“I Am Majestic” Bath Ritual

  • Lavender buds
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Lush’s Rose Jam shower gel, inscribing @sigils-in-your-area‘s “I am majestic” sigil
  • Lush’s Brightside bubble bar - SMALL AMOUNT! A little goes a long way!
  • Handful of oats
  • 16oz of almond milk
  • Assorted flowers
  • Half dozen roses - use 3 for petals and toss 3 whole heads in
  • Medium sliced orange
  • Small sliced lemon
  • White candles

Layer ingredients as listed above, running the bath water after you have added the oats. As it fills, feel free to mix in the milk. Be sure to stir the water with your hands as the water rises, gently whispering your intent. You may also light your candles as you wait and be sure to exercise fire safety! 

This bath is one of self care and love. Speak softly and kindly phrases such as “I am powerful” and “I am knowledgeable” when stirring - we want it to be brimming with lovely positivity! Once the tub is full, shut off the water and add your flowers and fruit. 

Whilst in the tub, visualize any negative thoughts or energies being washed away. Deeply inhale the lovely fruity, floral scents around you. Think of yourself as royalty! You deserve this luxurious soak!

Remain in the tub for as little or long as you see fit. I stayed in until the water got chilly!

After your soak, be sure to drain the tub carefully - little bits like lavender buds and oats can clog your bath. 

And that’s it, loves! You took a bath worthy of the majestic creature you are!

Note: You may use as many or as little of these ingredients as you like, or substitute if need be - whatever you need to make YOU feel great!

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 Anon prompt: “Hi! All hail Jughead Jones. I’m in love. Anyway, could you write something where the reader is really close to Archiekins and Juggie asks Arch about how to get close to the reader? Thanks xxx”

A/N: I sure can! All hail Jughead P Jones!!

Jughead slumps down onto one of the library couches across from me, I smile stupidly at him.

“Mister Jones.” I say.

“Hey, Y//N.” He smiles at me.

Hands reach down around, fingers clawing at my sides enticing laughter from me as the unknown culprit tickles me.

“Archibald Andrews! If that’s you I swear I’ll end your existence!” I manage between laughs.

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okay but paradise is actually such a bop, like every nct song is but i just really love paradise n i feel like it’s not appreciated enough, like damn my boy mark sang followed by the legend lee donghyuck with that beaut lil vocal riff

White Knight // Stiles

Summary: The reader has an encounter with someone that made you scared, anxious and dirty since the day you first saw him. You’re haunted by the memories and the guilt of not telling Stiles but what happens when in daylight that man comes back? With the discovery of the event by Stiles and Scott how will the situation go?

Characters: Stiles x Reader, Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall

Words: 1958

Disclaimer: We do not own Teen Wolf or the characters that appear in this.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, mention of rape (not detailed), angry Sheriff, angst, and fluff

Author(s): Caitsy and Ash

Requested: Yes by anon.

Tagging: At the end. Ask to be added or removed from any lists.

A/N: We both decided we weren’t able to do this request justice alone due to the graphic content of rape. We both agree to write it together and make is so the rape was in the past and not detailed at all. PLEASE REQUEST FOR FICS

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*Four Years Ago*

The night was colder than usual for the end of summer time. It was the last night before Freshmen year started and you were terrified. It was the first year of high school and you were walking from one of your friends houses, it was Beacon Hills. The crime rate was low so you were trusted to walk the short distance home.

You stopped looking back feeling the hairs on your skin stand up. You shook it off before continuing the distance home. You were humming trying to keep your mind occupied when you felt that eerie feeling again. You turned seeing a shadow moving but you once more brushed it off.

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You Don’t Do That!

Reader: 18+

You were currently in the shower, Jamming out to your favourite song before going to your brothers to Massachusetts for a hunt. Cas has been AWOL, Not answering any prayers you three threw his way, So you stopped waiting for an answer months ago.

You turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around you; Turning off your music before you walked to your room, Your wet feet colliding with the smooth floor, Feet marks following behind you.

Once inside your room, You made your way to your drawer; Picking out a pair of panties before dropping your towel and drying the remaining damp skin. You slid on your panties, About to pick out a bra before a deep voice stopped you.

“So (Y/n), What did come first? The chicken or the egg?”

You whipped around, Shrieking while covering your bare chest.

“Get out! Out!!” You threw the towel, But he dodged and knocked over your lamp, Causing it to shatter.

“(Y/n)!? What’s wrong!? Your brothers knocked, But eneded up barging in.

“Cas?! What the hell-?!”

Your brothers eyes land on you, Half naked. 

“What the hell Cas?!”

“I was just asking (Y/n)-”

“You don’t just appear in peoples rooms Cas! Especially when (Y/n) is half naked!!” Your brothers covered Cas’s eyes, And dragged him out.


Once clothed and ready, You walked out of your room, Going to get your broom to clean up the shattered lamp.

