waiting for you. I can't stop now, because I'm dancing."
Mommy and me sitting at home
  • Mommy: *watching TV while relaxing on her day off*
  • Little boy: *sitting next to mommy* "Hey mommy?"
  • Mommy: "Yes?"
  • Little boy: "What's this show about?"
  • Mommy: *Giggles and shrugs* "No clue"
  • Little boy: *asks about 30 more times, each time getting a little more aggravated* "Fine. I no need to know"
  • Mommy: "Alright I'll tell you..."
  • Little boy: *breaks in* "Yay!"
  • Mommy: *smiling* "I don't know"
  • Little boy: *falls of couch from confusion*