Anti Season 11

Part 5: Mary Winchester

Here’s something that will definitely be controversial to some people. I don’t think Mary Winchester should have been brought back at the end of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, and we don’t know what they’re going to be doing with her yet, but… I’m worried. More than that, I’m annoyed.

Throughout the entire show, they’ve been missing this mother figure. And that’s become a symbol for them moving on as well. Sam’s never met his mom, he has no memory of her. He’s said before that he “has never experienced a home” like that. All this however, contributes to the characters and the plot.

Bringing Mary back now seems like it will do more harm to the plot than good. The entire dynamic of the show has the potential to change. Suddenly introducing their mother as a character, and I suspect she’ll be prominent (how could she not be?) will change the way that Sam and Dean interact, with each other, with their mom, and there will simply be more conflict.

This was not a good move on the writers’ part—I think they simply wanted the shock factor of suddenly bringing back their mother.

“What will be more exciting than God’s sister?”

“Oh I know, let’s just mess with the whole plot of the show and bring back their mom!”

Feel free to send me messages about this, but be smart about points you bring up. Don’t just send me, “No, you’re wrong.”

Tell me why. I love a good debate, and would love to discuss why or why not you agree. However, keep in mind all the things I say in my Anti Season 11 posts are subject to change, as they are opinion. If I am proved wrong about anything, then I am proved wrong. That’s all there is to it.


So today, I thought I’d try a fun little exercise and take a cartoon from the 1980′s and redesign the characters. I chose the Catillac Cats from “Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats” A show that has the potential to be good, but was a victim of early 1980′s cartoon making.  The characters lacked personality and most of their “traits” were basically TROPES. So I thought I’d have some fun and play with some of the characters personalities along with their designs.

Riff, Cleo, and Mungo are still the same, while Hector and Wordsworth received a major overhaul. 

Let’s start with Hector, in the show he was said to be Riff’s right-hand man who thought he should be the leader. We never saw that at all! So, I would imagine he’d be more of the “sceptic” of the group. Constantly trying to put logic into Riff’s crazy ideas and constantly being shut down. 

and then there’s Wordsworth…. HOO BOY! Now this design choice was based on a crazy misconception I had as a child. Whenever I’d flip the channel and see the Catillac Cats, I would always assume that Wordsworth was a girl. It wouldn’t be until my young adult years that I would soon realize that the show runners were trying to tell the audience something that would get them in hot water by the FCC. So I decided to just let him come out and as an added bonus, I’d give him Cleo’s trademark legwarmers just for kicks. 

But yeah, this was how I spent my Wednesday. 

Imagine if Tormund’s interest in Brienne wasn’t just comic relief.

Imagine if they had an actual conversation about wildling culture and strength and honor and Brienne realizing that someone is genuinely attracted to her off the bat, that ‘Brienne the Beauty’ can be more than a scathing, sarcastic nickname.

Imagine characters having meaningful interactions that lead to character development and fleshed-out personalities and greater understanding.

tbh i wanna feel bad about agent carter being cancelled cos i love hayley, i really do, but season 2 was a mess!!!

they said they would “diversify” the show and added a grand total of ZERO women of colour

they added one black male character who was sidelined and quite literally silenced for the majority of the season

they used “reasons” to ensure he didn’t end up with peggy and made the same boring fucking cis white heterosexual pairing canon

erased peggy/gabe (which is canon in the comics!)

made the whole subplot about peggy’s romantic love triangle and negated doing anything important like showing peggy creating shield or something equally interesting

sidelined angie martinelli when they saw lgbt plus fans were gravitating towards a lesbian pairing

like i have no time for this show and i’m glad it ended

It’s a fallacy to say that RT would not be as popular as it is today without the creation of RWBY and the direction it went. BUT. RWBY brought incredible amounts of sales and devoted fans into the spotlight. 

Monty Oum made a one of a kind show with limitless potential.

And how is he repaid by RT?

By being lied to when they claimed to carry RWBY forward in his name and memory, and having his widow shunned and basically bullied into leaving the area. 

This is how you treat your “beloved” creator? An unrivaled animator and fight choreographer? A central piece to the Rooster Teeth family? 

This is how you repay him!?

