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in bon voyage ss2 ep.1, around 3:34, after hoseok said he had never been to hawaii before and yoongi replied “we have never been to places you haven’t too”, namjoon said something which is translated to “we’re on the same boat” in the english subs, but it actually means much more than that. namjoon used the phrase 방심동체 (bang-sim-dong-che), a combination of 방탄 (bangtan) and 일심동체 (il-sim-dong-che). 일심동체 (一心同體/一心同体) literally means “one heart and one body”. namjoon combined “bangtan” into the phrase, making it into 방심동체, which can be loosely translated to “bangtan’s hearts and bodies are one”.

  • Guy on train: I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos.
  • Me: *turns up music*
  • Guy: I said I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos!
  • Me: *takes off headphones* Leave. Me. Alone.
  • Guy: Why the fuck do you have so many tattoos?
  • Me:
  • Guy: Are you fucking deaf as well as a piece of trash?
  • Lady by door: Hey. Leave her alone.
  • Guy: Are you her trash girlfriend? Fucking dykes, all tattooed like fucking men. Disgusting waste of pussy.
  • Lady: *moves forward, carefully moves jacket so only I can see the badge on her belt* Are you okay?
  • Me: Fine. Just wish he'd go away.
  • Lady cop: I can make that happen.
  • Guy: Oh, yeah, bitch? Who the fuck are you? I'll kill you!
  • Lady cop: And that's what I was waiting for. *grabs guy, holds him against the door* Harassing women on the train was enough, but you just threatened a cop. You're battin' a thousand tonight.
  • Entire train: *applauds*

✿ Harvest Moon!AU Zen! I wanted to keep it pretty similar to his normal design, but make it a bit less “fancy, handsome actor who’s working on making it big” and more “small-time travelling musician who wouldn’t look too weird playing on a tree-stump out in the woods”.

Mistakes Aren’t Always Mistakes || Tom Holland

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: Your journey from FWB with Tom to something a little more real.

Warnings: smut {18+}, angst, fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: this turned out longer than i thought but i hope you enjoy because i relate to this fic a lot sigh 

I’m coming over in 20

You read the text as soon as it came in, your heart picking up its pace as your stomach twisted in knots as an almost nauseating feeling swept over you. You took a deep breath as you typed out your reply. 


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Seattle Rains

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: A new girl brings rainstorms to Riverdale, and more specifically, more rain in Jughead’s world.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,844

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been writing requests, but this idea popped in my head and I decided to write it.  Hope you all enjoy!

He only saw her when it was raining.  Maybe it was pure coincidence, or maybe it was a sign.

The first time he met her was a rainy Monday afternoon.  It was the first day of their freshman year in Riverdale High.  Jughead continuously announced to anxiety-ridden Archie and Betty that he was not nervous at all.  He would never admit it, but there was a twinge of fear in his stomach as he walked through the doors of his new school.

The day became a blur in his memories, nothing especially memorable occurring.  Except one thing: her.

(Y/N) had just moved to Riverdale from Seattle, so her rainy first day of school in a small town helped her transition from the large city she was used to.  She sat in her last class of the day, English, when the rain began to pour even harder.  Right as the bell signaling the beginning of class rang, one last boy walked through the door.

Jughead knew that, by being late, he wouldn’t get a seat in the back of the classroom that he craved.  There was only one vacant seat left next to a girl he didn’t recognize.  He sat down next to her, slumping in his chair.

“You’re new, aren’t you?” he whispered as the teacher explained the syllabus.  (Y/N)’s head shifted to look at him out of the corner of her eye, shocked that someone had spoken to her.  She had been ignored all day.

“Yeah,” she confirmed his suspicions.  "How did you know?“

"This is a small town,” Jughead answered.  "Everyone knows everyone.“

"Right,” she muttered, turning her focus back to the teacher.  Jughead, however, continued to stare at the new girl.

“I’m Jughead,” he introduced himself.  "Jughead Jones the third.“

"The third?” (Y/N) quietly laughed.

Jughead shrugged.  "Yeah,“ he responded.  A smile grew on his face.  "It’s funny, though, because most people laugh at my name being Jughead.”

“I think it’s cool,” she complimented.  "I’m (Y/N).“

"Well, (Y/N),” Jughead said, “what’s the-”

“Mr. Jones!” their teacher suddenly interrupted their conversation.  "Ms. (Y/L/N)! Please, no talking while I’m speaking!“

Jughead and (Y/N) muttered ashamed apologies, and with a satisfied nod, the teacher turned back to the board.  Jughead shifted in his chair so that he was slightly facing (Y/N).

"I was gonna ask what’s the best burger you’ve ever eaten,” he explained quietly.  "But that’s a stupid question, because I’m gonna introduce you to a burger that’ll put every other thing you’ve ever eaten to shame.“

"Oh really?”

