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Morgan Rielly - Part Twelve

Again, I didn’t edit because I’m exhausted so I’m sorry for any minor errors, I’ll fix them in the morning. 

I didn’t want to go home that night either.

               The only thought that had got me through the door of my own apartment, putting two doors between Morgan and I, was the fact that I would see him bright and early in the morning.

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Be More Chill Senior Year, The Bus Ride

Six A.M. in the morning Jeremy woke to the sound of his alarm clock going off. He shuffled off the bed with a groan, hitting the snooze button on the clock before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. Senior year would be starting today and was a mixed bag of emotions for him. On one hand it was the final year of the Hell known as highschool on but on the other it also meant college would be starting soon and he had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do.
‘Too bad you don’t have a little voice in your head anymore to help you make the right decisions.’ The SQUIP’s voice chimed in on Jeremy’s thoughts. Ever since the incident last year Jeremy’s self doubt had a new voice that sounded too much like the super computer he used to have in his head. ‘Your using past tense incorrectly Jeremy, I’m still here.’
‘No you’re not.’ He never told anyone except Michael about the new voice in his head. He didn’t need the SQUIP ruining anything else for him this year.
‘Fine, don’t believe me but I recommend you take a shower; you stink.’ Jeremy took a quick whiff of his armpit before gagging and heading towards the bathroom. 'And remember what I said about touching yourself in the shower.’
'Jesus Christ…’
Halfway Across Town:
“Honey, please tell me your not still wearing that jacket to school.” The Mell family sat at the table eating breakfast as Michael’s mom made pancakes.
“Mom, this is the same jacket I’ve been wearing for the past like six years.”
“Exactly, it’s your senior year. Maybe you can try something different like a nice sweater or maybe that blue dr-”
“Sorry, but would it kill you to try and dress a little nicer today?”
“Quit badgering the boy, it’s his final year let him dress however he wants.”
“See? Dad thinks my jacket’s pretty cool.”
“Now I never said that.” Michael sighed poking at his eggs when he noticed it was almost Seven.
“Where are you going?” His mother looked over at him as he started putting his shoes on.
“Car’s still being fixed, need to catch the bus.”
“You don’t have to take the bus, I can drive you over.”
“No thanks Mom, it’s cool.”
“Are you sure? It really wouldn’t be a problem.”
“Bye Mom!” Michael was already out the door before she could say another word. The bus was already pulling up at the the stop sign as Michael rushed to get to it before it took off. By the time he got in he was panting and out of breath when he spotted Jeremy near the back and sat down next to him.
“Michael! You look exhausted.”
“Yeah, had to run to catch the bus.” Michael noticed Jeremy was wearing his Eminem shirt with a snort.
“Nothing, just thinking about the last time you wore that shirt.” Looking down Jeremy made a weird face.
“Yeah, the little voice in my head told me to grab it.” Michael’s smile fell.
“Do you wanna talk about it?”
“It’s okay, it’s more annoying than anything else now.” It had taken Jeremy a while to get used to the new voice he heard everyday. At first he thought it was the SQUIP, still there but after a while he just passed it off as another voice in his head. That didn’t mean it still hurt hearing that voice say anything. Jeremy still can’t bring himself to drink regular Mountain Dew out of fear that maybe that voice was real.
'Jeremy, it’s adorable how you keep saying “maybe”.’ Jeremy shook his head before turning back to Michael.
“Can we talk about something else?”
“Yeah, so last night I’m at Game Stop…” Jeremy smiled as Michael told him about the guy behind the counter who was totally flirting with him.
'Too bad you don’t have the balls to flirt with Michael.’
'I don’t like Michael.’
'Mm-hmm, sure. You just jerk off to him over the phone and think about him all the time.’
'I’m not taking this from you.’ The bus had come to a stop in front of the school. Getting off the bus Jeremy took a deep breath.
'Senior Year…’ Jeremy couldn’t get rid of the sinking feeling in his chest as they went through the front doors.

Sugar Daddies and where to find them

Chapter 2
The cufflinks

Newt is curled up beside Clara; the hippogriff has her eyes closed​ and he’s trying to comfort her while the potion he gave her takes effect. Humming a lullaby, the magizoologist starts to stroke Clara’s feathers. Dougal must’ve listened, because the demiguise appears right next to him and climbs up to his lap, his arms are around Newt’s neck in a second and the wizard can’t help but smile.

Dougal has always felt when something is worrying him and does his best to comfort him. This particular moment, Newt is concerned for Clara’s health; she took the potion, but she was so weak when he gave it to her, he’s not sure the potion is going to work. By the time he had gone back to the case, Clara was lying on the soft grass of her habitat and burning in fever.

