My whole body is sore from the gym but I’m happy about it! I feel less than inspired with my business classes this semester - but I do enjoy my law classes.

Sam got his stitches out so we can go climbing again! I would go alone but I’m such a beginner that I need help. Haha

I have decided that I need to take care of my hair even the fraction of how much I take care of my skin. While I thought I was doing fine before - no heat, use quality leave in conditioner after every shower, my hair was still dry. Every night I’ve been brushing it out, putting argan oil from the chin length down and wrapping it up in a silky headband. Umm…THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. I have had to wash my hair way less and it’s so much more moisturized. Finally, I’m out from the rock I’ve been living under re: bedtime hair routine.

Last night Sam and I met up with a couple we’re friends with at a beer garden. The girl is my friend from law school - that’s how we know each other. ANYWAY, I was gone all summer and she was gone for 6 MONTHS hiking the Appalachian trail. BY HERSELF. She did the whole thing. Unreal. It was so nice to reconnect. We had such a good time and we’re planning a game night for the weekend. Yayaya

Best Birthday - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 3,330
AN: Okay I’m late I’m sorry! This fic was to celebrate my favorite little nugget’s 26th birthday. It would have been here sooner but they just wouldn’t stop having sex? Sorry, not sorry.

You woke up, your boyfriend’s firm body pressed against your back, and you sighed in delight. You were so glad he was home, finally, after being away for so long with his hectic schedule. His nose was pressed against your shoulder, his deep, even breaths tickling along your skin. You pulled his arm tighter around your waist, and settled back, your eyes sliding shut as you tried to go back to sleep.

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Request: If your doing requests I have a Steve thing that came into mind. It’s pretty much just smut, inspired by lyrics from the song ‘tied down - James young’. Specifically “So please can I be selfish with your body, cause I don’t think I can share you with nobody” and “When I have you, I’m gonna brand you with my lips, so all of the world will know that your mine now”. -however you want it is fine with me :) -also sorry for bothering you :E I just couldn’t resist 

Words: 3,973

A/N: Smut warning. I also haven’t had the chance to edit I’m sorry

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“Y/N!” You ignored Steve yelling at you through the earpiece. Grabbing the gun off one of the Hydra agents, you checked to make sure there were enough bullets to get through the next hallway. Four bullets.

“Y/N there are too many agents in that room, forget the extra intel we got what we needed,” Steve spoke through sternly again. You ignored him once again, holding the gun up, finger on the trigger, ready to fire at any given moment.

“Sorry Cap, we can’t just walk away when we know there’s more information that we could use.” You whispered through the earpiece. You rounded the corner, gun aimed high, shooting once, effectively taking out two Hydra agents that were rounding the corner together. One would think not to walk right behind the other.

“Y/N. Get out of there and start heading for the Quinjet. Now.” You rolled your eyes. You continued making turned until you found the door that led to the information you were looking for. You jiggled the doorknob, hoping that there was a small chance that it wasn’t going to be locked. You backed away from the door, contemplating whether or not you were going to shoot the lock and fight however many people were in there with two bullets or walk away like you were told. You raised your gun, thinking to hell with it, before shooting the lock once and kicking the door open, gun still raised. To your surprise, the room was empty. You rushed to one of the computers, inserting a flash drive before hurriedly tapping away on the computer.

“I thought I told you to go to the Quinjet.” You turned around, holding the gun up out of instinct, caught off guard by how quiet Steve had been. There were deep frown lines on the edges of his mouth, his usual bright baby blues that typically reminded you of the sky on a sunny day were now a dark navy blue that reminded you of the deepest edges of the ocean. You swallowed, the tension in the room growing thick. Your heartbeat rose, waiting for him to yell at you. You watched as he tightened and untightened his jaw, something you know he did when he was annoyed. His broad chest rose and fell so lightly that if you hadn’t been studying him so closely you would think that he wasn’t breathing. His hands were in fists, knuckles white that you could only imagine were from how hard he was digging his nails into his palm. You didn’t know what to say.

You heard the computer beeping, you turned your attention from the very angry looking super soldier to the Hydra computer. You read the big green letters that popped on the screen.

Transfer complete

You let yourself smile a little bit, ejecting the flash drive before turning around to face Steve again. His eyes kept burning holes into you.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or are we going to head back to the Quinjet?” You asked, praying to whoever was listening that didn’t sound as snappy as it sounded. He turned around stalking out of the room cautiously.

You trailed behind him, looking behind you to see one agent rounding the corner. You raised your gun and shot them in the arms, not lethal but definitely enough to knock them out. You looked forward again, hearing grunts and punches landing. You rounded the corner, hoping that it wasn’t Steve who was receiving such painful sounding punches. You felt your body relax when he saw that he had taken out six agents. He may have been a good fighter but he wasn’t perfect. When he turned around he avoided eye contact, but you saw the gash on his right shoulder. He kicked his foot down, causing the shield to fly up and allowing his arm to grab it before ordering you to follow him.

You started to move but one of the agents that were lying on the ground cocked his gun and aimed it at you. You froze, staring at his bloodied mouth curl up, watching his finger move slowly towards the trigger before hearing him fire. You closed your eyes and flinched, waiting to feel the bullet pierce through your skin. You opened one eye, looking at the wall to your right and seeing a very familiar shield wedged into the wall. You looked over to where the agent was lying, seeing him shot dead. Steve was at the other end of the hallway, eyes trained on the agent, a gun pointed at the dead body. You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding, tears pricking your eyes. You swallowed again, blinking away the tears. You grabbed the shield, following him out of the building.

