More sketches of my version of Black Jack / Fearling Jack / Whatever You Call Jack Possessed By Pitch’s Shadows. Just messing around with poses and movement because my art tends to be very stiff.

His movement’s are more exaggerated than normal Jack. I think of his body moving much like a jester, meaning to entertain and put on a show.

He also wears an unnatural cheshire grin most of the time, except when he gets angry or frustrated, then he get’s an exaggerated rage face going on. Think distorted features.

His staff is covered in sharp ice, like a showflake, and he can maybe put an ice blade on the end to make a scythe? Not sure on the scythe thing though.

Where Pitch’s shadows are nightmarish men, Jack’s are tiny mischief monsters. Because Jack is/was about fun, so those shadows are a testament to that nature only in twisted forms.

The lower arms are black for a very good reason. ;3

All that showflake nonsense is my new favorite example and at the same time the new low for, especially, US and British media.

So, on the one hand we have two hours of incredibly well-thought and prepared pure artistic awesomeness, while on the other hand we have some minor glitch in timing of the snowflakes transforming into the rings, which took, like, couple of seconds to fix. Guess what have made it into the news?

External image

This is EXACTLY how my country is represented in the English-speaking media. Any time, any day. THIS is the goddamn problem. Bad news are the ONLY sort of news foreign audience is interested in. Everyone is just craving for us to fail.

And that disgusts me so much.