You go into the kitchen, Your brothers whispering to Cas before laying their eyes on you.

“Cas has something to say (Y/n)” Sam stands up, Pushing Cas in front of you.

“I apologize (Y/n). It was unkind of me to appear in your room like that. I promise it will not happen again.”

“And??” Dean tries to coax him further.

“And- And I’ll clean up the mess and buy you another lamp.” Cas gives you puppy eyes and you sigh.

“It’s okay. Here.” You hand him to broom and dustpan, Watching as he takes it and walks toward your room.

“You sure you’re okay (N/n)?”

“I’m fine Dean. It’s not like he saw me fully naked. It was an accident.”

“He saw you half naked” Sam adds, And you roll your eyes.

“It’s fine Samuel. So when are we leaving?”

“20 minutes tops. So go pack up.”

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Anonymous said:
Make them raw us. Again :)

a/n: also i was in the shower jamming to a song so i mean I’m killing two birds w/ one stone :)

Much Love!


I sat on the couch, giggling with the rest of the boys to a dumb game of truth or dare. “So Y/N, truth or dare?” Calum chuckled, taking a sip of his third beer. “Truth.” I squeaked. “Have you ever given a lap dance to anyone?” He asked me. “Uhh, no I have not..” I said, looking down. They all stared at me like it was a lie, but it wasn’t.

“Okay, so you’re telling me, our princess of a girl, has never even given a lap dance to anyone?” Ashton said, resting his chin on his fingers. I nodded my head, sipping my water as they all looked at me. “Is it a big deal? I mean I’m not the type to tease.” I said, smiling a little. Luke scoffed, “I highly doubt that princess.” I was taken back a little, “You calling me on my bluff, daddy?”

They all shifted, looking at each other like they were reading each others minds. “Alright, since you think you are not a tease, prove it.” They challenged. “Fine, I will.” I stood up, determined to prove them wrong. “Do you have a song request?” Michael asked, connecting his phone to the speaker. “You know what it is.” I winked.

Each of the boys sat on the couch while I got “prepared.” I quickly rid of my shirt and shorts, leaving me in my matching lace set. The music started playing and I straddled Luke’s lap, first. My hips rolled into his as he grasped my waist. I ran my hands down his chest and thighs, without touch his growing bulge. I could hear the three other boys groan as my body moved against Luke’s. I licked up his neck, whispering in his ear.

I moved to the next boy, Calum who looked like he was aching for some attention. My backside was to his front as my bum grazed his clothed cock. I turned around, biting my lip looking him in the eyes, something that I know will get him weak. I grabbed his shirt, twisting it in my hands as my tongue ran along his bottom mouth, but quickly pulled back when he tried to grab my face.

When I got to Ashton looked like he was ready to pounce. “You still think I’m a tease, daddy.” I giggled, running my hands on his exposed collar bones. I kissed down his neck, biting every now and then. Ashton’s hands squeezed my hips, making me jolt. “Princess, you were always a tease we were just testing you.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes, lightly hitting his chest.

Now Michael, had lust filled in his eyes, wanting only me. “Fuck, I knew you were a tease when you started with Luke. I’m not dealing with this.” He picked me up by my hips, laying me on the black futon. “God, such a fucking tease, I think she deserves a punishment.” Calum smirks. I turn, my bum exposed to them. “Good girl.” he commented. “Now guys, shall we go for 5 each?” he asked the other.

Two hands grabbed my panties and pulling them down to my knees. Seconds later, a slap, harsher than the first one came down on my left cheek and I cried out, my eyes shutting down as I took in the pain. “Will you count for me princess?” Ashton asked, so I knew who was doing it.

“One” I simply said, waiting for the next four. His hand came down alternatively on my right and left cheek, spreading the pain all over my ass. After l took in the 5 slaps, the weight shifted and a hand massaged my bum for a while before coming down on me again. It was Michael’s turn and I was trying my best not to scream.

It was then Luke’s turn and as he started to spank me, I let out a loud scream, not being able to hold it back anymore, it was just too much. “No one can hear you princess, it’s just us.” He teased before giving me 4 other harsh slaps. “Calum, I can’t it’s too much.” I begged. His finger ran over my slit, making me shutter. “Your body says otherwise baby girl.” He says before slapping my ass again. “And that was for the wrong name.” He chuckled.

I whined, looking over my shoulder, only to get my hair grabbed and turned back around. “You know the rules,” Michael growled. I was flipped around, exposed to the boys while they looked me up and down. I bite on my finger, lightly sucking on it looking right into Luke’s eyes, but it was soon ripped out of my mouth. “You’re just asking for it princess, aren’t you.” Ashton mocked.

Daddy, let me have a taste. I’ve been such a good girl, please.” I batted my eyes.  Luke shook his head, “You think you should get a taste, when you just teased the fuck out of us, princess?” I sat on my knees, placing my palms on my thighs, like how they taught me, and pouted. “Fuck, I can’t. I’ll let her have a taste.” Calum moaned.