You raced to get on the plane, feeling it begin to take off once the both of you were on it. Steve had his back to you. You looked down to see the shield in your hands. Your fingers traced over the scratch marks and a fresh bullet mark on it. The black spot was warm, it caused a cold shiver to travel up your spine, thinking about what could have happened if the shield wasn’t there. If Steve wasn’t there. You turned and started walking deeper into the plane, looking for Steve. You saw Natasha and Agent Hill by Tony who was flying the plane. You kept walking towards the emergency medical wing, spotting Steve going through the cabinets in the room. You knocked gently on the door, catching his attention. He opened the door, looking at you silently before his eyes trailed to his shield. You handed him his beloved armor.

“Thank you.” You said quietly. You looked up at him again and saw that his fingers were tracing the same bullet mark that you were minutes ago.

“You’re not coming on our next mission.”  He said harshly, catching you by surprise. You blinked a few times, processing the words that just came out of his mouth.

“What?” You asked, more to yourself than him.

“You’re off the next mission.” He turned around again, setting the shield down by the door, looking through the drawers.

“You can’t do that!” You argued, angry that he thought he could control you and tell you what to do. He ignored your protest, eyes scanning the labels on the many bottles he had taken out.

“I’m going on the next mission whether you liked it or not. There is no reason for me to be taken off of it.” At your words Steve snapped his head towards you, standing up to his full height.

“You’re off the next three missions.”

“You can’t do that!” You exclaimed again, throwing your hands up in anger.

“I just did.” He muttered, pushing past you. You followed behind him, refusing to let this go by.

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Got7 Reaction| Getting caught having shower sex

A/N: This is going to be full blown smut like the bts version which you can find here


*none of these gifs are mine, credit to their owners*


The moment his lips met the tops of your shoulders you knew exactly which road your shower together would be taking. You turn to face him and step back slightly so warm water ran equally across your shoulders. Puling him closed he’d smile a devilish grin before hooking a hand gently on the back of your neck before crashing his lips to yours. He wouldn’t have time to be gentle and sweet like he usually was when you two started to initiate sex. He’d be slightly rougher with you than usual, there was just something about seeing you naked and wet that made him a little extra horny. He’d take no time in pressing you back against the wall, one arm wrapped tightly around your waist while the other held your face to his. He’d groan into your mouth as you started to grind against him until he hooked a hand under your leg and as quickly as he could without hurting you slipped into you. Hearing that first initial moan of pleasure would drive him to press into you further and harder with each pump, all while a smile broke to his face at your moaning that echoed off of the walls. You wouldn’t have even noticed Jinyoung he’d walked into the bathroom until Jaebum was moving you out of sight while yelling ‘Jr, close the door!’ You’d start to bring yourself down, the knot that was in your stomach completely gone now but Jaebum had something else in mind as he pulled you closer by bucking his hips into you hard once. 


The first time the door opened your heart jumped and a small scream left your lips as you tried to cover yourself, but seeing Mark standing there you’d instantly melt and chuckle slightly before continuing to wash yourself. He’d step in in front of you making you jump once more as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his chest which allowed you to hook your arms around his neck, enjoying the feeling of his naked body against yours. He’d rock you back and fourth for half a second before smiling into a kiss. It was just supposed to be a kiss and then you’d get out and he’d continue to shower, but soon you were breathing hard, his body pressing yours into he glass as your hands intertwined with his hair. The kiss would have changed into passionate and quick as hands trailed over ever inch on  your body. You’d find yourself being pressed against the tile wall  and gripping onto the railing as you were pressed upwards by the feeling of Mark entering you. His hands would be gripping tightly to your waist as his lips stayed pressed against yours. Through heavy breaths you’d feel you body begin to tingle all over and your moans began to stagger. All you could think was his name over and over but when you opened your eyes you gasped louder. ‘Jackson!’ You half screamed half moaned as Mark hit your sensitive spot again. ‘What?’ Mark said, instantly puling away from you with an angry look covering his face. ‘No!’ You said pulling him closer so Jackson couldn’t see anything. ‘Jackson leave!” You’d say causing Mark to look over his shoulder. ‘Jackson what the hell!’ He’d say calling after Jackson, who was obviously running down the hall way laughing. 


You were always trying to get Jackson in the shower with you, the idea of shower sex with him was something that you thought about all the time and finally he agreed to shower with you. You would have taken his hand right there and pulled him into the bathroom and started kissing on him instantly. After undressing one another you’d turn the water on before turning back to Jackson, who was smiling widely as he pulled you back towards his chest. Your hands running up and down his body would drive him wild as he’d be kissing down your body. You’d step away just as he reached above your core and into the shower, hearing his low groan. You chuckled and looked at him once before letting the hot water cover your body. Closing your eyes you waited until you felt his arms snake around your waist. He pressed himself to you firmly so you could feel just how hard your teasing had made him and it would be his turn to smile when a soft groan left your lips. He’d take charge right then, grabbing right above your elbows in one hand while he lined himself up with the other. He’d start slow, his lips by your ear as he asked you if this was what you wanted. Then moment you said yes he’d pick up pace, pounding into you just enough so he would restrain you with the hold he had on your arms. Your eyes would close as you tried to say something, anything but the coil in your stomach tightened you occludent muster out more than a syllable. That was until Jackson quickly removed himself from  you and turned you away from the glass. ‘BamBam I swear to god get out!” He’d say pressing his body more into yours. ‘What! I was just getting a floss!’ He’d say with a smug smile. ‘Jackson and Y/n are doing it in the shower!’ He’d yell  so you  both could hear. Jackson would get out and grab a towel to cover himself before yelling something else at BamBam. ‘This is why I didnt want to have shower sex.’ Jackson would say after closing the door and walking back to where you stood covering yourself. With a light laugh he’d kiss your forehead before handing you his towel and grabbing another for himself.


