The length of a spoonie shower is not determined by how long it takes to wash your hair or shave your legs, nor by how long you want to relax in the hot water.

The length of a spoonie shower is determined by how long you can stand up without dying.

I felt like giving the pokevariations a try and do something of my own, but ended up with this. So there’s a classic blue vaporeon and a Quagsire marble. The eevees are a shiny classic(starting to change its fur into more…vaporeonish) and a black marble which will evolve to a Quagsire marble. These are fresh water variants so maybe more will follow.

How I take showers

1. Grab phone and awesome speaker that cost way too much money

2. Enter bathroom

3. Turn off lights

4. Plug in phone, turn speaker on blast, and put the light show setting to “beat” and let ‘er rip

5. go fucking crazy

If you do not have the tools to create such a fantastic and relaxing shower, there are alternatives.  If you do not own a speaker, or device containing music, or a light-show, get a fun relative or loving friend and have them flick flashlights on and off as they bellow out lyrics to your favorite songs.