I smiled to myself, having them wrapped around my finger, they always caved in. I let my hands work on his belt buckle while I licked my lips, begging for a taste. Calum’s sweats were finally off his cock imprinted on his boxers aching to burst. My tongue ran on his shaft, slowly taking in his tip. They always told me to never rush, so I took my sweet time. Focusing on pleasuring him, being his good girl.

“Fuck, you’re so good at this princess.” He moaned, his hands tangling in my hair. I looked up at him through my lashes, taking him all the way and holding it. I let his tip drag down my bottom lip, as my hands worked him up. “Okay, enough.” Luke growled pulling me back. I pouted at him, “But, daddy I’m just being a good girl, like you always ask for.”

I lay back, my hands up. “She does know what to do,” Michael sighs, “I think she deserves an award.” They turn and look at me, “Would you like that princess?” Ashton asks. “Yes please, daddy.” I respond. His knees are on both sides of my thighs, his hands creeping up to my core. Ashton leaves kisses down my neck, all the way to the valley of my breasts. A small moan escapes my lips when he presses a finger against my clothed clit.

He rubs in small circles, building up my breath only to let it go again. “Mmm, the only reward you’ll get is my cock inside that sweet pussy of yours.” He growls. I whine pushing my hips towards his hand only to get them pushed down on the couch. “Come on princess, you can beg better than that.” Ashton says. “Please daddy, you know I’ve been a good girl, please I deserve a reward, I’ll do anything you want.” I begged.

Luke smirked at me, coming closer. “You want a reward? Well, you’ve got one now baby girl.” He whispered while kissing my neck. Luke took his time, trailing his down my body, feeling every inch of it. “Daddy,” I said, sounding a little demanding. “Watch your tone, you know where that gets you.” He darted his eyes at me. His fingers hooked the inside of my panties, slowly inching them down my leg.

I was now more exposed than I already of, and I was loving every minute of it. Luke’s thumb toyed with my clit while he inserted a finger into me. One became two, which became three and I was shaking under Luke’s touch. He started sucking and nipping at my neck, leaving clear evidence of the night. A high pitched moan left my mouth as I became closer and closer to my edge again. Luke curled his fingers, pushing me into my first orgasm just by tapping at my g-spot.

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip as my legs threatened to close, my back arching and sweat trails left on my forehead. “Fuck, please daddy.” Everything about each of the boys was anything but vanilla. It was far from it, and it was exhilarating. “You wanna be good for daddy and cum all over my fingers, huh?” Luke pushes. I nodded, a mewl escaping from my lips.

Most of the time it was Luke who had the master mind of fingering, as well as Ashton, but something about Luke made me weak. “Come on baby girl, we all know you’re close.” Calum says, coming up and kneading my breasts. “Mmm, daddy. Can I cum?” I asked. “Go ahead, princess.” Once I got permission, an intense wave of pleasure ran through my bones. My legs squirmed as my nails dug into the leather leaving half moons everywhere.

Long whimpers fell from my lips, as stars clouded my vision. Deep breaths came from my chest as I slowly opened my eyes. “Such a good girl, our good girl.” Ashton grabbed my hips pulling me right on his tongue. I struggled, being so sensitive. “Daddy, ‘m too sensitive.” I moaned. Ashton’s scruff tickled the insides of my thighs as his tongue was flat, cleaning me.

“No no no no, please daddy I can’t.” I begged, but I didn’t want him too. The pit of my stomach was on fire while my toes curling turning white. “You want me to stop, huh? Hm, cute.” Ashton chuckled. My second orgasm hit me harder, with long moans and whines coming from my lips. “God you taste so good.” Ashton worshiped.

Sweat trailed down my forehead as I tried to catch my breath. “You’re not done yet, princess. We still have a while to go.” Michael said. He grabbed my legs, pulling me down again. His tip ran against my folds making goosebumps rise on my skin. Slowly, he pushed into me, building up the anticipation. Finally, he began to thrust in and out of me.

Shaky moans came out of me as Michael’s grip tightened on my waist. “Daddy, please.” I moaned. “Already princess? You’re already begging..” He chuckled. My nails dragged down his back. “Daddy, I wanna cum, please let me.” I whimpered. “Cum for daddy, kitten.” He whispered while kissing my neck. Soon after I could feel myself losing control and I released around him. He unsystematically rode out my high before pulling out of me, catching his breath.

My body felt weak, I couldn’t open my eyes. “Okay baby girl,” Calum started, “you now missionary isn’t my favorite, ass up head down.” He demanded. My body was numb as I tried my best to keep my backside up instead of plopping down. My backside faced him as my toes started to tingle. The tips of Calum’s fingers ran along my back making me shiver. “You awake enough, princess?” He asked. “Yes, daddy.” I answered. “Good,” he chuckled.

