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Tom Hiddleston Request

Can I ask for a Tom Hiddleston imagine? him and YN were cast to play Adam and Eve on the movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” (AWESOME MOVIE ! ) and both fell in love. they become the golden couple of hollywood.


You were walking across the lot with one of the stage managers who was showing you around what would be your second home until production wrapped up. You had just been casted on the new production of Only Lover Left Alive as the one of the main characters, Eve. “Oh look, your husband,” the manager said jokingly as Tom Hiddleston appeared on set. “Tom,” he called him over. “This is Y/N Y/L/N, as I’m sure you know she’ll be playing Eve.”

“Nice to meet you,” he smiled and offered to shake your hand.

“You too,” you shook his hand.

“I’m being called to a meeting with the director. I’ll see you both on set,” the manager said and left the two of you alone.

“So, are you excited to start filming tomorrow,” you asked.

“More excited for that than having to sit and try on all the clothes and wigs today,” he chuckled.

“Ah, the clothes are my favorite part. Speaking of, I better get going or they are going to kill. I have a wig that weighs, like, 20 lbs to put on,” you smirked.

“If you want, we could try and meet up and rehearse lines later this week, when we get closer to our scenes together.”

“That’d be great.”


After about 4 months of filming you two finally allowed yourselves to start dating. You two kept it secret until the movie premiere, you two accompanied each other as dates and released an official statement the month after that you two were dating.

Now, nearly four years later, 11 movies, two of which you two did together, and countless red carpet events you two were about to attend the newest movie premiere for Tom’s latest Thor movie.

After a year of dating Hollywood and the fans lovingly referred to you two as Hollywood’s Golden Couple. Ever since then, whenever another beloved couple would break up you and Tom would be tagged in thousands of posts about how you two were one of the reminders that love still existed.

“What do you have planned for today, Love,” Tom walking into your shared home freshly showered and dressed for the day.

“I have to go for my final fitting today and pick up my jewelry for the premiere this next week. Other than that I am all yours,” you grinned.

“Perfect. How about after your fitting we go to our favorite Italian place downtown and take a stroll around the park?”

“Only if you let me finally go in that new adoption center,” you had been begging him for weeks to go to the new animal adoption center to adopt a new puppy.

“Fine,” he played it off, “but we are only looking,” he said sternly.

“Fine, fine, ok. Only looking.”

“I mean it,” he pretended to be stern and pointed a finger at you.

“Ok, ok, looking only.”

Your fitting went well, everything looked perfect. You and Tom went and picked up the jewelry that was being lent to you for the premiere. As you ate your linguini and munched on the bread in front of you, you held hands with the one Tom wasn’t using. With a semi-loud slurp you sucked in the noodle. “Why are you looking at me like that,” you blushed slightly seeing Tom watching you from across the table.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am,” he smirked. “Somehow I’m with a woman who can look gorgeous even with pasta sauce over her chin,” he chuckled. You hand flew to your face and wiped the sauce from your face.

“Oh, whatever,” you smiled and looked down.

“It’s true. I feel lucky every day when I’m with you.”

“I feel the same way, babe,” you leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.  You left the restaurant and walked around the park, smiling and saying hello to the fans and paparazzi that you came across.

“Oh look,” you faked surprise and pointed to the store across the street, “a new animal adoption place that I have never seen before,” you said very monotonically.

“Oh look,’’ he copied you, “how interesting that that new store is there.”

You pulled him along as you jogged across the street and into the store. You let an “Aw” escape your lips as you looked at the dogs and kittens in their cages. “Oh my Gosh,” you excitedly gasped. In a little cage by himself was a small black lab. Over the past month you had been bugging Tom to get one. “Tom, can we play with him? Please,” you whinned.

“I guess one won’t hurt.” You were shocked at how easy he gave in but went with it. With a grin he called a worker over and asked to play with the lab. You squealed from excitement as the worker came back with the puppy and placed him in your arms.

“There are rooms right over there that you can go into,” they told you. You and Tom picked a room and sat the puppy down who happily ran around you, jumping, and pulling on Tom’s shoe strings.

“Come here boy,” you called and waved a toy rope in front of him.

“That’s a weird collar isn’t it,” Tom asked.

“Collar?” You looked down and saw a little blue collar around his neck with a small heart tag hanging from it. “4 years ago you walked into my life. Here’s a paw for each year…if you say yes?”

You read the tag and were confused, “Say yes to what?” You turned and looked towards Tom and stopped when you saw him in front of you, kneeling on one knee, with a open box in front of you.

“Yes to me. These four years of you have been the best years of my life, and I want them to continue until the day I die. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, make me the happiest man alive and say you’ll marry me.”

“Yes, yes, of course yes!” You jumped into his arms after he slid the ring on your finger. “How did you get the tag on him? How did you know I wanted to come here?”

“You’ve been talking about this place nonstop since it opened. And, I know you’ve always wanted a black lab. I saw they had this little guy up for adoption so I had the tag made and brought it here ahead of time.”

“You’re the sweetest.”

“So, what are you naming him?”

You looked at the little lab in front of you and it hit you. “I like Wade.”

“You’re naming him after a Marvel hero and it’s not even mine,” he laughed.

You shrugged, “You know Deadpool is my favorite.”


That weekend, the night of the red carpet, every question, interview, and picture made sure to pinpoint the diamond ring on your finger and the smiles of Hollywood’s golden couple.

Lin-Manuel Miranda speaks to the Wesleyan Alumni Association (2012)

The real origin story of In the Heights, like most real stories, is messy and painful and full of wonderful accidents and setbacks and instances of dumb luck…first of all, I started writing In the Heights because I fell in love with a director named Matt Smith.

…to this day I don’t know what gave me the courage, but I showed him these two songs I’d written for what would become In the Heights…Matt was incredibly encouraging and paid me the highest compliment I’d ever received. He said: ‘Lin, your writing makes me feel so taken care of’. To this day when I write a song, that’s the first thing I endeavour to do - make the audience feel taken care of. Like they’re in good hands. It’s how I felt when I watched Matt’s productions.

Watch for the rest of the story.



(Last year’s here.) Not gonna lie, 2015 was not a good art year for me, but at least you can see a lot of improvement. Definitely love the the poses and hair in comparison to it all and it feels very lively and fun. I hope 2016 will be a much better year!

