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If you haven’t already seen the editorial image for the new ‘Neo Noir’ collection from KIKO cosmetics then Google it now!!
It’s all about the eyes and subtle glowing skin, simply captivating! The PR company for KIKO contacted me and asked if would like to sample some of the new collection and naturally I said ‘YES’.
I just had to recreate the eyes from that image, and of course, I filmed it.

Here is a link to the tutorial:



If you are having issues with your foundation separating, moving or rubbing off of your nose, chin, or forehead then watch this tutorial and check your products to see if you are using them correctly. 

This is the first aspect to address when having foundation application issues as it’s a quick and simple way to determined whether it’s the underlying cause of the patchiness.
If you are using your products correctly the next thing to look at is your skincare; if your moisturiser is too oily it could be causing a premature breakdown of your base makeup, if you’re of an oily skin-type then you may need to change your skincare routine to specifically target excess oil.

Using a liquid exfoliant that contains Salicylic Acid (BHA) in will help to remove any dead skin cells that build up (particularly on oily skin) and prevent pores from clogging. Using an Oil Control Primer over the skin prior to makeup will help to absorb excess oil, minimise the appearance of pores and aid the longevity of your makeup. 
Paula’s Choice is a favourite skincare brand of mine - I’ve not been sponsored to mention them in anyway, shape, or form, my personal experience purchasing their products has always been positive, and I would highly recommend them. 


Last week I shot with photographer, Martin Higgs on a new set of beauty images. We used to shoot together a lot, creating OTT beauty looks using mediums such as paint, treacle, prosthetics and Fullers Earth, to name but a few.

We thought it was time we got together again and produced some stunning work to update our portfolios.

I’ve seen this blown-out lip look trending recently, so I knew I wanted to recreate it within one of the 4 makeup looks.
I combined metallic pigments with Pearl pigments and used them in a variety of ways to achieve different levels of glow to the skin, eyes and lips.

On the décolletage I mixed the pearl pigment with water and painted it onto the chest, shoulders and neck. I knew once the water dried it would leave behind the pigment in an even finish.

For the eyes I mixed the metallic pigment with a mixing medium and layered it over a cream coloured eyeshadow. Then, I gently feathered a touch of pearl pigment mixed with a clear body gloss to the very centre of the lids so it would catch the light. 

I also added this same mix to the Cupid’s bow of the lip and to the centre of the bottom lip.

The rest of the bright colours were cream eyeshadows blended over the foundation which hadn’t been set. This means the product had some slip and made blending the products a dream!

The team:
Makeup - Shonagh Scott (Me)
Photographer - Martin Higgs
Model - Caitlin Burles
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova



Halloween month has officially started! As have my tutorials
This week I have created a ‘beauty’ orientated Halloween tutorial rather than a gory look. I know not everyone wants to dress up as a scary character so I came up with this vibrant Blue and metallic Gold makeup look inspired by the infamous Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra! 

Click the play button to watch this tutorial, and subscribe to my channel to see the rest of my Halloween looks when they go live! 

If you missed my comic book inspired Superman tutorial then click ‘here’.



Bring your makeup brushes back to life by removing that stubborn staining and waxy residue that foundations & concealers leave behind! 

Lots of makeup products contain silicones, oils and pigments that can leave our makeup brushes looking a little worse for wear and not something that you want to be rubbing over your face. 
Using a brush soap and water alone often doesn’t cut it, especially when you’ve been using concealer. That waxy residue can be hard to remove which means you definitely won’t have fresh looking bristles. 

Check out my quick way to bring them back to life! 


G A M O R A - G U A R D I A N S - O F - T H E - G A L A X Y

Many of you would have anticipated the recent release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 after having watched the first one back in 2014. 
Zoe Saldana plays ‘Gamora’ - an orphan from an alien world raised to be a formidable weapon!

When the first Guardians was released many of my friends insisted I watch the movie as they were adamant I resembled the character, Gamora.
I think it’s probably down to the face shape and the fact I used to sport Plum coloured hair a few years back. 
Anyway, after years of being badgered to create this tutorial I decided it was time to don the Green and embrace the character - so here it is! 

For your reference, here is the image I used for my reference: 

All the products used for this tutorial have been listed in the description bar of the video. 


