The sophisticated  Florentine apartment of Alessandra Tabacchi and Franco Mariotti, owners of Flair, the celebrated shop galleries, showcasing design furniture from the 1940s through 1980s, and limited edition pieces created in collaboration with master artisans. The  home is located on the banks of the Arno river (Lungarno in Italian) within a historic building, and was renovated with a mix of vintage and modern, according to the style of the store, located in a 15th century palazzo nearby.

I had an idea and I thought it would be cool to write it out! It’s a really rough idea of what could possibly be a fic??? But honestly, who knows?

“Papa!” Peter cried out happily, reaching out for Tony from within Steve’s arms. Tony grinned, taking Peter before placing him on his hip and placing a kiss on his son’s forehead. 

“Petey!” Tony exclaimed, chuckling as he tickled Peter’s stomach, loving the pure sounds of laughter which came from him. “How was your weekend with Pops?” Tony asked, “Was it fun?”

“Yeah, it was!” Peter nodded frantically before launching into a whole explanation of what they had done that weekend. Tony listened avidly, gasping and ah-hing at all the right moments as Peter made grand gestures. 

All the while, Steve watched them with a soft smile on his face, taking in the sight of them never failing to warm his heart. He didn’t interrupt and answered whenever Peter asked him a question or included him in the conversation. 

They were all laughing together, like the family that they once were. 

“Alright, I’m going to say goodbye to Pops,” Tony explained to Peter as he placed him down. “And I’ll be in in a minute, okay?”

“Okay,” Peter replied before rushing forward and giving Steve a huge hug. “Bye, Pops, I love you.”

“I love you too, Petey,” Steve said, wrapping his arms around Peter tightly. “I’ll see you next weekend, okay?”

“And we’ll go to the zoo?” Peter asked.

“We’ll see,” Steve replied, grinning as Peter rolled his eyes, he learned that from Tony, before pecking his cheek and running into the house. 

“He has so much energy,” Tony says fondly. “I honestly wonder how I’m going to get him asleep tonight,”

“Ah, I tired him out pretty well at the park,” Steve assures him, smiling. “He also had an awesome time at the National Museum, he didn’t want to leave,”

“I can imagine that,” Tony said, the both of them laughing before it got silent.

“How are you doing, Steve?” Tony finally asked, leaning against the door frame as he gazed at Steve. “I heard that you’re having a showcase at the art gallery, that’s great!”

“Thanks, it’s actually still such a shock,” Steve said, his hands going into his pockets, a shy gesture. “I’m sort of waiting to wake up from a dream because it doesn’t feel real,”

“But it is,” Tony said. “You shouldn’t be surprised, you’ve always been such a talented artist,”

Steve chuckled, shaking his head. “You’ve always had such faith in me,”

Tony grinned. “Well, I’m your biggest fan.”

Those words were simple but were incredibly important and held so much love. Steve remembered Tony telling him this, curled up on their couch in their first apartment together.

Tony seemed to have had remembered that memory too, his grin turning into a wistful smile as he glanced away. 

“Hey, babe,” That was the familiar voice of Peter Quill as he stuck his head around the corner, a giggling Peter Stark-Rogers on his shoulders. “You okay out there?”

“I’m fine!” Tony told him, wistful smile turning warm as he looked at his two favorite boys. “I’ll be in in a minute,”

“Alright,” Peter said before smiling and giving a friendly wave. “Hey, Steve,”

“Hey, Peter,” Steve said, his smile light as he waved in return and soon, the two Peters were off again, the sound of dinosaur roars and giggles muffled as they reached the living room. 

Tony turned back and sighed as he hid his hands in the too-long sleeves of his sweatshirt. “So, I’ll see you around?”

Steve nodded, not exactly sure not to feel anymore, as he takes a few steps backwards. 

“I’ll see you around,” he says, waving before turning around and heading towards his car, hearing the door close as he left. 

It never got easier to see Tony with someone else, it never got easier to see Peter laugh and play with a man who has somehow taken his place. 

The jealousy was always there, but it dimmed over time because there wasn’t a lot he could do now. The relationship that he and Tony had was special, special beyond anything else that Steve had ever experienced and it was painful, having it slip from between his fingers. 

He glanced back at the house, noticing someone peeking through a window near the entrance before they left. 

It would never get easier. 

MatsuHanaIwaOi headcanons

Photographer Mattsun

I have this huge headcanon that Matsukawa absolutely loves photography, his favorite thing in the world being candid shots of people in their daily lives. Such photos are hard to capture, because everybody instantly poses or plasters on a fake smile whenever they see a camera pointed at them, but he’s mastered being able to get photos without his friends noticing.

- he almost always has his camera with him. Whether in school, in practice, at home, or walking around town. He always makes sure to have it on hand in case of a great opportunity.

- He never really told anybody about his passion. He alway felt as though people would think it was weird, or stupid. The other boys on the team only learned about it when they visited his house, and saw countless photos plastered all over his walls.

- They accepted him - of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? - and asked to see some of his own photos. He didn’t put his own up on his wall because he didn’t like others being able to see it so freely. It felt like they were invading his brain.

- After some much needed convincing, he reached under his bed and pulled out a stack of photo albums, each supposedly organized by year.

- the other third years were shocked to see how many amazing photos he had taken, and even more surprised when they began to see photos of themselves. Their team alone took up almost two books.

- after the four of them started dating during college, he began taking even more photos of them. He’d never been as passionate about volleyball as Iwaizumi and Oikawa, so no longer playing gave him the time he needed.