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So I am a pretty big fan of TMNT 2012. For a while after ‘Earth’s Last Stand’, I fell from it because of the long midseason(?) hiatuses the show takes. Just recently I watched all 4 seasons and the first 4 episodes of season 5. During some strolling around on Tumblr (bad idea if you’re catching up on shows :'3) and found this little cutie! I absolutely LOVE foxes. And the fact there was one that was a girl, smol, fierce and a ninja, INSTANT LOVE. So I did some digging into Alopex and I love her personality in the comics and the personality in the show. Even with only one episode with her in it, 'The Tale of Tiger Claw’ was a really good episode, really going into detail of Tiger Claw and Alopex’s backstory. It was really interesting, very intense and very brutal. But I had to absolutely draw Alopex *w* I didn’t find any really good pictures of Alopex from the show so I was confused by some of her design. By the time I saw the episode I figured out the flaws I did drawing her out. Of course her design was inconsistent for a hot minute considering her legs in the circus flashback were digigrade. But oh well. I’ll do more of her probably. I love her :3

Done: May 2nd-5th, 2017

Tang Shen appreciation post

Lets take a moment to appreciate Tang Shen here, because she SO deserves it. Like, oh my God. We’ve known about her since the first episode but we didn’t know how incredibly badass she was! SHE SAVED HAMATO YOSHI! She was so in love with a man, she was so brave, she couldn’t just stand by and watch her husband get killed, she decides to take control, she is in control the whole episode..

I am so sad we didn’t know before what a great character she is. First, she is kind. She took 4 mutants into her home and fed them, made them feel at home, took care of them, even trusted her daughter to one of them. 

Second. She is a great mother. She doesn’t think of her own interests but what is best for her daughter, she does not take shit from a man, she is trying to convince her husband that the envirment they live in is not the best for their child. She’s considering leaving her husband, the place she knows the best, just so her daughter would be safe.

Third. This line “I can take care of myself. I always have” What an amazing line. She always has. Why? When? What happened to her before? We have no idea but this line tells us that this woman is a warrior, she doesn’t need a savior, she has been through a lot in her life and those things made her strong. Seriously, i don’t know what she mean by “I always have” but I am so fascinated by her, by her past, by who she is. Just from that one line. 

And lastly, she goes into a burning house to save her husbend. To shield him. She risks her life, not thinking of consequences, what might happen to her. SHe just sees the house burning, knows her husband is there, knows these 2 men will not stop fighting if she doesn’t stop them. She knows how it is dengerous, she is just that couragous. 

I am blown away by how much i fell in love with this character from just ONE EPISODE! That was a fantastic character finally opening up before us after 3 seasons. I applaud the writers for making this woman, who we’ve known so little about so freaking BADASS! They couldn’t have made her a passive wife, a victim, but they took an opportunity and made her truly one of the best characters in the show. BRAVO!. 


TMNT-30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Why Are You A Fan Of TMNT

I can’t explain it really! I just love everything about the franchise! Once upon a time, I never watched the shows or movies but when I heard Nickelodeon were making a new show, I thought ‘oh great’ and I thought it was gonna be crap but nonetheless, I checked it out. Just like that, I fell in love with the 2012 series and I started watching it religiously. I could relate to the turtles cause they acted like teenagers and I shared some of their traits. I then decided to check out the other incarnations and I loved them too! So, that’s my story. I became a fan of TMNT because of the 2012 series and now, I will always be a fan! A fan of the franchise! Turtle Power!

Dan’s Notes

Excerpt: “Each paper was a small sentence with Dan’s scratchy handwriting, clearly written at different times over the past year. They were all numbered so he read them one by one.

5.“Your smile gets to me every time. I hate that it doesn’t come around anymore.”

Words: 600+

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[INTERVIEW] GOT7 for NYLON Korea, December 2014: boys to men

Note: I am not Korean, nor am I fluent in Korean. Therefore, there may be errors in the translation below.

Before long, you will be a year older. How does it feel to become a man?

JB It feels as if the place you can lean on is disappearing. When you’re young, there are many people who can help take care of you, but when you become an adult, you need to be responsible for yourself. Isn’t the shouldering of all the responsibility a part of the process of becoming an adult?

Jr. Since the things you can do tend to increase more and more, it seems like it would be a feeling of freedom. Because of your status as a student, there are things that the people around you look out for you, but when you become an adult, I’m afraid that there won’t be things like that. I hope that I won’t just get older in age and remain an overgrown adult.

What do you think an adult is?

JB Being caring and understanding. It’s something that I still don’t have yet.

Yugyeom While putting themselves in another person’s shoes and being able to think like them and listening well to what they say, that is the image of an adult.

Jackson I think an adult is taking responsibility for one’s own decisions.

Jr. Enduring for a long time. I mean, when you look at adults, there’s the ‘As if it wasn’t bad enough that you’ve gotten older in age…’ Adults can also have thoughts like a child and there are even times when they act childishly. However, I think expressing that (those feelings) is the image of a child, and enduring without expressing it is an adult. However, when all is said and done, an adult is wrinkles, isn’t it! Haha.

Youngjae Isn’t being homely and resembling my serious father an adult?

When you become an adult, what do you think will change?

Jackson I have them now too, but in the future, my facial wrinkles will become deeper. I will be a bit more humble, and I will more desperately realize my shortcomings.

Youngjae My outer appearance won’t be greatly different, but my inner self will be deeper.

Mark Perhaps because I was born in America, but I can’t feel any big differences. When you become an adult, there are no big differences. It’s just the situation becomes different. Unlike in America, having to do everything by yourself is a bit overwhelming. You even have to take care of your own food to eat and organize your clothes by yourself. The biggest difference is the appearance of a sense of responsibility in your daily life.

BamBam Since I’m still young, there are more things that I can’t do, but when I become an adult, I think it will feel like I can break down that wall. I’ll be like, 'I’m free now!’

Do you have any fantasies about becoming an adult?

JB Somehow, when you become an adult, can’t you drive with one hand… When I watch dramas, the handsome main character wears sunglasses and drives with one hand. That looks cool.

Jackson When you become an adult, it’s more like your fantasies get shattered. When you are young, you don’t care when you make a mistake, but when you become an adult, the situation becomes different. If you make a big mistake, you could go to jail.

Is there a person you have admired for a long time?

Jackson While I admire my father, I also respect him because of his attitude of never giving up until the end. I want to become a person like my dad.

Yugyeom Chris Brown, who gave me the dream to become a singer. I fell in love when I watched the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Jr. Park Jinyoung PD-nim. It’s amazing that we have the same name, and we have this connection where I was born in 1994 and PD-nim debuted in that same year. We have many things in common.