From the mass of reddish curls above his head, Pickett gets down to his right shoulder. He’s worried too, Newt can see it, so he tries to talk to both Dougal and Pickett about other things for a few minutes.

When she opens her eyes again and tries to rise, it’s Dougal not Newt the one that rushes to get her water; the hippogriff seems to trust the demiguise so she licks as much as she can from the bucket Dougal has brought.

The potion is working.

Newt keeps taking care of her until she starts to flap her wings happily. He decides not to give her all the portion she normally eats, at least until her stomach recovers from the days she refused to even look at the food. Although he knows once he steps a foot outside the case Dougal would probably take the chance to bring Clara​another piece of meat.

He smiles fondly at his creatures and feels his heart warming up again. And because he’s not worried anymore, his mind goes back to other matters like Percival Graves.

Newt’s so grateful with the Director and he certainly plans to thank him as soon as he sees him again… at the dinner. Also, he has to give the money back…

A knock takes him out of his thoughts and Newt blinks in confusion when he sees Queenie with her apron around her waist.

“Tina brought your case to the apartment, sweetie,” she explains. “Although I was worried because that was hours ago and- Oh Mercy Lewis! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Newt’s tilts his head to the side and looks at her even more puzzled.

“About your date! Come, come! There’s no much time left!”

Queenie yanks him up so fast he doesn’t have time to explain.


“It’s not a date,” he barely manages to say when the witch is already pushing him inside the bathroom.

“Take a shower, honey. Relax and leave the rest to me!”

Newt tries not to think too much in the mischievous smirk on Queenie’s face and does as he’s told.

The problem, he realizes minutes later, is that he has no idea where Graves is going to take him and he doesn’t know what he should wear, well… It’s not like knowing would make a difference because the truth is he only has what he calls​ practical clothes; he doesn’t care much about fashion and he doesn’t go to dances or fancy places so he manages with the few things he has.

So he chooses the green sweater with the gray pants and thinks is not as bad as Theseus commented once.

But then Queenie storms back in the room with a garment bag with a hanger floating behind her.

She looks at him and shakes her head.

“None of that. At least not today. And don’t get me wrong, you look adorable, but you can’t wear casual clothes tonight.” She tosses him the bag. “Here, put this.”

Newt almost squeaks when he looks inside the bag.

It’s a beautiful navy blue suit.

“Where did you get this?”

“Just put it on, sweetie! Mr Graves will be here soon.”

Part of him thinks it’s fine she didn’t answer his question. He has the feeling he would have liked the answer.

At least he has a decent pair of shoes; only because Theseus had insisted he should get ones.

Newt’s not used to fancy clothes, so when he looks into the mirror he almost doesn’t recognize himself. He walks out of the bedroom to tell Queenie it’s not a good idea and that he’s gonna change back, but he finds Tina who only blinks at him and then smiles, soft and warm.

“You look-”

“Stunning,” Graves cuts her off in a tone that sounds almost like a low purr. He closes the distance between them in a second, leaving Newt no time to recover from the fact that Mr Graves is already there and staring at him like he has nothing better to do.

“T-thanks,” he mumbles, looking at Graves eyes just for a second before deciding his left shoulder is a safer place to stare at. “You look nice too.”

He hears him chuckle and doesn’t blame him, Newt’s probably looking quite awkward with his blush spreading down from his cheeks to his neck.

Graves takes his hand and before Newt can realize what’s happening, the wizard kisses his knuckles.

His face is going to burn if that man keeps doing things like that.

Queenie winks at him behind the Director and for the first time since he met her he’s glad she’s a legilimens.

‘It’s not a date,’ he thinks and sees as she smirks and giggles.

“I’m glad you liked the suit,” Newt gets distracted the moment he hears Graves speak again.


“You…? I-I didn’t know you bought- How?” Newt’s mouth stops functioning properly for a moment. Still, Graves manages to understand.

“Miss Goldstein came back to MACUSA and told me you didn’t have a suit for our da- dinner.”

“Oh my!” Newt covers his face in his hands. He can’t help but think how on Earth did Graves get the perfect suit on time. How much does he owe this man? “You didn’t have to! I could… I can pay for it, you just tell me how mu-”

“It’s a gift,” Graves says and takes both his hands in his. “Besides, you have no idea how much it pleases me to see you wearing​ it. You look absolutely delicious.”

The last comment sends a shiver through Newt’s spine, makes Tina roll her eyes and Queenie chuckle.