“Definitely,” he smirked.  "Have you ever been to Pop’s diner?“

The rain reduced to a drizzle as Jughead and (Y/N) walked from school to Pop’s.

"You’re sure you don’t need an umbrella?” Jughead asked for the hundredth time.

(Y/N) laughed, “For the last time, Jughead, I’m fine.  I’m from Seattle; I can handle a bit of rain.”

Jughead’s umbrella offers died down after that, and the two quickly arrived at Pop’s.  They entered the diner, Jughead leading her towards his favorite booth. He sent subtle waves towards all the beaming waitresses who greeted him.

“Someone’s popular,” (Y/N) commented as she and Jughead sat down across from each other.

“I come here quite often,” he shrugged.  

A waitress approached the table and asked for their orders.  Immediately, before (Y/N) could even open her mouth, Jughead ordered two cheeseburgers.  About ten minutes later, the same waitress carried out two baskets.  She set one in front of both Jughead and (Y/N).  Jughead watched as (Y/N) picked up her burger.

“Are you gonna eat yours?” she asked before she took her first bite.

Jughead shook his head. “Not until I see your reaction,” he said, biting back a smirk.  (Y/N) shrugged and nonchalantly took a bite.  As her tongue registered the beautifully charred beef mixed with the freshly melted cheddar, topped with refreshing tomatoes and lettuce, Jughead broke out into a grin.  

“This is so good,” she moaned, taking more bites of her burger.

“I told you,” Jughead laughed.

“We’re gonna come back here every day and get these, right?” (Y/N) asked, between burger bites. Jughead’s grin widened.

“Whenever you want.”

Riverdale was rainy for that entire week.  On Thursday, their English teacher assigned their first project of the year, splitting the class into pairs.  As if answering both of their prayers, the English teacher paired up (Y/N) and Jughead. They decided to start the project that night, agreeing to meet at (Y/N)’s house.

“I’m sorry about all the boxes,” (Y/N) apologized as they entered her bedroom.  “I still haven’t finished unpacking.”

“It’s no problem at all,” Jughead waved it off.  “My place is even messier, and I can’t make up excuses about having just moved here.” (Y/N) laughed and shook her head, sitting on her bed.  Jughead chose to remain standing, scanning (Y/N)’s room.  He glanced at her pastel blue walls, the simply-framed windows covered by pale white curtains.  He walked in front of the window.

“I think you brought Seattle weather with you to Riverdale,” Jughead commented, pulling (Y/N)’s wispy curtains aside to look at the rainstorm outside her window.  She rose from her bed and walked over to stand next to him.

“Good,” she muttered.  He turned to face her and raised his eyebrows. “I like the rain.”

“So do I,” he agreed, “but this is excessive.”

“No such thing.”

Even without the project, Jughead and (Y/N) frequently met up.  Whether it be the drive in, (Y/N)’s house, or Pop’s, the two always tried to make time for each other.

A month after they met, Jughead decided to introduce (Y/N) to his other two best friends: Archie and Betty.  

It was drizzling on a Wednesday when they met in Pop’s, both Archie and Betty immediately adoring (Y/N).

“You must be (Y/N),” Betty smiled, sticking out her hand to shake.  (Y/N) beamed as she happily shook Betty’s hand.  “I’m Betty Cooper.”

“And I’m Archie Andrews,” Archie greeted, choosing to simply wave at (Y/N) rather than shake her hand.

“I’m (Y/N),” she introduced herself, laughing, “but it seems that you already knew that.”

“Jughead talks about you a lot,” Betty giggled, causing (Y/N) to smirk at Jughead.

“Oh really?” she inquired, and Jughead rolled his eyes.

“She’s never gonna let that go,” he complained to Betty and Archie.  “Thanks a lot.”

The four quickly fell into a casual conversation, (Y/N) fitting into the friend group with ease. It felt like she had always been with them in Riverdale.  Archie and Betty noticed the obvious chemistry between her and Jughead, and throughout the dreary evening, Archie and Betty exchanged knowing glances as they observed (Y/N) and Jughead’s interactions.  Neither of them said anything, but instead, they chose to just sit and watch Jughead and (Y/N) slowly but surely fall in love.

After two more months, Betty and Archie grew frustrated with the lack of progression in Jughead and (Y/N)’s relationship.  Riverdale had grown too cold for it to rain anymore, but the snow, in Jughead’s mind, still counted as rain.  It was only frozen.

He hadn’t seen (Y/N) in a while outside of school, both of them too busy.  (Y/N) became buried under her heavy academic burden, and Jughead grew immersed in his writing.  They hadn’t grown apart, they just didn’t grow any closer, much to Betty and Archie’s dismay.

A bitter and cold February passed through Riverdale, and it was during that month that (Y/N) finally met Kevin Keller.  It had been four months since Betty and (Y/N) had met, and the two of them grew very close.  Not as close as (Y/N) and Jughead, but Betty was definitely (Y/N)’s go-to girl.  

