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can we talk about that little moment between rosa and holt at the end of 5x10 because these are two characters who dont like to talk about emotions and even more do not like to be touched. rose and holt only been hugged maybe once or twice in the show, never initiated by them and they never reciprocate hugs when given, even more so with holt. yet holt is the one to go in for a hug with rosa. and its not a distant formal awkward hug. he leans down to her level and rosa, miss “get your hands off me if you want to keep them”, immediately wraps her arms around holt and i am not ok people.this is one of the most touching moments in the series


honestly this line is so important like so many people say being bi or pan isn’t real and it’s like how can you say that when there’s literally this entire group of people who identify with it?

like you don’t get to say someones identity isn’t real and i feel like this line really cemented the message the show was trying to send that people’s identities aren’t something up for debate 

All I’m gonna say on the matter is Harry is not solely to blame for that nasty joke. When it comes down to it he’s at the center of a shitstorm the writers created and have created in the past. No, he shouldn’t have said it, and I’m not painting him as a golden boy or claiming he didn’t do anything wrong. But the fandom holds him to such a high fucking standard that on more than one occasion, he’s been thrown to the wolves no matter what he does. We’ve got to stop treating H like he should never, ever be allowed to make a mistake, because he’s not some golden boy. He’s human. You can’t tell me none of you have ever said something stupid and wished you could take it back the second it happened. The difference is none of us have a sea of people picking apart our every move and berating us when we misstep. Please do me a favor and take that into account. 

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