It was hard to convince Jinyoung to try showering with you, but the moment you did he realized how much he loved it and gave it the excuse of saving time and water. It was fun, and even though most the time it would take longer you still continued to do it. Today was just like any other day, he got into he shower first, washed his hair and shaved if he needed too before you walked in and dropped your robe. He smiled and pulled you in, laughing slightly as he caught you to avoid slipping on the hard tile. He’d back you under the water letting your hair be the first thing to get wet. He’d start kissing your neck as you began to wash your hair, he usually let you get through at least conditioning your hair before he started touching you. ‘Some one is eager.’ You said massaging your scalp a little longer, tilting your head to the side to so he had better access to your sweet spot. ‘Ive been dealing with those idiots all day and i couldn’t stop thinking about how nice this would be.’ he said against your skin, making you hum in agreement. Started to rinse the shampoo so you could wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in closer. He pulled his lips away from your neck and lent back just enough so he could help get all of the soap out of your hair. The moment it was done his lips were on yours and his hands were holding your face to his. You brought your arms up and around his shoulders and pulled him closer, earning you a sweet moan from his lips. He’d move you up so your back was to the wall and your leg was resting on the side of the shower giving him full access. His hands would trail down your body to your hips where he’d squeeze your sized gently before  stepping closer to wrap one arm around to hold you in place while the other started to tease your core. It felt like forever as he held you in place and traced a long finger up and down between your folds, every once in a while catching just enough of his tip inside of you to make you gasp. When you finally whined his name he’d smile against your kiss and plunge a finger as deep inside of you. Adding a second finger he had you right where he wanted you; Moaning loudly as you clenched to the nape of his neck. ‘Y/n are you okay, whats going on in here?’ Youngjae would say loudly through out the room. ‘Jae LEAVE!’ Both you and Jinyoung would yell as the door slammed. There wouldn’t even be a break, Jinyoung would just continue toi wreck you until he was about to explode from the anticipation of getting inside you. 


Post sex baths were something you and Youngjae did quite often, there was something about laying between his legs as he scooped water over your exposed skin that was so soothing. He’d talk to you softly, making you giggle as your fingers ran softly over his knee and up his thigh just enough to get his attention. You smiled feeling his member twitch against your back. As gracefully as you could you rotated so your chest was now against his, your cheek resting against his chest and his arms now tightly wrapped around your back. You listened to him talk some more as he dipped down further into the water so you were laying flat against one another. You folded your arms across his chest and used them as a prop for you to look at him. He smiled as you started to kiss along his collar bone until he realized what you were starting to get at. ‘So soon?’ He’d say. You didnt answer, instead you kissed up his neck and along his jaw until he was catching your chin in his hand and pulling your already puckered lips against his. You’d shift yourself so you were straddling his waist as best you could, and didnt waist any moment in starting to rotate your hips, not caring if the bubbly water started to slosh over the sides. His hands traveled down your back gently till he gripped tightly to your ass, now guiding your movements. Every once in a while you’d gasp as his hips bucked in anticipation, his member already pressing hard against your core. He tapped his fingers against your skin and you rose, turning on the slick tub and propping yourself up on the edge. You were so focused on not slipping you didnt even realize he had followed you until his chest was pressing against your back and he was slipping into you. your fingers held tightly onto the edge of the tub as he quickly figured out the easiest way to get as deep into you as possible. His fingers dug into your sides as he started to move quickly, he was all but holding you up. One of your hands moved to grip tightly to his wrist and the other still  holding onto the edge of the tub. You loved how vocal Youngjae was, it was one of your favorite things about him, so as he panted and whined on top of you your body tightened around him. ‘Youngjae, I’m…’ You tried to breath as he pushed your wet hair to the side so he could kiss along your spine. ‘Youngj- Jackson!’ You said pushing back so the two of your slipped back into the water and Youngjaes hands reached to cover you as best as he could. ‘Well thats new.’ Jackson laughed before turning out of the bathroom and closing the door.   You groaned loudly and put your head against Youngjae’s shoulder, the both of you laughing. ‘Not the best idea we’ve ever had.’ He said squeezing your side and laying a long kiss on your lips. 


The moment you suggested showering together he’d take you by the hand and pull you into the bathroom, the two of you giggling as he quickly turned the water and rounded on you, taking your face in between his hands so he cold bring his lips to yours. The moment your lips met his, his hands were removed so he could start undressing you, his hands quickly slipping your shirt over your head, your arms hooking around his neck as you reconneced your lips. His hands moved down to your pants, quickly unbuttoning them and pulling you closed as he pulled them from your body. He removed himself from you to strip himself, you giggled again seeing how hard he already was and smiled into his mouth as he pushed himself against you, walking you back till the two of you were passing the stream of water and your back was pressing up against the tile wall. You wrapped your arms around his head as he kissed down the center of your chest, hooking his hands under your knees and pulling you up so your legs wrapped around his waist and his hands clenched tightly to your rear end. His lips returned to yours and you gasped as he pulled himself away and lined himself up with you. Another giggle left your lips at his eagerness and that laugh turned into a sharp moan as his hips bucked into yours. ‘Fuck B!’ You gasped as he showed no mercy and pressed you harder into the wall, your legs now unable to hold onto each other as the only thing you could think about was the feeling of him bare inside of you. The sounds of his grunts made you grip at his neck, your eyes trying to stay open but you couldn’t help but let them roll around. One hard pump made a high pitched gasp leave your lips and your eyes opened. Open just in time to see the bathroom door opening. ‘BamBam are you almost do- OH MY GOD!’ Yugyeom screamed covering his eyes as BamBam slowed his pace and looked over his shoulder. ‘Well are you just going to stand there?’ He yelled, shifting just enough that he hit your g-spot making you gasp again. ‘Out!’ He yelled turning back to you as he closed the door. A wicked grin spread across his face making you smile. ‘Now where were we?’ 


