showing them a camera

BTS Sightings in Chicago:

  • Taehyung and Namjoon were spotted at the Chicago Art Institute (Tae was wearing his glasses and looked all scholarly lol)
  • All of them were seen shopping at a mall
  • Jimin, Jin, Hoseok and Tae were taking pictures and videos with selfie sticks.
  • There was also filming going on which fans in NY said was for a show based on what the camera crew told them at the concert

The best part is that none of the fans are disturbing them or sharing their specific location.

simon rants to luke (dad figure) about raphael so i’m gonna go out a limb here and say magnus knows entirely too much about simon


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 

what NOT to do when your friend / partner is experiencing paranoia:

  • tell them to “get over it”
  • call them or their fear stupid/childish etc.
  • get annoyed in any way
  • ignore them
  • insist everything is fine

what TO DO when your friend / partner is experiencing paranoia:

  • let them know you are there for them / you aren’t leaving
  • if they’re inside, lock all the doors and windows possible, show them everything is locked
  • if they are having camera paranoia help them to “cover” cameras
  • keep them talking or distract them with other stimulation
  • tell them GENTLY and CALMLY that they are safe and protected
all to myself: vlog 4

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

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u cant take bts Anywhere at any given moment during an award show the camera will pan over to them while everyone else is smiling and clapping and theyre dancing like goofs or the tables flipped over or jungkooks recording taehyung try to snort a line of the complimentary sugar on the table

I would LOVE to see the end of the season one to finish with Betty and Jughead kissing (it was hard for me to write this) and then we see Kevin, Archie and Veronica watching them, Archie is happy for Betty but the camera show Kevin frowning because he’s watching Veronica who is tearing up and looking away 



You tamed this place once, despite what anyone may say of you. And I desire your council, despite what anyone may say of you. So let us move forward, despite what anyone, whether from your world or from mine, may say of you.

Woodes Rogers / Eleanor Guthrie [x]

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it could be sana seeing even and isak from her pov, sana seeing the balloons given to her friends, seeing mahdi, magnus and each person from sana's pov. still not certain what her 'shame' could be but these scenes would work both as a trailer and as an episode


EXACTLY!!! Like, how many times in the past have we seen the camera focus on other people trying to show them from the main’s eyes? It’s happened so many time, and it could still be that! 

One day soon I really hope VIXX members get to take real vacations with either each other, their families, friends, or even alone, without a camera crew. This show gave them more of a taste what it’s like to travel freely, but now I think it’s time they get to actually experience it. 

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You know what I just realized? Teen wolf has wolves (obviously) that the show needs at various points, and of course these are probably trained for the specific purpose of being in the media industry and now all I can think about is Derek Hale, wolf trainer extraordinaire, working on a movie with some punk actor Stiles Stilinski who is just /ecstatic/ over the wolves and "oh my god, these are majestic creatures, not puppies, stop trying to pet them! They can literally eat you!"

Well, here’s my attempt at wolf trainer!Derek and actor!Stiles. Hope it’s okay!

Also I know very little about wolves, so even though they’re captive and semi-domesticated, their behavior is probably completely inaccurate in this fic. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a whole lot of info about wolf training… other than that it’s hard…

My few sources: interview, interview, video

Derek loves his job. 

Well, mostly.

He loves his wolves. He loves spending every waking moment with them, working with them as they put on a show for the camera, calming them when they get too excited by the energy of the new people and surroundings. They’re not gentle by any means – not even truly domesticated – but Derek’s grown up with the wolves as much as they’ve grown up with him. He understands them.

Humans, on the other hand, he has no clue about.

“Oh my god, can I – ?” a voice exclaims, and Derek’s eyes widen and focus in on the hand rapidly approaching Kita, the youngest of Derek’s wolves. He reacts on instinct, slapping away the hand before it can connect with Kita’s soft fur. Kita thumps her tail against the floor, oblivious.

“Don’t. Touch,” Derek growls, finally tearing his eyes away from Kita when he’s satisfied that she hasn’t been disturbed. “They’re not – ”

The words get caught in Derek’s throat as he looks up to meet pretty, whiskey-brown eyes laid in an equally pretty face, skin dotted with beauty spots. He finds his eyes straying down to peek at the man’s soft, pink lips, before quickly tearing his eyes away to focus on the ground.

It’s not like he didn’t know that award winning actor Stiles Stilinski is the star of the film he’s working on, but somehow he didn’t quite prepare himself for the reality of it.

“Shit, sorry,” Stiles says, and Derek tries not to think about how even his voice is flawless, a little deeper than Derek expected with just a hint of roughness to it.

“They’re not pets,” Derek blurts out, which, fuck, definitely isn’t the sort of first impression he wants to make.

“Yeah, no, sorry, you’re totally right,” Stiles replies, his cheeks pinking up. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Just,” Derek stutters awkwardly. “Don’t do it again.”

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in the first picture they just ‘hugged’ and pulled back a few inches, then they smiled at each other in second picture, and really hugged in the third… but… but what if they kissed? Victor pulled back a few inches, and was pulling back when the camera angle moved to show them where the first picture has them at, what if those few inches was how far he had to move to kiss Yuuri?
We already had one, maybe this is the second?