- He was at the coffee shop Iwaizumi worked at - Visiting as usual - when he got side tracked, and ended up dropping one of his folders. He didn’t realize he’d done so, and he’d ended up leaving it behind when he went to his own job.

- later in the day, a customer went up to Iwaizumi with the folder and asked about it. He recognized it as Matsukawa’s instantly, and explained that it belonged to his boyfriend. The customer introduced themselves as the owner of a local gallery, showcasing artists and photographers in the area. He gave Iwaizumi his number for the gallery, and said that Matsukawa should call him if he ever wants to sell his photos.

- Of course, as soon as his next break came, Iwaizumi called Issei, telling him what happened. When the four of them were home in the apartment that night, they all assured him that he should call the gallery owner.

- Eventually he did so, and was told that the gallery wanted to buy his photos and put them up in a show. He was shocked, as nobody had offered to buy his photos before. Eventually, he made a deal with the gallery owner, who supposedly wanted photos from the folder he had seen in the coffee shop.

- He went through the folder to see what he would be willing to sell, and embarrassedly realized that said folder was full of nothing more than photos of him and his boyfriends.

- Oikawa and Hanamaki in their Pajamas, curled up together on the couch watching a movie.

- Iwaizumi and Hanamaki working together to make dinner, more or less. Hanamaki had his arms around Iwaizumi’s waist with his chin resting on his shoulder as he watched him cut vegetables.

- Oikawa mid serve, the back of his body towards the camera, with the light shining in front of him.

- Iwaizumi leaning against Mastukawa’s shoulder, half asleep. His eyes drooped shut, and his usually furrowed eyebrows were relaxed, as he looked up at Matsukawa with a lazy smile.

- Hanamaki standing at his easel, a paint brush in hand as he stared intently at whatever he was painting. His cheek had a smear of blue paint on it, which he had forgotten about until the next morning.

- for Matsukawa, a lot of these photos were really personal; glimpses into his life with his boyfriend; parts of his life that he wanted nobody else to see.

- He eventually decided to sell the few photos that he had copies of. One of Oikawa lying on Hanamakis chest, smiling up at him as he runs his hands through his unnaturally pink hair. Another was of Iwaizumi, pressing a soft kiss to Oikawas injured knee, as he helps him remove his brace. The third was Oikawa, Hanamaki, and Iwaizumi lying together on their shared bed. Both Iwaizumi and Hanamaki were asleep, but Oikawas eyes were sligtly open, and he was staring at Matsukawa with pure love and adoration in his eyes, as if he didn’t realize the camera existed.

- The photos were hard for him - emotionally - to sell. He felt as if he was selling secret pieces of his relationship; pieces that even his older sisters (another headcanon) had never even seen. With the others encouragement, he managed it.

- He was a bit shocks when he received quite a bit more money than he thought he would for the photos. He hadn’t expected so much, based on the initial price they had told him. The first day of the gallery presenting his photos, he found out why he had gotten so much.

- his section had been titled ‘Matsukawa Issei - Everlasting Love’ and featured more than just the photos he had chosen to sell. There were more that contained him; ones that he thought had been thrown in his desk drawer and forgotten about; he had never liked seeing pictures of himself. There was also photos from when the four of them were younger. Some in highschool, and even middle school. It showed them playing volleyball together, watching movies together, even studying together.

- there was at least twenty extra photos. Some were blown up to be larger than others, and some remained the same size as they had been in his folders.

- he was just about to turn and ask the gallery owner how he’d gotten the extra photos, when he noticed that the other three were smiling at him. He then realized that they had probably gone through his photos, and looked for ones that they thought should’ve been in the show, and sent them to the owner. He wanted to feel angry about it, but he couldn’t. He knew they had meant to do it to make him happy, so he accepted it.

- as the show went on, people continuously came up to them. Some said that their relationship was wrong; that it was a sin, or it was cheating or being greedy and selfish. Others said they loved the way he presented each of his boyfriends differently, showing the way he pictures them in his head. By the end of the show, he had three more galleries wanting to purchase his photos.

Somebody please take my phone away from me. I should not be allowed to write things like this. I have even more headcanons about photographer Mattsun, but I’m not going to add anymore right now.

Please send me requests in my ask box! I’m no an idea generating robot, ya know. 🤗


June 8, 2017



In November, 2016 Edgar Flores, aka SANER, was in Los Angeles for the opening of a new show curated by Thinkspace Gallery and showcasing his work combining “contemporary images with references to Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec iconography and folklore.” While in LA BrandedArts helped line up this space for SANER to produce a related piece at Spice Bodega on 8th Street near Central. Based in Mexico City, Thinkspace says that SANER’s work uses the exploration of his heritage to navigate modern world issues—using Najuale animal masks and other mythological characters and symbols to question “the violence and injustice that permeate widely accepted societal mores.” Inspired by Mexico’s great political muralists SANER began working as a graffiti artist in the 90s before going on to study graphic design, and today his mural work takes him around the world.  @saner_edgar  @thinkspace_art  @brandedarts  

bellsblake  asked:

🎬 bellarke + "you think the world is ending and i’ve decided to live everyday like it’s my last and now we’re just crossing things off our bucket lists” (no tomorrow)

Thank you for this amazing request! I admit this one kind of got out of hand and I could totally see myself writing this out as a multi-chaptered fic at one point (not now though lol) Anyways, I’m sorry if there are any errors. I did do a spell check but it’s not beta’d. This is just pure Modern AU fluff, enjoy! :) also i have only seen 30 minutes of No Tomorrow’s pilot so it’s probs not like it

Clarke Griffin knew the world was ending. She just couldn’t explain it.

