Self care is staying awake for 76 hours straight before taking a 97 minute and 42 second nap, proceeding to drink 4 cans of caffeinated energy drink to wash down a handful of caffeine pills before sprawling yourself naked in the bath with your face under the shower head while you drown.


Turkish Smoke fills the air of the white marble bathtub
Steam from the shower head blends effortlessly
I try to blow both out the window
I can’t find where the tears and the water meet
The heat feels good against my skin
But it won’t make the headache go away
I’ve always been partial to a bit of pain

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Girl on the being tall thing I feel you. I am a 6'1 girl and my legs are longer than my friends' whole bodies. And I'm convinced shower heads are the most annoying thing in the world because they're made for tiny people onli it feels like. 😂😂


Unpleasant things I am learning about new house:

-Train. All night every night
-bus stop outside bedroom window?
-an abundance of scary drug-addicted /newly released from prison/ mentally ill people roaming around. (Sorry to be judgy, but these people are unpredictable and scare me and I am glad I have the dog I have to walk with)
-front toilet only works every other flush
-front shower curtain tries to wrap around and embrace you as you shower
-oven too small for a regular sized baking sheet
-back shower head pointed at the wall and does not adjust.

are you familiar with the feeling of oh-my-holy-moly-my-life-is-a-complete-mess? me too fam. but now, it’s time for change. It’s time to get our shit together and here are some tips to get started.

note : this is just a beginning guide; which only includes 1/100 of the tips to get you life together. I’ll probably make a part two if this is helpful?

1. do not procrastinate.

sounds crazy? but honestly, just don’t. procrastination leads to stress and anxiety and helps you lose your shit.

but, how do we not procrastinate?

  • ‌get things done early. remember that sheet of paper your professor gave around in class having the list of all the assignments to be done that semester? yes, do that work months before if you have time.
  • do your homework the day it’s given. (no watching tv before you do)
  • ‌study in the time you’re actually studying. don’t go on your phone half the time. If you’re doing that, you may as well put your books away.

‌other resources -

2. become the master of  “fake productivity”

fake productivity is basically when you do mechanical work (i.e. stuff which doesn’t require much brainpower) to get into the real “productivity” zone. it helps you brain prepare for the big task ahead. here are some things to do -

  • make your bed
  • do the dishes/laundry
  • clean your room (i know it’s messy yo)
  • get your closet together
  • empty your inbox (be it gmail or tumblr)
  • do a smol workout?
  • make a to-do list/ organize you calendar
  • do a easiest or the most enjoyable task off your to-do list

3. plan, plan and plan

your planner/bullet journal should be your best friend. plan those essays you got to write, that research paper you have to do, down to the time you need to go out for dinner with friends. Plan. Every. Single. Thing. I. Really. Mean. It.

+ and follow up with those plans!! you have already wasted a lot of time on planning, you hAVE to follow up with that planning, right?

4. wake up early

why?  waking up early gives you the time to do things slowly and carefully so that you get it perfect in one go and your life isn’t a complete disastrous mess.

how to wake up early? i got you.

5. have a healthy lifestyle

an example -

x wakes up at 7 am every morning, goes for a short run to wake herself up and comes back to have hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, slices of bread and a mug of steaming hot tea. she starts on her work after that, doing it without stressing about it. Then, after a nice hot bath and a delicious lunch, she goes out to a cafe to work on her online classes and to hang out with her friends. coming back home, she does a quick workout, takes a shower and heads off to make dinner. Having an early dinner, she spends the remaining few hours relaxing, drafting blog posts and spending time with her dog. at 10 pm everyday, she heads off to her bed, looking forward to a glorious tomorrow.

..sounds like a fairy-tale, right? you can definitely live it though.

In general, your day should have the following stuff  -

  • ‌sufficient hours of work using which you can get all your work done
  • ‌a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (yep, no skipping meals)
  • ‌a workout, generally of 15 - 30 minutes at the least
  • ‌interaction with people, like hanging out with friends or family
  • ‌sufficient sleep and resting time (preferably 8 hours of sleep)
  • ‌a fixed routine consisting of you waking and sleeping at fixed time
  • ‌a ‘me’ time at some point of the day where you don’t worry about work or anything and focus on relaxing after a long day.

6. believing that coffee sucks

why? its basically a drug and if you need three cups of it just to get started on work, you’re going to have a really hard time during finals.