He thrusted harshly inside me with a groan as I moaned out loud. After giving me a moment to adjust, he set a fast pace, fucking into me as hard as he could. Little noises slipped from my lips, gradually growing louder as I neared closer to my release. “Daddy!” I yelled out “I-I need to cum!” His thumb came down to circle my clit, his thrusts loosing their smooth finese as pleasure consumed him. “Go ahead, princess. Cum for daddy.” I detonated around him with a scream, milking Calum for all that he was worth. Calum covered my lips with his as he came hard inside me with a raspy, “Fuck, princess!”  

I felt my body go numb at this point, feeling no energy to keep going. “You tired, princess?” Michael asked. “Yes, daddy.” I yawned. “Alright princess, we’ll let you rest now,” Ashton said, picking me up bridal style. I was set down in the bed, covering my body with blankets as my eyes shut.


Find my “dating Michael would include” here:


  • “Lukeyyyyy”
  • Bopping his nose because jxuwhxuwjudjw
  • “Stop putting everything on the highest shelf!”
  • Cuddling on the sofa with Petunia
  • Singing you to sleep
  • Lots of cuddles in generale
  • Lame pick up lines
  • Milk shake dates
  • Spooning
  • Hugs from behind with his chin on your shoulder
  • Laughing through kissing
  • Lazy sex before going to work
  • Liz loving you
  • “Babeeeee, Michael is rude to me”
  • “You know I love you, right?”
  • “Am I hurting you?”
  • Forehead kisses
  • Going to the gym together
  • “Ok, let’s jam together”
  • Showering/bathing together
  • Beach dates
  • Luke being shy around people (like your friends/relatives)
  • Lots of little surprises
  • Missing him so much while he is on tour and Luke always reminding you how much he loves you
  • Piggyback rides
  • Work out together
  • Him being very shy when you are around
  • Blushing a lot
  • “You’re lucky you’re cute”
  • “Shall we watch ‘The fault is i- What? That’s a lie. I won’t end up crying”
  • Luke crying at the end of the movie
  • “This song is for my lovely dwarf back home. I love you googly bear”

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Legitimate Business - Part 2

Juice started to keep a tally. After his first encounter with (Y/N), Juice had jammed the bedroom window, hoping she’d not be able to fix it herself and had to call. She hadn’t been able to, and the next day he came out after working with Teller-Morrow to fix it.

Along with the jammed the window, he’d loosened the shower head, even “accidentally” busted through some wall plaster that he’d noticed was weak during a particularly rough but fun bout of love-making.
There was also actual repair work that (Y/N) had called him in for. The apartment was older and hadn’t been well kept. The doors were coming away from their hinges, needing new ones. Paint was chipped, skirting boards needing to be nailed back down, cupboard doors coming off.
Juice’s boss and the club didn’t seem to care, as long as he was getting paid for the work, Juice could go back as many times as he was called.
It had gotten to a point where (Y/N) was calling Juice directly to come and fix the things that were broken, and he would call in after work with the club or the garage.

”You know you’re a whore, right?” Jax asked one night, as the boys sat around the bar.
”What?” Juice exclaimed, swigging from his beer.
”She’s paying you for sex. You’re a straight up hoe.” Jax smirked, everyone laughing.
”She’s paying the company for the work that I do. The sex is free. It’s a bonus.” Juice argued, smiling all the while.
”Better than what I’m getting. I’m at the retirement home this week, and I tell you, little old ladies are just as frisky as any 20 year old.” Kozik sighed.
”I’m running outta shit to break so I can come back and fix it.” Juice said, shaking his head.
”Just ask her out, man! She’s obviously in to you.” Jax said.
”What if she’s just in to the sex, I was just there at the right time and place?”
”Does she kick you out of the house right after?” Opie asked, going behind the bar for more drinks.
”Nah, we usually hang out, talk. Sometimes if it’s after work, we order food and watch TV.”
”So, what you’re saying is, you’re dating.”
”Well… Not officially. I mean we haven’t been out, and we haven’t even talked about it.” Juice said, not sure how to broach the subject with (Y/N). He didn’t want to freak her out if she was just wanting a friends with benefits thing.
”You’re overthinking it. Just ask her.” Kozik advised.
Juice nodded, and distracted himself with Kozik’s story about one particularly lewd grandma.