Well, she could actually but whenever she went into the details of City of Light, and space miners and the nuclear death wave, also known as “Primfaya” people looked at her like she was saying “The world will end in 2012 because Mayans said so”. So she gave up on explaining. She just knew. And she struggled with that knowledge for a while. She was a pre-med student with great research skills and rich enough parents to put her through a well known research school and nothing more. The night she put all the pieces together was the worst night of her life. The world was ending in approximately 8 months and 4 days. Her first instinct was to save everyone. At the very least, to tell people and she started with her best friend but Raven just laughed. Again, Clarke was just a pre-med student who had read too many articles and accidentally stumbled upon some classified documents and now she knew all about hypersleep and plans to colonize the space and Bill Cadogan.

Well, that was roughly 4 months ago.

Keep reading

AU where kuroo is a hiphop dance instructor and part-time DJ on friday and saturday nights. after spraining his ankle one day, he has to take leave from dance for at least 3 weeks, which gives him a lot of free time and restrictions he’s not used to. he decides to spend it exploring and wanders into a local art gallery showcasing works from promising young artists. kuroo is fascinated by each painting and sculpure as they speak to him about the featured artist, and by the end of the exhibition he finds a blond boy napping with his head on the table and a bunch of name cards for a kenma kozume.

Marcella, from my D&D campaign. She’s a medusa who was living in a cavern. The players stumbled onto her while trying to clear out a possible basilisk nest. They ended up befriending her and finding her a new home. 

She’s doing much better and will be having a gallery showcasing all her paintings soon.

Referenced from this lovely lady: 


Multimedia artist Indira Cesarine is curating a new art exhibit titled “She Inspires,” to honor the countless number of women who have shaped the world as it is today. The exhibit is open now in New York City at the Untitled Space gallery and showcases the work of 60 artists who have been inspired by female figures. “It’s a very unrestful moment in American history,” Cesarine told Global Citizen. “I felt it was a really important time to take a step back and try to focus on a very inspirational show that could encourage empowerment and inspiration.” (All images courtesy of Indira Cesarine)

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vmin with number 23 or 1 bc im basic please<3 ;v;

ᴏᴛᴘ: ᴠᴍɪɴ
ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ #1: sᴏᴜʟᴍᴀᴛᴇs ᴀᴜ
ᴡᴏʀᴅᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 2.7ᴋ
A/N: dayum you’re not basic!!! This is my fav au hehe ;3;

“Hyung.” Jimin turns to stare out of the window, noting the dark rain clouds that begin to form. “How did you meet your soulmate?”

“I’ve told you so many times. They have told you so many times,” Hoseok doesn’t look up as he replies, back pressed against the headboard of his bed and biology textbook perched on his lap. “Dream, seek and find.”

“I know.” Jimin says and it’s the same reply he gives whenever Hoseok reminds him. Jimin has heard this before, seen it on the brochures from every single Soulmate Agency in Seoul, yet it doesn’t mean a thing.

“But I want to hear it again, because…” Jimin doesn’t tear his gaze away from the clouds. Because it gives me reassurance, he omits.

Hoseok looks up now. Jimin knows. He can see it from the reflection in the glass panes. His brother takes a pencil and leaves it in the spine of the textbook before shutting it. “I dreamt of the place we’d meet at, in bits and pieces, like what most people do. It was noisy, rowdy and there were a lot of children. The more I dreamt, the more then I started noticing rollercoasters and candy floss stands.”

“How long did it take to find him?”  

“A long time.” Hoseok leaves the textbook by his bedside and lowers himself onto the sheets. He turns and regards Jimin with a sleepy expression. “I dreamt of him when I was six and continued dreaming of him, until I turned twenty. I found him a year later. Bits and pieces, Jimin. Like they always say.”

“But… crowded, noisy places with candy floss stands could be any amusement park or carnival in Seoul.” Jimin reasons, as if there was one to begin with. “How did you know that Namjoon hyung was going to be at Everland, waiting for you to find him?”

That, Jimin.” Hoseok yawns, eyes closing as he snuggles into his blanket with a knowing smile, “is the beauty of having a soulmate.”

Dreaming of a soulmate comes in a burst of colours.  

It’s as if an artist had emptied buckets and buckets of paint onto an extremely large canvas. A person’s dreams form that canvas, on which the artist paints from wherever he desires; in the middle of the canvas, at the side, or sometimes starting from the corners. Humans can’t see it whole and it takes time for the canvas to be filled. It takes years for the scene to unfold, like it did for Hoseok. He’d watched the artist paint in the final square of the canvas and realize that he’d been dreaming about Everland all these years.

Jimin had first dreamt of his soulmate when he was eleven. Unlike his older brother, he wasn’t lucky. He didn’t dream about anything specific. He wishes he could have. Dreaming about museums or iconic landmarks like the Namsam Tower would have helped.

Instead, he’d dreamt of cherry blossoms. Lots and lots of them. Then, he’d also dreamt of streets. A long stretch of shops with bustling traffic. Generic. Plain. And unfortunately, unidentifiable.

The thoughts of aimlessly searching Seoul, district by district, just to find that street intimidated Jimin. He wouldn’t be able to do it. It was just impossible. This was the reason why the soulmate agencies existed, for people to employ a search team to find their soulmates. Jimin didn’t have that kind of money and it didn’t feel right too, to engage others to locate the person you are destined to find.

It’s different for everyone. Some people dream a little longer. Some people find a little faster. Seokjin had given Jimin a comforting hug, three nights ago. Baby steps. If you can’t find him or her and it saddens you. It’ll be same for them. This, I can guarantee.