It’s like Mr Graves is trying to flirt with him, but Newt knows that’s not the case, he's​ just trying to distract him.

“I really appreciate everything you have done for me already-”

“Great, because I also brought these…”

Something more? Newt almost rolls his eyes, but he stops before doing it when his eyes catch the gold spark in Graves’ palm and finally see the pair of cufflinks.

Two Thunderbirds. Newt gasps and reaches out before he can stop himself.

“They look like Frank!” He definitely squeaks, but he doesn’t care. It’s the first gift he doesn’t question, the first one he takes without realizing what he’s doing. He even lets Graves to put on the cufflinks for him.

“I heard what happened with Frank and you missed him so I thought these could help you feel like he’s still with you.”

It’s like something invisible has taken Newt’s breath away. There are tears falling from his eyes and Graves looks almost alarmed when he notices them until Newt practically beams at him; there’s a huge, bright smile on his face.

“Thank you,” Newt breathes. “And thanks for helping Clara too, Mr Graves.”

“Percival,” he says as he wipes off the tears from Newt’s cheeks. “Please call me Percival.”

Newt nods and adds: “And you can call me Newt.”

There’s a spark in Graves’ eyes as soon as he says that and a smirk that makes Newt wonder why is the Director being so nice to him. Maybe the auror wants to be his… friend?

Queenie facepalms herself. It’s so loud everyone looks back at her.

“Don’t you have a reservation?” She says, deliberately ignoring the stares.

“Actually, yes… I almost forgot,” Graves says and offers his arms to Newt. “We should go now.”

Newt takes Graves’ arms and allows the other man to lead him to the door.

Stress - Mark (Got7)

You stepped into the shower and turned it on making a cascade of water fall over you. You closed your eyes and hummed, the warm water on your skin felt so good, so relaxing. You sighed, letting all the stress from your day at work wash away. It was amazing what a good, warm shower could do. You were in your own world, just relaxing and forgetting all your stresses when you heard the front door open and then slam hard. You frowned because you knew it had to be Mark. But why would he slam the door? Maybe  the wind had slammed it shut or something you guessed. You shrugged it off and continued to shower.

You jumped when you heard your bedroom door slam open and then slam shut. What had gotten into him? you wondered and then decided to say something. You opened the shower door and yelled into the bedroom, “Mark is everything ok?!” You heard him grunt and something crashed to the floor but he didn’t reply to you. You thought maybe he didn’t hear you. “Mark!” you shouted again. Again there was no reply however, after a little while the bathroom door was opened and then closed.

You jumped again and looked out of the shower to see Mark. “Babe…” you began but stopped when you noticed he wasn’t his usual self. He wasn’t smiling, his jaw was tense, his eyes weren’t sparkling, they were dark, his arms weren’t open to hug you, no his fists were clench. You knew something was wrong immediately, Mark was hardly ever like this.

“Love did you have a bad day?” you asked, feeling a bit worried about him. He didn’t respond to you, he always did this when he was upset. “Why don’t you come shower with me hmm? The water will relax you.” you said, expecting him to decline you, but to your surprise he began taking his clothes off very gruffly. 

You smiled when he came into the shower with you naked. You turned your back to the wall and faced him smiling. What you weren’t expecting, however, was for him to push you up against the wall and force his lips onto yours roughly. You were so shocked that you didn’t kiss back immediately but eventually you did. His mouth was moving harshly and dominantly against yours, this was a side of him you had never seen before but you liked it.

One of his hands was holding your waist tightly whilst the other held your chin, holding your face in place and dominating the kiss. You moaned into the kiss getting turned on immediately. Your hands reached up and wrapped around his neck pulling him even closer into the kiss, his lips never faltered, they kept up the pace against yours. He pulled you in closer from your waist allowing you to feel how hard he was and you moaned.

He bit on your bottom lip harshly making you gasp and he forced his tongue into your mouth immediately dominating yours. You pulled away from the kiss and went to say something but at that moment he turned your around quickly and pushed your front up to the wall. You were so surprised that you couldn’t say anything. One of his hands were still on your hip whilst the other now made it’s way to your hair. He tangled one hand in your hair and pulled on it, pulling your head back so that his lips were by your ear. 

“You’re going to be a good fucking girl and listen to me tonight you hear me?” he growled heatedly in your ear and you moaned and pushed your bum back brushing his cock gently with it. This only caused him to pull your hair harder, “Did you fucking here me?” he said louder this time.