Instead, get enough sleep so that you have enough energy to study without being a coffee addict. or you can even swap coffee for water. (hey, you’ll be more hydrated!)
side note - a cup of coffee per day is okay though. I love coffee too and I totally feel you but don’t overdose on it, okay love?

some extra things to know about -

  • ‌have a companion to keep you accountable at the start.
  • ‌do have a laid-back day once in a while, you’re human after all.
  • balance work and play. reward yourself for shit done.
  • keep track of your spending, earnings, investments, etc.
  • stop being a perfectionist. seriously, you dont need to rewrite all those notes, trust me (comes from a was-a-perfectionist-kind-of-still-am-but-trying-not-to-be perfectionist)
  • ‌don’t stress yourself out. getting your shit together is a journey and not a result.
  • remember, change will come. yes, it will; but only if you take action. start now.

also, on a side note - and this might seem very ironic, but sometimes you don’t have to have your shit together. life is always a mess and trust me when I say this, no one - yes no one - has their shit together and sometimes it’s worth it to lead a messy life and enjoy it without having any fixed rules and regulations like you would have if you wanted that perfect life. enjoy the life you lead and stay wonderful, loves!

- ̗̀   the adulting 101 series   ̖́-        

part one : kicking a rut

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much love, Taylor  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

MORNING AFTER WITH EXO || Friends version

waking up next to your best friend after a drunk one night stand can’t be good… right?


★when he first wakes to see your sleeping naked form next to him he’s sit upright in horror
★after finding the condom wrapper on the floor next to his clothes he’d chill out
★he’d wash, dress then go out to the kitchen
★when you wake to an empty bed, you think the small flashes of memory from last night were just part of your dream
★but after a few minutes, coffee begins to spread it’s delightful aroma around your room
★you wrap yourself in your dressing gown and follow the scent to it’s source
★and looky here
★a minseok
★upon hearing your footsteps, he turns to offer you a small smile
★'i raided your cupboards to make breakfast’
★you’d laugh at how cute and chill he was
★moving to sit on the counter next to him
★he’d give you a mug of coffee and offer a plate of pancakes
★'so about last night…’ you looked over his face
★'from what i remember it was good. and it’s nice not waking up to chaos like at the dorm’
★you finished your coffee and set your mug down for him to refill
★'i’m surprised your still here’
★'you’re my best friend and you think it’d hit and run?’ he’d pout as he sat opposite you
★'isn’t that how one night stands work? you hit it and run?’
★oh boy you’ve set him off laughing
★'i’m more of a hit and make sure the lovely victim has my details. just in case’ he’d wink
★you two would spend the morning drinking coffee and talking about everything hes done while off on tour


★upset bub p.1
★you’d left after waking up
★only leaving a note for him
★so many questions would run through his mind
★would you ever want to talk to him
★should he call you?
★send you flowers?
★diddly darn he was stuck
★he ended up calling you
★'hi, i’m sorry if you’re upset with me’
★'myeon, i wanted to stay, but i had work’ you’d laugh
★'i thought you’d left because you were upset!’
★'not at all, i had fun last night’
★'i can pick you up after work and take you for lunch’
★'that sounds great’
★he would dress up nice and take you to a fancy ass place
★he’d treat you like a goddamn prince/princess


★baby boy would be so god damn fluffy
★like he’d just explode with warmth and love and giggles when he sees you sleeping next to him
★he’ll move his hand to your hair and play with the strands lovingly until you wake up
★'good morning, baobei’
★your little sleepy grunt in reply would make him giggle
★he’s pet your hair and hold you close until you’re fully awake to talk
★'should we wash and then go for breakfast?’
★'can’t we stay here longer?’
★'we can do whatever you want’
★cuddles upon cuddles upon cuddles
★and mindless chit chat
★how could cuddles in bed with this precious lamb be bad?


★you’d wake up before him
★you kinda just laid there for a bit debating what to do
★do you wake him
★or just leave??
★you decided to have a shower first
★and if he wasn’t awake when you were out, you’d write a note to him and leave
★so off you went
★halfway through washing your hair, the curtain was pulled back
★and this pup was just stood watching you
★you tried your best to cover yourself
★he just laughed and shook his head
★'you weren’t doing that last night. in fact, you couldn’t get your clothes off any quicker’
★'shut up baek’
★he’d just tease your mercilessly
★you turned the shower head to wet him
★which shut him up
★he kinda just stared
★which made you think he was mad
★but he suddenly just pushed into the shower with you
★'that wasn’t nice’ he’d pout, pushing you back against the wall
★'neither was leaving me bed on my own’
★'not my fault you wouldn’t wake up’
★'i worked hard last night i deserve a lay in’
★it would just be none stop giggles, kisses and cuddles for the day


