reasons to stan
  • they’re literally a group full of idiots
  • all of them are good vocalists, even their rapper has decent vocals
  • their music videos are always A+
  • their concepts are all A+
  • hyunjin and tey are both very versatile vocalists
  • the dances??? oh my god 
  • always sing live. every time. full on.
  • give their all even in shortened stages
  • their show kpop show is literally the best shit
  • A+ instagrams 
  • have been able to overcome losing and gaining members over the last 3 years 
  • their fans are honestly so nice??? theyre all such angels 
  • A+ visuals 
  • tey and hyunjin constantly posing like the actors they think they look like (yoo ah in and so ji sub)
  • on idol school hyunjin tried to eat with 5 foot long chopsticks
  • TALL 
  • even if u dont like their debut song literally every song after that is amazing 
  • big man????? who doesnt love big man era
  • doyeon is literally an angel
  • sanghyun and jaemin are lil angels who should always be protected
  • changjae is a wild card. be cautious of him.
  • their showkpop secret boxes are hilarious 
  • appreciate every single of their fans bc they dont have many and theyre incredibly thankful for the ones they have 
  • tey shows his abs a lot
  • they all love each other!!! its so cute
  • did a performance of waiting for you in animal onesies 
  • also had a wake up challenge 
  • theres a song style for everyone bc theyre so versatile 

whos that girl (debut)
waiting for you
do you feel me
big man  (+ dance practice)
dangerous (teys solo)