He had a long, stressful day. But coming home to see you in his living room, smiling made him sigh. He told you about his day and as you rubbed his back you suggested he should take a shower, but only if you could join. It started off innocent, bottles were passed back and fourth, bumping into one another would cause giggles to erupt. Halfway through washing your body Yugyeom would noticed you had soap on your cheek and with a gentle thumb he’d wipe it off. The closeness of him would make you blush and as his fingers slowed to caress your cheek. You smiled, tilting your head back as he lent down to kiss you sweetly. There was something about this kiss, it wasn’t needy, it was soft and sweet and there was no way you were letting that go. You hooked your arms around your neck and brought him closer to you, the kiss starting to move. There was something about the way he was holding, the feeling of his skin against yours that made your body start to heat up. He smiled into the kiss as you pushed him gently against the wall. A slight moan was sent through the kiss as you trailed your fingers down his chest. The feeling of his member raising to meet your hip made you smile and you pressed your body closer to his. The feeling of you pressed against him made him moan again into your mouth. You broke the kiss to kiss down his jaw and to his shoulder, each kiss the need to destress him growing. You kissed his lips one more time before dropping down in front of him. He smiled down to you, taking his bottom lip between his teeth as you caressed his member with your hand. Knowing how much he enjoyed light teasing you let your tongue circle his tip, making sure your eyes never met his. You teased him until  low groan left his chest. You took his length quickly, not wanting to waist any more time. His hand pressed firmly to the back of your head, following the movement of your bobbing, his eyes never leaving yours. That was until the sound of the door opening made his eyes flick up and his body to retract into the wall. ‘Yugyeom are you almost, oh my god.’ Youngjae said, walking out just as fast as he walked in. You rocked back on your heels and covered your face, embarrassment covering your cheeks. Yugyeom knelt down and pulled you into his chest laughing. ‘Common. lets go take a nap.’ he said winking at you, chucking as you smacked his chest. 

I Lost It (Part 2 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: none? kinda sad? Idk

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. P.s. SORRY about this one.


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We’d finally settled into our daily routine as husband and wife, which meant a race to the bathroom in the morning. Per usual, I’d beat her down the hall and inevitably give into her puppy dog eyes when she begged to get a shower first.

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BTS Reaction to seeing their S/O naked for the first time


He would not hesitate to make a comment on how beautiful you are to him and how he loves your body, despite the fact that this was the first time seeing you naked. As he walked in on you changing your clothes he would slowly approach you from behind not to startle you, gentle place his hands on your hips, nuzzle his face in the side your your and reassure you there was no reason for you to be insecure or hide your body.

“I think your body’s perfect y/n” 

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He would be flustered when he accidentally walked in on you fully naked as you were about to take a shower.  He would openly scan your body, his eyes following each and every curve loving everything about you. When you scoffed and shifted under his gaze his eyes immediately snapped up to meet eyes quickly turning around facing the other direction, stumbling on his words as his face heated up 

“So-o-orry y/n…’s just…….you look really beautiful like that”

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He would not be subtle about his actions, as soon as he saw you completely  bare in front of him he had you pinned to the wall his eyes hungrily exploring your body absolutely loving every second of seeing you like this, of course you were loving it to. He would slowly rest his hands on your hip, his eyes meet yours looking at you as if asking for permission, as soon as you nod your head in consent his grip on your waist tightened and he wasted no time and pressed his lips against yours, knowing that it won’t lead to anything more than just a heated make out session you kissed back.

“I can’t believe this is what I’ve been missing all this time we’ve been dating”

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Hoseok was known to be straight forward and upright with things especially his feelings and seeing you naked he couldn’t hold back what he thought about your body but still being wary of how you felt being completely exposed to him. He would cover his eyes waiting for you to finish dress all the while complimenting you even though he only saw you for a few seconds.

“Sorry y/n but I wouldn’t mind seeing you like this all the time, you have a gorgeous body” he said slowly taking his hands from his eyes.

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Being the shy mochi he is, his cheeks would heat up and his eyes would grow wide, the first thing that came out of his mouth was an apology but seeing your body completely bare would no doubt affect him, quickly masking his shyness with a smirk, he would stalk towards you taking your towel from the floor and gentle wrap it around your naked body covering you up as he nipped the sensitive skin under your left ear knowing the affect it had on you.

“Babe you have no idea what you’re doing to me right now”

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Taehyung would literally just stand there wide eyed with his mouth parted, his eyes exploring every part of your body taking in your every movement. He’d internally curse himself as he reluctantly pried his eye away from you knowing that if he stared any longer he wouldn’t be able to control himself and his action. As you turned around you were startled to see a flustered Taehyung that looked like he was having an internal battle with himself.

“ okay??” you asked 

“Ye-eahh, I’m fine, but damn y/n if you dont put on some clothes soon imma take you right there and I don’t think I would be able control myself”

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This child is beyond innocent so when he saw you getting out of the shower with your hair wet and your skin glistening with water he instantly froze. Eyes wide with his mouth practically touching the floor, he had no idea what to do he was too embarrassed to keep looking but to entranced by your naked body and the way it made him feel to look away. Finally deciding to react on this new feeling he hesitantly approached you and placed his hands on your waist.

“Y/n…is it okay if I kiss you right now?”