★upset bub p.2
★he’d watch you sleep for a few minutes before dressing and going to eat
★he felt bad that your first time together was when you were both out of your mind
★as he was drinking his milk, he’d hear your foot steps
★he went full !!!!!! mode
★when you came into the room, he’d do his best to hide
★and by hide i mean he’s stood behind the curtains
★'i see you dae,’
★'dae? who’s dae? i know no dae’
★it would make you laugh
★which then caused him to grin
★'you’re not mad at me?’
★'what’s done is done’
★'i’m mad at me for not remembering. maybe we should have a repeat’ he’d wink
★'shut up’
★'yes captain’


★this poor guy
★he had it all planned out on what to do when the two of you woke up
★he’ll run you a bath, let you raid his wardrobe so you’re comfy then make you breakfast
★he’d straight up just have a stroke when he doesn’t hear you snoring
★are you deaD???////????
★it was supposed to be romantic and now he’d killed you
★oh no
★bless, his face would all be screwed up as he let his thoughts went mad
★you’re now staring at him with a confused look on your face
★'what are you thinking about?’ you’d ask with a laugh
★'how to bury your body’
★his little cheeks would be bright red
★his plans were blown
★'breakfast sounds really good, actually’
★his famous grin would sprout on his face before he leans in and kisses your head
★'eggs and bacon coming your way’
★he’d jump out of the bed in such a rush to cook
★that he ended up tripping
★and now he’s just curled up naked on your floor
★real good going, chanyeol
★'just come back to bed for a while. i’ll cook when i get up’
★he’ll dive right back in and nuzzle his face into your neck
★'it was supposed to go better’
★'i know, chan’


★v gentle
★11/10 would recommend
★but for real
★the most important thing is that you’re happy and that you’re comfortable
★you two could talk about what happened last night later on
★a shower and breakfast is more important
★so he kinda just shoves you to the bathroom to wash
★while he goes and works his magic in the kitchen
★probably cooks enough to feed the entire city because he’s nervous
★and actually doesn’t even know what your favourite breakfast food is
★when you enter the kitchen you just see all this food
★which you thank him for
★the two of you will eat
★then after your both full, the talk will come
★'how much of it do you remember?’
★'i remember seeing your stomach after all the teasing you did’
★'you buff up good’
★to which he’ll laugh 
★you’ll probably just turn the whole situation into a joke
★which always makes the others confused


★let’s be honest here
★this bub ain’t waking up
★so you’ll just grab your stuff and leave
★when he does wake up he’ll probably see your watch you left on the nightstand
★he’ll rush to your place to talk to you
★'you should’ve woken me up’
★'i could’ve walked you home’
★'did you leave because you were embarrassed?’
★so many questions
★he’d be so worried that it ruined your relationship
★you’d calm him down by patting his shoulder
★if you wanted to talk about it, you two would
★but if you wanted to put it behind you, you two would also do that


★would wake before you
★and just stare
★he’s in awe
★but he’s also really pissed off
★in awe because wow he just had really good sex with the person he holds most dear to his heart
★his thoughts were cut off by you groaning and stretching out
★you turned your head to see him and offered a sleepy smile before sitting up
★when you reached for your clothes, he’ll pull you back down
★and wrap his long limbs around you
★'stay for a bit’
★'we can go out for breakfast’
★it’ll be so nice????
★probs leads to you two blooming into the hottest couple around
★bc how could he not wake up to you every morning?????

French Findings

Post #2


  1. I was always taught in my French classes that walking and eating in France is social disgrace. I, however, did not see any harm in walking around with an ice cream cone but I was wrong. The only people who walk around while eating anything in France would be tourists. 
  2. France is eco-friendly. I have known that even before I took French classes but I did not realize the extent of their eco-friendly habits. Here’s a quick look at what I have realized so far:
    1. Turn off the shower-head when you are taking a shower and not using it. What I mean by that is when you are applying shampoo, conditioner, or body wash you should turn off the water so you aren’t wasting any.
    2. You have to buy your own bags for the grocery store. A law was passed a few years ago that said groceries stores are no-longer to provide sacks unless you buy them yourself. And the majority of the French just pile all of their groceries in to one sack as it is (not the 30 bags you may get at an American grocery store). And most of the bags are made of something other than plastic.

That’s all I have today. Sorry there wasn’t any grammar but maybe next time!

Bonne journée!



On Your Own (M)


PAIRING: Reader X Bias

WARNINGS: This is kinda kinky my bad

You feel your face flood with embarrassment as your boyfriend of several years looks at you incredulously, his jaw practically on the floor, “You’ve never made yourself cum???” You look down at the floor shyly, uncomfortable with how big of a deal he was making of this and shake your head timidly. “Have you ever touched yourself at all??” He presses. 