BamBam It seems like Jr. hyung’s dream has come true. Ever since I was a child, I liked Rain sunbaenim. Following what my mom liked, I watched the dramas Rain sunbaenim appeared in and music shows, so I naturally came to like him. Because I was selected to become a singer while doing a Rain sunbaenim dance cover, he’s even more special to me.

JB I also wanted to meet Rain sunbaenim the most when I became a celebrity. Since our promotions overlapped, I met him once, and since his build was bigger than I had thought, I was surprised. It was to the degree that all the members were exclaiming, “So big!” He was wearing a suit and had extended his hand out for a handshake, and like a hip-hop-er, greeted us memorably with a “Yo!”

Youngjae For me, Yoo Jae Suk sunbaenim. He resembles my father. Especially the big and red nose. Haha. His personality is good, and his kind appearance is warm. Ever since the first season of <Infinite Challenge>, <Rash Challenge>, I’ve been a faithful viewer, never missing an episode. Recently, watching <Infinite Challenge> is still my greatest joy.

Mark Because I actually have no particular dream, I also don’t have a figure that I admire. To me, it’s more important that I live life to the fullest while enjoying the day.

Jackson Living as best as you can, as if today is your last. Now that I think about it, Mark hyung’s answer is really cool! The members have never, not even once, all gathered together and had a serious talk like this, so it’s awkward. We originally aren’t the serious type. Haha.

The look on your faces of unfamiliarity with each other, amazing.

Jackson Come to think of it, until now, we’ve never asked each other what do you like, what kinds of things do you prefer. In our dorms, we either joke around with each other, or we sleep after we finish our schedules since we are busy. The thing I say the most in the dorm is, “You’re not sleeping?” Haha.

If something you like were to come up, wouldn’t you want to boast about it? Also, I would think that amongst the members who have similar interests, you’d be able to communicate well.

BamBam In the past, we didn’t talk, but recently, we often talk about movies we see.

Jr. I was impressed by <Gone Girl>. It’s the best amongst the movies I’ve seen recently! You can’t help but to be absorbed by the story that repeatedly twists the twists, and since the actors act well, it was quite interesting to watch.

Yugyeom In the dorm, I watched <My Love, My Bride> with BamBam and Jackson hyung. It’s a fantasy about marriage, so while we watched the movie, we thought, if we all got married, 'Will we change like the movie’s main character? In what order would the things change?’ Since it was a happy ending, I was pleased.

BamBam We watched it while continuously screaming. Because we really liked it and because we were excited.

JB I like movies that bring to mind memories. I enjoy watching animation. Recently, I watched the 12th Crayon Shin-chan movie <Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called! The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun>, and I was somehow delighted by it. I’ve probably seen it more than 5 times?

Youngjae I also like animation like JB hyung. I’m a huge fan, to the point that I’ve seen every episode of <One Piece>. I enjoy watching the main character Luffy grow through his interactions with various people as he dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates. While I brood over the subject of developing into a new person, my feeling of also wanting to become like that seems to get bigger.

Mark I’m the type that doesn’t really like movies. If there is free time, the only thing I want to do is rest. Haha.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you that you remember?

JB It’s not the worst incident but…. I went on a program once as a guest. In order to stand out as a main character, I should have worked hard, but I was lacking in sense. I also couldn’t do ments well…. In any case, I couldn’t do my part properly. The director even made a loud noise while saying, “You aren’t concentrating?” I’m still dizzy now, thinking of that time.

Jr. We had plans to film our mini-album music video in Thailand, but at that time, a coup d'etat happened, and there was a ban placed on entering the country. We changed the destination in a hurry and went to Malaysia to film, but the problem was that we hadn’t prepared our clothes. Up until the day before we departed from Korea, we couldn’t even do our fitting for our clothes, our hearts felt urgent, and so when we arrived in Malaysia, it became a sleepless night. When I say it now, it’s nothing, but at that time, I was worried, 'Won’t everything get scrapped?’

Youngjae On the broadcasted <After School Club> this past year, I was supposed to read 'Live’ as 'liv,’ but since I said 'la-ive,’ I became a laughing stock. After that, I have devoted myself to studying English. I also didn’t know, but I guess I have an overly stubborn personality. Haha.

Jackson Rather than the worst, I will talk about a difficult situation. Not too long ago, I was fixed to appear on MBC <Quiz to Change the World> for about three months. I’d get tired from the long recordings for 8-10 hours a day, but I still really worked hard on my reactions. Laughing, clapping, like a hot-blooded audience member. However, I did not stand out as much as I expected. I will make bigger reactions in the future!

Is there something that people have come to overestimate or underestimate you on?

Yugyeom During <Real GOT7>, I was the subject of a hidden camera. With the theme of 'Make Yugyeom cry!’, the hyungs seriously went through with the situation. At that time, I only cried once, but people thought I was a crybaby. Every person I met would say, 'Is it true you cry often/easily?’

Jackson People remember me for my mischievious image, but actually, I am an extremely serious person. I wanted to tell you that.

JB I’ve never thought about how people think of me, so I don’t know how I should respond.

Jr. JB hyung is exactly the same as what you see. Bad boy! Chic man!

JB But I’m not the chic style… Since I look like a cold person, I guess that modifier just stuck to me.

Yugyeom Actually, JB hyung is clumsy. He has an extremely cute side.

Like how, for example?

Yugyeom JB hyung will say, “Really, let’s do the choreography properly. You absolutely must not make a mistake,” but he will be the only one to do it wrong. He’s a hyung, but he looks cute.

Jr. JB is even funnier during promotions. He says, “Even if we have a lot of schedules, however tired you may be, let’s not sleep,” and actually, he is the one to sleep on the floor.

JB I definitely did not sleep!

Jackson There really is one more cute incident. A few days ago, I ordered McDonald’s chicken wings, but without me knowing, JB took them all and ate them. There is no proof, but I am certain of it.

JB I really didn’t eat them!

Jackson Keeping this image until the end of trying to get out of things is extremely cute. Hahaha.

When do you feel, I have become an entirely different person?

BamBam When I get make-up done. When I do the cleansing, I’m surprised, thinking, 'I look like this?’

JB When I get on stage, I get the feeling that the tendencies I originally had have changed.

Yugyeom When I dance. In the past, I was uncomfortable, and I had a very shy personality, but while doing promotions, I changed.

Youngjae When I draw. I’m not the skilled type, but some day, I want to personally design our album jacket.

Jackson I am always me. If I have to say when I become a different person, it’s when I’m in front of Park Jinyoung PD-nim. In the past, he was really scary. Because of the aura PD-nim has, I would somehow get intimidated, and I couldn’t speak properly. Probably because when you’re a trainee, you don’t know when you could get kicked out, so I was afraid of that. However, now we’ve become close to the degree that I call him hyung.

