Cattle Rant.

Yes. I know this isn’t my first. Nor will it be my last. Blame it on the fact I’m laid up in bed with a bum, swollen ankle; but I’m wandering the #showcattle partion of IG and I have too much to say.
Part 1. Judging pages
I think in one way this is a magical and helpful thing. In others not so much. I fid the people who arbitrarily place a random number on a calf annoying and not helpful. So you claim he’s a 5? Why? Oh, I’m surprised you cant back your number up. (Not really) Though when people come in and accurately judge a calf and then give pointers on how to fix that calf are a gift from God.
Part 2. Getting pissy on said judging pages.
I’ve never started a fight on one of these pages but I damn sure wont back down from one. If you don’t like what is said have a rational conversation, dont jump all over someone because there opinion is diffrent from yours right or wrong. But if you post a picture of a malnourished animal and expect kindness, you won’t find it. I admire kids and adults who do whats best by their livestock but damn don’t starve the thing then think we will praise you over it. If you ask how your calf will do in a ring against others, I will tell you exactly what i think will happen. Showing cattle isnt always kindness and sunshine unfortunately. Just like every other sport theres mean people, those of us who tell it like it is are conditioning you for what may happen.
Part 3. Shitty Pics on those judging pages.
I can’t tell you shit when your picture is blurry, cutting off parts of the calf, taken in the darkest spot in your barn, or he’s standing like a moron. I can tell you how to fix your picture then we can talk cattle but I’m not a magician.
Part 4. Abusive people on the judging pages.
Don’t say mean vulgar things. “Simmentals suck dick.” That just tells me you’re a dumbass.
Part 5. People who breed for hair.
I’m all for a hairy calf. I love being able to clip a shaggy monster into a block of damn near perfection. But structure people! STRUCTURE! You have nothing without proper build and movement.
Part 6. Keeping bulls as bulls.
As i said before not everything needs to hit a show ring. And not everything needs to be bred. If you have a calf that won’t make an acceptable steer, why, oh why, do you want to keep him a bull? To make more poor structured animals? Cause thats what I see. Those are the people of this industry I HATE. “Yeah lets keep him a bull so we can win a banner easier than if he was a steer (cause the bitch would never make it)”. You forget, not every animal needs to be shown. Sometimes they can hang out on a plate

Because I couldn’t be any luckier than to have a girlfriend that gets along so well with my family, especially the most important person in my life, my grandpa. Who else would not be completely weirded out to sit outside when it’s 100 degrees to wash, blow dry, put mousse in, then hairspray a calf’s hair because it’s not normal to them they’ve never been to a cattle show, but yet.. Alea, you helped me brush in the mousse and hairspray Henny. I am so fucking lucky to have you. You are everything I could ever ask for. I love you so much. justdoit2324

Wow! Where has the summer gone? Last time I checked I was just getting done with finals. So much has happened in the past 2 months, I don’t even know where to start!

I went back to SD Girls State as a Senior Counselor again, such a great experience! Every year I wonder why I’m going back when I could be working and making money, but every year I’m reminded how much energy and life high school girls have. Being able introduce them to legislative processes while teaching them the importance of standing up for their rights and beliefs (I may stress agriculture every now and then) is such a great experience, and reminds me why I believe what I do!

Taking pictures for the 1st annual Green Chip Showdown was also on my agenda for June. I had so much fun learning more about the pig world. I was also able to get a few fun snapshots (like the one above), as well as some great champion pictures.

This weekend I showed for the first time in quite awhile! I’ll admit, I was kinda rusty, but it felt so good to get back in the showring and be able to spend some time with my own fluffy cows. I found it even more rewarding to be able to help Chance (my boyfriends cousin) at his first show. The poor kid got stepped on in the beginning, but wiped away the tears as he led his heifer into the ring.  He went on to with 4th Overall Heifer and Reserve Overall Steer! The look on his face after the show reminded me what showing is all about. The love between a child and an animal, and learning the importance of caring for those around you!