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“I love her. I love Laura. Every word out of her mouth, every move she makes. I just… I love talking to her, you know. Just listening to her. I know it’s a joke. Cliché. 50-year-old married man in love with a 30-year-old. But I want to be with her. And I don’t care what it means and I don’t care what it costs. I don’t care. I love her.”


“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”

Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

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Maybe my age is showing a bit here but every time I hear furby Tumblr saying an older model of furby is expensive or hard to find, (and then I find like 10 on the first page of eBay for under 40 dollars, sometimes in lots of multiple furbs,) I’m just like…


Back in their day, snipers used to come in and buy every single one off the shelf, and then you’d be lucky to find one on eBay for under 300 dollars that didn’t sell immediately. They were impossible to find and irresponsibly expensive.

And, heck, compare this to any other vintage collectible? They’re plentiful and cheap. Tbh, a KC furby goes for less than the website price for an in-production resin figure I’m buying in a few months. There are comics that cost thousands of dollars in terrible condition, and like…

I’m glad vintage furbies sell for the prices they do. I think a little perspective could be useful here. In the world of vintage collectibles, a set of toys from 1998 that will run you between $7 and $500 depending on model, and average out around $30? Kind of a steal. Late November 1998 you couldn’t find one for under 700.

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I agree with a lot of the criticism you have on emmerdale, especially with the ways they are telling a story. But just because I like positivity and I think we can all use some: what is something you do like about emmerdale?

I love the way you’ve asked this question!! I am not the most positive person in the world, but I’ll give it a go.

One thing that I think is a huge strength of Emmerdale comparatively to other soaps is their kids. They really consider their child actors, and they use them so well. Arthur in particular is a little star, as is April and pretty much every kid Emmerdale use. I always thought it was a strength of ED right from when Belle was a kid (showing my age here). Kyle is the only one who’s a bit meh, but I imagine he’ll be recast in the near future.

Actor chemistry is also a usual strength of Emmerdale. I don’t even mean in just romantic relationships, but family ones too. The chemistry between most actors and families works really well. It makes the lack of chemistry very, very noticeable when some people who were thrown together (Pete and Priya, Rebecca and Robert) just doesn’t work. But by and large, this is a good strength of Emmerdale.

The comedic moments. Faith and Lydia in particular are brilliant and such assets. I hope we keep both for a very long time.

The way they do use the countryside. It isn’t as often as I’d like, but when they do use the countryside / photographic scenery well I really enjoy that. It’s something other UK soaps can’t use because of their settings.

Some reveals / reactions. We don’t get as many as I’d like (but this predates Iain to be fair, robron’s affair got so little reaction outside Chrissie) but when we do get “reveal” episodes or reaction scenes they tend to be very good. Even Priya / Leyla which I had little emotional interest in, I enjoyed that reveal. 

And at the moment, that’s all the positivity I have! Thanks for asking!! 


THE GREEN BEACON: A Remix of "I'm Everywhere"
THE GREEN BEACON: A Remix of "I'm Everywhere"

Or, as I would rather call it:

But seriously thanks to @solarsnivysama for taking the time to create the most glorious picture of Jack I’ve ever seen I mean look at this gold. B’)

And SERIOUSLY seriously…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK! You were born! And you’re 26 now! …. man…. 26…. time flies, bro. But you know what? You haven’t aged a bit at heart! To show you my thanks, I would like you to have some SWEET JAMS! Well, are they sweet? For you to judge I guess. ;U;

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