Hoseok had long fallen asleep when it finally starts to rain. The rain falls gently at first and then heavily all at once. Jimin turns off the lights, buries his head beneath his blanket and prays to the Heavens that his dreams will be like the rain: gently, then, all at once.  

That night, he dreams of a street filled with cherry blossoms, of bustling traffic and hustling pedestrians. In his dream, someone dressed in a bear mascot waves at him.

“You look like shit,” is the first thing Yoongi says when he slips into the table beside him during their chemistry lecture.  

Thanks hyung.” Jimin grunts. “I didn’t sleep well.”

“Dreams?” Yoongi offers a sympathetic look.  

Jimin answers with a grimace. “It’s like the Gods are making fun of me. I… I dreamt of something new last night but it’s not anything identifiable. Again.” He looks down at his lap, shoulders sagging from dejection. “I dreamt of someone wearing a bear mascot. But I’m more than a hundred percent certain that we weren’t at a carnival or an amusement part like Hoseok hyung. My soulmate, whoever that person is, was standing along the streets.”

“What was he or she doing?” Yoongi prompts. “Performing? Giving out pamphlets?”

“I don’t know.” Jimin answers truthfully, exasperated beyond belief. “I woke up.” Baby steps. Seokjin’s voice ring in his ears. Still, he can’t help but feel disappointment seeping in his veins. “I don’t know hyung. I am never going to find him or her.”

Their professor enters the lecture hall and Yoongi doesn’t say anything. He wouldn’t know what to say, anyway. Jimin pulls out his notes and stares blankly at them.

No one has answers. No one can help him. No one will be able to see what Jimin sees or understand the connection he shares with the person he’s supposed to spend the rest of his life with.

And that’s the beauty of soulmates. It’s Hoseok’s turn to occupy his mind. But he appears with Namjoon, hand in hand and it makes it difficult for Jimin to swallow the tears he’d always been able to hide.

He cries a little. Yoongi hands him a dry napkin wordlessly, and spends the rest of the lecture rubbing a comforting hand down his back.

“Here.” Yoongi hands him his card. “Go and grab coffee. “On your way home or something. Just… cheer up, alright? I can’t offer much help and I hate feeling useless.”

“Thanks hyung.” Jimin smiles weakly. Yoongi had dreamt of Jungkook in Leeum Gallery, showcasing a marble sculpture of King Sejong. It’s difficult for Yoongi to relate. “But I kinda want to get home and nap. I’ll take up your offer next time.”

“Okay,” Yoongi frowns. He looks like he wants to insist but doesn’t and Jimin is grateful for that. “I know you’ve probably heard this a million times and you’re probably tired of hearing it again but it’s the truth. You’ll definitely find your soulmate, eventually. It’s just a matter of when. Don’t lose hope.”  

“Yeah,” Jimin slings his backpack over his shoulder and pulls the collar of his oversized sweater over his mouth. “See you tomorrow, hyung.”

At 4pm, the streets are a little too crowded.  

Jimin sighs at this as he trudges home, a little confused from the sheer number of people. He gets a little peeved when more than one person bumps into him.  

He decides to take a shortcut, one he doesn’t really use because the pavements are usually emptier. It’ll cut through three blocks and get him home faster.

His head feels heavy. He’s tired. His eyes hurt from crying. Jimin just wants to run a hot bath, sink into the tub, and just… relax. He hopes that the Heavens can be kind enough to grant him a dream-less sleep.

Just this once.

He slips into an alley and trudges until the other end of the shortcut. When he exits, he notices something odd.  

Cherry blossoms. Lots and lots of them.  

He halts in his footsteps, watching in amazement as the afternoon spring breeze blows and petals cascade from the sky. Someone bumps into him from behind but Jimin doesn’t even flinch. There’s a weird sensation digging into his chest, something akin to realization and familiarity. Has he… seen this before? His brain surges, again and again, as his heartbeat races. He’s seen this countless times before, in different variations and different forms.

Could it be?

Jimin spins around and surveys his surroundings. It’s an ordinary street, with shops and cafés on both sides. Nothing’s amiss. People thread loosely around him. Some give him irritable stares and others pass with odd looks. Still, he stands rooted to the spot, refusing to leave. Something in him keeps his feet glued to the spot and rooted to his hunch.  

Just then, the doors to a cafe across the street open.  

Jimin sees a man wearing an apron stagger out of the entrance, pulling along a huge easel that bears a sign. Buy one coffee, get one americano free! What appears next knocks the breath out of Jimin’s lungs.  

A bear mascot steps out of the café and positions itself just before the sliding doors. it holds a stack of pamphlets in one paw and uses the other to wave at a group of intrigued students standing before the easel.

Jimin gapes at the scene before him, realization washing through him in spurts, ilke the waves against the shoreline, torrential and forceful. He’s never felt like this before. It frightens him and his heart twists awfully beneath his sweater. Everything feels strangely familiar, as if he’d been standing at this very spot for years and years of his dreams.

A line begins to form outside the cafe. His mind scoffs at his lack of logic. His soulmate, whoever that person is, could very well be somewhere across the city, miles and miles away from him. Yet, his conscience persistently chants the phrase he’s memorized by heart.

Dream, seek and find, Jimin. Dream, seek and you shall find.

His body surges forward, and his feet drag him on their own accord, until he stands in line. Jimin plays with the hem of his sweater as perspiration beads on his forehead. He contemplates calling someone, anyone. Seokjin. Hoseok. Yoongi. He can’t do this-

The high schooler in front of him pivots and thrusts something at him. “It’s the order form. Take one and pass it on.” She says, before she turns back to her group of friends. 