Juice was back at (Y/N)’s on Saturday afternoon. The headboard, which Juice had regrettably made sure was secure, had come away from the wall in one of the corners. Juice ran through the list of repairs that he’d had to do by his own hand, and knew that he hadn’t tampered with the board, nor did it get broken in any of the romps they’d had.
Looking at the screw, there was damage around the head, like something that wasn’t meant to be used as a screwdriver had been taken to it.
Juice happened to look down, and saw on the bedside table a butterknife, the tip looking a little worse for wear. He wondered if this was the work of (Y/N).
As he drilled, he heard music blasting from down in the kitchen. It wasn’t uncommon, (Y/N) tended to like music on. When he was done, he heard an odd banging noise, not part of the song that was playing.
Walking in to the kitchen, he saw (Y/N) yanking at a cupboard door, pulling down on it, weakening the hinge.
Juice leant on the counter, amused look on his face. She hadn’t noticed him come in.
“Come on, break, damn it!” (Y/N) muttered, giving one final yank. It wouldn’t budge.
“I fixed that one last time I was here.”
“Shit, no wonder I couldn’t get it. I thought it was the one in the other corner…” (Y/N) turned and gasped, seeing Juice watching her. She had completely outted herself to him without realising.
“You’ve been breaking stuff? To get me to come back?”
(Y/N) could barely look him in the eye. She fumbled through her words, before confessing.
“Yeah, well, I… like you. That’s why I asked you to stay for dinner the other night. I didn’t wanna freak you out in case this was just a sex thing for you, so, I started breaking stuff, figuring I’d get the guts to ask you at some point while you were here.”
Juice chuckled, moving around the bench to stand in front of her. He put his hands on her waist, picking her up and sitting her on the counter. Spreading her legs, he stood between them, holding her face in his hands.
“Since we’re confessing, I loosened your shower head and jammed your window.” He brought his lips down to hers, kissing her quickly before she moved her head back.
“Wait, you’ve been breaking stuff to come back?”
Juice nodded, kissing her again, longer this time.
“I unscrewed the headboard.”
“I found the knife.” Juice grinned, kissing her again. “I broke the wall on purpose, the other night.”
“The sliding door to the balcony may have had some help coming off it’s tracks.”
Their kisses became more intense before (Y/N) put a hand to his chest, pushing Juice back a little.
“Just so we’re clear, what are we doing? This is great, don’t get me wrong, but we’re gonna run out of things to break, short of bringing in a full construction crew.”
Juice smiled, brushing some hair back from her face.
“I wanna take you out. Hang out, here, my place, wherever. I want you to meet my friends, come to our parties. Hold your hand, kiss you. I’d like to keep having sex too, but ya know, the other stuff as well.”
“So, a relationship.”
“Yeah, but it’s not as romantic when you say it like that. Is that what you want?”
(Y/N) placed a hand on the back of his neck, pulling him back in again.
Juice kissed her deeply, wrapping his arms around her. He picked her up again, walking over to her dining room table and pulling out a chair.
“No, wait! I undid some of the screws on that one. Was gonna get you to fix it for me. Use the other one.”
“Are you sure? You forgot which cupboard door you’d broken.” Juice mocked, grin on his face.
(Y/N) playfully smacked him on the shoulder.
“You make a good point, though. Maybe just use the couch.”
They moved to the living room, Juice easing down on to the couch. They kissed and groped for a while, taking their time removing their clothes.
“There’s a party tonight. Come with me?”
(Y/N) stopped. “Oh, um, sure. Is there a dress code?”
Juice sensed she was a bit worried, maybe even upset that their first date wouldn’t be just the two of them.
“Just something cute. We’ll go to dinner before. Or we can just blow the party off completely and just do dinner. Whatever you want.”
(Y/N) smiled. “No, I wanna go to the party. Should we go get dinner now?”
Juice looked at the clock on the wall.
“S’only five, we got time.”


