shows how strong he can be if he chooses to be

I guess this is now an AU????

Anyway maybe Genos gets sent to the past or an alternate universe where Saitama turns out to be more like Mumen Rider (Can’t get powers no matter how hard he trains) but he still wants to be a hero despite this.

SO when Genos shows up Saitama is astonished by how strong he is but is confused as to why someone like Genos wants to be around him. Like, here’s this murder machine cyborg who can decimated a mountain with a single blast of fire, but instead chooses to tag along with a loser like him?

Genos meanwhile has extreme faith in Saitama despite his lack of powers and firmly believes that he can achieve the same strength as his alternate self in time, or at the least become a great hero without them.

….and then shipping happens. 

Once, someone asked me why I love Sam Winchester, why did I consider him my favorite TV character of all time, so I replied with “Because he is so good, right down to his core. Because he is constantly selfless. Because even after the life he’s had and all of the horrible things that have happened to him, he still has the ability to have faith in others. And that ability also shows how strong he is. I love him because he believes it’s not what you are born with but what you do that makes you who you are. You can choose to be better than your situations and experiences (and Sam has steadfastly done this).”

That last bit is especially something that has resonated with me. We all struggle with situations out of our control. Sam reminds me that even when I feel things are out of control, I can still control how I choose to deal with them. You can choose to be better than what you’re handed, and this way of thinking has gotten me through so much. 

This is the power a character like Sam Winchester has, to influence and encourage those who love him. It isn’t just that he’s a compelling and interesting character, but he teaches and sets a standard that inspires. He’s beautiful in every way. We’re so lucky to have him!

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45 Days of SonnShine: 16x05 Pornstar’s Requiem

Oh hey! First kudos from Liv!

The 2nd time Sonny broke the case..  

In this episode we see Sonny begin to adjust this methods and show a bit of insight and astuteness with the witnesses/perps/victims. To quote @knittingharlot “he puts them at ease and then… BOOM!” 

Mic drop. Exit stage left. They never see him coming. heh.

I love this final scene. Just like Rollins, Sonny didn’t approved of Evie’s choice. You can see it in his face. It wasn’t judgement though, it was sadness. Sadness for this young girl who couldn’t see anything better for her life. However he personally felt though, he recognized what Evie chooses to do with her body (within the law) is her choice, not theirs. He also acknowledged Rollins had very strong feelings about it, note the way he firmly but gently guides her out. He also calls her Amanda, not Rollins which I think was a really nice touch. Now maybe one day someone will do the same for him.

I also wonder if two years later, would Sonny have given up so easily? Thoughts?

Let’s talk about the big reveal. Let’s talk about how built-up the images these kids have of their loved one is. Let’s talk about Marinette being shy, embarrassed, even though she finally trusts him enough to show him. Let’s talk about Adrien’s shock when strong, confident Ladybug turns out to be shy, gentle, sweet Marinette who sits behind him in class. Marinette, who couldn’t hurt a fly if she tried. Marinette, who can barely say two words to Adrien.
He’s shocked. Shocked into silence.

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Reasons I don’t hate Joss Whedon
  • Knowing someone who is infertile, it would have been extremely insulting to have Nat brush away that part of her life of like it doesn’t matter. To see that someone else struggles with it, especially someone as strong as Nat shows that it is okay to be upset about.
  • When Tony and Thor brag about their girlfriends, they are doing just that, bragging. They are proud of Pepper and Jane because they are extremely strong female characters.
  • I don’t necessarily love the Banner/ Romanoff thing but it shows that Natasha is opening up to someone. It doesn’t mean that she cannot be strong without a man, it means that she is choosing to be in a relationship. For crying out loud, she can reach the hulk and bring Bruce back, how exactly is that depending on a man?
  • I don’t understand all the Whedon hate, he has shown that he is a feminist, writers’ characters don’t always support their personal views, and PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES SOMETIMES. Even if you think that he really destroyed some of the characters, you can’t hold people up to an unreachable standard and get angry when they slip up. 

Things I am so happy about:

Lydia Branwell being amazing. Talking about how she cares about Alec because she can see how much doing the right thing and his family means to him. Lydia caring about Alec and watching the look on his face when Magnus walked into their wedding. Lydia remembering her own fiance and how amazing being in love is. Lydia knowing she’ll be fine because she’s tough and strong and independent and encouraging Alec to pursue his own happiness for once.

Magnus Bane refusing to take the easy way out and give up on Alec. Magnus remembering all of his old hurts and fears about how maybe he was never meant to find love. Magnus wanting so badly to close himself off to the things he feels for Alec but refusing and showing up at the wedding anyways. Magnus doing all of that even though there was a huge, huge risk of being hurt like he hasn’t let himself be in years. Magnus taking a chance on Alec.

Alec Lightwood not only choosing Magnus, but finally choosing himself. Alec doing what was right for him and his own happiness. Alec having the bravery to come out in front of all his family and friends in an aggressively homophobic and duty-bound society. Alec getting to be happy.