Let’s be real here, Faking It was one of those shows that should’ve only been about three seasons long. There’s only so many times you can have Amy fall in and out of love with Karma, and Karma question her friendship with Amy. But no, they had to go and drag the ever living crap out of that show and now we’ll never get to see the ending we deserved. Imagine how great it would’ve been to see Karma truly question her feelings, her sexuality. We’ll never get to see Karma finally realize what it is she actually feels for Amy. We’ll never get to see her tell Amy. Karma would probably struggle to accept it at first but Amy would help her through it, but we’ll never get that. We’ll never get any of that. I’m still grateful to this cast and yes, even to Carter for doing so many firsts on television. I’m just sad at how much potential this show had and how it was wasted in so many ways.

You know what, I’m so fucking pissed off about Faking It. Covington really fucked this up. After Karma’s hidden feelings were hinted at it season 2A, they really should have started moving towards the Karmy romance in season 2B, with Karma doing the ‘Pfft, I don’t really have feelings for Amy…do I?’. But no, we had to rehash the Kiam story. Great.

But even then they could have saved it. Let’s be honest, the ratings for season 2 were not great, Covington had to know they were on shaky ground. The smart thing to do would have been straight out of the gate have a Karmy-centric focused storyline, with Karma exploring what that pool kiss meant. Season 3A could have ended with Karma finally admitting to herself that she had feelings for Amy. Even THAT would have been better closure than what we got.

But no, they had to fuck around with Kiam bullshit AGAIN. We had to rehash all the same stupid worn out storylines AGAIN. I cannot believe that they fucked up some of the best lgbtqi rep on tv because Covington seems to have zero idea what it was his audience actually wanted to see.


i’ve never made a like ‘formal’ commission post haha so i hope this is easy to follow..if you have any questions please feel free to ask 8~)

but yes, commissions are open!!! these are the starting prices, please email me at for inquiries. you can find more examples of my work here  and here. the examples part was just to show some potential ideas of the sorts of things you could get but it is definitely not limited to just those, if you had something else in mind i’m happy to make it happen if possible! 

Showing Potential

One by one 
all my fingers fell off
and flew into my ears,
steered by moths
runnin’ from the law
and brawls they started
on that hood-rat caterpillar
drab color shit.

Escaping their sordid pasts,
it’s easier to be afraid
with some high-grade anxiety
to calcify my brain.

Puppet wires 
pulled by wings 
that seek the fire
‘cause chrysalis dreams
of being butterflies
fucking sting
once they find the light.

Mabastian fanbaiting

This is some fucked up shit, honestly the writers should’ve just let it go. Why shove them in our faces and have him go with her to Scotland when Torrance is leaving the show after season 3 ends. All I know is that they better have some type of closure (believable closure) and it better be fucking epic and I swear to god Bash better NOT die.


After Minho’s solo stage in the Kyocera Dome concert there is no more argument to this fact: he CAN sing! 

Are you listening SM? When are you going to be fair to him? When are you going to give him the opportunity to show his potential as a singer? We’re still waiting.

Fuck unreliable employees

I just hired this girl last week to be an opener at my department store, and last week was her second training week. In order to accommodate her training within our schedule hours, I had to cut some people’s shifts (which I don’t like doing; it’s unfair to my other employees but sometimes that’s my only option). Well she was fitting in really well and showing some great potential, so we were very excited to have her on our team.

This past Saturday, she was scheduled to work the floor and be backup cashier on a midday shift, aka our busiest time on a Saturday. Thirty minutes before her shift, she called and quit because she got promoted to supervisor at her second job at a sandwich shop in her home town (which is great, kudos for the promotion!).

BUT she left us short handed at the busiest time on our busiest day, she wasted those hours I had to take from other employees, and she didn’t give us ample time to cover her shift.

And now I’ve got to rework the next two weeks’ schedules, so my employees will all have completely different shifts than expected.

I don’t like unreliable people ):

Thank you Lexa

No matter the bullshit that may come out of season 4 of the 100, Lexa will be (is) immortalized as the character that really ignited the show and gave the fandom it’s voice, gave teenagers and adults alike all over the world something/someone to believe in. Through her loyalty, determination, and LOVE, she inspired us all. Reshop Heda, yu gonplei ste odon.

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Thoughts on Andalite PR

The Andalites are like the biggest Karma Houdinis of this series. The entire series, of course, it about dealing with Yeerk imperialism, but the Andalites are largely allowed to get away with the colonization of their own. The Yeerks, were, after all, the by-product of an attempted Andalite “uplift” of another species.

