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Don’t actually “Meet the Artist,” she’s a sweaty, awkward loudmouth who will probably go in for a hug when you try to shake hands and think about it for four days straight.

Not Shown: tissue packs, nail clippers, bobby and safety pins, wound gel (listen, I come prepared), prob a bag of chips or some snacks, a fuckton of receipts and trash (that I hoard for absolutely no reason), pens and mechanical pencils, a mini sketchbook, a Galaxy Tab and Wacom stylus, and a switchblade (for good luck).

Artist Not Shown To Scale.  Artist May Look Larger in Mirror.  Use Hazard Lights When Approaching.  Do Not Wash With Bleach.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already she knows what it means
To hate oneself and, if you ask her,
She can tell you right away what depression is.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And she comes up to me asking me
Whether or not she is beautiful-
There are boys in her class who whisper
And she cannot find it in herself to keep her head up.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And the weighing machine has become her best friend,
She steps onto it every day 
Asking me if the weight shown on the scale
Is the ‘ideal’.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when people call her pretty she casts her eyes downwards,
Mumbles a meek 'thank you’ and tells me
She thinks they did it out of courtesy.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already people are telling her
That 'if you don’t try to dress pretty people won’t like you’-
I’ve seen her look at my dresses and sigh
That she wished she was pretty enough to pull them off.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when I told her I was leaving to college
She cried for hours and told me that people were right
And that no one was going to stick around to love her
Because she wasn’t what people wanted.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And her heart has been broken too many times
Despite her tender age and status as a child
And you ask me why I’m climbing on rooftops
Screaming 'let children be children’
Because, what people are taking is their innocence
And my younger sister is only 10.

—  s.r. // my younger sister

024 // ~ Wow! It’s Made! No.1: “Part of ???’s House”

So my health has not fully recovered and there are a couple of other projects I have going on. This is fine, I suppose, since things are improving. I did want to give you something, though, since it has been a while, and this is it!

I have started working on the buildings of Matan Village, and this is one of them (or a part of one of them). This is a home! People will live in it! I will not tell you whose home it is just yet, because I want to keep a couple of surprises for later (and also it could change depending on whether or not I think of something better in the interim). Seedbird shown for scale. Obviously, I have not entirely finished it yet.

Anyway, there will only be a short post for this week (unless I get around to writing another– unlikely, m’fraid), and I will tell you about my side projects later, because I do not have the time just at this moment (it involves Tkinter again).

So! Until next week~ :y

From the most powerful telescope orbiting Mars comes a new view of Earth and its moon, showing continent-size detail on the planet and the relative size of the moon.

The image combines two separate exposures taken on Nov. 20, 2016, by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The images were taken to calibrate HiRISE data, since the reflectance of the moon’s Earth-facing side is well known. For presentation, the exposures were processed separately to optimize detail visible on both Earth and the moon. The moon is much darker than Earth and would barely be visible if shown at the same brightness scale as Earth.

The combined view retains the correct positions and sizes of the two bodies relative to each other. The distance between Earth and the moon is about 30 times the diameter of Earth. Earth and the moon appear closer than they actually are in this image because the observation was planned for a time at which the moon was almost directly behind Earth, from Mars’ point of view, to see the Earth-facing side of the moon. 

In the image, the reddish feature near the middle of the face of Earth is Australia. When the component images were taken, Mars was about 127 million miles (205 million kilometers) from Earth.

With HiRISE and five other instruments, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been investigating Mars since 2006.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona/ Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Time And Space

Dear bettablr

Remember that time I said Hunni would be my last? Well, I went to Petco and I saw a beautiful plakat betta that had the most curious scales. He had black splotches and the white scales shown in different colors when he moved. I don’t want him to be abused. And Jesse said he had room for him.

He shall be mine.

#6 - Meditation Process

This is Process #6 of Abraham’s 21 processes taken from the book “Ask and it is Given”. Previous and future processes can be found by searching “Abraham Processes” on my blog. 

When to Use This Process: 

  1. When you want relief from resistance. 
  2. When you want an easier way to immediately raise your vibration. 
  3. When you want to raise your general vibration. 
  4. When you want to feel an awareness of your inner being.

Current Emotional Set Point Range: This Virtual Reality process will be the most value to you when your emotional set point is ranging somewhere between #1, (joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, and appreciation) and #22, (fear, grief, depression, despair or powerlessness). In other words, this process works for everything and everybody. Please refer to Emotional Guidance Scale shown in previous post.

