Some of My Better Self-Care Techniques
  • Read 
  • Write some poetry
  • Write some fiction
  • Write out my feelings in a letter or journal (and then tear it up if I said something mean or need additional stress relief)
  • Punch a pillow
  • Listen to music and sing
  • Write a song 
  • Play my violin
  • Take my pills
  • Have a snack, like fruit or dark chocolate
  • Take a shower
  • Take a nap
  • Do my makeup or try on a cute outfit
  • Go through a list of everything I’m proud of myself for that day/in my life
  • Play with my puppy
  • Go on a walk/bike ride/hike
  • Hang out with my family
  • Watch a movie/tv show
  • Make a list (of things to do, goals, or anything really, just to sort out my brain)
  • Snuggle up in a warm, soft blanket
  • Go find a friend (If I’m feeling up to it)
  • Get something done
  • Get absorbed in some irrelevant research on the internet
  • Take some selfies
  • Cry
  • Remind myself of things/people I’m grateful for and love

i honestly dont understand why showmakers like to punk young gay kids they are 100% aware that these kids latch onto the subtext and gay themes in their show and it seems like we’re in a time where it’s getting pushed to the limit and then at the end they do what they can to negate all of it but Why. what is the point. does it really help your ratings that much? because it’s not a funny thing to do it’s actually an incredibly damaging thing to do 

smolbisexualbee  asked:


Bcus White showmakers ruin everything. Like if there was anyway to ruin the show it’d be to make Light a loner white boy

I mean sociopathic white teenage boy who thinks he’s entitled to everyone and will kill those he’s hates/disagrees with hits a little on the nose, doesn’t it?

Goodbye TVD.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I am sad that TVD is coming to an end. I know that it’s the right thing and I want it to end on a high instead of being dragged out but I will miss it and the amazing cast. Most of all I am going to miss this little community we built and how this show brings us together. I am going to miss how it encouraged me to start writing and discovering a new passion of mine. How I started making gifs and got to push myself to learn a new skill. How these actors and show makes have inspired me to start a career in TV. And to everyone of this sterofam who has been there when no one in the real world was and accepting me when I felt like an outsider. I know it’s been a rough ride at some times but I am very grateful for these last few years.

So despite what other people say I am going to miss TVD.


And another LV shoe production vid.

alright, theory time

This involves details of Secret Team and Keeping it Together.

Namely, the detail that Rose was looking for gem shards, and in fact has many bubbled, as seen in secret team. But also as seen in secret team, these shards do not function well on their own, forming strange and mutated body parts, never anything core.

But in Keeping it Together we see something different. Attempted bodies. Heads, and faces. This is where their cores are, the central parts of their identites. And they are forcibly being stuck together, forcibly fused. These are prisoners of war and a horrible experiment done on them.

But as stated in a twitter post by a showmaker, nothing is filler in this show. Everything is world building, all of it. Keeping it Together and Secret Team have shown us that being shattered is not necessarily the end for a gem.

With Lapis we saw a gem that was almost shattered into three distinct pieces, but Steven was able to heal that gem to the point that you couldn’t tell it was cracked prior.

During Ruby and Sapphire’s conversation it’s mentioned that Rose had been looking for these gems, these shards. Rose, and Steven in turn, have the ability to heal gems, to the point of repairing horrible damage as it it were nothing. These were crystal gems…

and maybe they could be again someday

Sit down, friends.

Whovian Wine Auntie Kara is gonna have a little talk with you about her favourite topic: fandom elitism.

I’m seeing it a lot more with companions leaving, companions returning, props leaving and returning, and maybe it’s my own fault for thinking we’re past it when we’re never truly past it. But we need to stop gauging the validity of opinions based upon how long the person in question has been a fan or how much they know.

I am saying this especially to people who tend to share my opinions. Because it’s very disheartening to see someone say really positive and good things, and then turn around and try to wrap it up with ‘REAL fans think this.’ That’s not how it works. If you enjoy the show and are not engaging in behavior that is detrimental or threatening to your fellow fans or the showmakers, you are a real fan. Even if our views differ vastly.

Now, I’m gonna remind you guys of something a lot of you genuinely don’t seem to like: kids. We share this fandom with kids. More precisely, we play on their playground. That is not to say there aren’t layers and messages and things for the teens and adults. That is not to say there aren’t things specifically in there for the older viewers. But at the end of the day, the Doctor is here for the kids first and foremost.