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~ Admin Nish

Okay, so, when I was little, I used to cry whenever my mother got out of the shower and had her hair in a towel. Babies are so terrified of change, the slightest difference in mommy or daddy’s appearance can frighten the hell out of them.

So picture this.

Erik and Christine have a baby. Christine insists that he take his mask off when meeting his newborn child, so that the baby will be able to get used to his face right from the beginning. Erik complies, though he is nervous about the idea of an innocent baby looking upon his strange features. Months pass. Erik has not yet worn the mask around the child. One day, he has to go and run some errands. He steps out of his room, wearing his signature hat, cloak, and of course, the mask.

The baby screams, runs away.

It takes Erik twenty minutes to convince the poor thing that daddy hasn’t been replaced by a masked imposter.

spacediino  asked:

whatthefuckwhattheFUck ur tags on the hannibal gif set destrOYED me I'm at the store either leave me alone or write the thing (sorry for yelling I love ur blog)

I’m happy you like my tags (linked here) and I have written the thing~

Will does not bring it up. Hannibal, mercifully, has not once tried to broach the subject though Will can see he wants to. If he did, Will would cancel every appointment, quit his job, and really commit to the hermit lifestyle he is practically living, too embarrassed to go on, but Hannibal doesn’t so Will gets to enjoy this aspect to their not quite doctor-patient and not quite whatever-they-are relationship.

They don’t talk about it and that’s good.

It’s Sunday, nearly seven in the morning. Will still has dried mud on his shoes from the crime scene yesterday. He hasn’t slept and he can hear Jack’s voice in his ear, asking for more and only getting from Will a few grunts and a few jumbled sentences that must have made a passable analysis of their killer for Jack to willingly send him back home.

Hannibal looks less surprised than he should with Will–red faced, sweating, dressed in the day before yesterday’s clothes, and unwilling to look him in the eye long enough to see the red in his irides–showing up at his door without calling.

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The Lovers Cloud

 The night is still young and Shawn is laying on the bed. His head is propped up on the pillow with his arm laying behind it. His chest rises up slowly and evenly while he stares up at the ceiling. A week before he starts he North American Leg of Tour. This is the only time I have left with him before he returns to Pickering. A day that’s all I get with him until he comes back in August for my birthday and his. 

 I stare at my reflection in the foggy mirror after Shawn took a long hot shower. My hair is in a Dutch braid which reaches my mid back. The shirt that rests on my body looks like a dress compared to an actual shirt. My fingers start to undo the braid while I stare at myself in the mirror. A light red matte lipstick is added to my lips. I should never be around him when I need him the most. When I’m around him all I get is wild thoughts. 

 Nothing helps pretending to be angry or avoiding his gentle gestures when he comes back from tour. He’s irresistible he knows it and I know it. Shawn loves to see the affect he has on me every time he returns from tour. But I love the affect I have on him also. While his eyes roam my body as if it was the last time we would see each other. The ways his pupils dilate and his lips emit small pants of air. The walk to the room is short causing my nervous to heighten. 

The cold breeze from the open window causes my nipples to become erect. Shawn has his eyes closed his fingers play with the hem of his shorts. I’ve never been one to be sexy or be seductive, but with Shawn my shyness turns him on. I stand at the foot of the bed looking at Shawn as I nudge his foot with my fingers. He looks up quickly before casting his eyes back to the ceiling. His eyes close momentarily before he opens them once again in a slow motion. I watch carefully as I nudge him again hoping to gain a fraction of his attention like the ceiling is. 

 I stare up at the ceiling to see what is fascinating about it. A small gasp escapes my now parted lips as I see a mirror mounted to the ceiling. The first thing that comes to mind is fifty shades of grey. A small laugh is heard from Shawn causing my eyes to look down at him again. I tilt my head in confusion before my eyes drift back to the ceiling. 

 "Wondering how that got there?“ His raspy voice asks which is the sound I hope is only reserved to me. I nod before kneeling in between his parted legs on the bed. Shawn leans up on his elbows to watch my every movement as my eyes flickering between him and the mirror. The shirt I’m currently wearing rides up my thighs giving Shawn a perfect view of my black lace panties. The thought of me trying to seduce Shawn in any way has completely escaped my mind. Small creaks are heard from the bed moving near, but I don’t pay no mind to it all. 

The mirror portrays something more then innocence. Memories flashback when Shawn’s European tour kicked off. He bought the mirror to relive the passionate, yet heated moment in front of the mirror in his Amsterdam hotel bathroom. It was the second day for the shooting of “There’s nothing holding me back.” A smile makes its way onto my face as I look back at the memory 


 The hot shower steamed the whole bathroom making it hard for me to see. The lights which illuminated the room made it worse to see and I ended up missing my footing. 

 "Oh” I let out a small squeal as I felt strong arms wrap around my bare waist. Shawn’s face appeared as the steam started to disperse with the open bathroom door. His hand tilted me in a standing position before reaching over me and clearing the mirror. The muscles in his biceps flexed under his shirt with his rapid movements. Sweat was dripping down Shawn’s face indicating he did a hard work out with Andrew and Geoff. 

 His hair fell flat against his forehead losing his fluffy curls. My hand instinctively grab his hair trying to make it curl again, but finding it useless. A low whine escapes my lips as I let go of his sweaty hair. A low growl is heard from Shawn’s parted lips as I let out another low whine. 

 "What’s wrong?“ He asks his hands tightening their hold on my bare waist. Shawn’s eyes are glued to my breasts which move up and down with each breath I inhale and exhale. 

 "Hmm…. There’s nothing there to….” my sentence trails off as I see him looking down at me with lustful eyes. My breath catches in my throats when Shawn lifts me and sets me down on the cold counter. 

