shower baskets

Imagine your fav height difference otp having a shower together except the whole time they’re arguing over how high the shower nozzle should be

  • (A text conversation with Kagami-kun)
  • Kagami-kun: Kuroko, remember when we cleaned the showers
  • Me: I could never forget, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami-kun: So I, uh, fell asleep in class again
  • Me: You have to clean the whole locker room now, don't you?
  • Kagami-kun: both of them
  • Kagami-kun: please help me
  • Me: You owe me milkshakes for the rest of the month.
  • Kagami-kun: understood, thank you

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"We're neighbours and we've never met, but I hear you singing Disney songs in the shower every morning and I may have accidentally shouted a request" (Narry) 💗💗

sorry I took forever to actually write this but I doubt you’re surprised by that

Harry gets in from his morning jog at just before seven in the morning. He feels accomplished, not only from his run but also because he’s fairly certain he’s worked out the best route to take—one that doesn’t have him coming across too many other early-morning joggers and gives him an excellent scenic tour of the outskirts of the university campus. He’s rather excited about the autumn, thinks of all the trees he runs underneath that will have their leaves turning glowing reds and oranges and yellows in just a few weeks.

He stops by his dorm room to grab a towel and switch out his running shoes for his shower flip flops before he approaches the bathroom. All of the young men on the floor have a space in the shower room for their various soaps and washcloths in a grid of yellow squares just across from the sinks. Harry has his things in the top row, second column from the right, in a purple shower basket that he picks up and takes with him to the middle shower. Their floor is fairly small, so they only have three showers in the men’s bathroom. The middle one has the best water pressure, so Harry takes advantage of his peers’ lazier sleeping habits and claims said superior shower.

Mid-way through conditioning his hair, Harry hears the tell-tale sound of someone else entering the room. The other student is humming, that much Harry can hear, but not loud enough to truly carry over the sound of the water beating down on Harry’s head and shoulders. He goes for the shower nearest the door, which is the second best in terms of effectively getting someone wet and rinsing away soap. Harry, of course, goes along with his shower without sparing any more thought to the other.

That was the plan, anyway. But he couldn’t exactly ignore the singing.

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What if I am living with multiple people in my dorm?

Almost everyone is going to have at least one roommate in a dorm, and theres always that big long list of stuff for you to bring, but what should i talk to my roommate about? Well heres a pretty good idea.
-Cleaning supplies (duster, toilet scrubber, tile cleaner, disinfectant wipes)
-febreeze or room scents
-toilet plunger
-trashcans (if the room doesnt come with them
-most dorms come with mini friges and microwaves, but you sure dont want three of them
-coffee pot or kureig if you drink coffee
-bathroom decor for a suite-like room (soap dish/pump, bath mats, towel racks, toilet cover, cup for toothbrushes, hanging baskets, shower shelves)
-water pitcher

if anyone has more suggestions feel free to add them!

Life Hacks for All the Small Things

#1 The Hair Band Lanyard

Scrunchees are an essential item in every female’s life, except for maybe Swordfish-era Halle Berry ladies. And this is the perfect way to keep them organized.

#2 The Jewelry Ice Cube Tray

Jewelry is pretty expensive, except for the fugaze bling of course, but if you are ballin’ on a budget then use an ice cube tray to keep your earrings separated.

#3 Customize Your Necklace Corkboard

A pinboard, preferably one made from cork, can be the perfect display wall for all of your necklaces. As seen here, it can look pretty good while being darned useful.

#4 Toothbrush/Makeup Brush Holder

If you are like us, then you probably have a toothbrush holder or two lying around and a bunch of makeup brushes crammed in a bag somewhere. Put the toothbrush holder to use and clean that bag out!

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Omg you are literally the cutest~ *pet your head* I'm wishing you good luck with your blog! Can you give your old senpai some fluffy kisses with Kise while waking up in the morning?

someone just called me cute [blushes and runs away] and thank you!

