showdown throwdown

obscurenoir: *smallest violin* rip togebro The opposing Giratina-Origin used Will-O-Wisp! Togekiss was burned! Togekiss used Air Slash! The opposing Giratina-Origin lost 25% of its health!Togekiss restored a little HP using its Leftovers!Togekiss was hurt by its burn!

Turn 23

shaunee: *tiny trumpet joins* goodby obscurenoir: you’re torchering me shaunee: uis that a pun shaunee: aaaaaaaaaaaa
ITSASHKET: Gold if u kill Shaymin Simipour used Ice Beam! A critical hit! It’s super effective! The opposing Shaymin lost 30% of its health! The opposing Shaymin fainted! ITSASHKET: >:( ITSASHKET: EY&HU@IJ!KDELKWFV goldpostlimit: >:)
One Single Rose Of Desire

“I look and smell, I do declare, as lovely as a rose.”
-James & The Giant Peach 

Dear rose in my life, your scent is as intoxicating as ever
I want to breathe you in, and in some way
You can be imprinted in my mind forever

Lovely rose in my life, your eyes still enchant me into silent submission
If you could see how much my eyes sparkle when you’re in my peripheral view
And how much they seem to dim when you walk away…

Gentle rose in my life, your smile sparkles more than any diamond
When you smile in my direction my heart pounds with such intensity
Volcanoes hotly erupt inside my veins

Strongest rose in my life, your personality speaks directly to my soul
Independent, yet fragile, you need someone who won’t let you fall
You need gentle compassion, who feeds your fiery blood
And someone who makes your beating heart start to dance

Darling rose petal, so delicate and pure
You are the elixir I want to drink, the cancer I can’t be cured of
You send me flying in the untamed breeze
And I can never comprehend how much you affect me

Electric impulses surging, you send my arm stretching forward with hands open wide
Extended fingertips push past your thorns, and now…
You are picked, the most beautiful rose
And now you are mine, and I am yours<3

written by moi.