Shonagh x



I often get asked how I shape my eyebrows, so I decided to create this tutorial showing you the easy process in 6 steps;

* Guideline
* Shaping
* Filling In
* Set In Place
* Clean Up

You can purchase all the products I’ve used here:

* Eyebrow Pencil - ZOEVA Graphic Brows
Worldwide Shipping:

* Optional * Eyebrow Stencil
Worldwide Shipping:

* Tweezerman Tweezers
Worldwide Shipping:

* Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors
Worldwide Shipping:

* Benefit Ready, Set Brow! Clear Brow Gel
UK & Worldwide:

* Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

* MAC 212 Flat Brush

Let me know how you get on trying these steps.

Shonagh x

M O R O C C A N    S U N S E T    I N S P I R E D   E Y E S 

For this weeks tutorial I’ve used an array of Orange shades as well as Reddish Browns. 
It’s quite an intense eyeshadow look and works so well with all eye colours, particularly Brown. But warm shades like these really make Blue & Green eyes pop, so it’s a great all rounder. 

I’ve added a touch of warm Gold pigment to the centre of the lids to catch the light and draw your eyes straight to it. 
This makeup isn’t about precision, I’ve chosen shades that easily blend into one another so blending doesn’t have to been the key factor.

I will list all the products used in the description bar of the video when it goes live! 



The tutorial above is for those of you who prefer cool toned eyeshadow looks. Not everyone likes or suits warm eyeshadow - which we have come to associate with Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials nowadays. So this halo effect eyeshadow is perfect for those of you that love a smoky eye with more of a sombre finish. 

My latest tutorial uses the exact same technique as the tutorial above except I’ve swapped the colours from cool to warm, and added in an accent colour.

This tutorial is still one of my favourites! If you’re a fan of colour then definitely check out this tutorial, it will not disappoint. Who says you have to sport Red this Valentine’s Day?

If you prefer something more subtle then take a look at this makeup tutorial. Simplicity at it’s best… but still on trend for Valentine’s! 

Another favourite of mine. This is a look I get a lot of requests for from my clients. If you love to sport a sexy feline eye then you need to try out these techniques! 



Whether you have naturally long hair or you wear hair extensions, you can create this blown-out braid!
This is a great tutorial for those of you that cannot get to grips with braiding your own hair, whether you struggle to master the pattern or just find it too fiddly. This a simple cheat that will change your braiding game forever.

All you need is clear hair elastics, mousse & hairspray for added grip, and a spare 5 minutes! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

You could sport this gorgeous cheat-braid to a festival this Summer, or, you could strategically place some gypsophila down the braid and turn it into a stunning bridal / bridesmaid hairstyle.

Enjoy x


M O R O C C A N   S U N S E T   M A K E U P   T U T O R I A L 

These warm hues work so well for all eye colours, not just Brown.
Orange and Red are opposite Blue and Green on the colour wheel, also known as ‘complementary colours’.
So when you wear the complementary shade to your natural eye colour it will make them POP!
For those of you with Brown eyes, like myself, are fortunate as we’re are able to wear any hue.

All the products used have been listed and linked below: 

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
UK & Worldwide:

MakeUp Geek - Flame Thrower Foiled Eyeshadow
UK & Worldwide:

MAC 286 Duo Fibre Brush:
UK & Worldwide:

MakeUp Geek - Morocco Eyeshadow
UK & Worldwide:

E25 Round Top Blending Brush - Blank Canvas Cosmetics USE DISCOUNT CODE: SHONAGH for 10% OFF

MakeUp Geek - Bitten Eyeshadow
UK & Worldwide:

Sigma E47 Shader Crease Brush:

MakeUp Geek - Americano Eyeshadow
UK & Worldwide:

NEVE Cosmetics Pigment - Compilation

MAC 239 Flat Shader Brush
UK & Worldwide Shipping:

Peaches & Cream ‘Famous’ Pigment

MakeUp Geek - Peach Smoothie Eyeshadow

Sigma E36 Brush

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - Sepia Ink
UK & Worldwide:

MAC 210 Liner Brush
UK & Worldwide:

Crown Brush - Smudger Brush

ZOEVA 317 Angled Liner Brush
UK & Worldwide:

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
UK & Worldwide:

Natasha Denona Sculpt & Glow Palette
UK & Worldwide Shipping:

ZOEVA 117 Petite Defined Buffer Brush

Crown Syntho Brush

NARS Laguna Bronzer
UK & Worldwide:

ZOEVA Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush
UK & Worldwide:

MAC Sweet As Cocoa Blusher
UK & Worldwide:

MAC Brick Lip Liner
UK & Worldwide:



Halloween is only 6 weeks away, and to get us in the mood nice and early I have collaborated with Warner Brothers and Party City to bring you this sponsored Clark Kent / Superman comic book inspired makeup tutorial!
This is to celebrate the impending release of the movie ‘Justice League’ this November!

All the products used have been listed in the description bar of the video. 
Below is a picture of the reference image I used to create this look. It’s some fan art of Christopher Reeves as Superman, and I literally followed the highlight and contour sections seen on the image:

Image source: 



Valentine’s day is on Tuesday, so for those of you that have dates or maybe dinner with the girls I have some makeup ideas for you! 

These are tutorials that I have created over the past couple of years and are the most popular on my channel. You have a mix of options from full on glam to more subtle sultry looks, as well as the choice of warm eyeshadows to cool toned eyeshadows. 

This is the most popular from the list, with over 1.6 million views. 

This tutorial is about subtle matte shadows and placing the emphasis on the lashes!

If you love a metallic finish that is eye catching then check out this tutorial! It features warm shades but you can easily mix it up and use cool tones.

For those of you that love the full on smoky look with a crisp wing using Black eyeshadow then this tutorial is a must for you! 

All about the eyes! Soft hues with dark liner to frame the eyes, and a pop of cream liner on the waterline to make the eyes look bigger!



I recently shot with my friend and photographer, Martin Higgs, and model, Caitlin Burles. I created 4 makeup looks on the day, this being the last of the set. I love how this particular image captures Caitlins’ natural beauty but still has an element of ‘pow’ with the metallic lips and chest. 

I used Mehrons metallic pigment in ‘Rose’ mixed with water to liquify it, and I used a large makeup brush to apply the mixture to the neck and décolletage.
* If you want more of a glossy finish you can mix the pigment with something like a clear body gloss or glycerin.
I wanted more of a muted glow which is why I chose water as my mixing medium, although I did add a touch of MAC’s clear gloss to the centre of the lips so it would catch the light. 

For the skin I kept it relatively simple; I brush on some of the new ‘BECCA Backlight Primer’ all over the face - it gives you that ‘glow from within’ look. Note, I had previously cleansed, toned and moisturised Caitlin’s face prior to this step.
Over the backlight primer I worked in Illamasqua’s Skin Base foundation using a dampened Beauty Blender sponge, and set the centre of the face with MAC’s ‘Mineralise Skin Finish Natural’ in ‘Medium Plus’. 
I filled the brows in following her natural shape, and used a soft brow powder for this as I didn’t want anything too defined. 
Using MAC’s Sculpt powder and an angled brush by ZOEVA, I softly sunk the hollows of the cheeks to add some shape to this area.
On the top of cheekbones I used a ZOEVA fan brush to sweep over this beautiful Purple toned highlighter from the new ZOEVA ‘Winter Strobe Spectrum’ palette. You may also notice I have also added a subtle amount of the same product to the inner corner of the eyes. This highlighter worked so well with the Rose coloured metallic pigment. 

The team: 

Makeup - Shonagh Scott (Me)
Photographer - Martin Higgs
Model - Caitlin Burles
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova



A couple of weeks ago I showed you swatches of the new ModelsOwnChrome Colour Eyeshadow Kits’ here on my blog, and over on my YouTube channel I created a tutorial featuring the Vintage Pink shade from the collection. 

It’s the perfect product to use when creating that on-trend cut-crease smokey eye that we’re seeing all over Instagram. Metallics are also huge at the moment, so paired with a pink liquid glitter mix, you have a super eye-catching makeup look! 

All the products used have been listed and linked in the description bar of the video. 