You shifted on the bed, letting out a small hum of pleasure at the comfortable feel of your bed. You were so tired after everything that had happened that day and you were just so happy to be in bed. So you stayed in late.

Sleeping soundly, you were perfectly content. That was, until you felt something wet touch your cheeks. Was that your dog? Did you even have a dog? Your eyes jerked open instantly to find Kise grinning like an idiot, hovering over you. You attempted to suppress the smile that threatened to form on your lips. “Ryouta, what are you doing?”

His hair was wet and the water was dripping little by little on you. You moved away only to have him follow you, shaking his head and splattering water all over you. “Ryouta!” You shrieked. “I’m going to be drenched!”

“Come back, _____-chin!” He grabbed you by the waist and began to nuzzle his hair against your neck and face.

You shivered and couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up your throat. “Cold! Cold! Cold!” You were shrieking and thrashing around as Kise held you down, continuously drenching you. “Let me go!”

SMACK! That was when you felt another wetness hit your cheek. You raised an eyebrow, “Did you really just kiss me after assaulting me with shower water?”

He grinned, looking more and more like a puppy. He really reminded you of a golden retriever. Always happy and friendly, and not to mention overly enthusiastic. “Yes!”

“I don’t want your kisses right now,” you faked anger and pushed his face away.

Kise pouted and evaded your touch to plant another one on your cheek. “But I want to kiss you!”

“But I don’t want to—“ Before you knew it, he was showering you with kisses, drawing closer and closer to your lips. He was hovering over you by then as you giggled, trying to push his bigger frame off of you. “Go away! I need to get ready!”

“We should’ve showered together.” Kiss. “I want to.” Kiss. “Shower.” Kiss. “With.” Kiss. “You!”
You laughed, screaming when he began tickling you. “No! No tickling! Let me go!”

“Tell me you love me.”

“Never!” He increased his fingers’ speed, tickling harder and placing even more kisses all over your face.

Tears escaped your eyes as the room was instantly filled with his yelling and your shrieking. “Tell me you want me to kiss you!”


“Tell me or I won’t stop!”

“Okay, fine! Kiss me!”

When you opened your eyes, Kise had a victorious grin painted on his face. “Knew it!” He announced before ducking his head to plant a deep one on you. You smiled against his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

Then, without a warning, you pushed him off of you, letting him tumble off the bed. He stood there, looking startled and raised an eyebrow at you. “Need to shower,” you shrugged before launching yourself off the bed, running towards the bathroom, as Kise quickly followed after you.

“Shower! Together!”

Everyone has to grow up sometime

Finn dropped the last of his boxes on the floor of his new dorm room, sitting down next to it before gingerly pulling back a flap to glance inside. Finn breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that all his records had made it intact.

“What the hell Finn? Are you just going to sit on the floor or are you going to help us move this bloody couch?” Archie panted from the doorway, sweat dripping down his face as he tried to maintain his hold on the couch.

“Soz mum.” Finn stood up, walking over to the doorway and slipping his hand under the bottom of the couch, pulling it forward into the room.

“Oi mate, it’s about time ol’ girly arms over here stopped pretending to help me with this couch,” Chop came into view carrying the back of the couch, glaring at Archie who was bent over beside the door still attempting to catch his breath.

“Who are you calling ol’ girly arms,” Archie glared at Chop.

Finn set the couch down, chuckling as he watched Chop grab ahold of Archie around the neck, rubbing his hand over Archie’s hair while Archie loudly protested.

“Second year of Uni starting off right it seems,” Archie grumbled, stepping into the room and collapsing on his already neatly made bed.

“It will be once I find myself a fit bird tonight,” Chop grinned from the doorway, closing the door behind him. “Alright fuckers, get your shit unpacked so we can grab some food and go pull.” Chop wiggled his eyebrows, looking from Finn to Archie.