“Yes i have, i’ve just never been able to finish by myself I don’t know why.” You were definitely regretting this confession. He was making you feel like there was something wrong with you and you didn’t like it.

“….I’ve made you cum though right???” He asks with a definite edge of fear in his voice.

You roll your eyes and chuckle softly, “Yes I would never lie about something like that. It just doesn’t work when you’re away and I try myself. I think about you touching me but…it still just feels like my own hands.” You glance up at him apprehensively. 

“Ok lay down,” he commands as he reaches over and turns the lamp on your bedside table on. 

“What? Why? What are you doing?” You question him as he gently pushes your shoulders down into the bed. 

“I’m going to help you help yourself ok?” he explains and your heart practically stops. 

“I don’t think this is a good idea….”

“Just trust me,” he looks into your eyes waiting for your approval before he continues. You nod slowly and he backs up and sits at the foot of the bed, watching you. “Strip,” he orders. 

His eyes never leave yours as you peel all of your clothes off of your body, tossing them onto the floor until you are lying on your back completely bare before him. 

“Spread you legs,” he instructs and you do as he says, feeling your face heat under the intensity of his gaze, which is no longer on your eyes.  He leans forward and gently tugs your hand between your legs. His hand closes around your pointer and middle fingers which he guides to the apex of your thighs where you feel heat already pulsating. He moves your fingers in small circles and your breathing falters at the sensation. “Keep moving them just like this ok?” You nod and let you eyes flutter closed as you continue the movements by yourself. 

He takes your other hand and guides it up to your breast. “Rub around them slowly,” he tells you, and you comply, letting your thumb trace circles around your hardened nipples, matching the circles you were still making with your other hand. 

This was exactly how you always tried to pleasure yourself but the added sensation of his eyes on your actions heightened your arousal and you moaned softly as your fingers circled your wet heat and your other hand gently pulled on your nipples. 

“Do you want to put your fingers inside baby?” He whispers huskily into your ear. You whimper at his words, making quicker circles as you nod enthusiastically. “Not yet princess I want you to think about how good it would feel if my fingers were in you but don’t you dare put yours in until I tell you to,” he commands you firmly and you can do nothing but nod again as you screw your eyes tightly shut. 

You think about how he always gently caressed you from the inside, his fingers reaching places you never could. You begin grinding up into your own hand desperate for more contact. You needed much more in order to finish. Your hands tremble slightly making your movements sloppy and your breaths are coming out in soft pants as you clench repeatedly over nothing. You don’t need to open your eyes in order to feel his intense stare watching your every movement. 

You feel the burning ache in your core but your own fingers aren’t satisfying you the way you know his could. 

“Babe I need help I-I can’t…I need more…please,” you manage to whimper out desperately, being on the precipice of an orgasm and not finding your release was driving you crazy. He pulls away the hand that is tugging on your nipples and yanks it down between your legs roughly. He slowly guides two of your own fingers all the way inside of you and you moan as he instructs you to pump your fingers in and out. 

“Go at whatever speed feels the best,” He instructs you, his voice raspy and out of breath. You loved that he was getting just as turned on from watching you pleasure yourself. 

“I need you please” you moan out not caring how desperate you sound. You wanted his fingers, his mouth, his cock, anything. 

“No you need to be able to do this for yourself, you shouldn’t need me in order to feel good.” 

“Its not enough” you wine, opening your eyes and pleading with him.

He sighs, “Ok I have an idea.” He pulls your hands away from your throbbing heat and scoops you up into his arms before he steps off of the bed. 

“What are you doing?” you ask as you clench your thighs against the incessant burning in your core. 

“There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of assistance,” he explains as he carries you into the bathroom and sets you down on the side of the tub, your back pressed against the cool tiles of the shower. 

He grabs the shower head and pulls it down and you watch as he feels the stream of water against his hand, changing it until the water was shooting straight out of the middle. 

“What are you doing?” You asked, confused as to where this was going. 

“I want you to hold the shower head between your legs, aim it at your clit.” He instructed as he pushed the shower head into your hands. You gave him a skeptical look, but did as he said. A sharp gasp left your lips as you felt warm water shooting against your clit. You looked at him in surprise and were met with a cocky smirk and a heated gaze. You couldn’t stop the soft moans that were slipping past your lips as your clit was stimulated. 

You writhe against the wall of the shower, the pressure of the warm stream of water on your sensitive bundle of nerves making it impossible for you to keep your lower half still. Your legs threaten to shut around the shower head but his hands holding your thighs apart prevent you from doing so. You felt yourself approaching the edge, your clit throbbing almost unbearably. 

