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Charlie, bathroom


  • How does the character prepare in the morning?

charlie never fucking knows what time it is.  when his mouth feels gross enough he brushes his teeth.  with byron’s toothbrush

  • Do they sing in the shower?

you know it–and it sounds terrible.  like a cat stuck inside a kettle.

  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

whatever byron put in the shower.  byron has glorious hair.  so charlie sort of gets that ‘stole your shampoo’ glow.

  • How clean is this character?

hmmmmmmmmmm.  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  HMMMMM.  is v sticky

  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

again … it depends on what byron has stocked the shower with.  if there’s nothing in there, ol’ chuck will just be getting wet.  and then dry again.  gross.

♛ fill in about the muse.


What is the character’s favourite food?:
Are they good at cooking? How good/bad?:
Do they leave the dishes out?:
What kind of food is in their refrigerator?:
Do they cook, eat out or get take-away/delivered food more?:

Living Room:

How does the character spend weekends?:
What kind of movies does the character watch?:
What do they do with friends?:
What’s their favorite pastime?:
What’s their favorite TV show/Film?:


How does the character prepare in the morning?:
Do they sing in the shower?:
What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?:
How clean is this character?:
Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?:


How do they sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines):
What are their pajamas like?:
What do they dream about usually?:
How neat/tidy are they?:
How affectionate are they?:


What is the character afraid of?:
How do they deal with bad memories?:
What is this character’s role in a horror movie?:
How do they hide their secrets?:

tehamazingone-writes asked:

Headcanon: Ishizu is very conscious about waste, and therefore dislikes showers, bottled water/disposable stuff.

This headcanon, I LIKE IT.
She only doesn’t like showers if you’re wasting the water. Like you have ten minutes for a shower or else

sicktress asked:

Reid - Bathroom!


  • How does the character prepare in the morning?

well, the morning?  is that a thing??  reid stays up way too late for morning readiness.  and in the supreme unfairness of all things, he just rolls out of bed and looks great.

  • Do they sing in the shower?

reid prefers baths.  there is only singing sometimes.  mostly sad songs.

  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

oils and perfumes, a touch of kohl around his eyes.

  • How clean is this character?

hygiene is on his to-do list, lol.  if there isn’t a bath available he’s not above scrubbing in a pond.  or bucket.

  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

he’ll use whatever is around ^^  everything or nothing!  his favorite bath is a bath that has another person in it.  <3

He hums in the shower, whispers lyrics in your ear, writes songs across his arms so every afternoon you roll back his shirt to find a blur only he can read. Carefully composed notes, that sit across a stave like fingers on a guitar. You can taste the music on his lips, feel the notes under his skin. He lives off it, hungrily consuming the sounds of the world with wide eyes. A singer, a musician, a composer who decodes emotions imbedded in people’s minds. He pulls strings and music dances before him, voice warbling melodically along. And he’s stuck in your head.
—  Bottled thoughts from another lifetime #31

hxgure asked:


send me a room, and i’ll tell you my headcanons.


  • How does the character prepare in the morning?

Worick doesn’t shower after getting up unlike Nic. He rather does it in the evening, leaving the shower to Nic for early in the morning. He rather washes his face in the kitchen, using his hands and soap.

  • Do they sing in the shower?

Sometimes yes. Depending on the song stuck in his head.

  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

The usual men’s products. They don’t have much in their home, but at least shampoo and aftershave products are a must. Worick doesn’t shave as often as Nic though, so it’s more Nic using those cosmetica. Worick only uses a special shampoo for his hair.

  • How clean is this character?

Clean enough to be a gigolo B)

  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

Guess it’s already answered above.