“You’re gonna love Kevin,” Betty assured her as they sat in Betty’s pastel pink room.  

“If you insist,” (Y/N) smiled.  A light knock on the door caught their attention, and they whipped their heads around to see Kevin entering Betty’s bedroom.

“I finally have the privilege to meet the famous (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” he grinned.

“Kevin Keller,” she laughed. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Likewise,” he said, sitting down next to her.  “God, I’ve been dying to meet you ever since Betty started talking about how cute you and Jughead were together.”

“Together?” she lightly scoffed, playfully rolling her eyes.  “Jughead and I are just friends.”

“And you like it that way?” Betty questioned with a smile tugging at her lips.

(Y/N) hesitated for a split second.  “Of course,” she answered.

“You hesitated,” Kevin immediately noted.  (Y/N) released an exasperated sigh.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged.  “I never really thought about it that way.”

“Well maybe you should start considering it,” Betty suggested.  “I’ve known Jughead for years, and I’ve never seen him look at someone the way he looks at you.”

The rest of winter breezed through, and soon April showers began to roll into Riverdale.  It was the rainiest spring they ever had, but it came to no shock to Jughead.  He stood by his belief that (Y/N) brought the Seattle rain with her.

With spring came more free time for (Y/N) and Jughead, allowing them to begin to meet up more often. Their relationship picked up where they had just left off, except with a small alteration.  Jughead couldn’t quite pick up what had changed between the two of them, but (Y/N) knew exactly what it was.

They sat in her bedroom again.  It was a typical scene, but something was different.  The sun was out for what felt like the first time since they met.  Something had shifted in their relationship, and neither (Y/N) nor Jughead knew how to express it.

“The sun’s out,” Jughead gave his daily weather report.  (Y/N)’s eyes lazily flicked towards her window, watching the beams of light float into her room.

“Yes,” she replied simply.

“I don’t think it’s been sunny since you’ve moved here,” he joked, forcing out a laugh.  (Y/N)’s fingers twiddled with the soft fabric of her bed.  Jughead sighed at her lack of response.  They sat in silence for a couple minutes, Jughead continuing to stare out the window and (Y/N) fidgeting on her bed.  Finally, (Y/N) stood up and crossed her arms over her chest as she ventured next to Jughead.

“It was very rude, you know,” she drawled, earning a confused look from Jughead, “that you made me fall in love with you.  Inconsiderate, really.”

A split second of silence passed as Jughead tried to collect his wits.

“Not what you had in mind?”  He smirked.

(Y/N) shrugged.  "Quite inconvenient, actually.“

"I’m not sorry,” he stated, stepping closer to her. He tenderly placed a hand on her cheek.

“Me neither,” she whispered, her gaze focused on his lips.

Without any more hesitation, Jughead brought (Y/N)’s face towards his and pressed his lips against hers, just a feather-light kiss.  She wrapped her arms around his neck in a desperate attempt to deepen the kiss, like a flower craving the thirst-quenching rain.

“You know,” Jughead disconnected their lips, “I lied about liking the rain.”


“Yeah,” he nodded, smiling.  "I just pretended to like it for you.  I actually hate the rain.“

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Got7 Reaction| Getting caught having shower sex

A/N: This is going to be full blown smut like the bts version which you can find here


*none of these gifs are mine, credit to their owners*


The moment his lips met the tops of your shoulders you knew exactly which road your shower together would be taking. You turn to face him and step back slightly so warm water ran equally across your shoulders. Puling him closed he’d smile a devilish grin before hooking a hand gently on the back of your neck before crashing his lips to yours. He wouldn’t have time to be gentle and sweet like he usually was when you two started to initiate sex. He’d be slightly rougher with you than usual, there was just something about seeing you naked and wet that made him a little extra horny. He’d take no time in pressing you back against the wall, one arm wrapped tightly around your waist while the other held your face to his. He’d groan into your mouth as you started to grind against him until he hooked a hand under your leg and as quickly as he could without hurting you slipped into you. Hearing that first initial moan of pleasure would drive him to press into you further and harder with each pump, all while a smile broke to his face at your moaning that echoed off of the walls. You wouldn’t have even noticed Jinyoung he’d walked into the bathroom until Jaebum was moving you out of sight while yelling ‘Jr, close the door!’ You’d start to bring yourself down, the knot that was in your stomach completely gone now but Jaebum had something else in mind as he pulled you closer by bucking his hips into you hard once. 


