Yall, can we stop acting like if folks are full time performers that it’s not enough? Or that it’s not real? Or that’s it’s all a party? Or that it’s not a career unless you are a producer, and a costume designer, or a studio owner? Or that it’s not WORK? Hard work???

Because when I’m on the Greyhound bus for 8 hours to get to a gig- that’s work.

Getting ready to GO to work? Guess what? That’s work.

Trekking my suitcases across town on the CTA? That’s work.

Dancing, singing, and hosting in a show? That’s work.

Oh what’s that? A crowd full of bachelorettes and bro-dude hecklers? Looks like I better get to WORK.

Spending at least 5-6 hours a day glued to the computer for admin? That’s work.

Oh it just looks like I’m on Facebook? Well, I made two event invites. Updated my Jeez Loueez fan page, updated my Juke Joint fan page, promoted myself on my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Promoted Jeezy’s Juke Joint on Intsagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Updated my website, updated the JJJ website, set up workshops in Chicago, St. Louis, and beyond. And it was work.

But first I had to respond to several booking inquiries, send OUT booking inquiries, book plane tickets for myself, update my show calendar, approve photo edits, and make a new photo album. That’s work.

Damn, looks like I need some new promotional photos. Better get to WORK and book a photographer, find a space, get in hair and makeup and costume, pose for two hours, approve the edits, get an online store set up, and print them and mail them out. Hmm. Sounds like work.

Well, now that I have some time leftover I guess I can start rhinestoning this costume, rent a rehearsal studio, create choreography, and edit music. Yep, STILL doing work.

But ya know, we’re just over here frolicking around in our panties asking for money.


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