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ghost!minhyuk [REQUESTED]
  • so this is for the mx supernatural au anon
  • i’m doing vampires and werewolves later on so imma do ghost!minhyuk
  • okay so
  • he has absolutely no idea why he died
  • or why he’s a ghost for that matter
  • so he’s just literally been living through the people who live in the apartment he’s haunting
  • and he gets really invested in their lives but they can never see him
  • he always just helps them out 
  • like when he helps that one nerdy tenant with his games 
  • that tenant always wins the game if he plays in the apartment
  • and like he also helped the art major who ALWAYS almost drinks paint water 
  • but he has these weird habits that creeps out the tenants
  • like he always sings with them in the shower
  • and they always leave bc they’re scared of him 
  • poor bby
  • he’s been haunting your new apartment for 15 years now
  • and like no one has lived there for longer than 3 months 
  • apparently they can hear weird singing in the shower at like 3 am 
  • and since you are vv broke and the apartment is vv cheap, you were like what the hell
  • and you could feel something was wrong with the house even as you were checking it out but
  • cHEAP APARTMENT how does one pass that opportunity up? 
  • plus, you got this neighbor named wonho who’s hot and hella ripped
  • soooooo, you don’t really mind. moving on
  • so when you moved in nothing was weird 
  • like in your first day everything was so ordinary that you thought the land owner was just messing with you
  • like, there’s no flickering lights? it doesn’t get chilly at all? the picture frames don’t really move? 
  • but really, you just spoke too soon
  • bc like, as you were getting ready for bed at like 1am bc you gotta hella stuff to do
  • you had a lot of dramas you needed to watch ok
  • so when you were having your shower jamming to mcr
  • you suddenly hear someone singing along with you
  • and it sounds good and you don’t really mind it until you realize that your neighbor wonho went out and there’s no one living on your other side bc your apartment is at the end of the hallway
  • and like the voice is male
  • and the floor below you is an old woman. the one above you is a college student who’s also a girl
  • so who are you having a duet with?
  • and your mildly creeped out bc holy shit is there a ghost in your apartment?
  • and we all know the answer is yes
  • so you try to calm your shaking hands and trying your hardest to pray bc that’s what your friend changkyun does when he’s gonna eat, when he’s scared, when he’s gonna study, when he’s going to cook bc he can’t cook for shit
  • your surprised by the ghost saying ‘you have an awesome music taste’
  • and you almost scream (keyword: ALMOST) 
  • but then minhyuk covers your mouth and reveals himself
  • like ‘surprise? please don’t scream, halmeoni is sleeping downstairs.’
  • and you don’t scream because somehow this ghost? seems? really? nice? and also rlly attractive 
  • and so he’s like ‘my name is minhyuk. im a ghost’
  • you: no shit sherlock.
  • but yeah 
  • him: wait. you can see me?
  • you: dude. why would you talk to me in the first place? if you didn’t think i saw you?
  • him: uh it was an experiment. the old tenants can only hear me, that’s why they get scared. but you can see me right?
  • and you’re like: yeah
  • him: omg! im not dreaming right? tell me this is a dream!
  • you: idk you tell me
  • and you literally had a whole conversation with minhyuk about how long he’s been a ghost and if he knew about the hot neighbor
  • and you only realize that you were nude when minhyuk pointed it out
  • which ends up with both of you guys blushing 
  • so he leaves the bathroom to give you time to fix yourself and contemplate if you’re leaving or not
  • and he lowkey doesn’t want you to leave bc you’re the first person who actually saw him and held a conversation with him
  • and he even paces back and forth outside of the bathroom while you’re dressing
  • and when you get out he’s like ‘i understand if you want to leave the apar-’
  • but you cut him off with a ‘nah, you may be a ghost but you seem aight. plus the apartment is cheap’
  • and he sMILES
  • and you sort of feel like every problem you had just resolved itself on its own
  • and his smile is so beautiful you just? 
  • you can’t help but smile back at him
  • and its a hell of a ride from then on
  • you gain an alarm clock and a radio oh and a friend
  • he always wakes you up on time,,,,,,, but that doesn’t mean he does it nicely
  • he literally screams in your ears until you get up from your bed
  • and he always sings you to sleep aWWWWW minhyuk sing me to sleep pls
  • and he also watches rom com movies/dramas with you and you don’t even have to ask, he always asks you first
  • and he also says these really corny pickup lines from time to time
  • but he mostly says puns
  • he even picks out your outfit bc he has good fashion sense
  • and it’s almost like you have a boyfriend
  • and honestly, you don’t really mind. in fact you actually like it you like him you mean
  • because minhyuk is there to cheer you up when you’re sad
  • he’s there to sort of cuddle you when you feel like shit
  • and he’s there to make fun of you so things are interesting
  • and tbh he rlly likes it too he rlly likes you too
  • loves it even lOVES YOU
  • this boi is a romantic and he loves that even if he is a ghost, he still has someone to take care of
  • and sometimes you take care of him too
  • like he doesn’t need to be taken care of a lot bc he’s not exactly alive but, well, you treat him like he is
  • and it warms his heart when you share your blanket with him
  • and when you cook for two people even if you’re the only one eating
  • but it makes him sad because he’s just a ghost
  • and whatever it is that’s going on between the two of you, will never be real
  • because you’re human, and he feels bad that you’re stuck with him
  • so he comes up with a brilliant plan
  • and its shitty, but he thinks it’s for the best
  • !!!!!he sets you up with your neighbor wonho!!!!!
  • you don’t notice at first
  • like he secretly puts your mail with wonho’s so you’d interact
  • and you think its! just! a! coincidence!
  • so you start talking to wonho more and more
  • and it makes minhyuk jealous and sad at the same time
  • but he tells himself that you deserve better than some ghost
  • you even go on a date with wonho
  • but tbh, you just couldn’t feel anything with wonho 
  • and even if you were out with wonho, it was like your heart and mind were somewhere else
  • all you could think of was, what was minhyuk doing? what would we talk about, if he was on this date with me? 
  • and it dawns on you that you actually like minhyuk 
  • so you apologize to wonho bc you really have to leave and you’re really sorry that you couldn’t make this work its just that your heart is already with someone else
  • and he just smiles and tells you to hurry up and tell the person you like 
  • and you run home to find minhyuk crying to himself on your bed bc you’re together with wonho now
  • you can never be with him
  • and it breaks your heart
  • so you run to him and hug him with all your might and tell him you love him 
  • and he just stares at you with tears running down his beautiful face 
  • and you kiss each of them away while holding him by his cheeks
  • and you say: i love you minhyuk. i don’t care if you’re a ghost. I.LOVE.YOU.
  • and he doesn’t say anything. he just kisses you
  • and you’re surprised bc, what
  • why can you feel his lips on yours? and they feel rlly good
  • and you open your eyes and wonho is in your room and you and minhyuk start screaming like crazy because
  • long story short apparently minhyuk was cursed by some jealous ass witch who thought minhyuk was seducing his love
  • but minhyuk didn’t it was some other minhyuk lbr there are a shitton of minhyuks
  • that witch just got his facts wrong
  • and wonho is the witch friend of the witch who cursed our poor bby minmin and added loopholes just so the curse would one day be lifted
  • and the curse is someone should say that they love you even if you’re a ghost
  • this basically turned into beauty and the ghost
  • but whatever
  • you live happily ever after with minhyuk, that’s all that matters