Finn rubbed his hands over his face, pausing with his hand over his mouth, looking at all the boxes scattered around the room. “Maybe we should unpack tomorrow? I’m starving.”

Archie narrowed his eyes at Finn, knowing it would be days before this place got cleaned up.

Finn lifted his left arm, taking a whiff of his t-shirt and making a face.

Shower it is.

Finn grabbed his towel from his bed, unwrapped a bar of soap and grabbed his shampoo, nodding at his roommates before exiting the room and heading towards the communal bathroom. Stepping into the bathroom Finn caught a familiar scent, scrunching up his nose.

Lavendar & vanilla.

Finn stood in front of one of the showers, hanging up his towel before pulling back the curtain. His mouth dropped open as soon as the curtain was pulled back, taking in the sight in front of him.

Painted toenails. Long slender legs.

His eyes continued to travel up the person standing in front of him.

Rounded hips. Soft stomach. Indented waist. Large full breasts, topped off with pink nipples.

He licked his bottom lip instinctively, letting his eyes travel up to this beautiful creature’s face.

Kissable pink lips. Button nose. Hazel eyes. The face of an angel surrounded by heaps of long soaking wet dark hair.

“Had enough of a look?” her voice finally bringing him out of his haze.

Oh sweet jesus. I’m going to jail. I just stood here perving on her for the last 20 minutes. Has it been 20 minutes? No, 2 minutes tops. STOP TRYING TO RATIONALIZE THIS. I’m done for. Sorry officer, slap on the cuffs.

His eyes flicked back to her eyes, which were narrowed.

She’s glaring at me. Oh shit. Say something you complete twat!

“So..sor…sorry. Didn’t realize anyone was in here.”

That’s what you say? You just perved on the poor girl for at least 2 minutes. Back away, back away now. Run. It isn’t too late to transfer.

Her laugh brought him back out of his head.

“Could you hand me that towel behind you please?” She motioned to his right.

He grabbed the towel, shoving it into her outstretched hands.

“Thanks,” she smiled, biting her bottom lip, wrapping the towel around her body.

She should never wear clothes. All clothes must be burned, banned in her presence. Here you go again…staring at her and not saying one fucking word.

“All yours,” she touched his shoulder, stepping around him, her shower basket in her other hand. “I’m Rae by the way, figured we should exchange names now that you’ve seen me naked.”

Finn could feel the heat crawling up his neck and settling in his cheeks. “Finn.”

“Nice to meet you, Finn. Maybe see you around?” Rae raised her eyebrows.

“Hope so,” he nodded before turning back to the shower, hearing the door close behind Rae on her way out. Finn stripped off his t-shirt, jeans, and boxers before stepping into the shower. He rested his forehead against the tiled shower, a grin plastered on his face.

What the fuck was that? She was so calm. So confident. Some strange man had walked in on her naked and she didn’t even bat an eye. That. was. sexy. I need to see her again. University is looking up.

Ripening Fruit

Yes, finally i am posting one of my 500 followers prompts! I haven’t forgotten any of them, I promise.

This one is brought to you by IBS stopping me sleeping, based on a prompt by leigh57 for starlight, raspberries and general fluff. Hope this fits the bill.

Carol jerked her head at the sound of the whistle. It wasn’t coming from beyond the gate, so it wasn’t Michonne and Daryl arriving back. It had come from behind her in the prison yard.

She whirled round and leaned over the railing at the top of the tower, pointing her rifle to the ground. In the fading light she saw Daryl standing in the yard, holding something in his hand. He pointed to it with his other hand, but she couldn’t make out what it was.

Confused at his appearance, she waved her rifle to signal for him to come up. She opened the trapdoor in readiness for him, as she heard his familiar boots climb the stairs. In an instant his head appeared through the door and he gave her one of his half smiles.

“What are you doing here? I thought you and Michonne were still out there? Everything okay? Nothing happened did it?” Carol asked.

