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Giving a hand Pt. 7 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 9817

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not the typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed by it you’re comfortable with it. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you would use your abilities to please seven guys.

If you could have a dollar for every time you said to yourself you would never drink again, you wouldn’t need to jerk guys for money. Not that you need to do it anymore, but that’s not the point. The point was that you really, really shouldn’t drink again because hangovers were the absolutely worst.

You woke up in your living room over the couch, still wearing the dress from last night and a pounding ache on your head. You could remember pieces of your night, like the first drink, and Yoongi’s comment about a threesome. Right? Weren’t you imagining it?

You could remember Juwoon too, and how he had a sweet smile and warm hands, but you couldn’t remember if you actually did something with him. Your head was trying to come up with a replay of last night, but that only made your hangover to intensify. You really shouldn’t be trying to think while your head was threating to kill you. You gave up and decided to take care of your head first. Then you would try to understand what happened.

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Imagine...Dancing With Dean

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Request: Can you do a dean x reader one shot based on the song nothing’s gonna hurt you baby by cigarettes after sex?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 900ish

Warnings: language, implied smut/barely there smut

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Losing Streak - Tyler Seguin (Smut)

Author’s Note: This is ridiculous dominant and long, so if you don’t like dominance, don’t read it. You have been warned.

Tyler always took loosing hard. It didn’t matter how well they played, the score, anything. He just always took it hard. I had been watching the game from home, and I knew that when Tyler got home he was going to be upset.

While feeding Marshall and Cash, our dogs, I hear the front door open and close with a loud slam. I finish putting food into Cash’s bowl and when I stand up, I see Tyler staring at me.

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All My Lovin' - Wayhaught College AU
"Baby, I didn't know you had this," Waverly whispered. She slipped her hands under the fabric of the jacket. Her hands played with the buttons. "You look like a sexy secret agent or something," she said pulling Nicole so close that her hips bumped on the tile of the counter.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Series: Part 2 of I’ve Just Seen a Face

Read here or on AO3

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The lap dance..

So this wonderful gifset of Baron was bought to my attention by @wwesmutdonedirtcheap I knew I had to do something about it.

So ladies and germs,Giving Baron a lap dance…

tagging the normal peeps: @helluvawriter @gelinas22 @banrioncethlenn @wwe-smutfics @s-allfandomsunite @moxtiel @sammiielli @withwordslikeweapons @fan-fiction-galore


triggers: Nothing

I hope you guys like it :)

“You need to come with us Corbs”Corey pleaded as Baron went back to slipping his beer. Corey has been trying to get his best friend to go out with him and the boys. Baron has been in a bad mood ever since he lost the title to AJ. He’s been moodier and quieter ever since.

Baron sighed as he sets his beer down. He stand up and walks to the bathroom.”where are you going?” Corey yelled to the lone wolf. “taking a shower. I can’t go to a strip club smelling all bad”


Corey,Baron and the boys walk into the Kat Scratch Club as the taller man takes in the scene before him. A couple of stages with poles lined the sides as the middle held the main stage and the bar. Chandeliers cascaded down as the walls had white fairy lights. He shakes his head as he gives his id to the bouncer. They all walk in and sit down near the main stage.

Corey sat down next to Baron. Roman,Seth were sitting on his left. They were slowing sipping on their drinks,idly talking about work when a familiar tune came out of the speakers.

Seth groans”this is such a great song”

Roman smirked at Crossfit Jesus.”yeah because we came here solely based on their music selection”

Baron kept his eyes glued to the stage as a petite brunette steps on the stage dressed in a black and red babydoll dress with black fishnets on her beautiful,tattooed legs. A garter belt secured them as a pair of lace red panties peeked through a bit.

Ride out her open road.
Fell to the waste side.
Dinned on her dirty soul.
Ain’t willing to pass it by.

She starts to move her hips as the group stops all movement. She swings around the pole as Baron licks his lips. He was envisioning those long,beautiful legs around his neck as he pounding into her. Moaning his name,He’d bite around her neck and earlobe as she pulls his hair.

“fuck me harder” she’ll say as she scratches his back. He would pound the sweet,tight pussy over and over again until she is screaming his name,coming harder that he had ever came before. He had to have her.


Corey snapped him out of his daydream as he looking at the empty stage. “Wait,empty?”

“you were daydreaming so much that she finished her set.” Roman smirked as he took a sip of his beer. Baron growled as the boys started to watch the other strippers do their thing. Baron couldn’t help but think about the cute brunette. He didn’t realized that as soon as He turned his head.

