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Hiro giving away his Calvin Klein Watch like it was candy

This one is  for Magdalena.

The moment my friend told me about this, my curiosity was piqued. 

It was the Comin’ Kobe 15 promotion on SHOWROOM. The other band SUPER BEAVER came in with band posters. So, my guess is Hiro was supposed to bring in something from MY FIRST STORY too. Except he didn’t. I’m not sure whether they were having an online contest Live or it was just a courtesy giveaway since Comin’ Kobe is a crowd-funded Event. I heard Hiro say “present” before taking off the watch.

Me being me, it’s all about the details. I looked closely and began to research. The brand was Calvin Klein and I believe it was this Model K2G21107. 

Water resistant, leather strap, stainless steel frame and Swiss made. Retail price is going to set you back a couple of hundreds US Dollars. In my country, it is even more expensive due to import duties and stuff. To me, it isn’t cheap. I can’t afford that watch honestly with my 3rd World salary.

However, it was the way Hiro gave it away so CASUALLY that really caught my attention. I mean, it was like ….:

Hiro: (started to take off his watch) Is this (the watch) okay?


The Host : (looking at it as Hiro was taking it off) I would want that!

I was like o__O

What can I say? Let’s say if I were closer to Hiro’s age, it’d still be tricky to even try to have this boy as my boyfriend. I mean, I couldn’t afford to date him. I have read about his brother Taka’s spending habits which always make his OOR bandmates go “Huh???” but it seems like Hiro is not that far off either. 

True, money was never an issue in his life because of his parents’ status but to be fair though, Hiro has been earning his own money since he was 8yrs old. Then, he resumed his music career at 17 while still in high school. So, hats off to him for that. 

But then again ….. a Calvin Klein watch isn’t a piece of candy :-P

Photo credits: Special thanks to Magdalena