I was tagged by the love of my life thereallifeprincess

NAME: Missy
ALIAS[ES]: Idk what that is
GENDER: female
OCCUPATION: Sales Associate
DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS: I kinda drink..I don’t know how to limit myself haha!
LIKE[S]: Trixie Mattel, pretty dresses, drag, bottled water, showers
DISLIKE[S]: Mean people, close minded people
FEAR[S]: Spiders and monkeys 
DISORDERS: anxiety and slight depression

{ P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N }
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
HEIGHT: 5′3 or 5′4
TATTOOS: I want a few but not yet :(

{ F A M I L Y   I N F O R M A T I O N }
PARENT[S]: I got 2 of those
PET[S]: 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 rats :)

{ R E L A T I O N S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N }
 I like guys but to me love is love so who really knows!

untucking foreverandeveranne polkahotness weirdvevo 


So yesterday didnt go as planned 😑 my goal was to grab at least 4 burts bees tinted chapsticks.
WELL my sister decided to tag along. She knows i lift but she kept following me 2 feet behind me through the entire store. AND THATS NOT SUS RIGHT?
So I ended up just getting two. But I went back to dollar tree and grabbed 2 bottles of shower gel and incense cones to satiafy my anger.
I wanna start lifting more nail polish and jewlery so any tips for that would be great!! ☺

empatizing asked:

Remke :) ps if you would get a free ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

denim jackets with patches, canvas bags, lying down in clean sheets right after a shower, getting the last bottle of your fav drink at a store

i would go to amsterdam with my mom and go to a bunch of museums :) ty for asking!

yooo i’m bored so message me your name and i’ll tell you what it reminds me of (or invade my privacy i’m consenting to that too) 

kaze-no-tsubasa asked:

Now an easy one ^^ Subaru and Bathroom? :D

  • How does the character prepare in the morning? Usually just puts on his clothes and that’s it.
  • Do they sing in the shower? Sometimes when he is alone he will, usually really embarrassing songs.
  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use? If he can he will use shampoo.
  • How clean is this character? Fairly clean.
  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials? Whatever he can find where he’s staying. He isn’t fussed about having loads of products though.

I let myself down big time this past week in terms of just taking care of myself. I got really run down and was completely exhausted - both physically and mentally. It’s really important to remember that you aren’t of any help/use to anyone if you aren’t taking care of yourself and I need to carry that reminder forward for the rest of the summer. I’m making a bit of a plan for this coming session and it involves waking up every morning at 720am to have a shower, drink a bottle of water, and do some stretching in the lounge - just a trio of simple things that mean that I can start my day off on the right note. 

Day 48 - 50

As it was ridiculously hot and humid in New Orleans we decided that one night was enough for us there (sorry Nola). We literally slept for about 20 mins each, in between sweating and rustling about. We got out of the van at about 6am and had ghetto showers with water bottles - i’m not going to lie…it was a massive low point guys. 

We decided that our sorry states should be taken out of civilisation so after a day spent wandering the boutiques of Magazine St we drove ourselves East toward Florida.

Now normally when we go camping we find a place before hand (lets be real, Tiff finds one beforehand) but this time in our haste we were winging it a little bit. Our first campsite was in the Desoto forest (Mississippi) and had a slightly abandoned vibe to it. We were the only people there (I know most people are psyched about that when they’re camping but I am simply not one of them) so as the sun began to set we watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World to ease us into our lonely night (and to appease my need to watch an Anna Kendrick film - sorry not sorry, i’m an addict). The best news was that they had showers so we could remove the Nola grease.

We drove all the next day and crossed the state line into Florida. Our next campsite was equally empty but there was actually a camp master at this one which was super welcome. His name was Mark and he gave us free firewood and a lovely chat upon arrival. Turns out his Granddaughter is half Australian - Tiff then asked which part of Australia the kid’s dad was from…the reply was “we don’t know, my daughter was travelling around Australia at the time…” - That left us in a bit of an awkward silence but as with that conversation…moving right along. Mark told us that there were bears in the area and that he had seen one just up the road recently. …Bears you say? We remained sceptical.

Next morning we woke up to head to Miami and as we were driving down the dirt path toward the highway a baby black bear ran out in front of the car and disappeared into the trees. Not sure if we hallucinated this due to our desire to see bears or if this actually happened. Either way… BEARS!!!

i hate when i’m in the shower and the shampoo bottle is nearly empty and i think “wow i need to get more shampoo” but by the time i’m out of the shower i’ve forgotten about it completely until my next shower when i’m like “goddamit the shampoo”