There she was.

She smiled warmly at him as his eyes widened. She laughed as she walked past him, walking to another table with drinks. He groaned silently as the three men sitting with him stopped what they were doing to look where Baron was.

“Oh man this is going to be good” Seth cackled as Corey tried to get her attention. “man what are you doing?”

Corey smirked as the petite girl walked up to their table.”well hello there. My,this is a handsome bunch. What can I get you guys?”She started to smile as Baron felt his heart race. He wasn’t sure why but he felt something for this girl.

“and what about you big guy?”Baron jumped as she looked at him. “time to dial to the charm”

“well, you can start by telling me your name. I didn’t seem to catch it.”

She smiled as her green eyes sparkles”yeah well that’s what happens when you doze off hot stuff”

Baron growled”I wasn’t dozing off. I was just thinking about you.”

She smirked”Well why don’t you come in the back and tell me what you were thinking about”

He took a sip as he stood up.She started to walk as He followed her. She grabbed his hand and took him to a VIP room where she place her and Baron inside before closing and locking the door.She sits him down as she turns on the music.

“um” he rubbed his neck,as she steps back to from him.She pulls her hair down,pushing her slender fingers through it “I’m not sure how this goes.”

She smiled as the beat starts to pick up “don’t worry big guy,i’ll take real good care of you.Girl Scout Honor”

He laughed,biting his lower lip and pushing his large hand through his facial hair "Were you a Girl Scout?”

She giggles and nods”Yeah,when I was younger in Catholic school”

He groans and throws his head back.He was fantasizing about her in a school uniform as he is spanking her and fucking her from behind.He picks his head up as she smirks at him”I really wish I knew what you were thinking about”

He grins wickedly as she takes off her bra as she made her way towards Baron. The look on his face was dark and sultry.His eyes went from a light brown to a darker shade. She rubbed herself all over him as he softly growled. She turned towards him as she straddled him. They both licked their lips at the same time.

"I’m not sure if I’m allowed to touch you” he whispered into her ear as she shivered. Never in the months she’s been working here,had a guy effect her the way Baron did.

“you aren’t” she looked into his brown eyes.All she kept thinking about was how fucking handsome he looked under her.How good his lips looked.She really wanted to kiss them"but I really want you to”

He wrapped his arms around her as he placed kisses from her jawline to her collarbone. She threw her head back as she felt his hands roam her body.He calloused fingers felt amazing on her soft,white skin.

He stopped,pushing back a bit. He was extremely turned on.But he wasn’t sure if she was taken or if this was just because he was a customer “wait”

She looked at him,cheeks flushed as she bite her bottom lip “what?”

Baron looked at the girl in front of him. She was everything that he needed. Beautiful,sassy and yet when he looks into her eyes,he sees something else. Innocence? He wasn’t sure,but yet he wanted to find out.

“why are you staring at me like that?”

Baron smiles as he rubs his thumbs above her boy shorts"I think you are beautiful and I wanted to just stare at you"

“what happened to the guy that just was groaning and being really quiet?” She takes his beanie off,releasing his hair as she runs her fingers through it.”God that feels so good”

She grabs the back of his head as she starts to kiss and nibble down the side of his neck.He grinds up as they both moan softly.She pulls his hair a bit as she kisses down His Adam’s Apple. She throws his shirt off,kissing his chest peice.”God this is beautiful”

Baron smiles as he picks her up and placing them on the couch behind them.Removing all their clothes, He starts kisses around her body,stopping and paying attention to her pert nipples. He dips down and starts to suck on them.

She moans and arches her back in pleasure.She never had someone play such closes attention to her body.Baron moves down to her stomach when he placed open mouth kisses to her skin. He moves down and nips at her inner thighs as she moans”oh Baron”

He opens her lips as he licks her sweet nub teasingly. She throws her head back as she runs her fingers through his long,brown hair.He places two of his finger inside of her opening and the twosome lock eyes. She knew she was going to last.She starts to close her eyes when he stopped all movement.”I want to see you come undone. I want to see how I make you feel.Keep your eyes open”

She nods as he continues his assault.She starts to thrust up as she feels her orgasm starting to surface. “Baron,I’m going to come.God don’t stop! Please don’t stop” He fucks her fasters with his fingers as she screams.She becomes limp as he pulls himself over her.She smiles at him”you are good.Mister Corbin”

He smirks and kisses her,letting her taste herself in his kiss.She wraps her arms around his neck and He pushes into her.They both moan in sync.He looks at her as she adjusts to his big size.She nods as he moves softly. In and out.In and out.