You must have been upset.

Jackson It’s okay. That’s society, after all.

Jr. Because a Hong Kong person said it like that, it’s amazing.

Jackson It’s because in Hong Kong, we have the same saying!

If you were to tell us one side of yourself that people don’t know well?

Jr. The images I have in front of friends and in front of adults are different. Even if I’m joking around endlessly with friends, if adults come, I become serious. It’s because we need to have respect towards our elders. That was a bit uninteresting. Haha.

Mark Mm, if I compare myself to my past personality, it seems a lot has changed. If what we thought was different, I would often fight with my friends, but now, even if we have the same conversation, I suppose there isn’t a big impression. Sometimes, if something happens, my friends say, “Why didn’t you get angry? You changed!” Oddly enough, I don’t really know where I’ve changed.

Rather than you being the one who changed, isn’t it the people’s attitudes towards Mark that changed?

Jackson That’s right. There is that part too. I feel that all the members before and after debut are not hugely different. If there is something that changed after becoming a singer, it’s getting on the stage, of course.

Amongst the promises the members have made with each other, what is the most important one?

Yugyeom Rather than a promise, we said that we’d go to the end with the name 'GOT7.’ Whether we do solo promotions or units, we shall not forget one another.

BamBam Mm, we’ve made a lot of minor promises. If you eat in the living room, the person who ate has to clean up! However, there is no one who cleans.

JB We made a promise not to put toilet paper in the toilet….

Jackson Did we really make that promise? This is something I’m hearing for the first time.

JB It’s okay for your own room to be messy, but the bathroom we use together, the living room, and the kitchen need to be kept clean.

Jr. JB has a bit of mysophobia (fear of germs). Haha.

It seems like it’s been five years since your debut, and finally, you’ve released a full album.

Yugyeom I hope it goes well. The artists at our company also all liked our album.

Jackson Although I don’t feel like the album is overdue, rather than being pressed for time, I thought, let’s make this good. You can expect it to be good.

What is the song you are most attached to from this album?

JB The title song, 'Stop Stop It.’

BamBam I also like the title song the most. My hairstyle came out well in this song too. Hahaha. The members teased me for looking like a character from a loans advertisement, but now, I like it.

Mark I’m the type that likes R&B and hip-hop and enjoys songs that are sung low. Therefore, I have a lot of attachment to 'Moonlight.’

Jr. 'Take My Hand.’ In my life, I had never heard a compliment saying I sang well, but with this song, I received my first compliment. I pretended to stay calm on the outside, but inside, I really liked it.

Jackson Mm, I like the songs called 'Just Tonight’ and 'Moonlight’ the most. Since they are the songs I personally did the rap-making for, my affection for them is great.

How do you hope people will listen to this album?

Jackson How should they listen? Do I need to say to listen with your ear?

Yugyeom Haha. Since you can’t hear it with your mouth.

BamBam I think they are good songs to sing when a man is confessing to a woman. The lyrics can be somewhat cringeworthy, but they are romantic.

JB Men should listen to our songs with a feeling of, 'I’m being hooked like a fish by one woman.’ After all, there are a lot of parts that they can identify with.

Mark That’s right. That is this album’s concept, after all.

Jr. If you are a person who likes songs that feel old, you must listen to our album. A majority of our songs have an old-school feel to them, so you will be able to happily listen to them.

Cr: @michelleeshk

No Bryke Just No......

You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story. We received some wonderful press in the wake of the series finale at the end of last week, and just about every piece I read got it right: Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.

I’ve been watching the show ever since it first premiered back in 2012, I’ve seen every episode but for the life of me I cannot seem to find the moment between Korra and Asami that didn’t feel badly written and forced. The car scene in the opening of Book 3 comes to mind because I’m sorry but Korra stole Mako from Asami and kept it a secret from her at the end of Book 1 and yeah I know that time heals all wounds and all that but Korra’s half assed apology to Asami in the car was horrible and the fact that Asami didn’t call Korra out on her crap during that moment really pissed me off. Also going back to the original series the reason why Aang and Katara worked so well was because we actually saw their relationship develop over the course of the series, Katara may have started out having a crush on Aang but as the series went on and they got to know each other better Katara started to like Aang for who he was and not just for being the Avatar. In Legend of Korra the interactions between Korra and Asami are so few and far between that it’s impossible to even think of them as friends let alone lovers, I mean hell Asami’s role in Book 2 was pretty much nonexistent so how could Korra and Asami possibly fall in love when there was little to no interaction between them during Book 2?

Was Korrasami “endgame,” meaning, did we plan it from the start of the series? No, but nothing other than Korra’s spiritual arc was. Asami was a duplicitous spy when Mike and I first conceived her character. Then we liked her too much so we reworked the story to keep her in the dark regarding her father’s villainous activities. Varrick and Zhu Li weren’t originally planned to end up as a couple either, but that’s where we took the story/where the story took us. That’s how writing works the vast majority of the time. You give these characters life and then they tell you what they want to do.

What spiritual arc? Korra’s character is pretty nonexistent and bland that it’s embarrassing, she was cocky as all hell in Book 1 and when Amon took away her bending I thought for sure she would finally understand what it meant to be the Avatar and strive to beat Amon with only her air bending but nope Aang shows up gives her back all her bending and gives her access to the Avatar State thus making what little development she goes through in Book 1 pointless. In Book 2 when Unalaq destroyed the past Avatar lives and took away her bending what did Korra do? She mediated inside a giant tree to get enough power to grow giant and fight Unalaq and even then she got her ass handed to her until Jinora came and saved her. The only time Korra went through anything resembling character development was when Zaheer poisoned her and she had to deal with the trauma of almost getting killed, but this arc was rushed and was wrapped up by the end of the fourth episode of Book 4.

I honestly would have liked for Asami to be a spy that would have been an interesting premise but instead you just kept pushing her to the back in Books 2 and 3 to the point where she became a background character at best.

Also the only reason Varrick and Zhu Li ended up together was because Varrick was the breakout character of Book 2 and the fans liked him so much that you decided to give him and Zhu Li their own arc because you love to pad out the show with as many subplots as possible.

I have bragging rights as the first Korrasami shipper (I win!). As we wrote Book 1, before the audience had ever laid eyes on Korra and Asami, it was an idea I would kick around the writers’ room. At first we didn’t give it much weight, not because we think same-sex relationships are a joke, but because we never assumed it was something we would ever get away with depicting on an animated show for a kids network in this day and age, or at least in 2010.