The first time the door opened your heart jumped and a small scream left your lips as you tried to cover yourself, but seeing Mark standing there you’d instantly melt and chuckle slightly before continuing to wash yourself. He’d step in in front of you making you jump once more as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his chest which allowed you to hook your arms around his neck, enjoying the feeling of his naked body against yours. He’d rock you back and fourth for half a second before smiling into a kiss. It was just supposed to be a kiss and then you’d get out and he’d continue to shower, but soon you were breathing hard, his body pressing yours into he glass as your hands intertwined with his hair. The kiss would have changed into passionate and quick as hands trailed over ever inch on  your body. You’d find yourself being pressed against the tile wall  and gripping onto the railing as you were pressed upwards by the feeling of Mark entering you. His hands would be gripping tightly to your waist as his lips stayed pressed against yours. Through heavy breaths you’d feel you body begin to tingle all over and your moans began to stagger. All you could think was his name over and over but when you opened your eyes you gasped louder. ‘Jackson!’ You half screamed half moaned as Mark hit your sensitive spot again. ‘What?’ Mark said, instantly puling away from you with an angry look covering his face. ‘No!’ You said pulling him closer so Jackson couldn’t see anything. ‘Jackson leave!” You’d say causing Mark to look over his shoulder. ‘Jackson what the hell!’ He’d say calling after Jackson, who was obviously running down the hall way laughing. 


You were always trying to get Jackson in the shower with you, the idea of shower sex with him was something that you thought about all the time and finally he agreed to shower with you. You would have taken his hand right there and pulled him into the bathroom and started kissing on him instantly. After undressing one another you’d turn the water on before turning back to Jackson, who was smiling widely as he pulled you back towards his chest. Your hands running up and down his body would drive him wild as he’d be kissing down your body. You’d step away just as he reached above your core and into the shower, hearing his low groan. You chuckled and looked at him once before letting the hot water cover your body. Closing your eyes you waited until you felt his arms snake around your waist. He pressed himself to you firmly so you could feel just how hard your teasing had made him and it would be his turn to smile when a soft groan left your lips. He’d take charge right then, grabbing right above your elbows in one hand while he lined himself up with the other. He’d start slow, his lips by your ear as he asked you if this was what you wanted. Then moment you said yes he’d pick up pace, pounding into you just enough so he would restrain you with the hold he had on your arms. Your eyes would close as you tried to say something, anything but the coil in your stomach tightened you occludent muster out more than a syllable. That was until Jackson quickly removed himself from  you and turned you away from the glass. ‘BamBam I swear to god get out!” He’d say pressing his body more into yours. ‘What! I was just getting a floss!’ He’d say with a smug smile. ‘Jackson and Y/n are doing it in the shower!’ He’d yell  so you  both could hear. Jackson would get out and grab a towel to cover himself before yelling something else at BamBam. ‘This is why I didnt want to have shower sex.’ Jackson would say after closing the door and walking back to where you stood covering yourself. With a light laugh he’d kiss your forehead before handing you his towel and grabbing another for himself.


It was hard to convince Jinyoung to try showering with you, but the moment you did he realized how much he loved it and gave it the excuse of saving time and water. It was fun, and even though most the time it would take longer you still continued to do it. Today was just like any other day, he got into he shower first, washed his hair and shaved if he needed too before you walked in and dropped your robe. He smiled and pulled you in, laughing slightly as he caught you to avoid slipping on the hard tile. He’d back you under the water letting your hair be the first thing to get wet. He’d start kissing your neck as you began to wash your hair, he usually let you get through at least conditioning your hair before he started touching you. ‘Some one is eager.’ You said massaging your scalp a little longer, tilting your head to the side to so he had better access to your sweet spot. ‘Ive been dealing with those idiots all day and i couldn’t stop thinking about how nice this would be.’ he said against your skin, making you hum in agreement. Started to rinse the shampoo so you could wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in closer. He pulled his lips away from your neck and lent back just enough so he could help get all of the soap out of your hair. The moment it was done his lips were on yours and his hands were holding your face to his. You brought your arms up and around his shoulders and pulled him closer, earning you a sweet moan from his lips. He’d move you up so your back was to the wall and your leg was resting on the side of the shower giving him full access. His hands would trail down your body to your hips where he’d squeeze your sized gently before  stepping closer to wrap one arm around to hold you in place while the other started to tease your core. It felt like forever as he held you in place and traced a long finger up and down between your folds, every once in a while catching just enough of his tip inside of you to make you gasp. When you finally whined his name he’d smile against your kiss and plunge a finger as deep inside of you. Adding a second finger he had you right where he wanted you; Moaning loudly as you clenched to the nape of his neck. ‘Y/n are you okay, whats going on in here?’ Youngjae would say loudly through out the room. ‘Jae LEAVE!’ Both you and Jinyoung would yell as the door slammed. There wouldn’t even be a break, Jinyoung would just continue toi wreck you until he was about to explode from the anticipation of getting inside you. 