Note: Any thought that you continue to think is called a belief. Many of your beliefs serve you extremely well. Thoughts that harmonize with the knowledge of your source and thoughts that match the desires that you hold. But some of your beliefs do not serve you well. Thoughts about your own inadequacy or your unworthiness.

With an understanding of the laws of the universe, and some willingness to deliberately choose your thoughts, you can in time replace all hindering beliefs with life giving beliefs. But this process will give you the immediate benefit of changing your beliefs in a much shorter time.

It is easier for most people to clear their minds and have no thoughts than to be deliberate thinkers and have pure positive thoughts. When you clear your mind you offer NO resistance. When you offer no resistance, your vibration is high, fast and pure. It is in this state of being where you are best able to allow what you are wanting to come to you.

Being in a high vibrational state is natural to us. We don’t have to work at getting there. The work is to NOT think the things that bring us down from our natural high vibrational state of being.

It’s merely a matter of not giving attention to things that do not allow you to feel good. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

The only discipline you need to exercise for this is to NOT focus on, pay attention to or think about ANYTHING that doesn’t allow you to feel good.

How It Works: Sit in a quiet place where you will not be bothered. Wear comfortable clothing. It doesn’t matter if you sit on the floor or in a chair, the important thing is that you’re comfortable. Now close your eyes, relax and breathe.

Slowly draw air into your lungs and then comfortable release the air (do not force). Your personal comfort is important. As your mind wanders (and it will), release the thought and bring your attention back to your breathing. How air feels going into and out of your nose.

Don’t get upset or frustrated when your mind wanders, just bring it back to your breathing. Think of it like a 2-year-old that has to be redirected when they want to wander where they don’t need to be. They don’t stay where you put them, they wander again and again. Each time bring it back and keep going.

In the beginning the process will feel unnatural, but in time it will be very natural. You’ll even look forward to meditation time, not just for the benefits of it, but for how it feels.

Michelle’s Meditation Tips: 

  1. Focus on your own breathing (in & out). 
  2. Count your breathes. 
  3. Hold a stone or coin in your hand and focus on how it feels when you rub it. 
  4. Pay attention to a dripping faucet or air conditioner or some consistent noise that you pick up on.
  5. Don’t Give Up!

Meditation is the fastest way to reconnect to your inner being and to raise your vibration, so practice daily for no more than 15-20 minutes.


Northrop YB-49 jet-powered flying wing bomber prototype, cancelled in the early fifties in favor of the B-36 piston-powered bomber, as while heavily advanced, the design presented too many flaws not easily fixable by the technology available at the time. 

Nonetheless, its design and the lessons Northrop learned during its development helped shape the Northrop B-2 Spirit, the world’s first and so far only stealth bomber currently in service, some thirty years later. 

Here’s and interesting anecdote regarding the Spirit and Jack Northrop, founder of the company bearing his name, the most important pioneer of the flying wing concept, and the designer of the YB-49:

Thirty years later, in April 1980, Jack Northrop, then quite elderly and wheelchair bound, was taken back to the company he founded. There, he was ushered into a classified area and shown a scale model of the Air Force’s forthcoming but still highly classified Advanced Technology Bomber, which would eventually become known as the B-2; it was a sleek, all-wing design. Looking over its familiar lines, Northrop, unable to speak due to various illnesses, was reported to have written on a pad: “I know why God has kept me alive for the past 25 years.” Jack Northrop died 10 months later, in February 1981, eight years before the first B-2 entered Air Force service.

External image
#4 - Virtual Reality Process

This is Process #4 of Abraham’s 21 processes taken from the book “Ask and it is Given”. Previous and future processes can be found by searching “Abraham Processes” on my blog.

When To Use This Process: When you’re feeling good and you want to practice a vibration of allowing. When you find yourself remembering a pleasant experience and you want to extend the feeling longer and even move it into a better feeling place. When you have extra time and you wish to spend it in a pleasant way.

Current Emotional Set Point Range: This Virtual Reality process will be the most value to you when your emotional set point is ranging somewhere between #1, (joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, and appreciation) and #8, (boredom). Please refer to Emotional Guidance Scale shown in previous post.

