get to know me: favorite characters [1/10] = stiles stilinski (teen wolf)

“Guess what? All of us can’t be true alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. Some of us are human.”

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So I just watch steve aokis new aokis world video. It's all about him and Louis. But I noticed a couple interesting things. So there are two quick shots of all the boys at the just hold on performance. In one short clip it shows all the boys with Louis. Liam hugs Louis and Harry hugs and is talking to lou Teasdale. The other short clip Louis, Liam, Niall and steve all do a jump picture. But not Harry. Now I do know that other footage may exist/ more things may have happened that just weren't (1)

Shown. But I found it interesting. Especially because Steve’s team edited it. And I’m sure they asked/ showedit to Louis for approval. (2)


I think a lot of us noticed the same thing. I wonder why Harry did not participate in the jump? It was so wonderful to be reminded of how special Steve is!!! He really has proven himself to be a valuable part of the family.🌼