I call bullshit on this because we all know that Legend of Korra was supposed to be a 12 part miniseries and I know the original plan was to have Korra end up with Mako because you wrote Book 1 as a miniseries without the intent to continue but because the premiere ratings were so good Nickelodeon ordered a full series and you had to figure out a way to continue Korra’s story.

Makorra was only “endgame” as far as the end of Book 1. Once we got into Book 2 we knew we were going to have them break up, and we never planned on getting them back together. Sorry, friends. I like Mako too, and I am sure he will be just fine in the romance department. He grew up and learned about himself through his relationships with Asami and Korra, and he’s a better person for it, and he’ll be a better partner for whomever he ends up with.

You broke them up because fan reaction to the Mako character was so fucking negative that people have written entire essays on how much of a douche Mako really was and the break up in Book 2 was just as bad as the “romance” in Book 1 i.e. forced drama that’s shoved down our throats because you guys have obviously forgotten how to write compelling characters. And no Mako learned nothing during the start and end of the series he stayed the same cocky asshole he always was ever since he was first introduced.

Once Mako and Korra were through, we focused on developing Korra and Asami’s relationship. Originally, it was primarily intended to be a strong friendship. Frankly, we wanted to set most of the romance business aside for the last two seasons. Personally, at that point I didn’t want Korra to have to end up with someone at the end of series. We obviously did it in Avatar, but even that felt a bit forced to me. I’m usually rolling my eyes when that happens in virtually every action film, “Here we go again…” It was probably around that time that I came across this quote from Hayao Miyazaki:

“I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and girl appear in the same feature, a romance must ensue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where the two mutually inspire each other to live - if I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.”

And yet you forced the Asami and Korra scene down our throats in the finale, if you’re that against romance then don’t fucking do it! It’s that simple, you could have had the entire series be about Korra and Tenzin bonding like a father and daughter or Korra and Jinora or you could have had the entire series be about Korra living up to the high expectations put on her by Katara and Tenzin.

A forced romance is still a forced romance Bryan it doesn’t matter if its boy/girl or girl/girl if it’s forced then it’s forced. Like for example the How I Met Your Mother Finale did this as well by forcing the Ted and Robin relationship down the viewer’s throats that it just became downright infuriating.

 I agree with him wholeheartedly, especially since the majority of the examples in media portray a female character that is little more than a trophy to be won by the male lead for his derring-do. So Mako and Korra break the typical pattern and end up respecting, admiring, and inspiring each other. That is a resolution I am proud of.

Oh yeah I remember watching Buffy back in the day and being disgusted by the fact that Buffy was just a prize to be won by Angel. I mean she never accomplished anything on that show that’s why Angel had to always save her whenever she got in trouble.

Are you for fucking real Bryan? Just because you see a lot of relationships in TV shows between men and women doesn’t mean that the women are just there to be the main character’s love interest and nothing more, look at Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon she’s a competent superhero and is part of a team not once did the writers ever imply that she was just there to be Robin’s love interest and nothing more. And if you need proof go watch the episode “How Long Is Forever” and then come back and tell me female characters only exist to be prizes to be won you stupid SJW twat.

However, I think there needs to be a counterpart to Miyazaki’s sentiment: Just because two characters of the same sex appear in the same story, it should not preclude the possibility of a romance between them. No, not everyone is queer, but the other side of that coin is that not everyone is straight. The more Korra and Asami’s relationship progressed, the more the idea of a romance between them organically blossomed for us. However, we still operated under this notion, another “unwritten rule,” that we would not be allowed to depict that in our show. So we alluded to it throughout the second half of the series, working in the idea that their trajectory could be heading towards a romance.

And you did that by giving Asami a smaller role in Books 2 and 3, good job Bryan!

But as we got close to finishing the finale, the thought struck me: How do I know we can’t openly depict that? No one ever explicitly said so. It was just another assumption based on a paradigm that marginalizes non-heterosexual people. If we want to see that paradigm evolve, we need to take a stand against it. And I didn’t want to look back in 20 years and think, “Man, we could have fought harder for that.” Mike and I talked it over and decided it was important to be unambiguous about the intended relationship.

Yeah sorry not buying it Bryan you knew you had a shitty finale on your hands and the only way you could possibly salvage it was to pander to the fans that wanted to see Korra and Asami get together. And you knew you were gonna get in good  with the “progressive” crowd if you did an ending with Korra and Asami getting together, because fuck the loyal fans that got you to where you are now pander to the SJW’s because those people will defend your show if it panders to their stupid ideologies.

 We approached the network and while they were supportive there was a limit to how far we could go with it, as just about every article I read accurately deduced. It was originally written in the script over a year ago that Korra and Asami held hands as they walked into the spirit portal. We went back and forth on it in the storyboards, but later in the retake process I staged a revision where they turned towards each other, clasping both hands in a reverential manner, in a direct reference to Varrick and Zhu Li’s nuptial pose from a few minutes prior. We asked Jeremy Zuckerman to make the music tender and romantic, and he fulfilled the assignment with a sublime score. I think the entire last two-minute sequence with Korra and Asami turned out beautiful, and again, it is a resolution of which I am very proud. I love how their relationship arc took its time, through kindness and caring. If it seems out of the blue to you, I think a second viewing of the last two seasons would show that perhaps you were looking at it only through a hetero lens.

Funny how you only tell people to watch the last two seasons and not the ones that came before (gee I wonder why?) also I don’t care what you say the moment still came off as forced because like I said before Korra and Asami’s interactions where so poorly written that they came off as laughable. Also how are we supposed to root for them when it’s Asami who constantly had to play second fiddle to Korra? Oh yeah did I mention Korra stole her boyfriend in Book 1? And oh yeah Asami’s father fucking died! Shouldn’t she have more time to grieve before she plays handmaiden to an ungrateful Avatar?

 Was it a slam-dunk victory for queer representation? I think it falls short of that, but hopefully it is a somewhat significant inching forward. It has been encouraging how well the media and the bulk of the fans have embraced it. Sadly and unsurprisingly, there are also plenty of people who have lashed out with homophobic vitriol and nonsense. It has been my experience that by and large this kind of mindset is a result of a lack of exposure to people whose lives and struggles are different from one’s own, and due to a deficiency in empathy––the latter being a key theme in Book 4. (Despite what you might have heard, bisexual people are real!) I have held plenty of stupid notions throughout my life that were planted there in any number of ways, or even grown out of my own ignorance and flawed personality. Yet through getting to know people from all walks of life, listening to the stories of their experiences, and employing some empathy to try to imagine what it might be like to walk in their shoes, I have been able to shed many hurtful mindsets. I still have a long way to go, and I still have a lot to learn. It is a humbling process and hard work, but nothing on the scale of what anyone who has been marginalized has experienced. It is a worthwhile, lifelong endeavor to try to understand where people are coming from.