His smile grew at her rush of questions as he clambered out and joined her on the walkway, holding a white bowl out in front of him.

“S’fine. We just needed to restock, bring in some supplies we found. Got back couple o’ hours ago. You was with the kids, didn’t want to bother you.”

Carol gave a sigh and visibly relaxed, as he prodded the bowl towards her.

“Got told to bring this to you,” he said as she finally took the bowl from him. Inside was a handful of pasta shells in tomato sauce, with a couple of strips of beek jerky on the side.

Carol looked at it intensely for a moment then back at Daryl.

“You didn’t bring a fork?” She quizzed.

“Oh shit, knew I forgot something…” Daryl turned as if to go back down through the trap door. Carol caught the back of his vest and tugged him.

“It’s okay, I’ll manage. Stay and chat, it gets lonely up here.” She leaned her rifle against the barrier and sat down on the floor, facing out towards the wilderness. Daryl paused for a moment and then slid down to sit next to her.

She couldn’t tell him she was lonely for him; that she counted the hours when he was out searching for the Governor; how she prayed constantly to hear the roar of his bike in the distance. They’d grown more comfortable in recent months, and he seemed different since Merle had died, but she still felt like he’d bolt if he caught her scent on the wind.

So she kept a safe distance in her words and actions, until he got used to her presence. And it was hard when he was so rarely here.

She picked up the jerky and chewed on it, watching the light dimming around them until she could barely see the outline of the walkers at the fence.

“This is a turn around, isn’t it?” She said out of the corner of her mouth.

Daryl, sitting with his hands resting on his raised knees looked at her confused.

“You bringing me dinner while I’m on watch? It used to be the other way round.” She continued.

Daryl gave a small snort, and memories of their first night at the prison coloured his mind. As if she could read his mind, Carol picked up a few of the pasta shells in her fingers, tipped her head back and dropped them into her mouth in homage to the way she’d seen him eat so many times. She grinned at him while she chewed.

Daryl blushed slightly and rubbed his cheek to cover it up.

“Well, you’ve got real good with the rifle. Probably wouldn’t shoot Rick’s foot off now.” He retorted back.

“Unless I wanted to…” Carol joked back, and Daryl nudged her arm with his shoulder, as she continued with her meagre dinner.

They sat in companionable silence as the twilight turned to darkness. It was a clear, warm night and the stars were bright.

“Did you find anything when you were gone?” Carol finally asked, breaking the quiet.

“Nah, ” Daryl replied, picking at the stray threads on the hole at his knee. “No sign of the bastard. Couple of deserted camps, but that was it.”

Carol nodded and chewed thoughtfully.

“It’s getting warm now, all the crops will be coming to fruition soon. It’ll be good to have fresh food again.” She said sensing he didn’t feel like talking about the Governor and all that went with him.

“Rick’ll have Carl busy gathering it all in i bet, mind you, better him putting seeds in the ground that bullets in folks,” Daryl offered.

Carol frowned at him, and he shrugged.

“Nah, he’s a good kid, probably more likely to make it than a lot of ‘em young ‘uns… Shit, sorry.” He suddenly realised he’d put his foot in it, a reminder of Sophia she didn’t need. He didn’t know that there wasn’t a moment when her daughter wasn’t sitting someplace in Carol’s mind.

“It’s okay,” she looked at him softly. “You’re right. They have to live a different life to us. It’s good that Rick is giving him this time farming, away from it all, but they have to face reality of living sooner or later. None of them will have the childhood we had.”

She stopped suddenly, realising she had a very different childhood than he had and his was very far from idyllic.

“I remember every summer by grandparents would take me fruit picking,” she said, changing the subject slightly. “We’d drive out to these farms with hand-painted signs saying "pick your own”, and they’d give you these green baskets. I loved it, felt like Little Red Riding Hood tripping up and down the rows of fruit filling my little basket.“

She paused to look at Daryl and ensure he wasn’t lost in painful memories, but instead she met his eyes. He quickly darted his eyes out in front of him, embarrassed she’d caught him watching her.