Kids are a lot of things that we forget about once we stop being them. They’re cleverer than we give them credit for. They’re resilient. They’re imaginative. And they absorb everything. And when you treat each other this way – when you grade and rate the ‘worth’ of a fan based on knowledge or time spent – they can hear you.

I have talked to young children who have informed me with a straight face that they are not ‘real fans’ because they’ve only seen New Series or watched a couple episodes with their family. Children who haven’t even been alive long enough to get the level of experience many people demand of a ‘true fan.’ They don’t think that up themselves. They hear it. They hear people say it to each other. They see people shut down over it, and they internalize it.

And this is their show. By our example, we’re teaching them that they’re not good enough for their own damn show.

I’m never gonna get you guys to stop fighting, I know. But when you’re lambasting someone for liking the show ‘wrong’ or not knowing it ‘well enough,’ remember that children pick up on this and take it to heart and judge themselves. Because of this behavior, which is already kind of shitty to the people it is directed at, they think they don’t deserve to like a hero who was created for them.

This probably won’t ring true for the people who need to hear it most because they’re convinced the show exists to please them and no one else, but at least I can try.

Okay, seeing the Lydia hate tweet of the official shadowhunters TV twitter made me quite angry. I’m not exactly angry at them, but rather at the fans who make them feel like Malec is the only thing that matters to them while they’ve put a lot of effort in portraying all of the other characters.

I’m sick of people making this entire show about Malec while there are so many other great characters in the show. I’m sick of having to wait almost 12 hours after an episode has aired to get a nice gif set of Simon because people would triple-gif everything Alec, Magnus and Malec before they’d make gifs of anyone else. I’m sick of people pretending that nobody but Alec and Magnus are important on this show. And mostly I hate that people give this feeling to the showmakers who have tried their best to make each and every character special and awesome.

Travis Aaron Wade writing SPN meta. Robbie Thompson, Orlando Jones and Osric Chau knowing about the “No Homo Intern”. A co-executive producer liking “Dean is bi” -tweets. Jared joking about Destiel and Jensen grinning. Jensen willingly tweeting romantic pictures of him and Misha.

…I don’t know about you guys, but I’d say there has been some kind of a huge change in the atmosphere lately. It feels… so free. It’s like the line between the showmakers and the fans has become more blurred. And what’s happened to Jensen?! It looks like that boy was serious when he said he doesn’t care what people think about him anymore…

It’s almost like… everybody was turning into Misha?!

Olivia Pope's destruction

I’ve been distracted by the batshit showmaker, that I missed the real damage done by the utter humiliation of Olivia Pope on that trash show Scandal.

IMO, in pulverizing respect for Olivia Pope :

1) Kerry Washington appears to have lost her independent, outspoken voice on politics and institutional racism. Now she’s blathering on about cosmetics - far safer

2) The united force of the Gladiators is splintered. This is what Valerie Jarrett (senior adviser to President Obama) wrote when KW was on Times list of 100 most influential people in 2014: 

Setting aside the “scandalous” melodrama necessary to sustain a fictional series so titled, Kerry has offered up a fresh new archetype for what it means to lead while combining courage and compassion, strength and vulnerability, passion, steely discipline and unfailing loyalty. It is a role that makes full use of her distinctive talent for drawing in audiences with such authenticity that we often forget she is acting.

Kerry’s work with the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities since 2009 is also a source of deep inspiration, using arts education to close achievement gaps and ignite passion among young people.

In a world that too often tells little girls to choose between womanhood and success, between femininity and a seat at the head of the table, both onscreen and off Kerry Washington embodies the promise that lives in all our young people to shape their own destinies and succeed as “gladiators” for the causes in which they believe.

My real question is who does it serve -  in a misogynistic society - to turn a smart, tough woman leader (on TV) into a weak, foolish, bed-hopping mammy and killer? Who doesn’t want a generation of women to be inspired by independent, intelligent,compassionate, fearless, female leadership, as opposed to the corporate succubus currently in the running for President or the batshit showmaker who has crowned herself the new Napoleon of TV? So who did not want the idiot-box to inspire social change, but for it to maintain its status quo of shoving the usual violent, psychopathic drivel down our throats?

That’s a genuine question. I don’t know the answer.