Ah yes there it is! There’s the homophobia card! Yeah because the people criticizing your shitty writing skills must be homophobic!  It couldn’t possibly be because the show is poorly written and the characters are unlikable, no all the people who have criticized Legend of Korra MUST BE HOMOPHOBES!

Its SJW’s like you that make me lose faith in the entertainment industry Bryan.

There is the inevitable reaction, “Mike and Bryan just caved in to the fans.” Well, which fans? There were plenty of Makorra shippers out there, so if we had gone back on our decision and gotten those characters back together, would that have meant we caved in to those fans instead? Either direction we went, there would inevitably be a faction that was elated and another that was devastated. Trust me, I remember Kataang vs. Zutara. But one of those directions is going to be the one that feels right to us, and Mike and I have always made both Avatar and Korra for us, first and foremost. We are lucky that so many other people around the world connect with these series as well. Tahno playing trombone––now that was us caving in to the fans!

I hate to break it to you Bryan but even if you pander to one side of your fanbase it still is considered pandering! Not to mention you’re pandering to the SJW’s and “progressives” by having a same sex couple in your show because you knew that once that finale aired shitty sites like The Mary Sue, The Verge, Huffpost etc. where all gonna line up and write a shit ton of articles praising your shitty show by talking about how “progressive” it is. Also the “It’s my show I can do whatever I want!” excuse never gets old does it? I hear the HIMYM writers used that same excuse when their shitty finale aired.

But this particular decision wasn’t only done for us. We did it for all our queer friends, family, and colleagues. It is long over due that our media (including children’s media) stops treating non-heterosexual people as nonexistent, or as something merely to be mocked. I’m only sorry it took us so long to have this kind of representation in one of our stories.


I’ll wrap this up with some incredible words that Mike and I received in a message from a former Korra crew member. He is a deeply religious person who devotes much of his time and energy not only to his faith, but also to helping young people. He and I may have starkly different belief systems, but it is heartwarming and encouraging that on this issue we are aligned in a positive, progressive direction

“I’ve read enough reviews to get a sense of how it affected people. One very well-written article in Vanity Fair called it subversive (in a good way, of course)… I would say a better word might be “healing.” I think your finale was healing for a lot of people who feel outside or on the fringes, or that their love and their journey is somehow less real or valuable than someone else’s… That it’s somehow less valid. I know quite a few people in that position, who have a lifetime of that on their shoulders, and in one episode of television you both relieved and validated them. That’s healing in my book.”

And I’ll wrap this up by saying Bryan and Mike fell into the trap of putting their own personal feelings into their work and took what was once a great universe and put it through the meat grinder to satisfy the SJW crowd.

Good job guys bravo!



Something I just realized...

Now that the Legend of Korra and the Avatar series are officially over

The “Best” show and practically only good cartoon left that Nickelodeon has to offer is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Usually Nick had a minimum of 3 good shows running at a time but now the pizza loving Mutants have to hold it on their own since Spongebob fell off the wagon years ago, Fairly Oddparents is losing it and their others are just ecccchhh. What a title to hold. Good luck to em.


i first saw dhmis back in 2012 and i fell in love with it. the first video was really neat and i remember showing it to people at parties and stuff. i’ve been actively following the series ever since. it was this perfect blend of creepy and charming thats just………….too good. dhmis means a lot to me and becky and joe are the kind of people i want to be???? they have such a creative and unique style and it’s totally amazing. im really excited for tomorrow and i cant wait to see what new things becky and joe will make !!!!!!!!!!

so anyways thank you dhmis fandom!!!!!!! i never got to really interact with most of you guys bc im shy but consider this an invitation to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are really neat!!! also !!! ik ive gushed over the creators enough in this but !! the whole dhmis team !!!! i love you!!!! thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!

Stana Katic & Kris Brkljac - Confirmation of Love

I hope that you will understand. I was glad to hear there was article in Croatian magazine about Stana.

Okay, so here it is translation from Gloria, August 2014 (x).

Hollywood actress who has Croatian roots and Australian businessman originally from Serbia are in relationship over the years, but first time they were spotted on vacation in Greece.

Even though for many years hiding her private life from the public, Canadian-American actress with Croatian roots (36) was relaxed during recent vacation in Greece.View of Athens from the Acropolis and romantic atmosfere apparently brought star of criminal show ‘Castle’ so she allowed photographer to shoot picture in romantic embrace with her dear. And so it was found out that she’s in the relationship with australian businessman with Serbian roots Kris Srboljub Brkljač, and soon got out other details. The two of them start dating in 2007, when they first got in the public.

It is not known how two of them met, but surely it is among other things closer them together the fact that their family roots are from same area. The actress’s parents, originally from Vrlika and its surroundings Sinj, moved to Canada before her birth, and they passed tipical path of Croatian immigrants in new country.

The other end of the world Brkljac’s parents in search for better life went to the other end of the world, to Australia. Other than Kris who was studying communications and media law, they have two sons, Milan is a chiropractor and Dragoljub is a cop. In a age of twenty Kris in a desire for new challenges went to America, where he for a while was even homeless. However in 2006. he began to work as vice president of sales in the software company DisputeSuite in Florida, and now he has his own company for the international sale and development.

When 2007. In his his life came Stana Katic, one time there was even a rumor they were married. The rumors has initiated death notice of Stana grandmother Magda. Where is right behind Stana’s name were Kris name, which speaks of his closeness with the family Katic.

Either way, for some unknown reason Stana and Kris have break up. The actress afterwards fell in love with Canadian actor Nathan Fillion, colleague of show 'Castle’ who she dated for three years. They end it in 2012., after which into her life a little by little starting coming back fatal ex-boyfriend. And how much they love each other they shown on vacation in Greece.

One and only nonsenses - She and Nathan dated for three years. Till 2012. Not true at all. They dated for sure, but not for that long period Here on tumblr has recently circled post about Stana & Kris and there was a lot of pic in that period, as I remember.

And this part she allowed photographer to shoot picture in romantic embrace with her dear, she would never alowed they forgot to mention that was paparazzi.

anonymous asked:

hey, zain? how do you stay inspired? bc I always feel like the sterek fandom is shrinking and it kind of keeps me up at night. I'm trying to be positive, but idk what to do. people just don't seem v happy around here anymore and I miss the boys :(

Aw hon, come here…  *wraps you up in a fluffy Sterek blanket*

I’m actually glad you sent me this because I’ve been wanting to address this for a while. You’re not alone in this: a lot of people feel the same, I assure you.