“Yes” you whimpered, you were beyond horny now. The heat from Mark right up against your back along with the warm water flowing over the two of you just intensified the want you had for him.

“Good.” he said and then nibbled on your ear before kissing it, making you shiver slightly. You felt his hand move from your hip and go to your front pushing it’s way in between your legs. You opened your legs wider to give him more access. He began to stroke you with two of his long fingers and you moaned just as he bit down on your neck surprising you.

He then began to suck on your neck harshly, not soft as usual. Your hands were on the tiled wall in front of you trying to grip onto something but of course you had nothing to hold onto. He continued to stroke you with a lot of force making you wetter and wetter and wanting more. 

“Mark” you moaned as you clenched around nothing, you needed something in you so bad. His fingers felt so good stroking you but you couldn’t help but want so much more. Suddenly he moved his hand from your core and stopped sucking on your neck, making a strangled whine leave your lips.

He chuckled in your ear darkly. You heard some noise from behind you and went to turn around but he stopped you. “Did I tell you to move?” he asked.

“” you stuttered and regained your position, facing the wall with your hands on it, keeping your body a little way from it.

“Good girl.” he praised and pressed a small kiss to your neck. You soon felt his hand on your hip tighten and then pull you back a little so there was more space in between you and the wall, then you saw, he held the shower head in his other hand. Your eyes widened with excitement because you knew exactly what he was going to do with that.

“Hold this, and you know where to put it.” he said in your ear and you nodded. Using one hand you took it and placed by your pussy, aiming it too your clit. With his knee he  spread your legs wider and then turned on the power so that a strong steady stream of water sprayed out of the head and hit your sensitive clit. 

“Oh fuck!” you screamed at the sudden pleasure and he chuckled. 

“Now keep it right there, don’t move it unless I tell you.” he said and you moaned and nodded in response.

He reattached his lips to your neck, resuming his harsh sucking and he quickly allowed his hand that was on your hip to go to your pussy and he entered two fingers into you, instantly making you scream with pleasure. He began to finger you, moving his fingers in and out of you. It felt so good, the way his fingers filled you up, how they moving in you combined with the water lashing against your clit.

The pleasure was almost unbearable. “Oh god Mark!” you moaned. He knew exactly how to move his fingers within you to hit all the right places and to finger you deeply, drawing out more and more pleasure from you. 

“You like that baby?” he asked huskily in your ear.

“Y..yes.” you whimpered out as you tightened your grip on the shower head.

“How much do you like it honey tell me?” he asked and as you were opening your mouth to answer he curved his fingers up and struck your g spot making you scream. “Answer me” he ordered and you could hear the teasing in his voice.

“Oh god I fucking love it.” you moaned as he continued to thrust his fingers into you like that, hitting your g spot every single time. It all felt so good. You could feel your orgasm already start to build within you and you clenched around his fingers only making him finger fuck you faster.

With his free hand, he covered your hand on the shower head and pushed it closer to your body allowing the force of water against your clit to heighten. “Oh fuck!” you screamed throwing your head back onto his shoulder and closing your eyes. 

About half a minute passed and then you were cumming. You moaned his name as you clenched around his fingers and came. “Good girl” he whispered and then pulled his fingers out from inside of you. He then put the shower head back in place and turned you to face him planting his lips on yours again, you kissed him back lazily, still recovering from your huge orgasm. He however kissed you just as before, roughly and enthusiastically.

His hands explored your body, groping you here and there, just feeling your body and all of your curves that he loved. Eventually his hands squeezed your bum and then went under it, lifting you up which made you wrap your legs around his waist with your hands on his shoulders. You could feel the water from above cascading over you two and you shivered as goosebumps appeared on your skin.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked at you as he bit his lip. You then felt his tip at your entrance and a second later he slammed into you and you moaned as he grunted. He gave you little to no time to adjust before he started fucking you hard and rough. He hardly ever was rough whilst fucking you but you loved it. 

You loved how right now he was holding you up and pounding deep inside of you, it was very manly and sexy. You gripped onto him tightly as he slammed into you over and over and you moaned over and over. You couldn’t stop those sounds from escaping your lips and he wouldn’t want you to stop it because he loved to hear you. It only spurred him on. 

You pulled him in close and attached your lips to his neck. You began sucking on his flesh there when you found his soft spot. He groaned sexily which only fueled you on to suck on his skin even harder than before. You wanted to mark him, in that spot which would be visible to anyone. You wanted everyone to know he was yours and yours alone. 