She wraps her legs around his waist as he picks up his pace. “God you feel so good wrapped around me” He sucks the skin between her neck and her earlobe as she moans loudly”Jesus Baron..”

“yeah? How does my huge cock feel in your tight,beautiful pussy? Does it feel good? Are you going to milk my cock with your juices?”

She moans as she racks her fingertips down Barons back. He groans into her flesh as she snakes her hand down her body to play with her clit.He looks down and moans loudly”play with your clit for me.Come for daddy”

She throws her head back as she screams his name”BARON!”

He pulls out onto her stomach as ropes of his cum dance unto her skin.He starts to clean her up as she gets dress.They both lock eyes and smile. “i,uh,i hope you know that I don’t do this”gesturing between the two of them” But you were really enticing and so incredibly handsome. I felt like I had to.If that made sense.”

He nods”I wasn’t going to come out but Corey and the boys forced me too. I’m glad that they did.I wouldn’t have met you.”

She blushes”I didn’t think I was going to be good enough for this. Tonight is actually my first night,i was so nervous that I almost called out.I’m glad I didn't”

He walked towards her and brings her towards him”you were amazing.You made my dick hard”She laughs”Can I at least know your name”.

She smirks,walking back towards the door.” Its Laila”

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Mimi if you get a chance, can you post some of the gifs of Dean and beer? Because those are just the best ya know? *Big Hugs for You!!*

Oooh, my favorite subject, Dean’s mouth. Throw in those lips wrapped around a bottle and well…

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Okay, so a couple of these aren’t Dean and beer, but that’s not really our focus here, now is it? 

Now excuse me, I need a cold shower.

Graduation Present

Zimbits, 3100 words, A03

The boys decide that Bitty needs to get some before graduation…


It’s the week before Bitty’s graduation, and Chowder and Dex have become obsessed with discussing every sexual escapade they can think of that has happened in their time at the Haus. They get Nursey’s attention when it comes to places they’ve had sex – the couch, the porch, the roof, the basement. They agree not to count their own bedrooms, but they do count if they’ve done it someone else’s bedroom, with extra points for if that someone else was asleep in the bed at the time.

“What about the bathrooms?” Nursey asks.  “I like Bitty’s the best.  It has the most space, although it’s not that well lit.”

 “What are you saying about my bathroom?”  Bitty asks, catching the tail end of the conversation as he comes in to the living room, dusting the flour off his hands.  He raises an eyebrow at Chowder who is about to open another beer with his teeth – Chowder worked too hard on those teeth to mess them up now.  Chowder shrugs and finds another beer, removes the top with his hand, and passes it to Bitty.

 “Your bathroom is an excellent place to have shower sex.   Roomy, you know.”  Nursey explains.

 Bitty blushes despite himself.  He has on more than one occasion noted the spaciousness of his shower for that particular purpose, but he’s not about to admit this to his teammates.  Except now he’s got an image of Jack on his knees in front of him, and that is not appropriate for this conversation.

 “Don’t tease him, Nurse,” Dex says.  “Bitty wouldn’t know.”

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It’s All in the Hips Part-2

Title: It’s All in the Hips

Author: farbeyondnormal21

Word Count: 3554

Part One Part Two 

Adrenaline coursed through my body as I gripped the wooden handle of my machete. Across from me stood what used to be a human, but was now a vampire. Sam, Dean, and I already killed the entire nest, excluding the “Master” as he called himself, and somehow, I convinced Sam and Dean to let me take on the SOB.

There he stood, the head of the nest, looking at me, lust filling his eyes. I almost scoffed at how low his standards were to go for a hunter. I mean, I get the look from guys all the time because of limited supply of loose fitting clothing I have, but there was nothing special about what I was wearing today.  I made my way toward him slowly, keeping my weapon in the space between us the whole time, slightly wishing that I had worn a jacket as a cool breeze blew through the building. What? Stupid thoughts tend to run through my head when I’m in a life or death situation; bite me.  

“Come on, darling.” His voice was deep and soothing, it flowed over my body like silk. “You can be so much better than a human. Your beauty can be frozen and you can lose all of your flaws. Join me, you’ll radiate eternal beauty. We can rebuild our coven. We can be together.”