Post sex baths were something you and Youngjae did quite often, there was something about laying between his legs as he scooped water over your exposed skin that was so soothing. He’d talk to you softly, making you giggle as your fingers ran softly over his knee and up his thigh just enough to get his attention. You smiled feeling his member twitch against your back. As gracefully as you could you rotated so your chest was now against his, your cheek resting against his chest and his arms now tightly wrapped around your back. You listened to him talk some more as he dipped down further into the water so you were laying flat against one another. You folded your arms across his chest and used them as a prop for you to look at him. He smiled as you started to kiss along his collar bone until he realized what you were starting to get at. ‘So soon?’ He’d say. You didnt answer, instead you kissed up his neck and along his jaw until he was catching your chin in his hand and pulling your already puckered lips against his. You’d shift yourself so you were straddling his waist as best you could, and didnt waist any moment in starting to rotate your hips, not caring if the bubbly water started to slosh over the sides. His hands traveled down your back gently till he gripped tightly to your ass, now guiding your movements. Every once in a while you’d gasp as his hips bucked in anticipation, his member already pressing hard against your core. He tapped his fingers against your skin and you rose, turning on the slick tub and propping yourself up on the edge. You were so focused on not slipping you didnt even realize he had followed you until his chest was pressing against your back and he was slipping into you. your fingers held tightly onto the edge of the tub as he quickly figured out the easiest way to get as deep into you as possible. His fingers dug into your sides as he started to move quickly, he was all but holding you up. One of your hands moved to grip tightly to his wrist and the other still  holding onto the edge of the tub. You loved how vocal Youngjae was, it was one of your favorite things about him, so as he panted and whined on top of you your body tightened around him. ‘Youngjae, I’m…’ You tried to breath as he pushed your wet hair to the side so he could kiss along your spine. ‘Youngj- Jackson!’ You said pushing back so the two of your slipped back into the water and Youngjaes hands reached to cover you as best as he could. ‘Well thats new.’ Jackson laughed before turning out of the bathroom and closing the door.   You groaned loudly and put your head against Youngjae’s shoulder, the both of you laughing. ‘Not the best idea we’ve ever had.’ He said squeezing your side and laying a long kiss on your lips. 


The moment you suggested showering together he’d take you by the hand and pull you into the bathroom, the two of you giggling as he quickly turned the water and rounded on you, taking your face in between his hands so he cold bring his lips to yours. The moment your lips met his, his hands were removed so he could start undressing you, his hands quickly slipping your shirt over your head, your arms hooking around his neck as you reconneced your lips. His hands moved down to your pants, quickly unbuttoning them and pulling you closed as he pulled them from your body. He removed himself from you to strip himself, you giggled again seeing how hard he already was and smiled into his mouth as he pushed himself against you, walking you back till the two of you were passing the stream of water and your back was pressing up against the tile wall. You wrapped your arms around his head as he kissed down the center of your chest, hooking his hands under your knees and pulling you up so your legs wrapped around his waist and his hands clenched tightly to your rear end. His lips returned to yours and you gasped as he pulled himself away and lined himself up with you. Another giggle left your lips at his eagerness and that laugh turned into a sharp moan as his hips bucked into yours. ‘Fuck B!’ You gasped as he showed no mercy and pressed you harder into the wall, your legs now unable to hold onto each other as the only thing you could think about was the feeling of him bare inside of you. The sounds of his grunts made you grip at his neck, your eyes trying to stay open but you couldn’t help but let them roll around. One hard pump made a high pitched gasp leave your lips and your eyes opened. Open just in time to see the bathroom door opening. ‘BamBam are you almost do- OH MY GOD!’ Yugyeom screamed covering his eyes as BamBam slowed his pace and looked over his shoulder. ‘Well are you just going to stand there?’ He yelled, shifting just enough that he hit your g-spot making you gasp again. ‘Out!’ He yelled turning back to you as he closed the door. A wicked grin spread across his face making you smile. ‘Now where were we?’ 


He had a long, stressful day. But coming home to see you in his living room, smiling made him sigh. He told you about his day and as you rubbed his back you suggested he should take a shower, but only if you could join. It started off innocent, bottles were passed back and fourth, bumping into one another would cause giggles to erupt. Halfway through washing your body Yugyeom would noticed you had soap on your cheek and with a gentle thumb he’d wipe it off. The closeness of him would make you blush and as his fingers slowed to caress your cheek. You smiled, tilting your head back as he lent down to kiss you sweetly. There was something about this kiss, it wasn’t needy, it was soft and sweet and there was no way you were letting that go. You hooked your arms around your neck and brought him closer to you, the kiss starting to move. There was something about the way he was holding, the feeling of his skin against yours that made your body start to heat up. He smiled into the kiss as you pushed him gently against the wall. A slight moan was sent through the kiss as you trailed your fingers down his chest. The feeling of his member raising to meet your hip made you smile and you pressed your body closer to his. The feeling of you pressed against him made him moan again into your mouth. You broke the kiss to kiss down his jaw and to his shoulder, each kiss the need to destress him growing. You kissed his lips one more time before dropping down in front of him. He smiled down to you, taking his bottom lip between his teeth as you caressed his member with your hand. Knowing how much he enjoyed light teasing you let your tongue circle his tip, making sure your eyes never met his. You teased him until  low groan left his chest. You took his length quickly, not wanting to waist any more time. His hand pressed firmly to the back of your head, following the movement of your bobbing, his eyes never leaving yours. That was until the sound of the door opening made his eyes flick up and his body to retract into the wall. ‘Yugyeom are you almost, oh my god.’ Youngjae said, walking out just as fast as he walked in. You rocked back on your heels and covered your face, embarrassment covering your cheeks. Yugyeom knelt down and pulled you into his chest laughing. ‘Common. lets go take a nap.’ he said winking at you, chucking as you smacked his chest. 

