Day (606) 417 ROUND TWO - Showers | シャワーズ | Vaporeon

Eeveelution Party 05 / 09

Petting a Showers shows that it is semi-solid. It can control water, become water and melt into a water puddle. This is because its cells have a thicker cell membrane, and can send a signal from its brain to all cells at once to loosen the structure. Showers can use osmosis to purify water and become bigger. It truly is a unique evolution of Eevee that shows its unstable DNA.

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I think to myself, “If you had loved me, you would have stayed.”

He thinks to himself, “If you had loved me, you would have wanted me to be happy.”

—  Impasse // lily rose.

aave asked:

I have sliding glass doors on both showers in my home. Which is cool, since that means no more moldy shower curtains, but that also means dealing with water stains on two sides of one clear door (x2 since there are two for each shower). I've read about cleaning one side horizontally and the other vertically, but do you have advice for removing water stains from glass, and for getting rid of that black/pinkish mold that likes to grow in the seams between the glass doors and the tub?

Vinegar! Vinegar is awesome for water stains, AND it’ll help keep both mold and the pink stuff (which is actually bacteria, not mold) at bay. Prevention is key here. Have a towel designated just for the shower and wipe down the doors after each shower. Spraying the doors with a vinegar solution (I’m a fan of half hot water, half vinegar, and a glug of dish soap, all mixed up in a spray bottle) will combat water stains and soap scum.

You can also use a 1:10 bleach:water solution to deal with any existing mold or bacteria issues, but keep in mind that you should never mix bleach with anything but water (especially ammonia-based products or peroxide, but anything else, really), and bleach needs to be diluted! Even labs don’t use straight bleach!

i dont understand people who take like 5 minute showers

for me, a shower is like a fucking ritualistic experience with a goddamn checklist:

  • get in shower at a temperature somewhere between pleasant and scalding
  • warm up
  • then hair
  • so long with the hair
  • get frustrated at hair
  • rinse hair
  • cry
  • lather up with good smelling shit
  • enjoy that aroma therapy for a bit
  • shower!yoga and razors
  • ponder universe for minimum of five minutes
  • have existential crisis on floor of shower
  • stare at steam until shapes appear
  • (optional) sing
  • done

i cant do that shit in five minutes