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Make Your Move

Summary: Everyone seems to be having a dilemma in their current relationships.  So they look to each other to figure out how to fix it.  Shawnough featuring Maksyl (Maks/Meryl).

AN: I had two different ideas for two different stories for two different ships.  Neither of which were developed enough to float on their own, so I combined them.

Maks was frantic. It was 11pm, he just finished an intense rehearsal with Meryl, and he was exhausted.  But before he could go home, there was one person he really needed to talk to.


Mark was walking out of the studio he and Candace had finished dancing in. They were laughing about something but stopped abruptly as Maks yelled for him.  “What’s up man?  Where’s the fire?”

Maks caught up to them and caught his breath. “Have you seen Derek? I really need to talk to him and I’ve looked everywhere.”

Mark was confused. “Umm yeah…he left like an hour ago." 

Maks’ eyes widened in shock. "What?  Why?  That can’t be, I just saw Amy a few minutes ago."  Maks was getting irritated now.

"Dude, relax.  He went to…"  Mark stopped abruptly remembering that Candace was still standing next to him.  He looked at her and then back at Maks.  He made sure to choose his words wisely.  ”…pick up his girlfriend.“  Everyone in the DWTS family knew exactly who Mark would be talking about.  But Derek and his mystery woman wanted privacy, so they did their best to not talk about it around their unknowing partners.  "Derek didn’t want Amy to fall behind so he asked Tristan to help her out while he left early.”

Maks grunted and ran a hand through his hair.  Mark was getting increasingly curious.  In all the years he had known Maks, he had never seen him this frazzled or distraught, not even over a bad partner.  “Maks, what’s going on man?”

Maks thought about telling him but decided against it.  “Nothing.  I just need to talk to him about something.  Do you know where or how I can get ahold of him?”

Mark was skeptical about telling him.  Derek gave Mark specific instructions to not be bothered tonight.  “You know how he gets when he’s with her.”

Maks rolled his eyes.  “I know he probably doesn’t want me bothering him but this is important.”

Maks looked desperate, so with a sigh Mark told him.  “They’re probably home by - ”

Before he could even finish his sentence Maks was already thanking him and running for the exit.


Derek watched as his girlfriend of almost two years, Shawn Johnson, finished unpacking her suitcase.  He smiled as he watched her put away her clothes. It meant that she was back and she was there to stay.  He had been busy with the show and she was traveling around.  It was good to just be together now.

Derek walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as he placed kisses on her neck.  Shawn giggled at his ministrations and turned her head to look at him over her shoulder.  “I’ve missed you.”

Derek leaned down and kissed her.  “I’ve missed you too baby."  He kissed her again and without breaking the kiss, she turned around in his arms.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as he tightened his arms around her waist.  The kiss began to get heated with both of their shirts managing to come off.

Derek lifted her up onto the dresser and continued to make out with Shawn.  All they wanted to do was make up for the lost time.  Unfortunately, someone else thought otherwise.  Before they could get far, there was a knock on their apartment door.  Shawn pulled away from kissing Derek and turned her head in the direction of the knocking.  Derek didn’t care about whoever was at the door.  They’ll leave eventually.  So instead, he continued to kiss Shawn’s neck as she pulled away from his lips.  "Just let it go baby.”

Rather than getting up to answer the door like she had intended to, Shawn did as Derek asked and connected their lips once more.  After about a minute or two, the knocking became louder and more insistent.  Derek had finally had enough.  He pulled away from Shawn with a groan.  “I’m sorry babe.  Let me just get rid of whoever’s at the door and we’ll get right back to this, okay?”

Shawn ran a hand through Derek’s hair.  “It’s fine, Der."  Derek leaned in to place a quick kiss on her lips before walking out of the bedroom.  Derek, assuming that it was one of the guys from the show (Mark), didn’t even bother with his shirt as he walked toward the front door muttering about how he was ready to kill whoever was on the other side of it.  As Derek walked out of the room, Shawn hopped off of the dresser and grabbed her shirt, slid it on, and followed Derek to the living room to see who could possibly be knocking at 11:35 at night.

They were both shocked to see that it wasn’t Mark, but Maks.  "Hey, I know it’s a bad time but I really needed to talk to you.”

Derek didn’t really know what to say to that.  “This can’t wait until tomorrow?”

“Not really.”

Derek knew Maks wouldn’t be acting this way unless it was extremely important.  So he sighed and stepped away from the door.  “Okay.”