RFA+V+Saeran: Smut #1 (Part 1)

Requested by an anon: ″Hello! My request is RFA+V+Saeran react to seeing Mc naked in the shower. Like smut and fluff please!!! Thanks <3″
Because this is multi characters so i’ll make it short for each of them. Hope you’re ok with this anon~

Side note: Because I don’t do headcanons, so I do mini fics but it’ll be too long. So for this #1, I break it into two parts. Starting from next request which will be up after #1 Part 2, I will choose 4 characters that I feel I may do a better job.
Also, I didn’t do shower for all character. I change the setting a bit.

Warning: SMUT!

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

I’ve been playing LOLOL all night and realize just how late it has gotten. I tell the guild’s members that I’ll stop temporarily to go take a nice shower then be back soon. With that, I stand up and make my way towards the bathroom. Perhaps my mind is too occupied by the game that I don’t notice the noises from inside at all. I open the door and the moment I do, I hear high pitch scream.

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EXO Reaction - Running your Hand Through their Hair when You’re in the Mood

Request: Can I have an exo reaction to you running your hands through their hair when your in the mood please?


Baekhyun would be super surprised at your actions first wondering why you were stroking his hair like he was an animal; then next thinking that you weren’t as innocent as he thought when you had placed yourself on his lap; straddling him and kissing down his neck. 


Oh boy, you should have regretted your actions; Chanyeol knew what was up as soon as you started running your hands through his thick hair. That’s just when his teasing started and the next thing you knew you were being thrown onto your shared bed.


This innocent duckling would be pure clueless at first. Like Baekhyun, trying to understand why you were running your hands through his hair; That’s when you really had to step up quite a few notches and show him what you meant.


Who said you started teasing Kyungsoo? This child isn’t as innocent to the eye as he seems; one moment you’d be cuddled under a blanket in the EXO dorms with Kyungsoo, the rest of the EXO members in the room and then the next you know this little shit’s hand would be climbing up your thigh under the blanket. *Excuse the fact he’s in a prison jumpsuit, i could explain why I love this drama in 1000 ways*


You didn’t intend to turn Luhan like a light switch, you only wanted to do slight teasing in the morning before you jumped into the shower: but as soon as your hands hit his hair that was it, he certainly wasn’t letting you out of your bed.


I swear to god with this guy you don’t even need to run your fingers through his hair to show him you’re in the mood, he can read you like an open book as soon as you start playing with your own hair. Prepare for a long day/night because cold guy Kris will be on it like Sonic. (Or on you, take your pick.)


Like Kyungsoo, Xiumin isn’t as innocent to the eye as it seems: He surely looks almost like the youngest member despite being smol and innocent but as soon as your hands crawled to the back of his head, running your fingers through is soft hair then you were done for. Completely. (He’s probably one of the most dominant guys in EXO tbf)


Okay this little fluff ball can definitely be sexy on and off camera but is completely and utterly clueless when it comes to suggestive sex. The world could be crumbling apart around you both and you’d have to explain to this poor soul what was literally wrong. Tao literally thought you were fixing his hair for his next selca, okay literally just make out with him or pull him to the bedroom if you’re in the mood because he’s too fluffy hOLY SHIT.


This child, you just need to stroke his fringe and he’s throwing you over his god damn shoulders and running you both up stairs faster than Sonic could run. Sehun is the horniest little shit you will ever meet likE wow. But he’s whiny and a semi-sub so if he makes suggestions, expect to be a dom. just saying.


It would be your first time so when you were making subtle hints by running your hand through his hair and started whispering dirty innuendos in his ear, he’d start wiggling his eyes like he’s already prepared everything. (He probably has you just probably don’t have no fucking idea, it’s Yixing we’re talking about okay, the EXO M members are wild.)


It would literally start out with a shower together when you juSt got wow in the mood because it’s Kai and when it’s Kai.. you’ll obviously get in the mood and when you asked him can you wash his hair, you literally accidentally fucking moaned #showersex


Oh boy all you need to do is look each other in the eyes at the right moment (no hair stroking required) and bam! Next thing you know you’re in bed, but he’s probably a hair puller so make sure your hair is in a ponytail or tied up because he’s like the kinkiest shit out of the whole group. (He’s my bias wrecker rn crying)

hope you enjoyed my shitty sarcastic reactions.