Controlling a grin she continued her reminiscing.

"I’d ride home in the back of the car, sitting on a plaid picnic blanket on the back seat surrounded by baskets of sweet, squishy fruit. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. I’d sneak one into my mouth when they weren’t looking, and sometimes I’d fill my pockets. My grandma made jelly and jam from them, she wouldn’t miss a few. I can still remember the smell of the jam brewing when I’d wake up the next morning.”

She inhaled deeply feeling the memory fill her nostrils.

“I tried to make jelly once,” Daryl announced, bringing her back to the present. “Found a whole ton of blackberries. Filled a bag full of ‘em and brought them home. Dad wasn’t home and Merle was in his room doing some shit or other. So I got a saucepan, threw them in with some sugar and boiled them up. Only thing was, I got bored and put the TV on while I waited for it to go thick. Next thing I know Merle is flying into the kitchen screaming didn’t I smell the smoke?”

Carol covered her mouth her her hand and looked at Daryl’s amused face in the darkness. The times he shared these stories were so random she was never sure if she should prod for more.

“Oh God, what happened?” She ventured.

Daryl smiled back at her shocked face, glad his story had tickled her.

“Burnt solid, had to throw the pan out. Dad tanned my hide, said he’d turn it into jelly when I told him what happened to his best bean pan.”

Carol wanted to reach out and hug him, as she always did when these stories reached their inevitable unhappy conclusion. But she didn’t know he’d take her hugs yet, not without blushing to his toes or hopping on his bike. Instead she put her hand on his knee, her cool hand making contact with his warm skin where it was exposed by the hole.

For a moment he didn’t seem to react, but then he slid his hands up his thighs until the side of his palm brushed against hers. He held his hand there stiffly, until Carol moved her hand and overlapped her fingers on top of his. Finally he slid his palm sideways until his hand was completely covered by hers.

She looked at his face but saw he was studiously staring straight ahead, so she followed his lead.

“You know I said sometimes I filled my pockets with the fruit?” Carol broke the silence, humour in her voice. “Well one summer I was wearing this plastic raincoat, and I didn’t wear it again until the second week of school… I had two pockets sealed shut with raspberry mould! My Mom was furious, she made me wash it in the yard with the hose.”

Daryl gave a short laugh at her story, as Carol laughed, and his hand moved slightly under hers. It filled Carol with boldness.

“I miss you when you’re gone. When I’m out here at night, I look at the stars and hope you’re looking at them too. Safe.” She paused to try and gauge his reaction, but none came. “I know it’s stupid and sentimental.”

She was backtracking slightly but this wasn’t one of her little teases where she intentionally tried to make him uncomfortable. She liked the comfort they were enjoying. But she needn’t have worried.

“I like it.” He said and finally turned his hand to squeeze her fingers.

She turned to see he was looking at her warmly, and his eyes didn’t move when she caught them.

They sat that way for the rest of her watch, their hands loosely held on his knee, talking about the stars and the crops, only jumping apart when Sasha called up to let Carol know she was taking over.

A week later Carol found herself on watch again. She stood in the tower and looked up at the sky, hoping again Daryl was out there looking at the same stars and that he’d be home soon. The next morning she returned from the showers to see a basket sitting on her bunk in the cell. It was covered with an old towel, when she lifted it up she saw it contained a small plastic tub filled with raspberries. On top of it was a note, scrawled in Daryl’s unmistakeable handwriting. “For Little Red Riding Hood, don’t put them in your pockets.”

When Daryl returned two days later, he had fresh raspberry jam in his oatmeal.


Baby Shower Shenanigans

Eggsy loads his basket up with everything and anything baby-shower related. “I’m takin’ this very seriously.” He explains to Daisy, who’s too busy picking out balloons to really listen to her brother.