Maks gave him a grateful smile as he walked into the apartment.  It was then that he noticed Shawn.  She had a caring smile for him.  “Hey Maks.”

He walked up to her and gave her one of his signature bear hugs.  “Hey Shawnie.  We’ve missed you on the show.”

She hugged him back tightly and Maks instantly felt better.  He placed a kiss on her cheek as he pulled away from her.  “Do you mind if I steal Derek away for a little while?”

Shawn just giggled.  “It’s fine really."  She looked from Maks then to Derek.  "I’ll just be in the shower and give you guys some privacy."  Derek nodded at her in response.

And with that, she left leaving the two dancing men to discuss what it was that was troubling Maks.  Derek walked to the kitchen to grab a beer for him and for Maks.  As he slid the beer across the table to where Maks was sitting, he finally brought up the question.  “So what’s up?  What’s so urgent that it couldn’t wait until tomorrow?”

Maks took a swig of his beer and tried to figure out how best to get started.  “How exactly did you and Shawn end up together?”

Derek looked at him confused.  He wasn’t really expecting that question from Maks.  “Dude, I’ve told you and everyone else the story of us getting together.”

Maks waved that off.  “Yeah, yeah…I already know that part.  I mean, how did you know you wanted to go for it?  To take a chance on her?”

Suddenly everything clicked for Derek.  Does this have anything to do with your own Olympic partner?  Meryl Davis, perhaps?”

Maks turned away from Derek and took another swig of his beer.  He didn’t even need to say anything for Derek to know he was right.  Derek just waited with a smirk on his face for Maks to continue.  Maks finally looked at Derek with a slight annoyance on his face.  “Are you gonna help me or what?”

Typical Maks.  He always has to be the alpha male type.  “What is it that you want me to say?”

Maks was exasperated now.  “How did you know?”

“Honestly?  I didn’t.”  Maks gave Derek a glare that said he didn’t believe him but before Maks could say anything, Derek continued.  “The last time I dated one of my partners was Shannon and we all know that didn’t end well.”  Maks cringed for Derek.  He and Shannon, though they made the break up seem like nothing to the public, ended the two year relationship quite harshly.  The time after that was not Derek’s best place.  “So after that, I told myself I wouldn’t trust dating another partner of mine.”

Maks nodded as Derek continued.  “When season 14 came I already had another girlfriend.  I didn’t meet her through dance or through a job, so I felt ok.  But then I saw how Maria was with her boyfriend of nearly a decade and I was like ‘why can’t I have that?’  So I ended it with my girlfriend ‘cause I knew what I wanted wasn’t with her.”

“Is that why you and Maria were so close that season?”

Derek shrugged.  “I thought if I got close to her, I’d understand what she feels when she’s with Keven.  Stupid, I know.”

Maks moved him right along.  “So what about Shawn?”

Derek continued his story.  “When I got paired up with Shawn…I don’t know…something felt different.  She’s just so honest and pure hearted.  It really drew me in.  But I still didn’t trust myself with dating a partner so I pushed those feelings aside.  But they only got stronger.  And then I thought about what Shawn would sometimes say to me: everything happens for a reason.  Shawn could just as easily been Mark’s partner again.  Or if she didn’t have her knee injury she would’ve gone to the Olympics and wouldn’t have done the show again at all.  So she had to be my partner for a reason, right?  So I took a chance and the rest is history.”

“You seemed to leave out that part when you guys told us you were dating.”  Maks said jokingly.

Derek rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, yeah…”

Maks became serious once more.  “So where do I go from here?”

Derek sighed, not really knowing the answer.  “I don’t know man.  It could be your greatest decision…or it could be your worst.  But if you ask me, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.  You guys are great together.”

Maks rolled his eyes.  “Well I’m sorry I don’t have someone dubbing us the ‘All Star sweethearts.’”

“Oh, so the support of the fans telling you to just get together already isn’t enough?”

Maks looked at him confused, genuinely not knowing what Derek was talking about.  “Dude, everyone sees it.  Or at least all the fans do.”

Maks shook his head.  “That’s not possible.  We can’t be any more obvious than you and Shawn and no one ever figured that out.”

“Yeah, but I had your brother and his showmance with Kelly Monaco to cover us up.”

“Damn him.”