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Any tips for looking like an angel? Skincare? Self care? General being? 😇

•drink tons of water throughout the day
•wear clothes that make you feel pretty and cute
•wear cute/sexy undergarments so you can feel confident throughout the day
•take a warm shower as soon as you get home
•moisturize moisturize moisturize
•try out mario badescu’s rose water spray, it smells so pretty and makes you feel refreshed
•when in doubt apply highlighter
•don’t be afraid to do things by yourself, you don’t look like a loner
•wear your favorite lip gloss
•be kind to people randomly
•don’t be afraid to laugh

Wrong number, right person

Steve x Reader
Summary You get a text message from an unknown number and it sets the ball rolling into what could be the start of something wonderful.
Warnings swearing, fluff :D
AN This was written for @howlingbarnes challenge (Happy birthday!). The word I chose was Forelsket (Norwegian/Danish) - The intense, almost unreal feeling that comes with the beginning of love; when you start to fall in love.

Your phone went off, startling you from your painting.

See you at 8!

Furrowing your brow, you panicked. Did you have plans with someone and forgot? You often did that, especially when you were in your zone. Quickly glancing at the contact you noticed that it was an unrecognized number. Breathing a sigh of relief, you texted back Wrong number! Sorry.

A few moments later, you phone went off again Isn’t this Cynthia?

Now you were getting annoyed No.

Your phone rang. Who actually uses a phone to make phone calls? “Hello?”

“May I please speak with Cynthia?” The voice was deep and not unpleasant.

“Sorry buddy, you’ve got the wrong number.”

“I see. And whom am I speaking with?”

Sighing heavily, “My name is Y/N. Who’s this?” Why would you just give this strange man your name?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!

“Y/N. That’s a really pretty name. I’m Steve. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

You couldn’t help but giggle, “Hi Steve.”

“Well isn’t that the prettiest sound.”

You could feel your face heating up with embarrassment and you cleared your throat, “So, um, Steve, this has been lovely but I’ve got to go and you’ve got to figure out how to get in touch with this Cynthia lady.”

He let out a chuckle, a low, deep sound that made you smile in spite of yourself, “You have yourself a lovely evening, Y/N. Talk soon.”

“Wait, what?” but he had already disconnected the line. Talk soon? Why? You shook your head and went back to your painting but your focus had been interrupted and you couldn’t get back into it.

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whatthefuckwhattheFUck ur tags on the hannibal gif set destrOYED me I'm at the store either leave me alone or write the thing (sorry for yelling I love ur blog)

I’m happy you like my tags (linked here) and I have written the thing~

Will does not bring it up. Hannibal, mercifully, has not once tried to broach the subject though Will can see he wants to. If he did, Will would cancel every appointment, quit his job, and really commit to the hermit lifestyle he is practically living, too embarrassed to go on, but Hannibal doesn’t so Will gets to enjoy this aspect to their not quite doctor-patient and not quite whatever-they-are relationship.

They don’t talk about it and that’s good.

It’s Sunday, nearly seven in the morning. Will still has dried mud on his shoes from the crime scene yesterday. He hasn’t slept and he can hear Jack’s voice in his ear, asking for more and only getting from Will a few grunts and a few jumbled sentences that must have made a passable analysis of their killer for Jack to willingly send him back home.

Hannibal looks less surprised than he should with Will–red faced, sweating, dressed in the day before yesterday’s clothes, and unwilling to look him in the eye long enough to see the red in his irides–showing up at his door without calling.

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Patience and Faith

prompt:  We’re roommates and I heard you crying in the shower when I came home, are you okay?
pairing: destiel
tags: roommates, hurt/comfort, angst, burgers cw
a/n:  part one,  wrote this during my writing livestreams. thanks to everyone who joined, you’re amazing <3

Shopping bags bounce against Dean’s legs as he runs up the stairs. He doesn’t work out as much as he used to, so the elevator might have been a better idea. Instead, he tries to look tough and take all five stairs without ending up like an asthmatic rhino. He takes a few deep breaths when he ends up in front of his door with a red, sweaty face. He fumbles with the keys for a while, cursing under his breath because they’re slippery between his fingers.
Still cursing a little, he enters the small hall which is just large enough to get in a coat rack. He puts down the bags so he can slip off his leather jacket and hang it next to Cas’ trenchcoat.

“Hey!” He calls, but there’s no response. Maybe Castiel is focused on his school work again, or found a book in the library that he didn’t already know. Dean brings in the shopping bags himself, muttering he would’ve preferred a little help. Once he is in the kitchen and leans against the counter, he hears the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom. He can use a shower right now too, so he decides to take a shower once Cas is finished.