Remember: You live in a vibrational universe and all things are managed by the law of attraction so you get what you think about whether you want it or not because when you achieve vibrational harmony with something because you’re paying attention to it, the vibration equivalent of what you’re paying attention to will begin to show up in your life’s experience.

The universe makes no distinction between you actually having a million dollars and you thinking about having a million dollars.

How It Works: In this process you’re activating/creating a scene in your mind that causes you to offer a vibration that matches the scene you’ve activated/created. As you practice visualizing pleasant scenes in your mind, these good feeling vibrations will become your new set point.

Most people present the majority of their vibrational offering based upon things, people and conditions that they are observing and so the lives of most people continue to unfold pretty much as they always have been with no significant change because the vibration they’re putting out now isn’t much different than the vibrations they’ve put out previously.

The game of Virtual Reality will change that because the activation of this process on any subject of your choice will cause your vibration to move far beyond where you’re currently standing.

Since the universe responds to your vibration and not to what you’re living right now, amazing things can now begin to flow into your experience, even though they have never done so before.

The thing that most commonly trips you up is in the contrast, which is necessary and valuable, often you activate various kinds of jumbled energy. When do you speak most clearly about wanting to be well? When you are sick. When can you describe most clearly about wanting to live in abundance? When you are less than abundant. It is contrast that gives us this much needed clarity.

Remember there are 3 steps in manifesting

  1. Ask (Your job – you do it all the time)
  2. Answer (Not your job – Universe’s job)
  3. Allow (Your job to be in the receiving mode of what you’re asking for)

It is important that you realize that steps 1 and 3 are different. When you’re focused upon or praying for something you want or need, you are not a vibrational match to what you’re asking for. Instead you’re a vibrational match to the absence of it.

The Virtual Reality process is nothing more than choosing a scene you want to manifest, and play it out in your mind and allow yourself to feel the way it will feel when it actually does happen.

This process will help you raise your vibration so that you’re in an allowing state so that it can come to you.

8-Book of Positive Aspects

This is Process #8 of Abraham’s 21 processes taken from the book “Ask and it is Given”. Previous and future processes can be found by searching “Abraham Processes” on my blog. 

When to Use This Process: When positive emotion floods through you in response to a positive thought you’re focused on and you wish to ride the good feeling wave longer. When you’re aware that a subject that requires your consistent attention does not feel good and you want to improve your vibration on that topic. When most subjects that you focus on feel good to you but there are a couple of uncomfortable hold outs that you want to mold into a better feeling place.

Current Emotional Set Point Range: This process of evaluating dreams will be the most value to you when your emotional set point is ranging somewhere between #1, (joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, and appreciation) and #10, (frustration, irritation or impatience). Please refer to Emotional Guidance Scale shown in previous post to know exactly where you are on the emotional scale.

To Begin: Purchase a notebook that feels good when you hold it in your hand. Choose a pleasing color with a mind width that suits your writing style, with paper that allows your favorite pen to glide along comfortably and which opens comfortably and lies flat.

Because of the action that will be involved in this process, not only is an improved degree of focus certain, but with the focus will come an increase both in your clarity and your feeling of being alive.

On the cover of your notebook write “My Book of Positive Aspects”. It is beneficial if you set aside at least 20 minutes for this process on your first day but after that you can continue in smaller increments of time. However, you may discover the benefits of this process to be so rewarding and the good feelings within the process to be so satisfying that you may want to spend even more time at it.

At the top of the first page of your notebook write the name or description of someone or something that you always feel good about. It could be the name of your loveable cat, your best friend, or the person you’re in love with. It could be the name of your favorite city or restaurant. As you focus on the name or the title of what you’ve written, ask yourself these questions.

  1. What do I like about you? 
  2. Why do I love you so much? 
  3. What are your positive aspects?

Then gently and easily, write down the thoughts that come in response to your questions. Do not try to force these ideas but let them flow easily through you onto your paper. Write as long as the thoughts flow and then read what you have written and enjoy your own words.

Now turn to the next page and write another name or title of someone or something that you feel good about and repeat the process until your 20 minutes has passed.

You may discover, even though the first sitting that you have activated within yourself such a powerful vibration of appreciation and wellbeing that ideas of other names or titles for your book of positive aspects will flow to you and when they do take the time to enter those titles at the top of other pages in your book. If you have the time to ask the questions (see above) about these topics, then do so at that time but if not then wait until tomorrow when you’ll do the process again.

