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Christmas is nearly here!! 🎄🎅🏻🎁 

As is the tutorial for this makeup look, which will be live on Christmas Day.
I decided to create something less traditional this year - I think the liner & Red lips have been done.
‘Peach Fudge’ is a delicious warm ombré of matte eyeshadows into a duochrome glow.

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Smoked Out Winged Liner

This week I filmed a tutorial featuring a winged liner that has been smoked out.

Ordinarily, the smoke would be on top of the liner but I took inspiration from the recent ‘reversed winged liner’ that Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting, which extends out straight from the lower lash line, and I put my own spin on it by extending the smoke all the way out to the tip of the liner as well as lining the top lash line.
This results in a clean crisp finish on top, and a smoky sultry finish to the bottom.

As you can see from the two images above, you can pair this eye makeup with a Red glossy lip and straight hair, or, you can change it up with a nude lip and bouncy curly hair!

Two contrasting finishes with just one eye look.

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If you haven’t already seen the editorial image for the new ‘Neo Noir’ collection from KIKO cosmetics then Google it now!!
It’s all about the eyes and subtle glowing skin, simply captivating! The PR company for KIKO contacted me and asked if would like to sample some of the new collection and naturally I said ‘YES’.
I just had to recreate the eyes from that image, and of course, I filmed it.

Here is a link to the tutorial:


These lipsticks were kindly sent to me just before Christmas, and they’re a welcomed addition to my ever growing Melt collection.

In this particular assembly there are 5 shades in total, all in Soft Rose hues. The formula is creamy but sets to a matte finish, and in my experience they wear relatively well.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this collection is all VEGAN, which is a massive plus!

The shade names are:

Old Rose
Old Fashioned

You can purchase the full collection for $65.00 on the Melt Cosmetics website, OR, you can purchase them separately at $13.00 each.



Here is my Peach Fudge makeup tutorial, perfect for the festive season.

You could always add a hint of sparkle for NYE!

Enjoy x



This week I created a natural glowy look inspired by Kendall Jenner, putting the emphasis on the lashes!

I teamed up with My Beauty Matches again, this time for skincare as well as makeup.
I absolutely believe in the concept of the website, and I am so pleased to have been asked to create another tutorial featuring them.

So many of you still use My Beauty Matches after I introduced them to you last time, but I’ve since gained a lot more subscribers and I wanted to share it with them too.




The tutorial above is for those of you who prefer cool toned eyeshadow looks. Not everyone likes or suits warm eyeshadow - which we have come to associate with Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials nowadays. So this halo effect eyeshadow is perfect for those of you that love a smoky eye with more of a sombre finish. 

My latest tutorial uses the exact same technique as the tutorial above except I’ve swapped the colours from cool to warm, and added in an accent colour.

This tutorial is still one of my favourites! If you’re a fan of colour then definitely check out this tutorial, it will not disappoint. Who says you have to sport Red this Valentine’s Day?

If you prefer something more subtle then take a look at this makeup tutorial. Simplicity at it’s best… but still on trend for Valentine’s! 

Another favourite of mine. This is a look I get a lot of requests for from my clients. If you love to sport a sexy feline eye then you need to try out these techniques! 



I recently shot with my friend and photographer, Martin Higgs, and model, Caitlin Burles. I created 4 makeup looks on the day, this being the last of the set. I love how this particular image captures Caitlins’ natural beauty but still has an element of ‘pow’ with the metallic lips and chest. 

I used Mehrons metallic pigment in ‘Rose’ mixed with water to liquify it, and I used a large makeup brush to apply the mixture to the neck and décolletage.
* If you want more of a glossy finish you can mix the pigment with something like a clear body gloss or glycerin.
I wanted more of a muted glow which is why I chose water as my mixing medium, although I did add a touch of MAC’s clear gloss to the centre of the lips so it would catch the light. 

