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if it's not too much to ask, can you maybe do an anime rec list? <3

i can! but just an fyi, i don’t actually watch that much anime, and i haven’t watched most of the classics! so these are just like, my personal favorites ^.^ (in no particular order)

(also i split it into anime shows and anime movies, so it’ll be easier ^.^)

anime shows:


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ok, i said in no particular order, but this is definitely one of my all time favorites. the beginning is really slow, i’ll admit, but it’s absolutely lovely and touching and complicated (especially in the second season) and i can’t recommend this enough! it focuses a lot on family and i LOVE the main characters and it’s just so so so beautiful! (warning: i’ve never in my life cried as much as i did while watching this anime, so be prepared)


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really good! very mature and complicated and the art is really cool. again, it made me cry quite a lot but i’m a crier haha so it might not say much :’) either way it’s a really unique anime and i really recommend it! 

wotakoi: love is hard for an otaku 

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okay this one is super silly and fun! and the best part about it is that it’s super self aware! i was laughing and smiling a lot while watching this, so if you’re looking for a feel good anime, this one is a good choice :)

gakuen babysitters

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another feel good anime! just… watch it. it’s so cute. you’ll die. on the spot. just like that. (i still managed to cry a few times though haha)

yuri on ice 

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i mean… do i really need to say anything?is there anyone on this planet who hasn’t seen it yet? gosh i just love it so much, this anime was such a big blessing and i hope it’ll open the door to more respectful, well thought out queer stories in anime :’) 

your lie in april 

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do you love gorgeous animation? do you love beautiful, touching music? do you love crying your eyes out? if so, this anime might be the right one for you! i’ll be honest, i personally liked the best friend character more than the main girl, and the story had a tendency for melodrama, but it was still really beautiful and touching and made me sob for a week straight :”) 

number 6

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okay i’ve heard mixed reviews about this one, but i personally really liked it! the characters and the setting were interesting and the relationship between the two mains was touching and sweet and caring and i really enjoyed it :)

kokoro conect 

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this one is a bit weird, but i really liked it! the concept is really cool and original (in my opinion) and the characters are interesting :) 

ao haru ride

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this is a very typical high school romance story, ngl, but it’s one of the first ones i’ve seen so it has a special place in my heart :”) it’s sweet and the animation is beautiful and the characters are likable. i also like that it talks a lot about friendship, maybe even more than romantic love, which is usually something i really appreciate in a story :”) so i won’t say it’s the best thing in the world- but it’s definitely fun to watch if you’re in a romantic mood! 


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okay. i know. shut up. this is MY list and i’m ALLOWED to like things hvgergetgtrer. it’s all dan and phil’s fault anyways!! but honestly this anime is so addicting, run, run while you can 

kids on the slope

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perfect perfect perfect. just… perfect. 11/10 might be the best thing i’ve ever watched. everything about this was amazing- the characters, the story, the animation, the music. everything! like i said before, i love stories that focus around deep friendships and relationships, and this was exactly that! the friendship between the two mains was so touching and sweet and loving and they cared so deeply for each other, they helped each other develop and they were always there for each other and just… ugh, so beautiful. i have no idea why this is not more popular but honestly people are missing out 

kamisama hjimemashita 

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okay i’m putting this one down as a guilty pleasure lol. i will be lying if i’ll say it’s the best there is, it’s really not, but for some reason it stuck with me haha. it’s fun, it’s cute, it’s romantic. that’s about it. 

anime movies: 

(disclaimer: i won’t be adding any movies by studio ghibli, simply because they are all great and hayao miyazaki is probably the person i look up to most in life, so it wouldn’t be fair to all the other great movies haha) 

into the forest of fireflies

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beautiful, sad, sweet. a really good watch :’) 

wolf children 

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one of my favorite movies. ever. not even just animated. it’s so good.i don’t even know how to describe it. it’s so gentle and gorgeous and caring and deals with such delicate subjects in such a respectful way. just… watch it. it’s a must in my opinion 


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this one. my goodness. this is what i wish more queer movies would be like. a casual exploration of affection and relationship and sexual attraction. even if you don’t like anime you should give this one a watch. the animation is BEAUTIFUL (you can fight me on this!!) it’s a bit different than what we usually see so it takes a few minutes to get used to, but honestly i think it’s unique in the best way! 

kimi no na wa 

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okay i know people talked about this one to death, so i’ll just say this: i had really high expectations for this one in it didn’t disappoint!! (and i CAN’T stress this enough: the animation is so beautiful you might start crying just from looking at it)

a silent voice

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i’m pretty sure you at least heard about this one as well! i really liked it, it had a heavy subject and i felt like they did a good job portraying it! should definitely give this one a watch if you haven’t :) (it’s not the easiest one to watch, honestly i was quite shaken up after it, even though the ending is quite optimistic, so you should check trigger tags for it in my opinion ^.^) 

and… that’s it! at least the ones i could think about ^.^ hope you’ll like at least some on them anon!