They pile their purchases into the car and Eggsy straps Daisy into her booster seat before he switches on the engine and starts the short drive to Roxy and Merlin’s house.

Eggsy lets himself in and sets about decorating, letting Daisy help wherever she can.

“Oh, Eggsy!” Roxy coos when she see’s what he’s done. “This is so lovely, thank you so much!”

“Your mates will be ‘ere any minute, I told ‘em to bring lotsa presents.” Eggsy grins, accepting the hug Roxy tries to give him, despite the obstacle of her growing stomach.

Roxy sits heavily on the sofa (with Merlin’s help) and grins at Daisy, chatting happily to her about the balloons

Harry arrives fashionably late (as always) carrying the box of cupcakes Eggsy’s made for Roxy.

“Actually, now that you’re here Harry…” Merlin trails off, looking pointedly at Roxy.

“Oh, yes, good idea.” She nods, holding her hand out. “Someone help me up, let’s talk in the kitchen.”

“Everything alright, Roxanne?” Harry asks, setting the box down on the kitchen table.

“We were wondering if you’d like to be godfather?” Roxy asks, rubbing her stomach affectionately as Merlin rests his palm over the stretched fabric of her t-shirt.

Harry looks taken aback. “I… I’m honoured.” He replies. “Thank you, of course I would.”

“Sweet.” Eggsy grins. “So who’s godmother?”

Roxy and Merlin smirk at each other.

“Well, Eggsy…” Merlin begins.

“We were rather hoping it’d be you…?” Roxy smiles.

“Fuckin’ aces!” Eggsy grins.

“Make a single reference to The Godfather and we’ll change our mind immediately.” Merlin adds dryly.


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You should write a short Drabble about this whole raspberry scent thing!!!!! Yes that would be so cool!!!

*laughs nervously* if by “short drabble” you meant I should write a 1200+ word ficlet rife with domestic fluff, then here you go!! 

Exfoliating - SFW

“You better go first,” Kagami laughs, unlocking and opening the front door to his apartment before stepping aside. Daiki grunts his agreement, noticing how Kagami presses himself against the wall to avoid accidentally brushing any part of Daiki as he passes by, scrunching his nose.

“I can’t believe the fucker barfed on me,” Daiki groans, struggling to get out of his shoes without bending to untie them.

Kagami gives him a lopsided smirk. “He probably finally had enough of looking at your face.”

“I thought Nigou was the one true bro!” Daiki whines, ignoring Kagami’s jab. Why bother rising to such an obvious lie?

“I thought I was your one true bro,” Kagami snorts, shoving Daiki toward the bathroom. “Gimme your clothes so I can wash ‘em.”

Daiki strips his shirt and jeans off in the bathroom doorway, trying to keep the soiled fabric away from his face, the smell overwhelmingly sour. “Next time he’s sitting in your lap, and I’m gonna drive.”

Kagami gathers Daiki’s clothes into a pile, holding them at arm’s length. He makes a disgusted, faintly terrified face at the thought of having to hold Nigou for an entire car ride. “As if your driving wouldn’t make him sick- you take turns like a fucking drag racer.”

“Gotta go fast,” Daiki replies, dropping his boxers and peeling off his socks. When he looks up, Kagami’s standing with one hand on his hip, appraising him with a stern expression. Daiki’s vaguely offended that Kagami isn’t drooling over his naked body, despite the fact that dog vomit isn’t exactly known as an aphrodisiac. Still, he tests the water. “Wanna join me?” He waggles his eyebrows for emphasis.

“No, fuckwit, I gotta do laundry,” Kagami snaps, but a slow smile creeps across his face. “The faster you get clean the faster I might actually wanna touch you again.”

Daiki raises his arms, about to lunge and see how much of his Kagami’s face he can touch before being shoved off, but Kagami slams the door closed with frightening speed, pushing against it from the other side to keep Daiki at bay. Daiki slips one hand through the gap in the door, groping blindly at whatever of Kagami he can get, a maniacal laugh building in his throat.