Jimin obeys and passes on the stack. The form looks a little plain with a few paw prints scattered around the page. Please indicate your order in advance and we’ll present your drink either warm and snuggly or cold and icy along with your free americano!

Jimin blinks at the paper. Well, if this were all just a hallucination and the bear mascot isn’t his soulmate, then he can nurse his broken heart with a cup of iced latte and a late night movie. He braces himself for this and indicates a “:)” next to the word “iced latte”.

You’re odd, you know that? Hoseok had scowled at Jimin’s habit of leaving ‘:)’s on order forms. Who the heck leaves smiley faces on forms? 

Someone taps him on the shoulder from behind and Jimin looks up in a start to realize that he is at the front of the line. The mascot has its paws outstretched expectantly, waiting for Jimin to hand over the form.

“R-Right.” Jimin stutters. “I- I’m sorry. Here.” He holds out the form and watches with a bated breath for any kind of reaction from the mascot. Is it you? Jimin pleads with his eyes. Are you the one that’s looking for me too?

But the mascot shows not sign of recognition, none at all, as it holds a paw out to the person behind Jimin. 

Jimin lets go of the breath he doesn’t realise he is holding as his hopes crash to the floor. His heart stings in rejection and it spreads instantly like wildfire across his chest, down his stomach to the tips of his toes. 

Dejected, Jimin doesn’t even feel like collecting his coffee. It’s a huge slap to his senses. Jimin will never find his soulmate. Tears well up in his eyes and he makes a move to leave, But all of a sudden, a brown paw halts him by his waist and tugs him back. 

Jimin gasps, hands flailing to brace themselves on the mascot’s shoulder. He’d almost tripped.

“Wait!” Someone says. It sounds muffled. The aproned guy from earlier emerges from behind and the mascot hands him the whole stack of order forms. “Hyung!” Jimin hears it say. It’s a guy. “Hyung, I’m really sorry. Take this. Give me ten minutes. Emergency. I got to go.” 

And then the mascot is dragging Jimin away before he can fully react. 

“Hey!” Jimin protests breathlessly. The mascot’s arms are all around him. Panic strikes and Jimin pushes away, as hard as he can. “What are you doing? Let me go.” 

The mascot releases him and pulls off the head piece. The guy is slightly taller than Jimin, with hair pressed to the side of his face due to the costume. But what hits Jimin the most is his face: beautiful eyes framed by long eye lashes, chiselled jaw and a defined nose bridge. 

He’s gorgeous. 

“You-” The boy begins, and he gapes at Jimin, eyes raking all over his body. Jimin squirms beneath his gaze, flushed and bothered. He takes a step back and tries to walk away but the mascot snags his wrist.

“No! Don’t g- Y-You’re my soulmate!” The boy exclaims. His grip tightens. “Yes, yes you are my soulmate!”

In any other situation, Jimin’s heart would have soared so high that it would find its home beneath the clouds. But his heart numbs in pain. The incredulity in the situation riles him up and Jimin pulls his wrist harshly out of the boy’s grip. 

“If you think this is funny. It isn’t.“ Jimin lashes out. “I’ve had enough.” 

The boy looks confused and a little hurt but he makes a grab for Jimin’s hands again, refusing to give up. Jimin isn’t fast enough and the boy holds onto his forearms to draw him nearer. 

“I’m not kidding!” The boy is close to tears, voice frantic and mouth agape. “I’m not! You! You left a smiley face next to your order. It’s… I’ve dreamt of this since I was fifteen. You really are my soulmate.”

Jimin freezes. 

“Cherry blossoms. Streets full of people. Loads of them. It’s noisy. Bustling. I…” The boy stumbles over his words. “And someone passes me back a piece of paper with a smiley face. It’s you! Even the handwriting is the same!” He cries.

Jimin takes in a deep breath, letting the cold air fill his lungs to the brim. He’d not mentioned a single word about how he’d dreamt of meeting his soulmate, and yet the boy speaks like he has been in the same set of dreams for years.

 Jimin opens his mouth. He wants to say something but words fail him.

“Please don’t leave.” The boy’s eyes are teary. He wraps both arms around Jimin and tries to tuck Jimin beneath his chin. It’s a little awkward because the bear’s costume bulges a little at the tummy, but he manages to. “I’ve been working at this cafe for years just waiting for you to appear. I… I’d almost quit my job last week but something told me to push on. I just… I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

Tears stream unbidden down Jimin’s cheeks and he wraps his arms around the boy’s middle. “Me too.”

“I’m Taehyung. Kim Taehyung.” He pulls back and smiles through his tears. He tugs off his paw gloves and cups Jimin’s cheeks. “Why are we crying? This is silly. We’re supposed to be happy.”

Jimin laughs, despite the situation and reaches for Taehyung’s cheeks too. “I’m Jimin. Park Jimin and… I’m your soulmate.”

“Hi soulmate.” Taehyung grins, one that shows all his teeth. “You’re going to be stuck with me for a really, really long time.”

A/N: WEW THIS. THISSSS. My Vmin feels are soaring (beware of seagulls). OH dear this is soooooo ;3; I hope you love this!!!!!! I enjoyed writing it too!!!! 

✿ For those of you who asked, here you are - written out versions of Yoosung Kim’s Heart Events from my Harvest Moon AU! More to follow.

If you enjoy the art, this is the kind of stuff I’ve been streaming on my channel! Feel free to come take a peek whenever I have it up.

Black Heart Event

Time: 6-12AM; Any Season but Winter

Weather: Sunny

Location: Kim Family Ranch

[You walk into the area containing the Kim Family Ranch, where Yoosung is outside, feeding the chickens. He notices you after he tosses a few handfuls of seed for them, and immediately runs over, dropping the bag in the process].