Before the Andalites landed on the Yeerk home world, the Yeerks seemed to have been a pretty content species. They are implied to have been the only sentient species on their planet, and co-evolved with the Gedds to form a symbiotic relationship; most Yeerks never left the pool and so while they are very intelligent, they don’t have much ambition and could live their lives without ever wanting more.

Then the Andalites show up. Seerow sees potential in them, and gives them access to technology and knowledge of the stars. Suddenly, the Yeerks want more. But the Andalites will not give them more. They have shown them a world outside their own, and then told them to stay in their pools. And before the Andalites arrived, no Yeerk ever hated their own body. But suddenly this imperialistic species has arrived on their own planet, calling them “parasites” and “filthy slugs” and suddenly having a host is the most desired trait.

We don’t know what circumstances led to Akdor 1154 leading the rebellion to steal Andalite technology and take off, but we have reason to suspect that it wasn’t as clear-cut a “betrayal” as the Andalites made it out to be.

And the lesson the Andalites took from this? Ax says in the #8: The Alien, “Once we were kind when we should not have been kind.” Meaning, they have pretty much learned nothing, except leading to their being even more xenophobic to species not as “advanced” as their own.

Take a look at how they view the Taxxon species. The Taxxons got the short end of the evolutionary straw: at some point in their history, the Taxxons must have faced a time of great starvation, because they have a deeply-ingrained fear of not having enough to eat, so they have insatiable hunger. And that leads to them being cannibals. They ally with the Yeerks on the small chance that the Yeerks might be able to control the hunger, which is very tragic.

But to the Andalites? Elfangor talks about the Taxxons’ “evil instincts,” their “evil bloodlust,” and calls them a “seriously ugly species.” He’s met Taxxons who resisted the Yeerk Empire, Taxxons who wanted to drive the Yeerks out of the Living Hive. And yet when he gives the morphing powers to the Animorphs, while he tells them the Hork-Bajir are a good people, he says “The Taxxons are evil.” And, by far, the Taxxon-Controllers have the biggest body count, by virtue of both the Animorphs showing no resistance to wiping them out, and their skin having the density of rice paper so that even a paperclip could take them down if you were close enough.

And of all the alien species encountered, the Andalites have the most genocides or attempted genocides under their belt:

“Anyway, The Five discovered the Venber and began to trap and export them.”

"Say what?”

“They basically harvested the Venber. It seems that a Venber melts, burns, in any case becomes liquid at temperatures above freezing. And the resulting liquid has many uses. Particularly in the creation of superconductors for the primitive computers of that era.”

"But… But these are sentient creatures, aren’t they?” Cassie asked.

“Yes,” Ax said simply. “They were. The Five extinguished them. They annihilated a sentient

species to speed their computers. The Venber disappeared.”

“That’s sickening,” Cassie said. “That’s just evil.”

“Yes,” Ax agreed. “But if it is any comfort, The Five are no longer in existence, either. Soon after we encountered them for the first time they… well, no one knows for certain what happened to The Five. But Andalites in that era are not the Andalites of today.”

(Animorphs #25: The Extreme)

Now we know nothing about The Five. It’s entirely possible that the whole species was just as bad as those that wiped out the Venber. But then the Andalites have a strong history of casting their enemies in moral absolutist terms (calling all of the Yeerk and Taxxons “evil”). And then, of course, we know that Ax is either lying or mistaken when he says that the Andalites then are not the Andalites of the present day:

This virus was an admission of failure. The Andalites couldn’t save the Hork-Bajir. So rather than let them fall into Yeerk hands, they would annihilate them.

❮l didn’t know,❯ Aldrea said. ❮l didn’t know. This is wrong. This is wrong. They can’t do this.❯

“It makes perfect sense,” I said. “To the brilliant, ruthless mind of an Andalite, it makes perfect sense. They would rather destroy us than have us become tools of the Yeerks.”

❮No!❯ Aldrea cried with more force than I’d ever heard from her. ❮No! That is not how we are. Alloran has lost his mind. The Electorate will never support this. Never!❯

“Maybe not,” I said. “But the Andalite Electorate is not here. Alloran is.”