U R B A N  - D E C A Y  -  N A K E D  -  H E A T

I recently received the Urban Decay Naked HEAT palette ahead of it’s release date last Thursday (27th July), and I am in love with it!
I’ve always really liked the UD Naked palettes, the pigment pay-off is brilliant across all the eyeshadows and this new addition is equally impressive.
Like it’s predecessors, Naked HEAT features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, creating a velvety texture with rich colours.

Talking of colours, there are 12 NEW shades, all of which are amber-hued neutral tones. If you caught my last post you may remember I touched on the subject of neutral tones and that warm palettes are currently on-trend right now, and this palette fits right in!

The finishes are; Matte, Pearl, Shimmer and Metallic. The colour range allows you to create beautiful soft daytime looks, but also provides you with deep enough shades to amp up the smoke to carry you through to the evening!  

Inside the palette you will find the same dual-ended UD brush as seen in the other Naked palettes - personally I’ve never been a fan of this brush, I find the bristles to be a bit stiff in the centre. My preference is fluffy bristles! This isn’t fluffy enough for me, but it would definitely do the job it’s intended for. I’m just particular.

Here are some swatches:

My favourite eyeshadow from the palette is Lumbre!! It has a slight two-toned effect in the flesh, and just screams SUMMER!!!

Here’s a little guide to the shades courtesy of Urban Decay;

Ounce (ivory shimmer)

Chaser (light nude matte) This is the only one that doesn’t show up well on my arm but it’s still very lovely.

Sauced (soft terra-cotta matte)

Low Blow (brown matte)

Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift)

He Devil (burnt red matte)

Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red)

Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer)

Cayenne (deep terra-cotta matte)

En Fuego (burgundy matte)

Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte)

Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy)

You can see from the swatches that the pigment pay-off is really good for a single swipe!

Here in the UK this palette retails at £39.50 and can be purchased directly from UD or Debenhams.
For US viewers you can order this palette from Sephora for $54.00


E D I T O R I A L    M A K E  - U P  

When I’m booked for a photo-shoot I tend to have a play with the makeup look beforehand so I can come up with the perfect design suited to the mood-board, and any brief I’ve been given by the client. 

Lots of you have told me how much you enjoy watching the ‘behind the scenes’ content that has gone on up on my channel over the years, and one in particular that I posted more recently from a creative beauty shoot.
So, I decided to film this makeup look that I was practicing for an up-coming editorial shoot as I’m not always able to film behind the scenes and it means that you sometimes miss out on the process of the makeup. So I think you’ll enjoy seeing these type of tutorials on the occasions where I’m unable to film on set.  

Bare in mind that the overall design won’t necessarily be suited to an ‘everyday’ look, but you can definitely take elements from this makeup and adapt it to be more wearable.
For instance, the eyeshadow and faux freckles would work lovely with a nude lip for special occasion or evening out. Or, you could take the coloured lips & faux freckles and pair those elements with some mascara and nothing else!
Let me know your thoughts!



This weeks tutorial for Halloween is YONDU from Guardians Of The Galaxy! When my Gamora makeup tutorial when live I received so many requests for a Yondo one, so here it is! 

To achieve this Yondu look you can either shave your head, or, apply a bald cap. Bald caps are super easy to apply and I have created a tutorial on the method ‘here’.

All the products used have been listed and linked within the description bar of the video. 




This week I’m sharing with you my 4 favourite products for creating the ultimate winged liner, covering liquid liner, gel liner and cream liner! 

I also demonstrate each product for you to give you a better understanding of how it applies and the result it produces.

Lots of you tell me how much you struggle with creating winged liner, and I always reply with the same words - ‘It takes practice’.
I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was in school and I’m now 31, so I have had a LOT of experience in applying it.
I promise, if you keep practising you will find your groove. You just need to experiment with various mediums (liquid, cream, gel - brush, pen, stencils) and see which you feel most comfortable with! 

Shonagh x



This weeks tutorial is a smokey eye to suit all eye colours!
I’ve been covering this a lot of recent as it’s a great way to cater for all viewers.

Although it will suit all eye shades, that’s not say that a smokey eye will suit everyone. For example, if your eye shape is quite small then sporting something this heavy & dark may not be the best way to emphasis your eyes. 
But have a play around with the colours and adjust the placement to see how it looks on you. 

If you do try it out, please tag me on instagram here.