shower socializing

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I'm cute and nice why is no one dating me<p/><b>Me:</b> because you're a socially awkward introvert who gets uncomfortable easily even without the sex disgust, who can't pick up - and much less give - romantic hints and if you do dismiss them as gross or something you imagined, and who, additionally, is a little scared of dating because you're romantic feelings are weak and flickering and you're afraid you'll hurt people ?<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> yeah ok but still thou<p/></p>


dad: yea (x) is coming over
me: okay.
me: *takes an unreasonably long shower to avoid socializing with this person in particular, hoping that they will leave before i have to get out of the shower*

i was tagged by @takemehomeunitedroad thank u xxx

A- Age - 15
B- Biggest fear - probs dying
C- Current time - 21:26
D- drink you last had- water
E- every day starts with - erm having a shower, checking social media etc
F- favourite song - i don’t have one :(
G- ghosts, are they real - yeah i think they are
H- hometown- england (ik its not a town)
I- in love with -EDEN MICHAEL HAZARD (and this guy i see on the bus hehehehehe)
J- jealous of- idk imma cop out on this one
K- killed someone - no
L- last time you cried - don’t remember
M- middle name - secret ehehehehehehhehe
N- number of siblings - i have 2 older brothers
O- one wish - just to enjoy life tbh
P- last person texted/ called - does @kames count? and my mum lol
Q- question you’ve always asked -whats up?
R- reason to smile - erm its the holidaysssss
S- song last sang - nelly- hot in here
T- time you woke up - 6:00
U- underwear color - idk im not checking
V- vacation destination - would love to go turks and caicos omg
W- worst habit - idk i’d like to think i dont have any bad habits
X- X rays you’ve had - never had one wooo (touch wood)
Z- zodiac sign - cancer

im gonna tag @kames @ericdierlovesme @abcde-fc and yeah whoever wants to do it but don’t do it if u dont wanna