Derek laughed.  “Yup.  Let me just warn you now, though.  I love Shawn.  Truly, I do.  But it gets hard sometimes, you know?  After the season, you don’t get to see them that often.  And Shawn’s always traveling and I’m usually based here…it just gets hard not seeing her.  And that hurts.  Plus the fact that we’re still sort of a secret…it’s not easy to do things when we are together.”

Maks nodded.  “I don’t know, man.  I don’t think I can handle all of that.  It seems like too much work for a chance.”

Derek was shocked that he was giving up so easily.  “So you’re not going to take a chance on Meryl?”

Maks shrugged.  “I don’t think I’d be able to handle the rest of the season, let alone after it’s over.  I think it’s best that I dodge this bullet.”  With that, he chugged the rest of his beer and stood up to leave.  “Thanks for this though, man.  I appreciate it.  Give Shawn my love.”

He saw himself out, leaving Derek at the table contemplating what exactly just happened.  “He’s wrong.”  Derek looked up to see Shawn leaning on their bedroom door frame.  “What’s life without a little risk?”

She walked over to him and he pulled her into his lap.  “You know Maks.  He’s not the type to get lost in a girl.  Last time he did that was Karina.”

Shawn nodded knowing exactly what Derek meant.  “I’m just saying.  They could really be something.”

“It’s also really hard to change Maks’ mind.”

Shawn nodded once more.  “I know.”  They were quiet after that.  Before they could retire to bed, Shawn remembered something Derek said that was bothering her.  “I’m sorry, Derek.”

Derek squeezed her.  “What’s wrong, babe?”

She looked him in the eyes.  “I know it’s not easy being with me.  And I know that you deserve so much better, but I do love you and I love that you’ve stayed with me this long.”

Derek kissed her shoulder lovingly.  “You’re worth it.  More than worth it.  I’d be stupid not to stay.”

She kissed him on the lips.  As she pulled way, she looked him in the eyes.  “I really do wish I could come to the movie premiere or a DWTS live show.”

He kissed her shoulder once more.  “I know, babe.  It’s ok.  As much as I want you to come, I know why you can’t.”  She snuggled into his arms.  As much as Shawn wanted Meryl and Maks to work out, Derek was right.  It wasn’t easy but at least it’s all worth it.

The next day, Maks was in the studio working on Meryl’s foxtrot.  He tried extremely hard not to think of the talk he had with Derek last night.  He didn’t want to dwell on it.  He needed to convince himself that what he felt for Meryl was just a passing fancy.  But there was something about Meryl…something he’d never felt before.  He wanted to know what it was because whatever it was felt…strange, but nice.  It made him curious.  Did Derek feel this way when he was with Shawn or with Shannon?

“Maks…Maks…”  Maks got out of the trance he was in to notice Meryl waving her hand in front of his face.

She started laughing at him.  “I thought you said not to think in this dance.”

For some strange reason her laugh made him laugh.  “I’m too smart to not think.”

“Well we won’t get a ten if you keep thinking about it.”

Maks gave her a funny look.  “Excuse me, aren’t I the professional in this relationship?”  She laughed at him to which he laughed back.  “Why don’t we take a break while I try and not think of ways to make this dance better?”  She nodded and walked to the break room.

The moment she left through one door, to Maks’ surprise, Shawn Johnson entered the other door.  He turned around surprised.  “Shawn?  Hey!  What are you doing here?  I thought Derek took you to the airport this morning.”

Shawn put her hands on her hips and actually looked quite intimidating for her short stature.  “You’re making a mistake.”

He looked at her confused.  “Excuse me?”

“Why won’t you take a chance on Meryl?  She’s a wonderful girl and you guys are great together.”

Maks sighed and ran a hand through his hair.  He looked around to make sure no one could hear them.  “Shawn…I just can’t.  It’s too hard and I just can’t handle that stress.”

Shawn rolled her eyes.  “Don’t you think it’d be worth it in the end?”

Maks was getting irritated now.  He loved Shawn, but he really didn’t need a lecture from her.  “I don’t know.  Is it, Shawn?  You and Derek almost never see each other.  He’s taking Amy to his movie premiere when you and I both know that he wants you by his side.”  His voice was rising and he did his best to control it so no one could hear them.

