showcasing my dimple

Chapter 1


5 years later…  

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bitch!!”. Avery screamed running towards me as I stepped out the airport. She jumped on me causing me to drop all my things. ”Finally my twin is back!”. She yelled holding me tight. 

Having hugged each other for what seems like forever, we finally let go. ”Where is Pa-”. I looked up to see a light skin guy coming out of the SUV and walking towards us. ”Twin who is that?”. I asked. 

” I know rightand he is working for you dad now”.She said. His name is Chris”. She added making me roll my eye. 

”He is nothing but a sperm donor”. I said. 

”Don’t be like that Al he loves you”. I watched as Chris gathered my things and headed back to the car with both Avery and I hot on his tail. 

”Trust Al I did not want to come … I can’t believe he married that hoe”. I said making Chris chuckle. ”Where is Pat?”. I asked focusing my attention back on Avery .

”He got fired”. She told me making my Jaw drop. 

”What why?!”. I screamed. ”Is that why we have this”. I said pointing to Chris and she slapped my hands down.  I don’t give a fuck how hot he is no one can replace Pat. He is my real dad to be honest the only one that acts like a father to me.

”Does he still live at the same address?”. I asked Avery and she nodded. 

”Hey Chris how are you doing?”. I asked leaning forward smiling. 

”Im good and you”. He responded. 

”Never better”. I took my seat belt off and moved from the back seat forward. ”Ok so I know you work for my dad and all and as his daughter you automatically work for me”. I smiled making him face me once we got to stop light. I got my phone out and smiled. ”Can you take me to this address please”. I asked showcasing my dimples and infamous puppy dog eyes. 

”No”. He said pushing my hands away from his face. 

”No?”. I repeated. 

”Yes No  I am under strict orders from your dad to bring you straight home”. He said. I looked back at Avery and she shrugged. This nigga doesn’t know what he just started. 

”I want Pat back”. I said going back into the back seat. 

”You evil”. Avery mouthed. 

”Esto es guerra! (This means war!). I said causing her to shake her head. 


Arriving at my dad’s house, I didn’t want to get out of the car. We dropped Avery off before coming straight home. I rolled my eyes as Lisa came out smiling like there is something to smile about.

”Hey Alison how was your flight”. She asked. I looked at her thinking is this bitch actually talking to me. Brushing past her without saying a word, I ran inside and straight to my room. Bringing me back is the dumbest thing my dad ever did. 

Que empiecen los juegos ( Let the games begin).