the-medium-double-double  asked:

I know you already did Perceptor for the LL apartment, but could you do m o r e. :> If possible! Please and thank you X3

Of course! 


Apartment is piled with books and books on every science thing imaginable.

Smells like chemicals

Sneaks some of his experiments home

Yes that is what that smell is

Despite that and how many books he has, his apartment is very clean and neat

Everything has order

Labels everything excessively

All of his lab equipment have little white labels that say ‘if lost, please return to Perceptor’

Probably has one on his underwear too

Eats the same old thing every morning for breakfast. Porridge.

No sugar or anything.

It’s gross.

Thinks Drift is hot

Figures out before everyone else what Drift does for a living

Doesn’t care, or judge

His keychain is a tiny microscope

Brainstorm thinks its adorable

Wears sweaters

Is a hard core itchy sweater wearer

Also wears bow ties

Red sweater and black bow tie is his jam

His shower curtains are those nerdy periodic table ones

Used to be lanky and awkward

Is now lean and serious as hell

Comes off sort of aloof

Has got posters on his door that have science jokes and puns on them

Has a word of the day app and word of the day toilet paper

Already knows the words they are trying to teach him

Loves otters

Otters are his favourite animal

Watches long documentaries on bugs

Tanizaki Junichirō Relationship HCS

❥ He’s always cooking and cleaning for you, it’s a force of habit. He just can’t help it.

❥ He doesn’t want it to happen too often (or does he) when you cook for him. He loves your cooking a lot, it means a lot to him. Even if you’re cooking is bad, he’ll still love it because it was made for him.

❥ He’ll teach you things if you don’t know.

❥ He’s always holding (onto) you in public, whether linked by the arms, holding your hand or having a protective arm around your shoulders.

❥ Compliments you whenever you sing. When you’re singing while cooking, cleaning, in the shower or just plain jamming out to your favourite song.

❥ Gives the most warm and heartfelt hugs in the world.

❥ Gives the softest kisses in the world.

❥ Listens to whatever your request is and obliges if possible.

❥ Uses his ability Light Snow to play around with you, creating little things for you to be amazed at.

❥ He helps you out with whatever you need, giving you a hell of a lot of his attention.

❥ He buys small gifts for you whenever he can, he plans to make it every day in the future.

❥ There’s moments where he hugs you from behind, his arms resting on your shoulders and he gives you a heartwarming kiss behind your ear as he mutters how much he loves you.

❥ He takes you shopping as much as possible, even if you’ve told him in the past that he doesn’t need to buy you anything, a part of him knows it’s not true because of his sister.

❥ In public, he’s much more shy about your relationship (despite the hand holding, linked arms, etc.), blushing at every little act of affection you give him.

❥ When you two are alone however, he’s serious. There’s still the fun and games when you two are alone, but he’s giving you many more kisses than in public. He likes keeping things intimate with you without someone teasing or watching you two in public.

❥ Sits on the couch with you on his lap, sitting sideways as he’s hugging your body, giving you kisses of his love on your face and body. He’s silent while doing this and his eyes are closed. Even if you giggle at his kiss because it tickles, he’s still very serious about showing you how much he appreciates you.

❥ He gives the best piggyback rides if it was even possible to have the best, he likes looking up at you from above him smiling so big. Especially when you’re spinning him around from above him, being out of control where he can almost lose his balance and make both of you fall.

❥ When you’re in danger, that timid demeanour he holds absolutely dies on the spot, you’re his love and no one will- no one is going to hurt you and get away with it alive.

❥ If you’re in a relationship with Tanizaki Junichirō, no matter how far, how deep in the relationship you are with him, you mean everything to him. There’s not a given moment where you don’t feel loved by him.

❥ If you’re hurt by anything, he takes his time with fixing you up himself, giving you a small lecture that you should be more careful. But, that lecture doesn’t stop his kiss attacks.