Yoosung: Oh hey, you’re the new farmer! Hello!

Yoosung: Were you going in to town, or were you coming by to look at the animals?

Yoosung: We could sell you some chickens, if you’d like. Or some goats. We’ve got cows, too! And sheep. And rabbits.

Yoosung: Maybe you’d like the horses? They’re fun to ride; I could teach you how!

> [Choice 1] “I was just passing through.”

  • (-200 Yoosung)
  • Yoosung: I see…
  • Yoosung: Well, I don’t want to keep you, but if you have the time, can I ask you something?
  • [go to 1]

> [Choice 2] “I came to see you.”

  • (+500 Yoosung)
  • Yoosung: Really? Wow… that makes me so happy!
  • Yoosung: I was actually really hoping you’d come by. I have so much to ask you.
  • (go to A)

> [Choice 3]  I wanted to visit the ranch.

  • (+ 200 Yoosung)
  • Yoosung: Well, here you are! Hehe.
  • Yoosung: Since you’re here, I really wanted to ask you…
  • (go to A)


Yoosung: What was it like, living in the city?

Yoosung: Was it big? Exciting? …Scary?

Yoosung: I’ve lived in Mystic Valley my entire life, so I can’t imagine being around so many people everyday!

[It was…]

> [Choice 1] Big

Yoosung: Oh man, isn’t it?

Yoosung: I traveled to the city every so often with Rika, and I couldn’t believe how tall everything was.

Yoosung: Like those skyscrapers! How do they stand up? It seems like the wind should blow them down!

Yoosung: I asked the wizard on the hill about it and he told me that the workers pour milk into the concrete because calcium ‘makes things strong’.

Yoosung: …That isn’t true though, right?

  • > [Choice 1] “Right.”
    • Yoosung: Haha… I knew it. I’m glad I can trust you.
    • (go to 2)
  • > [Choice 2] “Wrong.”
    • Yoosung: R-Really? I can’t believe it! But I guess you’d know…
    • (go to B)

> [Choice 2]  Exciting

Yoosung: I bet it must be, there’s so much stuff to do. And see. And eat!

Yoosung: Rika took me to get gelato once. Can you believe it? It was so tasty. Mine was pink and tasted like a watermelon. And there were so many museums!

Yoosung: And parks… and schools… and stores! We just have a couple here in Mystic Valley, but it seemed like there were thousands in the city!

Yoosung: Why did you move away?

  • > [Choice 1] “Something bad happened…”
    • Yoosung: O-Oh! I – I, gosh. I’m sorry. You can talk to me about it, if you want…? I know how good it feels when someone actually cares about your problems…
    • Yoosung: And I care! I mean, I just met you, so maybe that sounds silly but –
    • (go to B)
  • > [Choice 2] “I just wanted a change of pace.”
  • Yoosung: Change of pace, huh? I guess I know what it’s like, to fall into a rut…
  • Yoosung: And to feel like everything will change if you live somewhere new…
  • Yoosung: Well, I’m really rooting for you!
  • (go to B)

> [Choice 3] Scary

Yoosung: I guess I could see that. All those people that you don’t know… they could do anything to you.

Yoosung: You could get robbed. Beaten up. Hurt…

Yoosung: Sometimes I think the city sounds really fun and cool, but other times I think about how safe I feel here, and how everyone is looking out for me in Mystic Valley.

Yoosung: It makes it hard to leave.

Yoosung: Well – since you were scared in the city, let me assure you, that I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you have a great time here!

Yoosung: If you’re ever in trouble, I’ll definitely protect you!

[go to B]


[During the conversation, the chickens have been pecking at the bag Yoosung dropped. His mother comes out, sees this, and appears angry.]

Mrs. Kim: Yoosung!

Mrs. Kim: What have I told you about getting distracted? The chickens are getting into the feed!

Yoosung: But mom… I was talking to the new farmer!

Mrs. Kim: Don’t “but mom” me, young man! Finish your chores, then you can talk to <him/her/them>!

Yoosung: Okay…

Yoosung: I’m sorry, I have to go. But feel free to go inside and shop, if you want! I really hope I see you around.

[The rest of the events are under the read-more!]

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How do you expect to get an art job with low art skills

Originally posted by robotjedi

I dunno. I guess I’ll just keep practicing until my art skills get better 

At least I’m trying right? Isn’t that what counts in the end of it all? I might not be some big shot artist with great art skills like elentori or an old colleague hiddeninmyhoodie, but I’m doing my own thing and I’m trying my best. And some day that might just be good enough. 

Also, just an FYI that I haven’t mentioned since I tend to not brag about things, I’ve been offered a gallery showcase where I get to have my art and my art alone up in a downtown gallery which gets heavy residential and out of town foot traffic. So I think I’m doing alright 

Where the senpai’s would take you on the first date - Headcanon

Ai: Romanitc movie. He would want to explore your emotions and see how you react to different things so he can try to take a shot at your heart.

Akira: Garden/Park. His love for plants and nature influenced his decision. It is also a good way to relax and get some fresh air.

Haruka: Somewhere the two of you never been before. Doing new things is great and safe, considering that he is a nurse.

Hideki: Home cooked meal! After cramming and working on his papers, he won’t have energy to do much. A nice meal at home would serve as a good date, allowing time to chat lightly about several topics and work.

Hinata: His basement. An inclusive area where it would be just you two alone. His eccentric personality would take you to a fair and visit the love tunnel, a mirror house where you play hide and seek. He’d just stand in one place though and watch you run around trying to find him.