“Get yer gross puke fingers off me,” Kagami growls. Daiki finds himself suddenly pitching forward and nearly tumbling to the floor as the pressure on the other side of the door gives way. He catches himself and peers around the corner, where Kagami’s watching him from the corner of his eye as he gets the detergent out of the cupboard and tosses it on top of the pile he’s gathered in the hamper.

Daiki sighs, leaving the door open as he finally heads toward the shower. He turns the water on, letting it run until it’s warm enough to tolerate before getting in, taking the detachable showerhead off to spray his stomach (where Nigou deposited the bulk of his…gift) directly. He applies a light rinse at first, then looks around for some type of soap, shivering at the phantom feel of the gunk still crawling over his skin.

Kagami keeps his stuff on a shower shelf that hangs from the shower spout, completely different from the array of half-empty bottles that decorate the edges of the bathtub in the Aomine household. At least I can see what all the damn bottles are at my place, Daiki thinks, fumbling past the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo and the women’s shaving cream Daiki likes to pretend Kagami doesn’t use to take care of his particular manscaping requirements.

He finally spots a bottle of Old Spice body wash at the back, right next to a pink tube of…it’s written in English, but Daiki’s fairly sure it says something like Raspberry Facial Scrub. He knows the word 'facial’ well enough from frequent visits to American porn sites. Lathering himself quickly with the body wash to take care of the last of the vomit residue, Daiki keeps his eyes trained on the raspberry stuff, rereading the label several times to make sure he’s not hallucinating.

Once he’s done he puts the body wash on the edge of the tub, then plucks the facial scrub from the shower basket. He pops open the cap, brings it up to his nose, and squeezes lightly, the scent of raspberries hitting him like a strong orgasm, smudging his thoughts at the edges.

The smell is so familiar, nostalgic, threading itself around his heart and tugging. He’s caught its fragile scent before, on Kagami’s pillow in the middle of the night when Daiki wakes, reaching out for him, using his broad back as a shield for protection from the nightmares that still lurk deep in the shadows in his head.

He’s smelled it in the morning, Kagami fresh out of the shower, hair dripping onto the towel around his neck, stubble brushing Daiki’s lips when he leans in to press a kiss on his strong jawline, often in the hopes that his playful nips will lead to something a little bit hotter than oatmeal for breakfast.

Raspberry motherfucker, Daiki thinks, slightly annoyed as he pours a generous dollop onto his fingers. That’s why his face is all smooth, too. Cheater! He smears the paste over his cheeks like warpaint, grinding the smell into his skin, half in love with the butterflies it stirs up in his belly.

“Daiki? Daiki are you-” Kagami rounds the corner into the bathroom, the door still wide open.

Daiki’s fist clenches in surprise, squeezing the tube and sending a huge glob of it splattering across the wall tiles. The steam carries the smell with it, filling the entire bathroom with its sharp sweetness.

“What the hell are you doing with that?” Kagami scowls, twitching the shower curtain aside.

“Exfoliating,” Daiki says, sticking the tube back in the basket while continuously scrubbing with the other hand.

“You’re only supposed to use a little bit, not half the tube!”

Daiki stops to take a long sniff of what’s left on his hand. “Why do you even have this? Isn’t it for women?”

Kagami shrugs, unabashed. “Mom sends it from L.A. I dunno. Keeps the zits away, I guess.”

“It smells like pie.”

“I can…get a different kind, if you want?”

No,” Daiki protests, a little too fast, a little too loud. He yanks the curtain aside a little more, ignoring the water pattering onto the bathroom floor, and pounces on Kagami before he can escape. Kagami yells something incoherent as Daiki wraps his arms around him, water soaking into his t-shirt where he clings. “Don’t even think about it.”