In this process you’ll activate within yourself a higher vibration of well-being, which matches who you really are, and you will feel wonderful. Even better, this vibration will become so practiced that it will become your dominant vibration and all aspects of your experience will begin to reflect this vibration.

As soon as your notebook is filled, you’ll probably find yourself eager to purchase another notebook and then another and another for there is a true power of focus in the experience of writing and there is a true power of connecting to your own source energy in the writing of things that make you feel good when you write them.

The benefits of this process will be many. You will feel wonderful during the process; your point of attraction will continue to improve no matter how good it is now. Your relationship with the subject that you write about will become richer and even more satisfying and the Law of Attraction will deliver even more wonderful people, places, experiences and things for you to enjoy as a result of your higher vibration.


I need some help. 

 I’m still making tiny payments for my fiance to stay in the country (we dropped our attorney and are doing the immigration ourselves but we still owe a little over $2000) 

 I’m working for a friend who is letting us stay in his basement but my hours were cut from 40 to less than 10 and he is having to pay me out of pocket so the whole house is suffering. 

 I need to pay for $5 in gas each day and I owe $130 for my phone bill this month. I need both of these to stay employed at my second house cleaning job.

 I also owe roughly 3k in other bills (but most of that is a loan from my parents so it’s not high priority) 

 I need to sell perlers as soon as possible. I can make anything from any fandom. The dollar bill is shown for scale. They are priced by size/time to make. Starting at $5 (the largest I’ve made is the huge Spider Qwen and she is $40) If you order over $20 worth I will pay shipping


Transit Explorer Bus Prototype, 2016. Having been shown as a scale model earlier this year, China’s TEB was launched in Qinhuangdao this week. The massive high-riding bus is powered by battery packs that are charged by electric stations installed along the vehicle’s route. TEB’s pilot project will run for the remainder of the Chinese summer.

It’s #TinyTuesday and we’re excited about this circa 1840 Eberhard Faber pencil and floral notebook (modern mechanical pencil in background shown for scale only). The pencil and notebook were issued together. The slots along the fore-edge of the notebook function as a pencil holder as well as a secure closure for the notebook. 

[Eberhard Faber floral notebook with pencil] [circa 1840] 

Galactic Cannibalism 

A new feature in the evolution of galaxies has been captured in this image of galactic interactions. The two galaxies seen here – NGC 3226 at the top, NGC 3227 at the bottom – are awash in the remains of a departed third galaxy, cannibalized by the gravity of the surviving galaxies. The surge of warm gas flowing into NGC 3226, seen as a blue filament, appears to be shutting down this galaxy’s star formation, disrupting the cool gas needed to make fresh stars. 

The findings come courtesy of the European Space Agency’s Herschel space observatory, in which NASA played a key role, and NASA’s Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes. 

Adding material to galaxies often rejuvenates them, triggering new rounds of star birth as gas and dust gel together. Yet data from the three telescopes all indicate that NGC 3226 has a very low rate of star formation. 

In this instance, material falling into NGC 3226 is heating up as it collides with other galactic gas and dust, quenching star formation instead of fueling it. As this warm gas chills out in the future, though, NGC 3226 should get a second wind in its stalled-out production of new stars. 

The gray scale in this image shows optical starlight captured by the MegaCam instrument at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, and reveals loops of stars flung about by the galactic cannibalism. The blue color represents cool hydrogen gas seen in radio waves by the Very Large Array near Socorro, New Mexico. The big plume of gas above NGC 3226 is being drawn into the galaxy by its gravity. The red color shows infrared light emissions, captured by Spitzer, from warm gas and dust at the tip of the plume’s infalling stream of material into NGC 3226, as well as from features within NGC 3227. 

Other Spitzer observations reveal a disk of warm molecular gas at the core of NGC 3226, fed by the plume. Herschel observations, not shown in the image, were used to create a galactic star-formation model, which confirms NGC 3226’s very low star-formation rate. 

The interacting galaxies are located 49 million light-years away in the constellation Leo. 

Visible starlight at wavelengths of 550 to 700 nanometers is shown in gray scale. The infrared glow of dust at 8 microns, as seen by Spitzer, is displayed in red, while the radio glow of hydrogen gas at 21 centimeters, from the VLA, is shown in blue. 

Caption: NASA