Izumi: Aquarium + art museum. This book lover is also in love with the arts! These two dates will enabe the two of you to see what he sees in books. It also makes room for conversation about the view/content.

Jean: A resevered dinner date. Just the two of you, and the workers. He rented the entire place just for you.

Katsuo: Beach + Picnic. He would first urge you to swim around with him (if you cant swim you will be on a ride on assortment, and he will push you around) After an exhausting day, you guys will relax under an umbrella and enjoy a good picnic!

Kei: He would want to just spend time with you, and getting to know what you see as romantic. So that next time he will know exactly what you like.

Kyouya: A stroll at the park + sight seeing. Kyouya wll be interested in getting to your mind and how you think. His goal is to get to know you better in conversation and interaction.

Makoto: Water sports. Being a Pisces, the best two things would be water, and sports. Maybe you guys will be playing volleyball in a pool?

Reiji: Science fair/Musuem. Being a cancer, he would feel uncomfortable being outside of anything he is used to. So a science-date would be the best he could do.

Ren: Star gazing and chill. Ren would feel uncomfortable going anywhere he is not familiar with, but would also like for a way for you to not be bored. Sharing half of his earphones, the two of you will slowly watch all the stars, telling stories to each other, as the two of you fall asleep.

Shun: Game arcades/internet cafe. This boy has a love for all games and does not judge based on pixels. Gaming is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other more, while both witnessing each others competitive side. 

Souh: Guess who is playig princess? You are^^ He will treat you out to a day at the spa. Possibly compete with the workers and help you relax.

Soujiro: Gallery/Showcase. Calligraphy is an art. He would want to get your opinion and inform you on the many things to know about calligraphy.

Souma: Sight seeing at his home town/ places he has been before. You guys will be able to taste different foods. He will bring you to his favorite bakery, favorite park, etc.

Sousuke: Any Night time activity. His aim is for your heart and so, your heart he will try to understand.

Suzuki: Shopping/Classical Concert. He would want to avoid fans AT ALL COST, because he wants to spend the day with just you. Going shopping would be a good idea because he thinks it’s a nice way to buy diguises and for him to spoil you. A classical concert would also be nice because it is very nice and calming, away from fans.

Takahiro: Shopping. It’s a good thing he has plenty jobs^^ The more he is able to spoil you with. Not just clothes shopping, but any kind of shopping you like^^.

Takeru: Yukata/Japanese festival. A festival is full of entertainment, sights, and food! He believes this is the best way to make you relax and have fun. He will secretly take candid pictures of you, and that will be the only time he takes out his phone/camera.

Tokiya: Outdoor movies. Those movies that show at night outdoors. Both romantic and intimate.

Wakatoshi: Fine dining. In attempt to show you a more gentle side, he would take you to a nice diner where the two of you can be catered to. That doesn’t mean though, that if somehing goes wrong he will let it go. He’s ready to throw hands at anytime just for you.

Touya: Art musuem/show case. Somewhere he can socialize and met new people together with you.

Touru: Fencing competition. He woulod like to take you somewhere unusal, and isn’t considered a normal date. 

Tsuyoi/Hajime: Cruising. Initial plan would be to go somewhere fancy, but his festive personality will serve plans useless. You guys will just end up cruising everywhere.

Yamato: Night concert! A scorpio and a lover of music, a night concert is a great way to stay intimate and spend time with the two of his passions. You + Music.

Yuu: Cat Cafe/ Zoo. Yuu loves to stimulate his senses. Any place he can touch something cute is a place he believes will be a good date!

V-ision pt 1 (V x MC fanfiction)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: V/MC -you
Summary:  V and Mc are bound by the red thread of fate. This story is about their journey and struggle through the past, present and future and how in the end…….(better read on to find out).

Author’s Notes: I am so, so excited to let you all know about my next story, this is my NANO novel! I am writing about V and MC! So just to let you know, this is going to be a combination of my 

                        ~Forget me not series (pt 1 and pt 2 )~

 to explain it a little bit, this story is about the past, present and future of V and MC. How actually they were always conected to each other, without them knowing. And I am soooo sooo excited to write this, I love it! I really do! Hopefully, I will still say this after writting every day. ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

So good news! Since I HAVE to write for Nano everyday, this means you will gen an update probably every day (if not- this means I am editing it) latest every second one. So please stay tuned and I really hope you will like it (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

PT 1  PT2 PT3 PT 4

“Have we met before?”

A rather plain question, but it means everything in the story of how I met her, how she became a big part of my life and how … we saved each other. Because that seemingly boring question, was the first thing I heard her say and after, after I just knew.This story is rather a confusing one. Our beginnings or – the beginnings of how I perceived her were rather on the negative or should we say on the neutral side – I couldn’t care less for her.

At that point, there already was someone, whom I cherished with all my heart. A person, I thought was the most warm, kind and lovely person to ever exist.
Soon we fell in love with each other. Her name was Rika.
The day I saw here, was the day, where my pictures were showcased in a Gallery and as the good old fate wanted it – Rika was there.
But she wasn’t like all the other visitors, because all they did was glance quickly at all of my pictures, nod and smile. But, oh Rika would never do something like that, oh no, she stood in front of one picture and one picture only and all she did was – stare at it.

She was staring at it, what felt like an eternity. But how would I know?
Well as I noticed her staring at it, I just couldn’t help but look at her. More like look at her back.

When will she move? Does she hate the picture? Does she love it? Did she fall asleep?

All of these thoughts went through my head. What was I supposed to do know?

 Do I approach her and confront her? Or do I just walk away and … ignore this incident.

