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1. Movies

  • Comedy or Action?
  • Romance or Horror? 
  • Adventure or Drama?
  • Historical or Musicals? 
  • Sci-fi or Westerns?

2. Food

  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Cake or Pie?
  • Fruit or Vegetables?
  • Sweet or Spicy?
  • Cereal or Oatmeal?
  • Bagels or Cookies?
  • Sandwich or Pizza?

3. Nature

  • Early Bird or Night Owl?
  • Summer or Winter? 
  • City or Countryside?
  • Cats or Dogs?
  • Hiking or Swimming?
  • Forest or Meadow? 

4.  Misc.

  • Hugs or Kisses?
  • Books or Movies?
  • Shorts or Long Pants?
  • Monopoly or Sorry?
  • Comic Books or Novels?
  • Showers or Baths?
  • Chess or Checkers?
  • Hip-Hop or Classical Music?

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Night Vale Porn

Based on this hilarious post by branwyn-says:

  • chess-ka: Night Vale porn
  • me: oh my god
  • chess-ka: What the hell
  • me:  night vale porn
  • me: is just, like:
  • me: Actor A dons a soft meat crown
  • me: Actor B sensually removes only their shoes and socks and walks into the midst of a bloodstone circle
  • me: Actor A licks their lips
  • me: Actor B throws back their head and howls at the Void
  • chess-ka: There would be a lot of howling
  • me:  the howling gets gradually more and more intense
  • me:  then the Glow Cloud appears and disintegrates them both in a shower of ethereal particles
  • chess-ka:  Carlos finds Cecil watching it one time and can’t work out why he’s so embarrassed
  • me: hahahahahahaha
  • me: Carlos is like, “Is that…an art film?”
  • me: Cecil just thinks Carlos is making fun of him. He slams his laptop shut and hunches over.
  • me: his tattoos are scarlet.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us cute things about hsau clexa? They're my favorite au clexa!!!!!

They share ice cream cones. Just one between them both. They’re nasty.

Read the same assigned book for Niylah’s and race each other!!! (Lexa wins)

Wear each other’s clothes (Clarke owns all of Lexa’s jackets 😉)

Make love notes in Niylahs for each other, niylah acts like she doesn’t notice but she ships it so hard.

Lexa falls asleep in Clarke’s lap 24/7. Clarke likes watching her baby sleep and stroking her hair.

Clarke gives Lexa incredibly intricate sharpie tattoos, which Lexa is obsessed with. Clarke is obsessed with Lexa’s real tattoos, and wants to design something amazing for her. Lexa /hates/ when they come off in the shower :(

Chess! Lexa cheats bc Wells taught Clarke well! Lexa tells her “I made this decision with my head, not my heart.” Clarke snorts bc Lexa is so extra.

Stargazing! Star makeouts!

Lexa leaves gifts in Clarke’s locker. Flowers, usually, or notes. Clarke and every girl within a 70 mile radius swoons.

Poetry! Lexa’s secret passion is poetry! She loves writing poetry about Clarke’s beauty, how much she loves Clarke…she wrote one specific verse about sex that makes Clarke blush every time….but yeah poetry!

They’re the Gross couple, always in sync, always have to finish each other’s sentences

They’re best friends. Seriously.