So listen: it’s okay to be sad, and hella understandable. My only hope is that soon you’ll be able to accept that things have changed. Things aren’t how they used to be. Not the show, not the fandom.

It took me a very long time before I did. I tried so hard to remain positive, to help others to feel positive, even when the show changed so much from what I first fell in love with. I wanted so badly to believe that we could somehow get back to what we had before: 2012-2013 when the Sterek fandom was at its strongest, and we were acknowledged by cast and crew in a positive way.

But all things change, you know. It’s inevitable. There’s hundred old sayings about it. We couldn’t remain the unstoppable force we were forever.

Please, don’t let this keep you up at night. Don’t let this ruin you. Take some time and mourn what used to be, but then please let it go. Our fandom isn’t dead, just a lil sad and tired. I’m still here, and I know several others are too. We might not create the same amount of content as before, but personally I still ship Stiles and Derek with my whole heart.

How I stay inspired? By remembering what Sterek is and always has been, for me. Personally. Why I even started shipping them. Why I felt the urge to write fic even tho I told myself from the very start that I wouldn’t go that deep. (Yeah, right!) Why seeing them together in manips or fanart makes my heart clench because I want them to be together with everything I have.

I still write Sterek because it’s still the ship that’s moved me the most, that I love the most, and whenever I come up with a fic idea my mind goes straight to Stiles and Derek. I’m writing my current AU because it makes me so fucking happy, and if my readers enjoy it then that’s a wonderful bonus. But I do it for me, and I know I have no obligations whatsoever to provide Sterek.

My advice for you: allow yourself to fall in love with other shows and ships, because there is nothing wrong with finding happiness someplace else, but know that Sterek is eternal and will never go away. Shipping is what we make of it. People still write fics for Merthur and Drarry, and I will stay aboard both those ships forever. I will never abandon Sterek.

Just let it be healthy shipping.

Take care, you and everyone else <3

140718 TLP Fanaccount from a girl in a wheelchair

OP: 黄子韬专属小黄暴
Foreword: The girl is staying over at OP’s house. OP gave her a ticket to TLP tonight. 
TL;DR: You can scroll to the paragraph marked ** 

Firstly, thank you to OP for the ticket. 

Tonight was meant to be different. 

I’ve liked him for two years. At first glance, his black hair left an imprint on my heart. The first time I saw him with my own eyes, he’s still black-haired. We haven’t changed these past two years. We have not changed. 

I made arrangements with the girl next to me to avoid drawing attention to me, because I was in a wheelchair. I just wanted to watch the concert quietly. Little did I know that I would cry from beginning to end. 

When he first appeared, I kept looking for him, but I did not expect him to have black hair. But you know what? With the same black hair, his aura has completely changed; this is evidence of his growth. He is truly breathtaking, like he walked right out of a drawing. 

Gege [T/N: OP] was right to say: Time took away one Huang Zitao, and brought back a better Huang Zitao. I think I understand Gege’s insistence on black hair and his refusal to dye his hair. Gege respects and admires Huang Zitao- from one man to another. 

Tao and Luhan and Yixing are really close, they were playing around like it was a cross-talk performance. I guess you guys know the part about the selca, Yixing likes to tease Tao. 

Tao also said it was really hot and that he wanted to take his shirt off, he’s getting really good at teasing the fans.

He even let the fans in the moshpit touch him, but I’m not envious, because hailangs are a collective and to be kind to one hailang is to be kind to us all. 

During the wushu solo, I cried again. From where I was seated, I could see the blood stains on his fingers, but he was such a fool. If it wasn’t for the camera, nobody would have seen it. At that moment, his silhouette seemed to merge with the one who hid his arm behind his back during Happy Camp in 2012. Has he changed? He hasn’t changed. He’s still the same person who is afraid to show us his hurt. Everyone was screaming his name; I was sobbing uncontrollably. 

During Overdose, he fell. He said it was his first mistake. I cried. 

Does everyone know why he cried? He’s not upset about his pain- he’s upset that he can’t perform his best for those who love him. 

I really wanted to stand up and shout at him, Huang Zitao, it’s okay, didn’t we promise to run together? Unfortunately, I could only sit there and cry while listening to him speak. 

Gege said it was okay for men to bleed and cry. If it’s for the future, it’s worth it. I asked Gege why he liked him so much. Gege said, Huang Zitao is a man who will do great things, I admire him. 

** I’m about to talk about something I have never told anyone else. I originally decided not to talk about this, but I think I need to let everyone know. I’m from Qingdao, when I was 10, my mother was out at work and I had to go home on my own. I was really far from home at that time, and having to move around with a wheelchair was really difficult for me. Nobody was willing to help me. Near a bus-stop, a young boy (at that time I didn’t know his name) suddenly came over to help me. I was shocked. He asked me where I was going and I told him where I lived. I didn’t expect him to send me all the way home. He was carrying his schoolbag and looked like he just ended school. I let him drop me off near my house. 

Later on, in 2012, I saw him on TV. I have never forgotten him, because he was the first stranger to lend me a helping hand. 

I’ve always only been a fan through the computer screen. 

In 2012, during that period of time, I didn’t speak up, because I was genuinely afraid that his kindness would be ridiculed. When he came home over the New Year in 2014, a jiejie helped me get an autograph from him that said: “Get well soon, we will run together.” That was when I became determined to see him in person. 

With my own savings, I purchased air tickets and concert tickets, but I misplaced my concert ticket. I was happy with just being outside the venue. Only later on did I meet Gege, and Gege gave me his ticket. Thank you. 

I’m begging everyone to not speak ill of Huang Zitao anymore. Don’t hurt him even if you dislike him. He is so kind, and kindness is not to be tread upon. 

More importantly, I’m begging for everyone to not speak ill of his friend Chenchen. I really understand the feeling of being criticized and to be treated differently, those words and gazes are like knives being held to your throat. It really hurts. 

I think what I’ve gained from Huang Zitao is courage. 

I’m going to work hard for my future. Thank you to the Gege who gave me his ticket, thank you to the jiejie who got me the autograph, thank you to A-yu who passed me tissue during the concert, and thank you to all hailangs. 

Thank you Huang Zitao. 

I will run with all of you. You guys be by his side, I will definitely catch up. 


