showing off my girl

Giving up on a show once they kill off your fav and realizing it wasn’t that great of a show and you only liked it for one reason


ATTENTION: this is the cutest girl in the world

Tbh I just want a girl who’s down for anything. I want her to hold my hand in the car and let me taking cute candids of her even when she thinks she looks bad but she looks beautiful. I wanna bring her flowers on random tuesdays and coffee in between classes or on her break at work. Someone I can call at midnight and say “hey I’m outside let’s go on an adventure”. A girl who will shove pizza down with me in under ten minutes and who won’t get annoyed with me when I text her 28 times while she’s napping because I miss her. I just want someone to be completely in awe with, someone I can show off to the world and be like “yes, this is my girl and she’s the cutest damn thing around”.


@booksociety’s fantasy by authors of color event ✧·゚─ girls of paper and fire; natasha ngan

Wren shakes her head, still fixing me with that bold, defiant gaze. “Is it what you want?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

Her expression is fierce. “It’s the only thing that matters.”

‘Netflix original’ is such a loose term lmao. Half the shows they plug as originals were made by and broadcast on national channels all around the world, then netflix slap their name on it and get all the praise.

sometimes you just gotta indulge yourself with some modern buffstrid

College AU. Dick Grayson.

- You’re finally in college! a breath of fresh air from high school.

- If only this college thing wasn’t so damn expensive.

- Economy textbook, 200$? no fucking way.

- Being the resourceful woman you are, you decided to skip buying that one. it seems hilarious to you that an economy textbook, costs two fucking hundred dollars

- So you do what any other broke college kid does, go to the library and find the copy of that damned book since you needed it for an assignment.

- You ask the librarian where could you find it and since she wasn’t very helpful, you look everywhere for it in the gigantic library. Once you do find it, it’s in the hands of another guy.

- no no no no, he is not taking it.

- ‘um is that the economy text book?’ you ask tapping his shoulder and he smiles brightly.

- ‘yeah, i have been looking everywhere for it’ he replies and you huff.

- ‘funny, me too. is there another copy?.’

- ‘nope, this is the only one. And i think it can’t leave the library’ 

- hell

-  ‘are u kidding me?’

- ‘you didn’t buy this expensive textbook either, i assume.’

- you nod and huff.

- ‘that’s it i’m failing that class’ 

- you turn around and he calls out at you.

- ‘um we could share if you want?’ 

- so you do that, and at first is like very awkward to share the book with that handsome stranger but he soon makes small talk to you.

- ‘i’m dick grayson’

- of-fucking-course he had to be dick grayson.

- yep the dick grayson the girls in your English class wouldn’t stop babbling about.

- the dick grayson, proclaimed the nicest freshman of your college. The guy knew everybody, and had the best ass (overheard that from the girls that were babbling about him)

- ‘i’m y/n’

- ‘weird, i had never seen you around before’

- and how could you possibly explain to him that you rarely get out of your dorm room.

- you shrug it off and continue your work.

- and it goes on for a couple of months, you grown fond of him, though you rarely see him outside of the library. and when you do, he feverishly waves at you and shouts ‘hey y/n!.’ always making you flustered since everyone glances at you.

- he finds that cute.

- and you find it cute whenever he does that.

- ‘i truly don’t understand none of this economy nonesense’ you say one night at the library, he chuckles.

- ‘does anybody?.’

- you develop a crush on him.

- he developes a crush on you.

- both of you are too oblivious to this.

- until one night, when you are finishing up another assignment you catch him staring at your lips.

- you think fuck it and kiss him.

- he kisses back happily.

- aaaand it turns into a make out session.

- the librarian kicks you two out and you two laugh all the way out of the library.

- ‘i never thought i would get kicked out of the library’

- ‘i did, 1# kink is making out in a library’ he blurts out and you laugh harder.

- and you soon become the most hated girl in your college because you were dating the dick grayson.

- and he often likes to show you off.

- ‘my girl is the smartest’

- ‘and the cutest’

- ‘though she doesn’t understand economy at all’

- after you find out that dick grayson is the adopted son of billionaire bruce wayne:


- ‘if i had bought it i wouldn’t have met you. so be grateful i was way too lazy to ask bruce for 200$ dollars’


What are you doing now?