You gripped onto him tightly, your nails scraping him as he mercilessly continued to fuck you. He never slowed his pace or changed it, he kept his rhythm and fucked you deeply ensuring you felt every powerful thrust into you. You moaned several times into his neck before you continued sucking and biting him. This hickey would be very very dark against his pale skin.

“God you’re so tight.” he mumbled and then pushed into you deeper than before making you pull away from his neck and scream with ecstasy. The deeper he went the better it felt for you and he knew that.

“Gosh Mark that feels so good.” you moaned, throwing your head back and closing your eyes as you felt the water against your skin making this all so much sexier than usual. You could feel your second orgasm building and you clenched around him signaling him you were close. “Can I cum please?” you whimpered looking at him again.

“Cum.” he said giving his permission and you let go. You came harder than before as you screamed his name and clenched hard around his cock. “Fuck” he cursed as he kept holding you up and began fucking you even faster now if possible as you panted getting over your orgasm, you were so sensitive, you needed him to cum quickly so you clenched around him hard, making yourself tighter and making him feel even better. “Shit” he moaned and you could tell from his voice he was close.

“Cum for me please love. I want to feel it inside of me.” you moaned and he grunted as his thrusts became sloppy and a few seconds later he came cursing and moaning your name as he rode out your high. He then pulled out of you and let you put your feet to the floor. He kept holding you close though his head in the crook of your neck as he panted wildly. 

“What got into you today?” you asked after a while and he chuckled, his usual personality had come back.

“Stress from work that’s all.” he answered pecking your lips.

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Ferrum Gloria

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Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Nightmares have been plaguing your dreams lately. What could they mean, and what effect will they have on your relationship?

Word Count -  2,812

Warnings - Fluff, angst, cursing, canon-typical violence ie. temporary suicide/death? (I really don’t want to spoil the story, but I want people to know that reader does take her own life. It is non-permanent and is described very briefly, but I don’t want to risk anyone getting triggered.)

A/N - This fic is a part of @torn-and-frayed ‘s Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge! The song I chose was In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. ‘Ferrum Gloria’ is latin for Iron Butterfly- or at least that’s what google translate told me. Heh. This is the first challenge I’ve ever done, so let me know what you thought!

You weren’t sure how much more of it you could take. You spent too many nights waking up in a cold sweat, heart racing from your dreams. There wasn’t much to them, just darkness and a sense of foreboding. They’d been happening for what seemed like a month now, slowly eating away at you.

What scared you was the fact that lately they’d gotten worse. They began to feel even more real and you couldn’t understand what they meant. Dreams were the brain’s way of dealing with life, right? So what could your dreams possibly be about?

You were glad for the consistency and monotony of daily life to distract you from your situation. You climbed out of your bed slowly, careful not to wake your boyfriend in the process. He grumbled in his sleep at the movement, pulling his pillow in closer to his face before settling with a small soft sigh.

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Can you write an imagine where the reader is chubby! and she’s super insecure and even though her and newt live together and have been dating for a long time she gets super down on herself one night. And newt is really fluffy and sweet to make her feel better and convince her that she’s beautiful and he loves her?

Warnings- self-hatred and blood

“Queenie, I won’t fit in that, it’s too small” you say sadly. 

“Oh sweetie I'm sure you will, maybe if you just try-” Queenie starts,  

“I said NO!” you yell. 

Queenie takes a step back, shocked by your outburst. 

“O-okay, I’ll see you in a couple hours” Queenie whispers. 

Tears start streaming down your face, you felt like such a horrible person. Fat and ugly and mean, how could Newt ever love you. He’s probably dating you out of pity. 

“Y/n, are you almost ready love” Newt calls from the other room. 

“Almost!” you yell back. You throw on what you normally wear with a big coat to hide yout disgusting body.  

“I'm ready” you say walking towards Newt, He looks amazing, he his hair looks perfect and his clothes fit perfectly. 

“Wow you look stunning Y/n” he compliments as he hugs you. 

“Thanks, you look absolutely amazing Newt” you reply. 

The two of you apparate to Tina and Queenie’s apartment. Queenie opens the door, “Hiya!  we’ll be leaving in just a moment” she says excitedly. 

She walks off and Newt goes to talk to Tina, 

“Queenie wait” you call, she turns around and you take her to the guest room. 

“I’m so sorry for snapping at you earlier, work has been stressful and I was tired. I'm just really sorry” you apologize. She gives you a sweet smile, 

“It’s okay, I know that body image has always been a thing.” The two of you hug and walk back out to join the rest of the group. 

“So where are we going tonight” you ask. 

“Oh this great little club downtown, it’s absolutely spectacular!” Queenie says excitedly. 