Etrans cre:xwnne

Shows I Fell In Love With In 2012 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Favorite Characters: Buffy, Spike, Anya, Xander, Willow, Tara, Giles, Angel & Cordelia
Favorite Episodes: 6.07 - Once More With Feeling, 5.16 - The Body, 4.10 - Hush
Ships: Spike & Buffy, Xander & Cordelia, Willow & Tara, Xander & Anya, Willow & Oz, Angel & Buffy

First day I met Misha, I travelled to another city to stand in the November rain for hours, got literally head-to-toe covered in water, glitter glue, blue dye, a piece of kale, sewing thread, and sand while wearing a kilt and a sock monkey hat in public. I travelled for hours, both there and back, he was over an hour late, & the event was poorly planned and utterly chaotic.

It should have been awful, utterly and completely.

I should have hated it.

I should have walked away from it hating Misha.

But it was one of the best days of my entire life.

You might have heard by now that Misha Collins won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Scifi/Fantasy Actor, tonight.

If you haven’t, well… You heard it from me, first.

He wasn’t supposed to be on the ballot, originally, but there was a ‘write-in nomination’ section, in the first round of voting, and he made it on.

Then, to the surprise and delight of his fans… He won.

Now, People’s Choice Awards… True, the Emmys they aren’t. But I am so incredibly happy he won it. This award specifically.

Because it, more than any other award, is as much about the winner’s impact on their fans, than it is about the winner themselves.

Don’t get me wrong. Misha is a great actor, and I think he’d deserve it for that, too.

But he’s my favourite actor, and one of my favourite people, for reasons that are just… So far beyond that.

He is an incredible person, and he changed my life so much, and I am so glad that he has gotten recognition.

When I first heard of the name ‘Misha Collins’, it was in connection to reading something about GISHWHES, and my first thought was ‘who IS this guy?”

But something about the idea of this wacky scavenger hunt resonated with me, and so I thought, hey, what the heck, I’ll try it?

That was July, 2012.

By the time the hunt had rolled around, at the end of October…

I had joined tumblr to find a team, and marathoned the first seven seasons of Supernatural. That’s how I got into this show, and a good part of why I stuck with it. Misha. While I fell in love with the show, I watched it mostly… No.

Almost entirely to figure out just what was so special about this guy.

I was beginning to get a clue, but not quite.

I was also…

I wasn’t really at a good place in my life, right then, truth be told.

It’s not really something I talk about much. 

I’d just dropped out of college after having burnt-out barely weeks into my first semester of Biology, which had been my life plan since I was ten.

Most of my friends from high school seemed like they had plans, things figured out.

I felt disconnected, lonely, kind of adrift, completely unsure about my life direction, and working full time enough to exhaust me, but at a seasonal job with exactly no real prospects.

If I’m going to be honest, I was probably depressed, or autistic burn-out, or whatever the heck term you want to use for ‘I Don’t Like Myself Much Right Now, And I Don’t Know What To Do’.

Then suddenly, I was hot-glue-gunning lentils, loudly yelling poetry at crows, stumbling my way through explaining to the unfairly cute cashier exactly why I was buying 4.9 pounds of Skittles just after Halloween, and I’d just gotten on a ferry to go to a different city, carrying several hundred popsicle sticks.

I’d already met three people by the time I got off the ferry.

And… I don’t know.

There was just… Something about the atmosphere at that event, something I’d never experienced before..

All of the people who were there, because Misha freakin’ Collins told us to, and they were all such incredibly amazing people.

I was barely three months into being in the fandom. I barely knew anything about Misha, really, or what I was doing. 

But there we all were, a massive throng of people and I can honestly say I’d never felt more at home in a crowd.

I felt home.

And then Misha showed up. Late, a little flustered, wildly unprepared.

We were all soaked to the skin, and impatient, and by rights I should have hated the bastard by then.

But I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

There was just….

Something about his honest enthusiasm, how delighted he was to see so many people, how apologetic he was about the poor planning of the event (really Misha, popsicle stick sculptures… IN THE RAIN?), his energy.

He stayed for hours, in the pouring rain, shouting encouragements, mingling, laughing, joking with us.

He talked to every group.

Made sure everyone felt like they got a bit of his time, & felt included.

He laughed at my group for our failed popsicle stick structure, and for me, for buying coloured popsicle sticks, that bled blue dye everywhere in the rain, mixing with the glitter from my glue.

I threw popsicle sticks at him in revenge, and he still gave us a special shout-out at the end for “Team ‘WE TRIED’”.

He ordered pizza for everyone. EVERYONE, even if not everyone got a slice, in all the chaos.

It was dark by then.

I got lost trying to get to a bus, but I met a group of people, they helped me find my way back, I met the same people I’d came with earlier… And we got back home together.Part of me thought, well, that’s over’, but I think a lot of me knew that it wasn’t, not really.

I’ve met him again, a couple times, and every time there’s that same presence, that same joy and lightness & weirdness & kindness & chaos.

And yes. He’s a bit of a twit. He doesn’t plan things well, and he makes mistakes, and he can be daft and annoying and aggravating…

But I walked away from that event and that week of GISHWHES, and I was not the same person, in the strangest and best of ways. 

By the end of that week, after meeting Misha, after doing all of that…

I don’t know. I felt different. A little bit more inspired, a little bit more confident. I knew so new people, had tried some new things. 

My perspective shifted, my world’s axis tilted. 

I got the confidence to re-enroll in University. This time in Art.

I didn’t stick with that, but it was an amazing experience, and I still attribute so much of my current confidence in doing what my passions are, and so many other things in my life…

To that week.

To that man.

To be myself, as unapologetically as possible. To be as creative and kind and weird and incredible as I can be. 

I’ve done GISHWHES every year since. I’m in the fandom. Everything I have on tumblr is because I joined it to find a GISHWHES team, and so much else, all spiralling out in a million ways from the first time I read the words ‘Misha Collins’.

I’ve met so many friends, done so many things, and been inspired and changed in a helluva lot of ways, because of this guy. Some of those friends have felt the same, even that he’s saved their lives in very real ways.

Sorry, I’m filling up your timeline with a big feels-y rant and I guess what I’m trying to say is… 

When I say I’m glad that Misha won the PCA,the one where people decided, where his fans rallied and showed their love and appreciation and how much they value him…

What I, and I think a lot of us, are trying to say is that we are so damn glad that he exists. Just him. As a person.

That we’ve met him, or that he has impacted my life.

He is so important to me, and so many other people.

I can’t even tell you how much.

Not even a little bit.

But he is.



Misha Collins, everyone.

Well deserved.

Damn well deserved.