 "Ohh" a gasp and a moan leave my lips as I get the sensation of the cold granite top connecting with my heated core. The new sensations cause Shawn to emit another growl before capturing his lips with mine. Our lips move rhythmically together and my legs wrap themselves around his waist pulling him in closer to my bare body. He shudders with the sudden closeness as his bulge touches my inner thigh. Goosebumps rise all over my body, Shawn takes notice and smirks into the kiss. 

 "Need to feel your skin on my m-mine" I tell him as his lips start to leave open mouth kisses down to my neck. My fingers grab the hem of his shirt before letting my fingers trace his abs. Shawn’s body is quick to react to my pleads and takes off his shirt in a hurry. His pants and his boxers are the next thing to go. I stare head to toe memorizing his body just like it was the first time. It’s in these rare occasions that I stare even though I know his body in and out. I can’t help it….. 

 "Are you going to keep staring or actually do something?“ Shawn asks his voice barley above a whisper. His hands pull me close once again which allows his member to tease my entrance. Without another word Shawn flips me over so I’m facing the mirror. My breath grows shallow as my bare stomach touches the cold granite top. His fingers trace down my spine causing more shivers to arise. His hand makes it to the curve of my bum before sending a gentle smack making my arouse grow. The mirror cleared up a bit giving me a perfect view of Shawn. His hands gripped my shoulders hard before moving his hand to my throat. In one swift movement Shawn pulled me back his hand still around my throat putting light pressure on it as his breath fans over my ear. He squeezes my throat a bit before biting down on my earlobe. My fingers wrap themselves around his wrist. 

 "Wouldn’t you want to know how you look like while I thrust into you gently or roughly. Huh? The way your eyebrows scrunch together when I hit your g-spot. Or the way your lips shape into a perfect ‘o’ when you come down from your high. The way those fingers grip onto the bed sheets on the first thrust. So tell me baby, do you want to see what I see every time I make you mine over and over again?” Shawn whispers roughly into my ear with a raspy voice. Our gazes stare at one another through the mirror. His eyes never leaving mine as he let’s go of my throat again. I stay close to his chest moving slightly to look up at him. 

 "S-Shawn I-I a I need a …..“ the words don’t come out as I see Shawn’s eyes darken with lust. 

 "What do you need darling?” Shawn uses the word that has me at his mercy. I won’t be getting gentle Shawn in anyway. His eyes never leave my eyes as I try to breathe in and out. 

 "K-kiss" the next thing I feel is Shawn’s lips smashing onto mine. He licks my bottom lips to gain entrance, but me being a tease I decide to keep denying him access. A growl is heard before Shawn grabs a hold of my throat again and squeezes a little harder than normal. I gasp out which allows Shawn’s tongue to enter my mouth. In an instant he pulls away leaving me whimpering with the loss of his plump lips. His hands push me back flat against the granite top and giving me a gentle kiss. 

 "Mirror! Look at the mirror" Shawn growls out as I waiting in anticipation while staring down at the granite top. My eye lift up to watch his movements. 

 "So wet….. All for me" Shawn whispers before aligning his erect member to my entrance. “Sh-Shawn! Do something!” I scream out as I see he is taking his damn time. A smack is felt as my body pushes forward away from his hands. The pain to much to bare, this is punishment. 

 "Darling you know how I don’t like to be rushed-aww" Shawn’s smacks my bum again harder then the last one. “Don’t you?” I nod my head in quick motion as I watch his piercing brown eyes through the mirror. 

 "A nod isn’t helping your case" Shawn says before another smack is left side on my bum. 

 "Yes" I whimper out as he massages my bum. Shawn’s tip is at my entrance and he enters slowly in which I tense with the new sensation. 

 "Y/N, baby, you need to relax….“ Shawn says while caressing my side. 

 "I-I can’t…. I-I’m trying too” I whimper back an answer. He pushes all the way not taking any of my protests into consideration. His thrusts are slow as he watches us through the mirror. The fog starts to cover the mirror once again. Shawn’s hand reaches out towards the mirror to clear it up and he stops thrusting inside of me. My face becomes visible once again and just like Shawn said ‘The way your eyebrows scrunch together,’ the scene take any breath away as I watch Shawn through the mirror eyebrows furrowed into concentration. I involuntary clench around him arising a deep moan within his throat.

 He stays still without moving and I’m losing all my patience. My hips move forward causing him to awake from his daze. I move back on to his erect member. Swirling my hips in a circle motion and fucking myself on his erect member. A low main escapes my parted lips as I gaze at Shawn’s blurry form through he mirror. His eyes are closed a hand runs through his hair over and over again. Shawn’s eyebrows furrow together and he connects both his hands behind his head. My movements still as I try and catch my breath from looking at the sight. 

 His eyes open slowly looking at me and the place we’re we connect as one. Shawn moves his hips slowly before increasing his pace. I try my best to keep my eyes on the mirror, but fail miserably as the pressure building in my abdomen is rising. Shawn’s breaths turn to breathy pants as his thrusts start to get sloppy. Suddenly my head is being pulled back by Shawn’s hand wrapped around my hair. He left sloppy kisses along my jaw as he stopped thrusting inside my body aching for a release. 

 "I want you to look! I said look at the mirror Y/N!“ Shawn growled out as he gripped my chin to look at the now foggy mirror. My eyes are trained on the mirror waiting for Shawn to begin thrusting again. 