You all decided to walk instead of apparting. It was a No-maj pub so you didn't want to attract attention to yourselves. While walking you couldn’t help but look at Queenie and Tina. 

They looked so beautiful, their dresses fell perfectly along their bodies. You noticed Newt looking at them with fondness, you suddenly felt like shrinking until you disappear. You walk slower and end up at the back, Queenie joins you. 

“You know sweetie, he thinks you’re absolutely beautiful.” Queenie says, trying to cheer you up. 

“You really shouldn’t be so down on yourself.” she says worriedly. 

“Im okay Queenie, Please don’t read my thoughts” you plead. 

She nods and catches up to Jacob. You soon arrive at the club, everyone one inside is skinny and beautiful. You shrink back to the corner and order a glass of whiskey. 

Newt looks over at you in concern, he starts walking over when a pretty ginger starts talking to him. She is clearly flirting and Newt looked like he was perfectly content with speaking to her. She was thin, her dress fit her perfectly, and her hair fell perfectly along her shoulders. 

Of course Newt would rather talk to her than you. You were nothing like her, you were fat, ugly, your hair looked like a niffler’s nest. You looked up and saw her arm on his arm and her lips…on his. 

You run out of their faster than you’ve ever ran before. Tina tried to run after you but you apparated back to your apartment before she caught up to you. You collapsed on your bed and started crying. You walked to the bathroom and stared at yourself in the mirror. 

You took off your coat and clothes and began criticizing every single part of your body. You hated the way you looked, you hated how much fat you had all over your body. No wonder he kissed that over girl. You were nothing, nothing but a fat ugly loser. In a fit of emotions, you punched the mirror. 

The glass shattered and some went into your hand. A broken reflection stared back at you. You crumpled to the ground and cried. 

Newt was sprinting back to your apartment, basically forgetting he was a wizard and he could apparate. He had to explain the kiss, he watched you run out of the club and he tried to chase after you. Tina stopped him and yelled at him for a solid 5 minutes. He reached you apartment and ran inside, 

“Y/N! Y/N!” he yelled out as he ran through the apartment. He heard crying coming from the bathroom, he ran towards the door but stopped. 

“y/n?” he whispered. 

You kept crying, you didn’t hear him.  He carefully opened the door, what he saw brought tears to his eyes. You were curled up in a ball on the floor with blood running down your hand. The mirror was shattered and glass was all over the floor. He ran over to you and got on his knees, 

“Y/n! what happened, are you okay? are you hurt? please dont hate me” He fretted over you. 

“W-why don’t you g-go back to that ginger” you spat. He looked you in the eyes, 

“S-she kissed m-e y/n I swear, I love you so much. I would never cheat on you. You’re everything to me” he cried out. 

“Newt, that ginger was so much prettier and skinnier than me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to leave me for her” you sighed out. 

His eyes flashed with anger and confusion, “What are you talking about?! You’re perfect, I would never leave you” He said. 

You laughed,  “Ha, that’s funny. Newt I’m the ugliest, fattest person in the world”. He grabbed your face and kissed you 

“You are absolutly perfect. You are so so so stunning and sweet and such a wonderful parent to my creatures” He stressed. 

“Yeah but you can’t deny im fat” you hissed out. 

“Size doesn’t matter at all. You are practically perfect in every single way” he says acompined by a goofy little smile, “But seriously, there is nothing i would change about you”

You looked up at him and gave him a small smile. He hugs you tightly, you winced a little because your hand was still bloody. 

Newt jumped, “I almost forgot!” he yelled as he ran to his case, he came back with tweezers and gauze. 

“This may hurt love” he said as he started plucking the glass from your hands. 

“Newt” you start, “yes love” he replies, “You’re a wizard, you can use magic” you reminded him. 

“Oh right” his face turned a light red. 

He took out his wand and patched up the cuts then repairs the mirror. He picks you up and sets you down on the bed. 

“I love you so much, please don’t ever forget that” He whispers in your ear. you snuggle up to his chest and he wraps his arms around you. He starts singing to you, it calms down his creatures and he wanted you to feel safe in his arms.

“You’re so mean, so mean when you talk, when you talk
About yourself. You were wrong. 

Change the voices, change the voices in your head, in your head 

Make them like you instead. 

Pretty, pretty, please, don’t you ever, ever feel 

Like you’re less than fucking perfect

Pretty, pretty, please, if you ever, ever feel

Like you’re nothing. You’re fucking perfect to me” 

You giggle because you’re not used to Newt swearing or singing. 