Humming some AC/DC song, he begins putting away the groceries. He bought ingredients for burgers, a little surprise for his roommate because he passed his English test. It was no surprise to Dean, but Castiel had been worrying the entire week. Dean forgave all his grumpiness days ago. But Cas apologised so many times yesterday that Dean wants to show him it’s fine that he was a bit absent-minded and pettish. To be fair, it’s actually kinda cute when he’s frowning and his hair is a mess because he keeps running his hands through it.

Castiel normally doesn’t shower so long. At first, Dean doesn’t pay attention to it, but once he puts away the last bottle of coke, it occurs to him that Cas has been in there for more than five minutes now, and he was already in there when Dean got home.
A little hesitant at first, Dean walks over to the bathroom and carefully knocks.

“Cas, buddy, you okay in there?”
No answer. Dean frowns and knocks again. He puts his ear against the door, but that doesn’t really work. Just as he’s about to knock again, he hears a sound that’s definitely not the shower. It’s a sob, soft and weak. But Dean is sure, even though he never heard Cas cry before.
Castiel is crying.

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How to protect yourself from chemical agents, and what to do if you’ve been pepper sprayed.

Are you counterprotesting racists this weekend? Be prepared for pepper spray.

An excerpt from “Defend the Territory! Tactics and Techniques for Countering Police Assaults on Indigenous Communities”.

Protective Gear for Chemical Agents

“A minimum defence against chemical agents is the use of eye goggles and a covering over the nose and mouth (such as a bandana or mask).   This is greatly improved with a filter mask in place of the bandana.  The most effective protection against chemical agents is a military issue gasmask. 

Goggles:  Goggles vary from those used in swimming to skiing goggles or workshop-type eye protection goggles. Swimming goggles and other types that form a tight barrier around the eyes, thereby keeping out chemical   agents,also have a tendency to fog up. Those with small air holes along the side and top rim fog up less, but can allow small droplets of chemical agents into the eye area.

Bandana:  Improvised protection against tear gas has included goggles (the type that seal around the eyes and have no small airholes) along with a bandana soaked in apple-cider vinegar. The bandana can be carried in Zip-loc bags until needed.  A bottle of apple-cider vinegar should be carried in a group, as the bandana can become dried out.  Any piece of suitably sized cloth can be used in place of a bandana.

Filter mask:  These are usually half face masks that cover the nose and mouth, with filters that can be replaced. They can be acquired from hardware and industrial supply stores, for uses such as aerosol painting, renovations, or jobs producing large amounts of dust.  An average cost is $25.  A recommended mask is the 3M half mask filter with a P100 filter (P100 is a recommended rating for CS, CN, and OC chemical agents). Goggles must be worn with a half face mask to protect the eyes. Full face mask versions are   also available, although more expensive.

Gas mask:  The best type of protection against chemical agentsis a full-face gas mask,such as those found in military surplus stores ori ndustrial supply stores.Common military gasmasks available include the Canadian Forces issued C4 version (no longer in production),as well as Israeli civilian gas masks.  Prices are usually around$50 or more for a military gas mask in surplus stores. 

First Aid for chemical agents

Eye/face   wash:  The  most  common  and  readily available treatment for chemical agents is flushing the eyes and face with water.  A water bottle with a small cap and which is squeezable is recommended, as this produces a stronger stream of water. (Note: do not use hot water as this will open the skin pores and increase severity of chemical agents - eds.) When flushing the eyes, the head should be tilted to the side so that contaminated water can flow off the face. Street medics often use a diluted liquid antacid solution,usually Maalox. The mix is half water, half Maalox.  It is placed in a squeezable bottle, and used in the same way as water. Along with the eyes, it is also important to wash off any chemical agents that has landed on exposed skin. Failure to do so can result in blistering of the skin.Sudecon is a decontamination wipe produced by FoxLabs (who also make pepper spray), often used by police and paramedics for CS, CN, and OC agents.  It comes in a small foil pouch and opens to a towelette 8 X 12 inches in size. The manufacturer recommends two wipes be used per casualty, andclaims to enable recovery after 7 to 15 minutes.  A Sudecon wipecosts approx. $2 each. Vexor produces an OC First Aid towelette that is similar to Sudecon.Fresh air: The casualty should be removed from the area if possible, and preferably placed in a cool, windy location.

Decontamination:  Any contaminated clothing and gear should be removed as soon as practical and placed in a garbage bag.  Contaminated clothing can later be cleaned in a washing machine, while packs etc., can be scrubbed with soapy water. If this is not done, wherever the casualty  and/or their gear goes   will become contaminated with the chemical agent (such as vehicles,rooms, tents, etc).  If possible, the casualty should also shower as soon as possible to remove chemical agents from the skin and hair.”

(Note: when removing clothing, if possible do not lift shirt over eyes, as this may increase eye exposure to chemical agents. Cut off shirt instead. - eds.)