wow that was flattering

wow hehe um everyone got chewed out for at least thirty minutes each by my filmmaking teacher today for their everyday task video and I was so scared and anxious because I knew I was doomed but apparently not he roared with laughter and complimented basically every aspect of the video, he loved it, I’m so happy because usually he has the qualities of Hitler but apparently mine was good enough to be singled out with mad props.

so um apparently I can make good films

or at least plan ‘em or direct 'em or edit them

I just saw a post on tumblr about sexy mature men and I was like “wow that would be really hot if my boyfriend were like that”
Zero seconds after I thought that, my boyfriend burst through the door, and threw a plastic ball in my face, cradled me and said in a baby voice “forgibes meeee”, then went to watch Jhonny Test.