Your eyes screwed shut and you hit your head on the shower wall as your release hit you, causing your entire body to shiver. You couldn’t believe that you had managed to continue holding the shower head during such an intense climax. You took deep, shaky breaths as you came back down and opened your eyes again. He smiled at you and gently took the shower head out of your hands, putting it back where it belonged. 

You had no words for what had just occurred, and all you could do was stare at him as he grabbed a towel and dried off your lower half. You held on to him as he lifted you out of the shower and brought you back into the bedroom and gently dropped you onto the bed. 

“Im so proud of you,” he said with a chuckle as he crawled over you onto his side of the bed. You rolled over onto your side to face him, 

“Thanks babe” you let out a laugh yourself as he kissed your temple.

“I’m still better at making you cum,” He said with a wink. 


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader, being reckless gets hurt on a mission. Days later, when she gives her final report to her boyfriend Steve, it provokes an argument between them.
Word Count: 3.5k
Genre: general fiction containing explicit sexual content.
Warnings: argument, mild swearing, mentions of death. NSFW/SMUT: makeup sex, praise kink, soft dirty talking, nipple play, oral sex (female receiving), slow fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, and semi-protected sex. - This fic assumes Reader is on the pill. [Cover your stone before you bone!]
Author’s Note: especially written for @always-an-evans-addict‘s writing challenge. I hope you like this one, sweetie.

   New Avengers Facility

“Steve, you read my report and Wanda told you what happened. That’s it. Can’t we just move on?”

“That’s it? That’s it?!”

Behind the closed door of your boyfriend’s office, you uncomfortably explained yourself, keeping in mind that people around you could probably sense the walls vibrating under the force of your voices.

You’d never thought that blowing out the last Hydra base found in Argentina would provoke such a drama within the team, or between you and the super soldier. Usually, you and Steve argued about the group’s mistake, not yours. When the incident happened in South America, you realized that if Wanda hadn’t been there, you probably wouldn’t be alive today.

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Mr. Monster, Goldendoodle (8 m/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He loves water – if there’s a water bowl he’ll stick his whole face in and blow bubbles. He’ll also follow me into the shower and just sit right under the shower head. Earlier today he smelled like my coconut shampoo because I lathered him up.” @mr.monsterpup

Spa Witch Tips

🛁 Hot glue water-safe gemstones to the tops of your shower gel and shampoo to empower them with a burst of energy.

🛁 Hang herb bundles near your shower head for natural scents. Eucalyptus works well for this, I have heard of others using cedar.

🛁 Use a salt scrub all over your body before getting into the bath or shower. Say “As salt purifies stones and vessels, let it remove hindering energies from me.” Before washing it off.

🛁 Carve sigils into your soap bars that are oriented toward self-care, courage, confidence, or health.

🛁 Using moonwater, chamomile, calendula, hibiscus, and any other herbs you would like, make an herbal hair wash. Place the liquid in a basin, or pour over your head. Do what you can to keep the wash in contact with your hair for about five minutes. When it washes out, feel the earthy boost you get.

🛁 Use incense or aromatherapeutic candles while taking a bath or shower that correspond with the energy you are trying to channel.

🛁 Put drops of your favorite essential oils on the inside of your toilet paper roll, and smell freshness in the room at all times.

🛁 Keep at least one item that was given to you in your bathroom. It helps you start and end your day with a sense of abundance. 

🛁 Keep different bath products for different moods so you may empower yourself in different ways every day.

🛁 Find a good lotion or body oil for when you get out of the bath and shower. Give yourself a full-body massage for 5-10 minutes, being attentive. This is a prominent practice in eastern medicine, and western medicine has found it releases positive hormones in the body.

🛁 Keep this room the cleanest, and others will follow. The room in which you pay homage to the temple of the body should be the one that you maintain the most. This energy will flow throughout you and your home.

🛁 Write affirmations on your mirror using a dry-erase marker.

🛁 Feel free to enchant aspects of your bathroom to do their job better. Enchant a mirror to make you feel confident. Enchant a toothbrush to give you a better and more confident smile… the more magick we do, the stronger we get, so no worries about wasting energy.

🛁 Make sure not to use anything or attempt anything on this list that could cause skin irritation or negative side-effects!

Old Dog, New Tricks: Part Three

Part One II Part Two

Summary: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were known to be your soldiers across the hall. Whenever you needed them, they were there. It never crossed your mind that one day, after coming to terms with just how inexperienced Bucky was with getting back in the groove of romance - you find yourself now helping him in a way you never expected. Sex.

Word Count: 2,471

Notes: Cursing, Explicit Content, 18+ (smut) 

Let me know what you thiiiiinkkkkkkk 

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