❮We are not going to let this happen,❯ Aldrea said. ❮We are Andalites. We do not destroy sentient species.❯

(The Hork-Bajir Chronicles)

Despite the Hork-Bajir having served as their allies during the war, the Andalites consider them acceptable collateral damage. And we know Aldrea is wrong: Andalites have destroyed sentient species in the past. We may consider her, like Ax, to be the product of a world that have hidden its less-than-stellar moments from their populace. After all, according to The Andalite Chronicles, it’s revealed that while Alloran was made the scape-goat and ostracized (the Andalite government seems fond of making individuals scapegoats, as they did with Ax for Elfangor’s breaking of Seerow’s Kindness), the majority of Andalites were told that the attempted genocide of the Hork-Bajir through biological warfare was a lie:

A quantum virus is a sort of disease of space-time. You see, it slowly breaks down the force that holds subatomic particles together. It slowly disintegrates whatever it affects. Living creatures affected with a quantum virus find their very molecules breaking down. It can take days, weeks of agony.

That was Alloran’s secret. That was his disgrace. The Yeerks had accused us of using a quantum virus against them. We had denied it. Every Andalite believed it was just another filthy Yeerk lie.

The Andalite military lets the Yeerks take the fall for the genocide of the Hork-Bajir and keeps their citizens in the dark about their actions. It’s to the Andalite home world’s benefit to let their citizens and soldiers believe that the Yeerks are lying about their own actions because it would keep them motivated and keep them from questioning their orders.

And lest we think that Alloran was just the only Andalite to find this mode of warfare acceptable:

“We have to stop Arbat and we need fire-power,” I said.

“Why? To save these filthy Yeerks? Look what they do. Look at what they are! They are going to do that to us, Aximili! They will drag us down that pier, they will force us … NO! Kill them all!”

"Estrid, you said the virus may mutate. You said it might affect humans as well.”

"Might. Maybe. But maybe I fixed it. Maybe my last adjustments eliminated the random flux. I do not care! They are not our people. I am not going to let the filthy slugs do that to me!”

(Animorphs #38: The Arrival)

Estrid and Arbat were sent on a covert mission from the Andalite high council to wipe out the Yeerks with a virus - and if humans were caught in the cross-fire, well sucks to be them. And apparently that policy was so nice, they attempted it twice:

❮The high command has met and made their decision. If the Yeerks are indeed concentrating on the planet Earth, we must allow their plan to continue. Once the bulk of the Yeerk race has been transported, the planet can be quarantined.❯


A polite word for consigning the human race to a life of slavery under the Yeerks.

❮Once the planet is quarantined,❯ War Prince Jaham continued, ❮we will be in a position to negotiate. We will mediate a peaceful symbiosis between humans and Yeerks.❯

I wondered if this was an accurate description of the Andalite high command’s intention.

Quarantine. Quarantine. Quarantine.

It was just a way of saying what could not be said over any channel of communication, no matter how secure. Because it was something that could not even be said in the chambers of the high command.

The stated goal would be to quarantine. The orders would say to quarantine.

But what everyone would understand is that a quarantine would be impossible to sustain.

To enforce a quarantine, the Andalite fleet would be forced to engage.

And once they engaged, they would annihilate the planet and every living thing on it. Yeerk and human.

Quarantine was the first step toward genocide.

(Animorphs #52: The Sacrifice)

But at the end of the series? We’re BFFs with the Andalites, despite that even tho the Yeerks treated us like cattle, they never tried to wipe us out. No Taxxon ever committed genocide, but because they’re ugly and have a evolutionary trait that’s undesirable, they’re made into nothlits, and dumped in the rainforest to be forgotten. Humanity’s enemies deserved punishment, but the Andalites, being our allies, pretty much get off scott free.

To be honest

I think Brett and Luke have amazing chemistry, enough to have their own show, that last scene with them was so heartbreaking and their acting was beautiful. The writers really missed out on a great chance to have these two work together on the show. I’m a diehard skyeward shipper but not everything has to be about romance in shows. Wasted storylines and potential for these two characters, all at the hands of terrible writing.

I say Brett and Luke get there own show, being like rogue superheroes and Chloe/daisy joins them!!! And they can all be happy!

Assignment 1 of Boss 101
Student is to Punch the Like Button to show their potential of becoming a boss. Their grade will be dependent on the damage of the button and the effort put into their punch.
F = No damage on button/No effort in punch
D = No damage on button/little effort in punch
C = Slightly damaged/shown effort put into punch
B = Damaged/shown shown effort into punch
A = Button is completely shattered/show alot of effort into punch
Note: There is a grade higher than A that not many reach it is grade S which is when the button has completely disintegrated with little effort.