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[Korean Love Shrekmon Q&A Interview] 151224

Q: Do you Have any plans for Christmas?

Rapmon: Yes actually, unfortunately Shreks mother passed away around this time last year, so in honour of her we will be going to spend Christmas with Shreks family at their swamp in Norway. 

Shrek: I’m really excited to spend time with my family and I’m very happy Joonie is coming with me for support. I can’t wait to submerge myself in nasty bubbling shit gloop, it’s something I miss when I’m in Korea.

Q: I hope you both have a lovely Christmas in Norway, so this means the relationship has been good in 2015?

Shrek: Our relationship was a bit rocky at the start of the year because of the four months I was in Norway following my mothers death. During that time it was stressful being apart but our love never wavered. Sneaky midnight skype sessions helped with that. (Shrek winks at Rapmon)

Rapmon: During that time I missed him greatly, video chatting kept me positive as I counted down the days before I could touch his supple, scaly flesh once more. Since then our love just continues to grow.

Q: What about when Rapmon is busy with promotions like the current Run promotions? That must put some stress on the relationship.

Shrek: It does get lonely at times when all I can do is watch him on tv in the apartment with the rest of U-KISS, but I am friends with all of BTS so if my schedule allows it I like to come backstage at promotion shows to support Joonie and the boys. 

Q: We also understand there was a bit of backstage drama recently as a coordi Noona posted a photo on Instagram of what looked like you two kissing, this is very inappropriate for idols. Can you explain this?

Rapmon: We don’t know what picture you are talking about, sorry. I feel like humans have come to a point where we just believe everything we see on the internet and I’m honestly thinking of following the path of Jaden Smith.


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Your English is actually perfect!! and omg I’m The Oracle this is the best thing ;_; Thank you so much!!! ♥ You and your friends totally made my day. Goodluck with your PhD and thank you so much for the love and support for Bangtan. Have a nice day!!!!

Joonie will show you how I feel!!