For the skin I kept it relatively simple; I brush on some of the new ‘BECCA Backlight Primer’ all over the face - it gives you that ‘glow from within’ look. Note, I had previously cleansed, toned and moisturised Caitlin’s face prior to this step.
Over the backlight primer I worked in Illamasqua’s Skin Base foundation using a dampened Beauty Blender sponge, and set the centre of the face with MAC’s ‘Mineralise Skin Finish Natural’ in ‘Medium Plus’. 
I filled the brows in following her natural shape, and used a soft brow powder for this as I didn’t want anything too defined. 
Using MAC’s Sculpt powder and an angled brush by ZOEVA, I softly sunk the hollows of the cheeks to add some shape to this area.
On the top of cheekbones I used a ZOEVA fan brush to sweep over this beautiful Purple toned highlighter from the new ZOEVA ‘Winter Strobe Spectrum’ palette. You may also notice I have also added a subtle amount of the same product to the inner corner of the eyes. This highlighter worked so well with the Rose coloured metallic pigment. 

The team: 

Makeup - Shonagh Scott (Me)
Photographer - Martin Higgs
Model - Caitlin Burles
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova


With the party season upon us, I thought it was time to create something super smokey but with a splash of vibrancy! And as I have Brown eyes, an ideal colour to emphasis them is Blue.

Here I used a mix of creams and powders in a Matte and Metallic finish. This creates texture and adds depth to the look.

The tutorial for this makeup will be up on my YouTube on the 27th November!

It’s in association with Simple, so I will be showing you how to remove this heavy makeup so that you are not left with the dreaded ‘Panda Eye’ effect.

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Soft Neutral Smokey Eyes 

Happy New Year Beauties. 
My first upload of 2017 is a soft neutral smokey eye with equally neutral face makeup and a nude lip.

This can be worn as a soft daytime smoke without the Black accent on the outer edges, or, you can pair it with a pinky lip to give the overall makeup a subtle colour change.




A couple of weeks ago I showed you swatches of the new ModelsOwnChrome Colour Eyeshadow Kits’ here on my blog, and over on my YouTube channel I created a tutorial featuring the Vintage Pink shade from the collection. 

It’s the perfect product to use when creating that on-trend cut-crease smokey eye that we’re seeing all over Instagram. Metallics are also huge at the moment, so paired with a pink liquid glitter mix, you have a super eye-catching makeup look! 

All the products used have been listed and linked in the description bar of the video. 



Valentine’s day is on Tuesday, so for those of you that have dates or maybe dinner with the girls I have some makeup ideas for you! 

These are tutorials that I have created over the past couple of years and are the most popular on my channel. You have a mix of options from full on glam to more subtle sultry looks, as well as the choice of warm eyeshadows to cool toned eyeshadows. 

This is the most popular from the list, with over 1.6 million views. 

This tutorial is about subtle matte shadows and placing the emphasis on the lashes!

If you love a metallic finish that is eye catching then check out this tutorial! It features warm shades but you can easily mix it up and use cool tones.

For those of you that love the full on smoky look with a crisp wing using Black eyeshadow then this tutorial is a must for you! 

All about the eyes! Soft hues with dark liner to frame the eyes, and a pop of cream liner on the waterline to make the eyes look bigger!



This week I teamed up with Sony Home Entertainment to celebrate the launch of Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray & DVD, by transforming my model, Krystal Roxx, into Jillian Holtzmann, a character in the new Ghostbusters movie.




This tutorial features the new Natasha Denona Star Palette, and the newly released ZOEVA Pure Velour Lips!




Valentines Day is on the approach! Whether you’re going out with your partner, on a blind date, or even out with your girls to paint the town Red, this soft fresh makeup is perfect for any occasion AND it’s suitable for both daytime and nighttime.

If you’re not a fan of wearing strip lashes you can substitute them with individual cluster lashes. They will look more natural and can be layered up for added drama. Individual lashes are super comfy and are available in different sizes. One pack will often contain a row of short, medium and long clusters so you can customise the shape and length each time you apply them.

As the eye makeup is subtle, you could throw into your handbag a lipstick with a splash of colour to take you from daytime to evening with little effort.