Shawn was a bit hurt that he said that.  It was true everything he said.  “Well why do you think I’m back now?”  Maks took a good look at her appearance.  She had a semi-formal dress, heals, and her curls and make-up were more defined and touched up.  Definitely not an airport outfit.  “I had a stopover in Denver so I took a flight back.  Because, you know what?  You’re right.  What Derek and I have isn’t easy but it’s not naturally like that.  It’s only like that because I don’t make more of an effort to stay.  Which is so stupid because I love him so much.  I don’t need to be in New York, I need to support the man I love.  I’m not saying if you take a chance on Meryl it’ll be easy.  What I’m saying is if you really feel what you feel about Meryl and she truly feels the same way about you, then it’ll be easier when you both make the effort.  And it’ll be worth it.”

Maks sighed.  “What if it’s just wishful thinking?  How do I know she feels the same way?”

She put her small hands on both of his shoulders.  “That’s what taking chances are for.”

“But Shawn – “

“The theme for this week is the most memorable year, right?”  Maks nodded.  “Remind her of the good times of her past.  But show her you can give her a better future.  You can’t hide the chemistry you guys have.”

Maks looked at her skeptically.  “You did.”  Shawn gave him a look.  “Right…Val…”

“Mmhhmm…look, I can’t tell you what to do.  But I personally try not to regret anything in life.  And if you ask me, I think you should make your move.  Especially before someone else tries to.  Whatever you choose, just be happy with it, alright?  I have to go.  I’m going to be late for the premiere.”  She pulled him in for a long, tight hug.

As she was walking back out of the studio Maks stopped her.  “Shawn…thanks.”  She nodded her appreciation and left.  Hopefully she fixed Maks’ problem.  Now she needed to fix her own.

The movie premiere so far was going great.  Derek and Amy were stopped on the carpet to take so many pictures.  Derek didn’t know how much longer his fake smile could handle.  Amy kept leaning over to him asking if he was ok.  He wouldn’t respond.  Or he would just nod.  But in truth, he missed his girlfriend.  He wished Shawn was by his side.  Amy was great, but sometimes he just needed to love of his life…even if they weren’t public yet.

To his surprise, the paparazzi in front of him turned their attention to a new celebrity joining them.  He was surprised.  He thought everyone coming was already there.  Out of curiosity, Derek turned towards the direction where the paparazzi were flashing their cameras and screaming out questions.  Much to his surprise, it was Shawn coming out of a car that had their attention.  When his shock finally passed, he had the biggest smile on his face as he stared at her.  She smiled back when she noticed him staring.  She was going to go straight to him but, ever the sweetheart, Shawn stayed back to answer questions and take pictures with some fans.

When Shawn finally caught up with Derek and Amy, the first thing Derek did was pull her into a side hug.  He placed a kiss on her head and whispered “thank you.”  Amy could tell there was something going on between the two so she gave both of them a hug and continued forward on her own, smiling and waving at the cameras.

Derek grabbed Shawn’s hand and looked her in the eyes before also continuing forward.  An understanding passed between the two of them.  If someone asked that important question, they’d happily say yes.

Having Shawn with him at the premiere was just what Derek needed.  After explaining everything to Amy, Derek seemed to have gotten his drive back and they went out and danced the best dance they had all week.  Shawn even promised to make more of the shows.

As for Maks, he spent all of his time contemplating everything Shawn said.  If he was willing to make the effort, if Meryl felt the same way, they would be fine.  They might even be as happy as Shawn and Derek.  But was Maks willing to take that risk?

As Maks and Meryl danced the foxtrot, Maks could see all of her and who she was.  What he saw made him feel something he never felt before.  When they got to the ending of the dance and they were close enough to kiss, Maks almost lost it.  He almost kissed her right then and there on the dance floor.  It was then that he knew.

He wasn’t even listening when their scores were given to them.  As soon as they were done and they were done with the skybox interviews, he immediately pulled her to the side.  He looked around to make sure that they had privacy until he finally looked at her.  Meryl had a confused look on her face.  She was also worried.  Did she do something wrong?  Before she could say anything, Maks blurted something that threw her for a loop.  “I love you.”

Her mouth fell open in shock.  “Wha- What?”

“Ok maybe I’m not in love with you.  But I’m pretty sure I’m falling for you.  Hard.  And I don’t know what to do or how to control it anymore.  All I know is that, I can’t live with regret.  You needed to know.  Whether or not you feel the same.”

She just kept staring at him.  Shock still evident on her face.  He was about to continue on his rant but he was stopped when Meryl grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him expectantly.

They continued to kiss for a little while longer before Meryl pulled away first.  “I feel the same.”

