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so i live in berlin and occasionally end up in gay bars with gay guys who propose we go there (me being a straight-ish girl) and like there's SO many here with all kinds of out-there stuff like drag shows and dark rooms etc. so i just wanted to ask what the scene is like in london if ur even into that kind of stuff!

I mean you’ve got a few places like that with dark rooms etc and there’s a lot of different drag but most places I go are just bars and cabaret shows cause like honestly i don’t wanna go to a club to have sex it’s bad enough I’m being dragged out in the first place when I could be in bed let alone walking home covered in semen

wanna one reacting to you not being able to solve a rubix cube

lai guanlin: *takes it from you and solves it in 5.283 seconds*

lee daehwi: *winces every time you make a wrong move* no, no, you do it. oooOOOHHShhllkjeouch *body contortions bc he wants you to do it on your own but struggles to keep his pain inside*

bae jinyoung: *jumps around to hype you up to keep trying* *would probably accidentally smack the cube out the window when you’re finally on the edge of solving it*

park woojin: *peels off stickers to help you “solve” the rubix*

park jihoon: honey. you. can. do. this. dont. you. dare. give. up. now. OR SO HELP ME GOD I- *incoherent mumbling* *goes to write a paper on how much he believes in you*

kang daniel: *grabs his pompoms* babe, let’s go let’s go!! YOU GOT THIS! GIVE ME AN R! U! B! I! X! *cue jumping splits* *cue deathscream*

kim jaehwan: just give up already.

ong seongwoo: bitch, what the fuck, give that to me. *4.6 hours later* bitch, what the fuck.

hwang minhyun: *does everything to stimulate your mind while you try to solve it* *head massages* *makes you do yoga* ok sweetie, so if you could just wrap your leg around your forehead for me, that would be gr8

ha sungwoon: *his mom always said almonds are good for thinking so he stuffs as many as he can into your mouth* shhh shh, don’t fight it *keeps putting more in despite the fact they’re not even staying in your mouth anymore*

yoon jisung: *claps through the entirety of your struggle*

girl 👧 you can say 🙊📣 that you’re not 🙅🚫 on social media 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📶 but when we were in montreal 🇨🇦🍁 you were on that phone 👉📱checking every like ❤️ every follower 🐍🐍  every single thing whether you were reading 📖👀 the comments verbatim ✔️ or not ✖️ you knew 🕵️🔎 what was going on and ALSO when we were shooting 🎥👗 the promo for this 👇👇 show you said 📣to me you go 👉 “shea 🐍 i just wanna say 🐍🐍 if anyone 🐍 comes for nina 🐍 i told her that i will stand up for her 🐍🐍🐍 i will address 🐍 my fans 🐍 and i will make it 🐍 all 🐍 right🐍"👈 now im confused 💅☕


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again

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Are you going to make anything else Justicykes related? I thought that with SoJ would bring more of my fav ship! You don't have to make more stuff, I just wanna know if it's ever going to show up again...?

Oooh man, that’s some old ship you are digging up…!
AA SoJ was a really good game! I really liked it, it had few cute justicykes moment I really enjoyed! But eeeh, it’s very unlike that I will go back to post a lot of them like I did years ago…

But here, just because, have something old I redrawn in my actual style:

they are still super cute tho ~

It’s Just Netflix...Chill

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It’s Just Netflix…Chill
[Jay tried]



“Baby please! Pretty please? With a cherry on top. We’ll even watch whatever you want.”

Sighing you rolled your eyes. Your phone wedged between your shoulder against your ear while you tried to clean up around your office. “Jay, you hate my shows. I just wanna go home. Take a nice long bath, and catch up on my dramas.”

“You can do that all at my place, come on I haven’t seen you a month.”

“And whose fault is that Rapstar?”

Jay had a tendency of going ghost for weeks at a time. Rather it was for recording, business, or tours he’d usually be gone for a while. You two weren’t clingy about your relationship, and you always had something else going on to distract you so it wasn’t too bad. But when he did come back he’d always be a little too clingy. It honestly was adorable, and you always got a kick in making him beg.

“I’m sorry Baby, come on I just wanna see you.”

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