Kagami exhales slowly, giving in to his fated dampness and enveloping Daiki in a hug. “I didn’t know you liked raspberry pie so much. Geez.”

“That’s what we’re having for dinner, right?” Daiki mumbles, running his fingers through the hair at the nape of Kagami’s neck.

Kagami lets out a long suffering sigh. “You could try to convince me to make one,” he whispers in Daiki’s ear. “I mean…I might as well join you now.”

Daiki only smiles, tugging Kagami into the shower with him. Maybe the raspberries aren’t the thing causing the butterflies, after all.

Mix it up. Match glass with stone and metal. Pair metal with mosaics. Pick elements that give your bathroom tile work depth and texture. Use unique elements as accents and go for porcelain tile in a neutral color for larger areas. These small doses of pattern and colorful tile designs will give your space personality.

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Omg I have a prompt and I don't know how to talk to like I saw this post that was about a puppy that followed it's owner around everywhere and cried when it couldn't see them, so they brought it into the shower and put it in the basket on the wall WHICH WAS ADORABLE so I thought what if Harry or Eggsy did that with their puppy and the other saw it and died of the cuteness... Or, what if Harry or Eggsy was the perving puppy. So two very different ideas and I can't handle it help

He was a dog. He, Harry Hart, was a dog. With four legs. And fur. Even though a few moments ago he had been a man. With two arms. And no fur.

What was his life? Harry trots down the halls of Kingsman, pondering this question, mind still capable of human thought while he body was trapped in such a small furry body. He hadn’t passed a mirror since he found himself on all fours, so he had no idea what animal he was truthfully, but he felt like a dog, and a bark came from his throat when he attempted to speak earlier. So, dog it was.

He probably should have been paying more attention to what was in Merlin’s lab. He knew the man liked to experiment with different chemicals and compounds, but he didn’t think Merlin would have left one of his concoctions by the coffee pot. Honestly, how was he supposed to know what liquid was coffee and what was apparently a dog potion?

Oh! Eggsy! Harry automatically began to pant happily as he caught a whiff of what he instinctively knew to be his protegee’s scent, picking up his pace to find the young man. Luckily, he didn’t have to go far, little legs traveling very slowly, when Eggsy walked out from a nearby hallway, still dressed in his Kingsman uniform from his latest mission.

“Eggsy!” Harry cried out happily, but all Eggsy heard was excited yapping, the blond looking down to see a hyper Border Collie puppy wagging its tail at him.

“Hey boy,” Eggsy cooed, bending down to pet the pup, marveling at how soft its coat was, searching the fur for a collar. “Are ya lost little guy?”

No, Harry wasn’t lost! He had Eggsy right here! Eggsy who smelled really really good, Harry thinks, nose poking into Eggsy’s side, the younger man chuckling as Harry scents him happily.

“I wonder if yer one of the pups for the new recruits,” Eggsy murmurs, picking Harry up, an aggravated bark his response. “Or not?”

Harry preened as Eggsy seemed to understand him, curling up against Eggsy’s chest, a firm heater for his newly small body. 

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#48 - H

#48 – “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

Being away from Harry was always hard. After a few years with him going away for so long and coming back, only to go away again, Y/N felt like she should’ve been used to it all, his constant shuffle. Normally, she was. She mentally prepared herself for his long stretches away from home, planning trips to visit and stocking up on her favorite clothes of his that she liked to wear when she was feeling lonely.

It wasn’t the touring and the long series of promo that was that hard for her. Sometimes she almost preferred the longer spans of time in a weird way. It was like she was living on a schedule, she knew exactly when he’d leave and when he’d be back, and deep down, she liked the security of that.

No, it wasn’t the long trips that hurt Y/N. It was the times he’d come home for days, maybe hours, only to jet back off again. Somehow, the contact in between trips made her feel lonelier, like finally catching a firefly in your hand only to have it slip through your fingers at the last second.

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