Maks smiled the widest smile he ever remembered smiling and pulled her in for another kiss.  He pulled away sooner than the first time and she looked at him curiously.  “Hold on…”  Maks pulled out his cell phone, further confusing Meryl.  “I just need to send a quick message.”  He sent a text and before Meryl could ask who, what, and why, Maks’s lips were back on hers to which she just smiled into the kiss completely forgetting about the text.

Shawn was waiting backstage to meet up with Derek after he and Amy danced.  She waved at him as he saw her but a moment later she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.  She looked at the text she just received and smiled.

Derek came up to her and quickly grabbed her by the waist and planted a long kiss on her lips.  “Hey.  What’d you think of the dance?”

She giggled as they both pulled away.  “It was beautiful.  You and Amy did great.”

Derek kissed her once more.  Ever since they came out in public at the premiere, there was no more hiding on their part.  Yes, it provided new stress but nothing they couldn’t handle.  “Thanks babe.”

Shawn suddenly remembered the text.  “Oh, look…”  She pulled out her phone and read the text she received from Maks only a few minutes ago.  Thank you.

Derek looked at Shawn and kissed her on the head.  Shawn smiled back up at him.  “He did it.  He finally did it.”

Derek laughed.  “Yes he did.  He made his move.”

Part 16 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

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Hey there gorgeous friend of mine
With eyes of steely blue.
Cheese puffs you may want to eat
But I have something new.
Loser you may think I am
Shut up! I am a winner!
Playing chef is how I roll
What’s that? It’s chicken dinner!

Did you wanna come over? I am drinking beers. Making some kind of baked chicken concoction type thingy (that’s the best I can describe it. No tomato!) and listening very loudly to my dad’s 70’s punk rock LP collection. My neighbours can’t be too happy right now. Your colleagues may be hearing from them soon.

Did I mention I have beer?

Beer and chicken?

Chicken and beer? And more importantly, moi?

Sorry, I was in the shower.

Oh are you going out?

I am.



U have no idea.

I’d much prefer to be over there with u and your chicken concoction type thingy. Yummo. Plus I do enjoy a good rhyme now and then but I much prefer haiku.

Well if you change your mind, I will be here, you know… swaying side to side like a 12 year old girl?

U can’t STILL be upset about that can u? Lol

 I had taken great pride in my dancing skills up until that wedding, so yes, I bloody well am!!

I apologise. It was very cute. U were very cute.

Better. :)

U are too easy.

That’s what she said.

Have a good night and don’t drink too much, okay?

Don’t worry about me. I can hold my beer.

It’s more for my own wellbeing. I can’t have u passing out at the wheel tomorrow and I don’t want to find u alone, face down in your chicken.

You make a good point. I will stop when I get a good buzz on. Wow! How depressing am I?
You have a good night too.

Doubtful. I’m sure I’ll be whining about it later.

I will be counting down the seconds.

I don’t think u will be waiting too long then.


How’d the chicken turn out?

Chicken-y and dry. I re-read the recipe 100 times! I don’t understand why this stuff keeps happening to me, Gail. Like, seriously? What the hell am I doing wrong? I did the calculations.

Well…. If u did the calculations lol

How would you say this exactly? Oh right… Shut the fuck up!

Aww sweety, I think your oven is trying to tell u something. At least it still tasted like chicken?

It’s not fair :(

I know. :(

It can’t have been worse than my dinner. I think my date was trying to kill me.

You had a date?

Yes, it turns out I did.

I am not sure I follow. I thought you had sworn off all men?

Was supposed to meet my mother for dinner but as soon as I get to the restaurant she gets up and walks out, leaving me sitting there with some hockey dude named James.

Did he kill you with his boring personality?

Actually no, he was interesting enough and very funny actually. However, he did order for me.

Oh no, the poor guy never stood a chance.

Actually we kinda did stuff.


In his car.

Stuff in his car?

Oh, stuff in his car.


I don’t want to scar u with gross man thoughts.

How thoughtful of you. I did start out having sex with men, you know?

I didn’t have sex with him! I got the crap outta there before that could happen.

Anyway, u have always seemed to me like one of those lesbians who has only ever slept with women.

Oh, when you said stuff… I thought. Whatever.

And it’s Gold Star.


A Gold Star lesbian? A woman who has only ever slept with other women. I wish I had figured it out sooner.

Why didn’t u?

Sorry, too personal?

Yeah no. I am just thinking out my answer.

Yeah no? That’s convincing.

Take your time then because I need to take another shower and wash the puke I just noticed off my sweater.

What the what?

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