“Keep your eyes on the mirror. Don’t blink and don’t look down for any reason, you got that? I want you- No, I need you to see what I see every time we make love, angry sex, goodbye sex, late night sex and the list goes on Y/N…. the way I see you in complete and utter bliss as you come down from your high. Eyes barley open enough to keep them trained on me. Sweat running down the valley of your breasts. Hair fanned out, when we’re on the bed, your chest rising at a rapid and slowly going back to normal once your orgasm is done. Need to see you watch yourself, can you do that for me Darling?” I only nod and Shawn begins to thrust again. 

 "Shawn! I-I’m c-cl-“ the sentence is never finished as a load moan makes it way through my parted lips. My eyes want to close so badly, but I can’t as I watch Shawn come to his own high. I clench around around over and over again from the overstimulation. 

 "Fuck!” A loud moan is heard and I train my eyes on the mirror again. Sweat runs down his forehead and his hands tighten their hold on my waist. Moans keep coming from Shawn and he wants to silence them, yet he can’t seem to find a way to. A piercing pain is felt in my right shoulder, for Shawn is biting down as he rides out his orgasm. He soon slumps against my now sweaty body catching his breath as best as he can. 

 "You saw it right? What I see?“ Shawn whispers out his voice raspy and groggy. I giggle at his question as I simply nod looking at him through the cleared up mirror. Shawn removes himself from inside me grabbing a towel on the rack. His arms turn me around and lift me on the granite top. I watch him as he cleans me up and himself as we are surrounded by a comfortable silence. Shawn stands between my legs pulling me close to him. 

 "I love you Shawn” I tell him nerves are heard within my voice. It doesn’t matter how many time we’ve exchanged this three words which hold so much emotion I still get nervous every time I tell Shawn. 

 "I love you, Y/N” Shawn whispers back placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. We stay like this for sometime before retiring back to the the hotel bedroom. *************** 

 "Y/N? Baby?Where did you go?“ Shawn directly in front of me a worried look on his face. His arms gently cup my face as he looks for any sign of discomfort. I blink a few times pulling myself out of the daze. Shawn’s legs are tucked under him giving him a child’s like innocence. Almost. A smirk makes way into Shawn’s face as he looks up at the mirror again. 

 "Pretty right? Thought we could keep reliving the memory from Amsterdam.” Shawn says pulling and siting back down on the bed with his legs crossed. 

 "If you think this mirror will make anything happen tonight your so dead wrong Mendes" I tell him trying to keep a confident voice, but it shakes at the end. “Is that so Darling?” Shawn says leaning on his elbows once again. I lift up Shawn’s shirt which leaves my chest bare and in plain sight along with my black lace panties. I maneuver myself so I’m sitting on his lap. Shawn’s breath hitches a he stares at my breasts licking his lips as his eyes land on my face. 

 "Thought you said 'if you think this mirror will make anything happen tonight your so dead wrong’ “ Shawn mimics my voice and adds a high pitch to add dramatic effect. Arms in circle my waist pulling me closer into his bare chest. I humm as my arms link themselves behind his neck. 

 "The mirror is an added bonus, but I already had something planned for tonight” I tell him as I kiss his jaw over and over again. 

 "I like the way you think baby" Shawn whispers before capturing my lips with his. The sparks fly as I tangle my fingers into his fluffy hair. Tugging at the roots which make Shawn moan out once in a while. His lips pull apart from mine as he trials kisses down my neck. Shawn’s breath feathers above my collar bone lips barely touching my skin. Soon enough his lips attach to my collarbone as he shapes them into a circle and starts to suck. I can feel the blood rising to the area where Shawn’s lips are attached. Whimpers leave my mouth as Shawn bites the area and licks the freshly made hickey. 

 "Shawn" his name comes in short breaths as his fingers trail down to the hem of my panties. He looks up with a teasing smile and resumes his journey to slide his fingers under the lace fabric. His makes contact with my bundle of nerves sending a burning sensation to arise in my abdomen. My hands grip onto his shoulders as he roughly draws figure eights on my clit. Shawn’s lips connect with mine in a slow and passionate kiss. Whimpers leave my mouth as Shawn removes his fingers and trails to my entrance. His two fingers start to thrust in me at a steady pace. One of his hands rocks my hips against his fingers. I rest my head on Shawn’s shoulders as he adds a third finger. 

 "Your doing so great, baby" Shawn whispers into my ear as I rock myself on his fingers. His head looks up which also causes me to look up also. His eyes are trained on the mirror as he watches my movements halt. 

 "Keep moving Y/N" Shawn demands and I do as he says. And then stop again Shawn lifts me up before throwing me on the bed. The bed creaks at the sudden movement. Shawn gazed down on me with darkened eyes as he removes his fingers. He raises them up to his lips as he sucks them clean a hum coming from his mouth. I watch as he finishes sucking his fingers slowly opening his eyes. My chest rises at a rapid pace. His hands make there way around my neck pulling me in closer to him. 

Our lips barely brushing against each other causing a crave for his plump and soft pink lips against my own. Shawn’s eyes bore into mine without inching his lips closer to mine. My hand makes itself its way around his neck pulling him closer so we can indulge in a much needed kiss. Our lips move in sync as he pulls me completely onto his lap. He wraps my legs around his torso as his hands lower themselves on my body. He lifts me up turning us slowly as we still indulge in a heated kiss. Shawn lays us down gently before pulling away from our now swollen lips. His hands reach the hem of my panties pulling them down mid thigh as he blows cold air on my heated core. I shudder in reaction to the air clenching my hands onto the bedsheets. 

 "So beautiful and all for me" Shawn mumbles as he continues he torturous journey pulling my panties down my legs. Once they are removed Shawn trails open mouth kisses up my legs switching between each kiss. 

 I was in the bed while Shawn lay on top of me. He mumbled something as his face was on breasts. I felt his lips pucker up then he kissed one breast before moving to the other. I found it weird always. I nudged Shawn’s face away from chest. He wouldn’t budge and continued peppering kisses. 