Exo’s reaction to them catching you jamming out to them


*You were taking a shower getting ready for your date with Xiumin later listening to Exo, but it wasn’t until you started listening to Peter Pan that you start jammin. When Minseok heard you singing he decided to break into the bathroom and start to get undressed so he can shower with you*

Xiumin: *getting into the shower* “I never knew you had such an amazing voice, Y/n”

Y/N: “What are you doing in here?”

Xiumin: “Just getting an early start to our date.” *winks*


*You were driving to your lunch date with Lu but there was a lot of traffic, so, you decide to put your favorite song- That Good Good. Since traffic was so heavy you were running late, so Luhan called to check what was going on. Before you answered you paused the music*

Y/N: *picks up phone* “Hey, babe, there’s traffic but I’ll be there in a few”

*Music randomly starts blasting again* “I got that good good, I got that, got that good good” and you manage to shut it off after that verse”

*Luhan laughs on the other line and starts to sing the song through the phone*


*You were just chilling in the living room listening to music, when all of a sudden Two moons came on and you started jammin. Since Kris was just in the room he came out to get something to drink.Then, to his surprise you were killing his part in the song; so since you took his part he decided to take Tao’s part and then you guys started killing the song together*


*You woke up early in the morning to make breakfast for Suho, but since you didn’t want to wake him up with your music you used headphones. When the song Baby Don’t Cry started to play, you started to sing along but you didn’t notice yourself getting louder as you tried hitting all the notes. With your loud, amazing singing you woke Suho up*

Suho: *As he’s walking into the kitchen* “Woah Baobei, YOU’RE AMAZING!!! Sing more, Sing more!!!


*You guys were at the airport on your way back to Korea, when Lay looks down at your phone he realizes that your listening to Growl. So, him knowing that that is one of your favorite choreography that they do and being the cute little unicorn he is, he decides to get up and start dancing it for you*


*Baekhyun called you saying he was going to be a bit late cause practice was taking longer than usual. Since, El Dorado was stuck in your head all day you decided to start blasting it through-out your whole house. You didn’t notice when Baek entered your house cause the music was so loud, but when his high note came you hit it perfectly; then suddenly you hear clapping from the back*

Y/N: “How long have you been there?”

Baekhyun: “Long enough to know that my princess has an amazing voice.” *But is lowkey jealous because he thinks you hit his note better than him*


*You woke up alone in bed, thinking Chen was out at work you decided to get ready for your day. As you take a shower not realizing he’s actually only in the kitchen; you start by taking a shower and jamming out to some Exo*

Chen: *from the kitchen* “What is this girl doing?”

*He heads to the room to check things out and to his surprise he finds you singing Open Arms*

Chen: “Jagi!!! You’re so good, You’re probably looking good too” *getting turned on by the fact that there’s only a curtain standing in the way of him and your naked body*


*You were in your apartment (which you gave Chanyeol a key to), you didn’t count on Chanyeol coming over today since you thought he was going to be busy. So you decided to have an Exo-Jam-out day while you cleaned. In every song you absolutely demolished Chanyeol’s parts.Then Lightsaber came on, you didn’t notice that Chanyeol & Baekhyun came in but they heard you jammin they stood by the door listening. Then, when Chanyeol’s rap part you slayed the shit out of it*

Chanyeol: *entering further into your house* “Dang Jagi, you killed that!!!”

Y/N: “Shit Chan! You scared me! How long have you been here?”

Chanyeol: *Still amazed, so totally ignoring your question* “Baekhyun, Did you hear her! She killed it!!!”


*Today you accompanied Kyungsoo to his dance practice, but you didn’t want to be a distraction so you sat in the corner with your headphones listening to music. Then, your song comes on, Tell Me What is Love, and you look up from your phone and see that no one was paying any attention to you, so you just carry on. You don’t noticed that your starting to the song out loud*

Y/N: *singing softly* “Tell me what is loveeee”

Kyungsoo: *Stopping the whole practice and making everyone listen to your singing* “She’s amazing!”


*You were bored at home so you decided to listen to some music. As you turn your speakers on and you put your iPod on shuffle the song T.A.O starts playing. Since this is your song you start to get into the song and start dancing as well. You were so into the song you didn’t notice Tao come out of the room. He was just stood behind you admiring your dance skills.*

Tao: *Walking up next to you* “DANCE BATTLE!!!”


*As you were cleaning the house while you were listening to Exo, it wasn’t until 3.6.5 came on that you started to jam since 3.6.5 was one of your favorite songs ever. So you start dancing and singing along to it. Since you were so into the song you didn’t notice Kai enter your home*

Kai: *standing behind you* “Wow, Jagi, those are some great dance moves you got there” *starts dancing with you*


*You were on your way to the mall with HunHan and as y’all were listening to the radio Love Me Right came on. You stayed calm to let your inner fangirl out but you still sang along; and you SLAYED THE FUCK OUT of everyone’s part*

Luhan: “Damn, Y/n. Get it”

*Sehun just sat there with this face (gif)*