“Isn’y it naughty to swear?” you try to be funny but your voice is still sore from crying, Newt gives you a sweet but concerned smile. “Thank you, I love you so much” you murmur into his chest. He leans down and kisses your temple, 

“Of course, anything thing for you love”

I have an obsession with Newt singing. PS. I love all of yall and if you ever feel like your not beautiful and amazing come to me and I will shower you with the love of a honey badger hufflepuff lol. 

Unknown Feelings | Pt. 1

Taehyung Scenario/Imagine

Genre: school fluff ; slightly angsty ; cuteness everywhere

Blurb: You’re taking a summer class with your long time crush Taehyung. You’ve confessed your feelings, but he doesn’t feel the same way. Add in a flirtatious Jeon Jungkook and wonder how Taehyung would deal with seeing another guy all over you.

Word Count: 2,344

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Reader x Taehyung

A/N: Yes, this was a product of my overactive imagination when I found out I was going to spend my entire summer with my own long time crush. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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Ask box open yay! I saw this request on a knb blog and thought it was perfect! May I request Kuroo trying to sneak in the shower while his s/o is showering only to find out the hard that is s/o takes REALLY HOT showers

“Can’t you just like, take your clothes off here?”


“I’m really not kidding”

A soft laugh escaped (Name)’s lips as they stared at their boyfriend. Kuroo Tetsurou lay sprawled across his bed trying to do a sultry pose. He lifted his leg up and began to smooth over it.

“Aren’t I alluring enough?”


“Look at these legs, you want them”

“I’m going to go now”


He launched himself on them, pulling them into bed, smothering them with kisses. Despite how much they struggled they found Tetsurou’s limbs just enclosed themselves around their body. Laughter escaping their lips, (Name) tried to push him away.

“Come on, I neeed a shower. I stink”

“Nooo you’re fine, pay attention to meee”

“Come on, pleeeease let me go?”

Huffing, Tetsurou let go and watched as (Name) laughed and walked into the bathroom, waving at him as he pouted. He sat cross legged on his bed, contemplating what to do. Then an idea struck. A smile spread across his lips as he stood up and tiptoed to the bathroom, listening for the sweet sounds of the shower to happen. During this, he took off his clothes and grabbed a towel from his wardrobe.

The sound of water reached Tetsurou’s ears, a smirk widening on his face as he slowly and quietly opened the bathroom door. He popped his head around and noticed he didn’t bring any attention to himself. He took a second to admire his partner’s naked body before sneaking in with a towel around his waist.

“What the fuck”

His partner said as they turned around to see Tetsurou closing the bathroom door. He grinned at them and did a small wave.

“Get out!”

(Name) said, their face flushing red.

“But but. Butt, nice butt really.”

“Stop staring, go away!”

“My shower, my rules”

Blushing furiously, (Name) glared,


They said suddenly.

Curious to their sudden change in heart, Tetsurou wasn’t one to be ungrateful, his towel dropped so his naked parts can flow in the wind. As soon as the water hit him, he yelped.


He began, but (Name) with a cat like grin grabbed onto him and pulled him into the hot water.


Tetsurou yelled, unable to get back out of the shower but clambering on the cold tiles. (Name) cackled, trying not to double over and fall in the shower. Suddenly, Tetsurou lightly pushed past them and out of the heat.

“YOU COLD HEARTED MONSTER! Why do you shower in hot oil? WHY?!”

(Name) stifled more laughter while Tetsurou sat on the ground, covering his privates with a towel, a pout and a slight blush on his cheeks.

“I’m sorry honey, you just really wanted to shower with me sooo…”


“It’s so hot to warm my ice cold heart up”


“Come on”

(Name) smiled at their boyfriend who sat cross legged and cross armed on the floor with hopeful eyes as they turned the temperature down. A sly smile crawled onto Tetsurou’s face as he entered the shower again, his arms wrapping around (Name).

“Next time, I should lock my door so pests can’t come in”

“Oi, you said you like my hair when it’s all wet and stuff, plus I needed a shower too. Save water, shower together”

(Name) laughed as he planted small kisses on their neck. They shivered ever so slightly.


“Yeah. I like my showers warm for a reason”

“Don’t worry, (Name)”

Tetsurou said with a smile then pulled them into a deep kiss.

“I’ll keep you warm”

His words filled with lust and teasing.

(Name) wrapped their arms around him and while he was distracted, turned the temperature back up.