I’ve really got into a swing with my skincare routine of late, and I’ve adopted the ‘Double Cleanse’ regime which really cleans your face aiding the skins texture and clearness.
My breakouts have become less frequent and it really only takes a few minutes to do once you get the hang of your routine and the order the products are applied.

You don’t necessarily have to use expensive products, as long as you’re giving your skin a double cleanse in the evening then you will be removing all the dirt, grime and makeup that sits on the surface. The stuff that gets left behind after only 1 cleanse aids the bacteria that sits on your skin, causing breakouts!

All the products used / recommended have been listed in the description bar of the video for you.

Happily Never After

Last October my Happily Never After Disney collection went viral!
So naturally I just had to film a tutorial for one of the looks.

I chose Belle!
The storyline behind this look was that poor Belle had not listened to the Beast when he angrily told her to stay away from the West Wing. He discovered that she had touched his precious, wilting Rose, and attacked Belle! 

Here is the tutorial for this beautiful, but gory look: 


Decanting & Melting Lipsticks - Ideal For MUA’s & MakeUp Hoarders

If you saw my last post then you’ll have been expecting this tutorial! 

Enjoy! x


KRYOLAN are my go-to brand when it comes to most of my makeup needs, especially when Halloween rolls around. You will see me using many of their specialist products within my tutorials. 

I know many of you are looking for effective yet easy costumes for this Halloween, and Kryolan have got you covered! 
They have put together SFX kits that make achieving a specific look a breeze. So whether you want to be a Zombie, a Skull, or even a Fairy, their ready-made kits can get you there with all the necessary makeup products, tools and step-by-step guides. 

So this month Kryolan have added 4 new SFX kits to their already popular existing sets:  

The Zombie Kit 
The Sugar Skull Kit

The 4 new kits they have put together are: 

The Crazy Doll Kit
The Pop Art Gal Kit
The Fairy Girl Kit
The Flaming Skull Kit

I have The Flaming Skull pouch here to show you exact what you can expect from your purchase. 
As you can see, you receive everything you need to achieve the look! 

Included in the kit is: 
x4 Aqua Colour Paints in Black, White, Orange & Yellow. 
These are fabulously pigmented and brilliantly vibrant. 

1x Hair Color Spray Can 
This is perfect for covering your own hair or a wig. They have a wide variety of colours on the website too, from dark to vivid shades. 

1x Round makeup sponge for the base application.

1x Training Brush 8 - A synthetic brush that works great with paint. It’s flat and rectangular in shape, which is perfect for laying down product quickly with ease.
1x Torey Round Brush 3 - A synthetic brush made from Japanese fibres. It’s thin and tapers to a point which is great for detailed work and lines. 

And lastly, a step-by-step guide on how achieve the Flaming Skull look!

The kits varies in price as each pouch contains different products and tools to achieve the look specific to the contents. 
The Flaming Skull kit is super affordable at just £21.95

Head on over to their website to see the prices of each set, and to see all the other products they sell. 

Global Site:



You can create this design with both Gel polish and regular nail polish.
I’m trained in Gel Polish application and use this method on my own nails as it lasts much longer than regular polish.

As Spring is on our doorstep I was feeling the urge to create something fresh and simplistic!
Nude nails go with any outfit, and the nautical stripes add a subtle ‘fashion’ element without being over the top.

I wore this design on my nails last year and received SO many compliments, so I knew I just had to share the ‘how-to’ with you all.

All the products and equipment used are listed below:

Products Used:
Nail Harmony LED Gelish Curing Lamp (as featured in the tutorial)

Cheaper LED Nail Curing Lamp

Gelish starter kit including;
*PH Bond
*Foundation (Base)
*Top It Off (Top Coat)
*Nourishing Cuticle Oil
*Nail Bed Cleanser
*Gel Polish Remover

OPI Gel Colour - Tiramisu For Two

Nail Harmony Gelish - Artic Freeze (White)