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Have I ever mentioned just how much I love all of the skating fans of this series? Here’s another great cover of “Eros.”🔥

Okay, so I got this fic idea that I know I’m not able to write, so I’m going to throw it out for anyone who wants to use the idea.

So basically, a lot of times, with Nursey and Dex, when we imagine one of them visiting the other over the summer, it’s usually Nursey going to Dex, right?  It’s tough for Dex to go to NYC because of his job and family and yes, finances. But I’m thinking, what if, after they start dating, Dex gets the idea that it might be nice to surprise Nursey in NYC, so he starts saving with the intention being that if their relationship lasts until summer, he’s going to take some time and do it (he’s pretty sure the look on Nursey’s dumb face when he shows up unannounced alone will make the trip worthwhile).  And he has some ideas about what they might do, except that when he gets there, Nursey just excitedly starts rattling off the kinds of things and places that only New Yorkers would know about that he wants to take Dex to.  And who is Dex to say no to excited Nursey? And they have all sorts of cute moments around the city.

So, can y’all see my problem? I’m just a Michigan boy who’s never set foot in NYC, so I can’t possibly write this. But I really want a fic of it! Can I interest any NYC-area fic writers to do it for me? Please???

not to be Overdramatic™ but every title track from the hyyh era means so much to me bc i got so invested and intrigued by the stories from the music videos and the theories that connected with them and it’s so beautiful and it just means the world to me okay????????


“I’m a terrible dancer. I need to be really drunk and see a beautiful girl over there. It was a way of getting close to a girl without having to speak because always, whenever I opened my mouth, they would leave. So, dancing was a chance to keep them close.”

 A very necessary gifset of Diego Luna dancing in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 

(insp by this other very necessary gifset)

+ bonus:

Shawn as a tease would include...

Requested by @shawnsdesire

  • Biting your lip, nibbling your earlobe and kissing your neck
  • Him giving you the look: half-lidded eyes, flushed cheeks and swollen lips
  • Lustful glances in public while he licks his lips, his eyes wandering down your body
  • His hands are everywhere
  • Brushing up against your body on “accident”
  • And on purpose
  • Pulling your body towards his and leaning in only to ghost his lips over yours
  • Heated kisses that he pulls away from leaving you wanting more
  • Lingering touches against your skin that radiate heat
  • Walking around the house shirtless when he knows you’re in the mood
  • Sending you sexts telling you what he wants to do to you
  • “I can’t wait to get home so I can show you.”
  • “I’d rather be inside you right now.”
  • Countdown sexts while he’s on tour
  • “3 more days until I get to fuck you.”
  • Sending you selfies and showing you how much he wants you
  • Dirty phone calls from him explicitly telling you what he’s gonna do to you
  • “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you can’t walk straight.”
  • Saying lines that you would normally find cheesy, but in the moment turn you on
  • “This guitar isn’t the only thing I can finger”
  • “This tastes good, but I’d rather be eating something else.”
  • Taking your fingers into his mouth and sucking on them because he wants to show you what his mouth can do
  • Running his thumb across your bottom lip before he pushes it into your mouth
  • Him placing his hand on your knee and letting it slowly travel up your thigh
  • Lips barely grazing the back of your neck but you can feel his hot breath on your skin
  • Fingers grazing over your panties but never touching you where you need it most
  • Mouthing at your core through the fabric of your underwear
  • Running his fingers up the inside of your thighs
  • Peeling your underwear off your body, fingers barely brushing against your slit
  • Slow, torturous licks up and down your pussy
  • Barely paying attention to your clit but when he does he circles it with his tongue
  • Using the tip of his cock to tease your clit, rubbing and slapping against it
  • Rubbing it up and down your folds getting you nice and wet for him
  • Grinding himself against your sex
  • “What do you want, baby? Tell me.”
  • “No, don’t cover your mouth. Let me hear you. I wanna hear what I do to you.”
  • Pulling your hair so he can expose the side of your neck to him
  • Licking along the column of your throat and gently biting once he gets to your collarbone
  • Holding your hips down while he enters you, but stilling himself so he can watch you writhe underneath him
  • Shallow thrusts with just the tip so he can hear you beg him for more
  • “I love it when you beg for me”
  • Stopping short when he knows you’re about to cum
  • “Not yet, baby.”
  • “Just a little while longer. It’ll feel so good.”
  • Him finally having mercy on you and giving you what you need
  • Drawing your climax out with slow, deep strokes
  • Praising you
  • “You did so well baby girl.”