The Zodiac Signs + Pampering Themselves

Takes an hour-long shower: Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius

Has a movie marathon: Aries, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra

Goes out to eat: Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer

How I imagine the Chocobros showering at hotels.

I have this wild imagination when I’m waiting for doctors and usually it involves the poor Chocobros.

Like showering.

Whenever they stop somewhere that is an actual hotel room with a shower everyone scrambles out of the car as fast as possible to try and secure their spot in the shower first.

Sabotaging each other to try and vie for first place.

I can actually envision Noctis tying Gladios shoe laces together while he’s asleep in the back so he has a better chance, while Prompto just vaults out of the car and to the hotel room without even to bother opening the door. Unless its raining.  Even then, Ignis has had to enforce the rule of NO OPENING THE DOORS WHILE THE CAR IS IN MOTION!! because of Prompto actually bolting while the car is still in motion.

Gladio just ties Promptos and Noctis’ shirt tails together while Noct is paying for the room and then makes for the inside of the hotel room.

Ignis meanwhile does a quieter way of getting into the shower first. He hides the boys hair supplies and while they argue over who stole their stuff, he slips in quietly and gets into the shower first.

As to what kind of showers they take-

Ignis is the one who makes sure every square inch of him is properly washed and groomed.  He’s the one who also makes sure the shower is spotless before he even climbs into it. No stray hairs or other things the boys may have left behind.  He takes the kind of attention to detail that a sterile room would envy.

Gladio is the sings in the shower kind of guy. But the bad at the singing part. But he doesn’t care. He throws on some tunes on his phone and just goes to town lathering up those rippling pecs. He also makes sure his hair is shiny clean and romance novel cover ready.  Gladio is the guy who can destroy a shower with all the grime and dirt that seems to accumulate in his hair.

Prompto is the hop in, hop out and prays to the Six nobody catches him naked. Because he’s ridiculously shy about his body. He’s also the one who will stand under the shower head and day dream until someone scares the crap out of him  yelling for him to hurry up. By this time the water is cold and the next person is going to be pissed off. He’s the kind who throws 2 in 1 shampoo into his hair, rinses quickly, makes sure he’s relatively clean and then dresses as quickly as possible before anyone can bust down the door and yell at him.

Noctis is the guy who doesn’t take showers. He takes baths. Long and often times scorching hot baths. Where he falls asleep and ends up having some of the best sleep he ever gets. When he does finally wake up enough to wash his hair, his bros are worried he’s drowned and Gladio is ready to bust down the door while Prompto offers to do mouth to mouth because he learned it in high school.

In the end though they’re all clean and the reason they play Kings Knight is not because it’s a fun game for the four, but that’s the real battle for who gets the beds after bath time.