 "Shawn. Baby. Shawn!!“ I tell him nudging his shoulder over and over again. He pulls away his face red and his breathing ragged. 

 "What? I in the middle of something” he said as he lay his head back down but was still able to see me. 

 "Baby why do you always kiss each breast. Or each hand" I ask as my fingers run through his fluffy hair. He hums in response before looking up at me. 

 "Can’t have one side of your body thinking I don’t love them because I don’t show them the same affection as the other part" he says placing a kiss on my lips. 

 "You are an idiot Mendes" I say in between giggles as I place a kiss on his lips. “True but at least I’m yours right? Your idiot” Shawn says before resting his head on my chest once again. 

 I snap out of my daze as I feel Shawn’s lips sucking on my bundle of nerves. My hands instinctively go to his hair tugging on it and before I know it Shawn’s lips are removed. 

 "Had to get a taste" he says before removing his shorts and boxers in one swift movement. He kneels in between my parted legs resting one of them on top of his shoulder. 

 "N-no condom?“ I ask looking at his erect member and then his face. He looked at me then the dresser moving towards it. I catch his wrist as he reaches the top of the dresser. I give a nod before releasing his hand. Shawn settles himself between my legs again. The only other time we’ve went bare was in Amsterdam in the hotel bathroom. Shawn looks at me once again and kisses my lips as he pushes into me slowly. I grab his hand which is near my head interlacing our fingers together. I squeeze his hand and Shawn starts thrusting into me. 

I gasp at the sensation reaching anywhere on the bed to get a good grip on something. Shawn groans above me as his eyes stay locked on the area in which we connect as one. His eyes go dark and he bites his lip hard as his eyes trail up my body. They land on my breasts which move with every deep thrust he makes. Strings on moans live my lips as I feel Shawn lower my leg towards the mattress. In once swift movement I’m on top of Shawn as he lays down. I let out a small squeal at the change of position. 

Shawn’s fingers dig into my skin as he lifts me up and slams me down on his erect member. My hands rest in his chest as I raise myself up and start to bounce on him. He removes his hands running them down his face. Sweat starts running down his chest as he looks up at me giving me a lazy smile. I smile back closing the space between us and kissing his swollen lips. Shawn lays me down on top him holding me down with his hand around my neck giving it a small gentle squeeze. His hips jerk upwards in fast pace as I clutch onto the mattress. 

“Uh ah oh S-Shawn” I moan out as he hugs me closer into him his pace becoming sloppy and slow. A quick change of position again and I’m underneath him clutching onto him for dear life. My orgasm a few thrusts away as I wrap my quivering legs around his waist. Shawn picks up his brutal pace again although it’s sloppy, yet still deep. He groans into my neck biting down on it as I clench around him. 

 "Let go… I know you want to Y/N. just let go princess” Shawn whispers into my ear. I nod in response unable to form words as my orgasm reaches its peak. 

“Ahhh. Shawn” his name leaves my lips repeatedly like a pray of some sort. Shawn’s close his heart beat is beating rapidly and his legs are starting to give out on him. 

 "Baby- fuck Y/N" Shawn let’s go my name leaving his lips in a small chant like prayer. I bite in his shoulder as I feel him release into me. As soon as he rides out our highs he leaves kiss on my shoulder. Shawn looks up at me opening his mouth, but I beat him to it. 

 "Pill" is all I say as Shawn relaxes once again removing himself from me. He snuggles into my side resting his head on my chest. He breathing starts to even out a bit. 

 "Not that I don’t want have kids with you. Like the song says “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage” I want to do it right, because your special and the love of my life Y/N" Shawn tells me pulling me in closer to his body. I smile as I kiss his forehead looking forward to the future with Shawn. He mutters a whispered goodnight snuggling in closer to me. 

 "Goodnight baby" I whispers back running my hands through his hair as sleep slowly consumes me. 

exo ↬ kinks

anon asked: What do you think are their biggest kinks?and do you think they moan and whine a lot or they just groan and grunt?

a/n: i’ll be doing what exo sounds like during sex seperately, but this is what i think their kinks are !! also, i’ve written whether they’re a dom, sub, or a switch ( their role is in italics, but only written as ’d/s’ if they’re into strict dom/sub things ) !!

⇴ xiumin:

d/s, daddy kink, light bondage, over-stimulation (giving), degradation (giving), oral (giving), public sex, thigh riding

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⇴ suho:

dom, public teasing (giving), role play (esp. teacherxstudent/bossxemployee), praise (giving), light pet play, oral (receiving)

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⇴ lay:

sub, light fem!dom, over-stimulation (receiving), sweet talk (giving), praise (giving), love bites (giving), bath sex

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⇴ baekhyun:

switch, orgasm delay (giving and receiving), over-stimulation (receiving), dirty talk, role play, food play, teasing, oral (receiving)

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⇴ chen:

switch, mutual masturbation, bondage (giving and receiving), video taping, phone sex, public teasing (giving), hair pulling (giving and receiving), moresomes, shower sex

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⇴ chanyeol:

switch, hair pulling (receiving), oral (receiving), strip teases, lap dances, finger fucking, handcuffs (receiving)

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⇴ d.o:

d/s, bsdm, erotic asphyxiation, bondage (giving), face fucking, light degradation (giving), spanking, forced silence, whipping

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⇴ kai:

sub, praise (receiving), sweet talk (giving and receiving), body worship (giving), oral (giving), voyeurism

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⇴ sehun:

d/s, brat taming, degradation (giving), orgasm denial (esp. for longer periods of time), marking, begging (receiving), flogging

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