“They say that it takes hot water to kill germs and I just wanted to test that”

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yooooo idk if you're still doing the friends episode title things, but if you are then sterek the one where everybody finds out would be awesome :D btw you're writing is fabulous as are you thank you goodnight

“So, Stiles,” Erica leans up against the kitchen counter, smirks at Stiles “I’ve been thinking about that kiss between us a lot, recently.”

Derek scowls through the crack in the door, knows Erica’s playing up to his jealous side. She’d caught him glowering at a woman asking for Stiles’ number the week before; and the smirk he’d not managed to hide when Stiles had said he was very much attached. The suspicious, almost knowing look she’d sent his way as Stiles had sat down— just a little too close to Derek, squirming around until he was half under Derek— had made it clear she was onto them. 

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  • me: *has a cold*
  • me: *eats four oranges and washes them down with orange juice*
  • me: *drinks excessive quantities chamomile tea with even more excessive amounts of honey*
  • me: *takes a hot shower with the door shut to lock in the steam*
  • me: *eats fifty Altoids*
  • me: *massages nasal cavities while repeating positive affirmations*
  • *707 and MC getting ready for bed*
  • 707: Hold up MC, I have to pray before sleeping. *Gets in praying position*
  • 707: I want to thank god for all the honey buddha chips and dr.pepper he has showered me with. I also want to thank god for making me the cool and awesome guy I am. But I want to thank god the most for bringing MC into my life.
  • MC: Awwwww 707....
  • 707: And most importantly I want to thank god for MC's boobs...amen.
Imagine bringing Evan home to meet your parents.

“Babe, stop you’re fine.” I swatted Evans hand away from his hair, laughing. He had smoothed it from the left to the right at least 30 times since we got ready this morning.

“Your parents, they’re going to like me right? I mean, parents have a hard time.. I dunno.. liking someone like me..” I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“They love me. I love you. They’ll love you. I promise. But they’ve both seen your butt about 100 times.” I laughed, remembering those night I forced them to watch Horror Story with me until they liked it. Evans face turned red.

“Great.” I grabbed my purse, and his hand and led him out of my front door. When we got into my car, Evan was pulling on a string hanging from his jeans, causing a hole to form. I smacked his hand. He sighed and laid his head back on my passenger seat. The ride over was quiet. I don’t know why he’s so nervous. When we pulled up into my parents driveway, I could feel the tension seeping off of Evan. I turned off the engine and turned to him.

“Baby, you’re an amazing actor. Think of this as a role. You’re in a movie, and you’re meeting your girlfriends parents. Improv your lines. You’re going to be fine!” My pep talk must have worked a little because he unbuckled his seat belt and popped the door open. “I love you.” I said, smiling at him.

“I love you too, kitten.” He walked around to my side of the door and took my hand. We walked up to the front steps, hand in hand. Before I could even knock my mother flung the door open.

“Hi honey!” She showered me in hugs and kisses before noticing Evan. “Evan. Evan Peters, this is amazing. You know Y/N was pratically crazy about you when she was younger, she couldn’t say anything without your name coming-”

“No, mom I think that’s enough stories. Okay?” I smiled at her, a little embarrassed. I know I shouldn’t be, but still. Evan started chuckling. My mom pulled him in for a hug, and he seemed surprised.

“Come on, your father is waiting.” She pulled both of our hands up and pulled us through the house. My dad was making dinner.

“Hi sweetie.” My dad hugged me and smiled.

“Hi dad, this is Evan.” He held his hand out and my dad shook it.

“Hello sir, it’s nice meeting you.”

“Same. I hope you’re hungry, I’ve been cooking all day.” Evan nodded his head, and took some plates from my hands as he helped set the table. Once dinner was done, and we were sitting down to eat, my father surprised me by talking Evans ear off the entire time. Movies, music, cars, sound systems, everything. Evan was really enjoying himself. I set my hand on his thigh and he glanced at me. I smiled. He smiled back.

“We have to watch a movie before you guys go home.” My mother suggested. We all got up and chose a classic, Dawn of the Dead. Evan and I curled up next to each other on the couch and my Mom and Dad did the same opposite us. When the evening was over, hugs and kisses were given all over the place. We said goodnight and headed to the car.

“I told you your parents would like me, I don’t know why you were worried.” Evan joked. I kissed his cheek and started my car, heading home.

dream life

im living in a small comfy house in the middle of a field of flowers. every day i wake up to watch the sun spill over the horizon as i check on my bees and go play with my cow (her name is daisy and she’s a pisces). i have daily bonfires with my close knit group of friends. the smoke never blows in my direction. i’m constantly trying to hold back my laughter, and continuously failing.