But something pulled me to her; something was calling out to me. It was almost as if she was a Siren calling me into my demise. 

Then I approached her and with her small speech about my picture and how much she loved it, she enveloped herself quickly around my heart. I did have fans and I was grateful to them, but the way she spoke of my work was something I have never encountered before. She seemed so bright and warm and her words were sweet as honey.

I was never truly satisfied with my work; I always left some room for criticism and improvement. I knew I still had a long way to go. But that is probably something that most artists tell themselves. How they must improve.

Rika she spoke so highly of me, I never truly grasped the hidden meanings behind her words. I just thought of them as flattering compliments, never did I truly understand or see, what she truly meant. If only I knew. If only I saw what pain she was going through. How she truly felt about herself and others around her.

With her we created the RFA and we build it up with amazing people. All of these amazing and wonderful people are like a family to me. No. They ARE my family. After working with them for so long, seeing all of their different facets, I just couldn’t help but love them. How all of them were actually trying to overcome something that they held hidden deep inside of them, I decided then, that I wanted to be as strong and as kind and as helpful as Rika was. I wanted to help my lovely family; I wanted to help each and every one of them. With the RFA, I wanted not only to help others in need, but help my family members grow and develop.

After a while, I saw Rika change, but my love for her – as I called it then, never diminished. It only grew more and more. But Rika was slowly becoming worse, she was someone I could not recognize anymore, she sounded different, she behaved in a way I never believed she could. She was becoming something I no longer could support. 

I, well WE hurt so many people along the way to her new sanctuary, it made me feel dirty. 

But I promised myself, that I would never hurt my family that I would never let them see or know, what has become of someone they held so dearly to their heart. I took it upon myself, to be there for them, to be there for her and try to fix it all.

Sadly, Rika planned something else, she would try and hurt another person – and this time someone no one knew. Someone none of us was attached to – so the possibility of us losing her – would not affect us so much.

She planned for her to get close to the RFA, to be a spy – but not know any of it. This new person had to be neutral, new, innocent and kind. She had to be someone who all of the members of the RFA would love, she would have to be someone who would change them for the better. Someone … like her, does she even exist? But she would have to be someone also very lonely and broken, so that she would actually work for Mint eye after THEY break her, without them knowing it.

I no longer cared about anything, I knew what Rika was doing was wrong. I knew that bringing another innocent person inside of this chaos was terribly wrong. 

I knew. I know…

                                         But I was after all…blinded by love.


()  This one is nothing like the people he’s met lately, and Daniel imagines the chance shouldn’t be missed, if solely for that fact. He nods, already picking a suit in his mind. “You got it. Tell me when and where, and I’m your man.”

“ Tonight at eight sharp, he murmured, “ as for the place ? I’ll tell you where to go when you pick me up. Adrian’s lips twitched lightly as he glanced up at them, a cocky smirk curling the edges of his mouth as he pulled out pen and paper. Black ink was scrawled across the back of his business card, a glossed front showcasing his gallery while the back was still easy written upon. “ Here’s my address, be there by seven. 

Tran Nguyen- "is a Georgia-based gallery artist and freelance illustrator. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States, she is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, exploring the mind’s landscape. Her paintings are created with a soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and acrylic on paper.

Nguyen has worked for clients such as Playboy, Tor, McDonald’s, Chateau St. Michelle Winery, and has showcased with galleries in California, New York, Spain, and Italy. She is currently represented by Richard Solomon and Thinkspace gallery.“

Title: Imagine

Got Everyone Watchin’ Us

summary: basically I asked @ariadneblake for a smutty prompt because I have had major writers block and she gave me: ‘artist!clarke taking a break from her museum/gallery showcase for a quickie with curator / security guard!bellamy, maybe in the coatroom, or in an exhibit free of people, on the sly’ 

rated: M | read on: ao3

The bustle of the gallery room grew louder with each passing minute. Champagne flutes clinking and boisterous drunken laughter overtook her senses. 


Abby had set up this networking showcase for Clarke, in a motion of good faith, allowing Clarke to meet potential buyers for her new collection. Clarke tried ignore how anxious she was. 

She was proud of her collection. It was something she’d worked on tirelessly for the last nine months, working closely with the museum curator to maximize the use of her space and the total experience. This showcase was important, there was a lot of money in the room; money that could fund her next collection and potentially catapult her into the next level of her career.

In the middle of distracted conversation of small talk with one of her mother’s political connections, Clarke spotted him loitering in the corner. 

Bellamy wasn’t required to be present at the event, but as the museum curator, he felt it necessary to make an appearance. Schmooze and booze, all that. 

Clarke felt a flush creep into her chest when his eyes found hers and he tipped his head towards the hall, just slightly. She swallowed and dragged her eyes back to the Senator, or councilman, whoever it was and smiled politely.

“I’m so sorry, but I’ve just seen someone I need to say hello to. Thank you so much for you support,” she said sweetly. “If you have anymore questions about the collection or my work, I’m sure my mother can get you my information.”

The older man nodded and Clarke excused herself, grabbing a flute of champagne from a waiter as she made her way towards the hall Bellamy had now disappeared down.

He was leaning against the wall, close to the entrance. When he saw her, he rolled himself up from his position, grabbed her wrist and swung open the door beside him. 

“Bellamy!” Clarke gasped, trying not to spill her drink as Bellamy rushed her into the closet and closed the door, the only light coming from a dim bulb hanging low off the ceiling. A moment later, he had taken the glass from her hand and put it somewhere she could see and then crowded her against the door. 

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“16 Bits” was a retro inspired, small gallery showcase of some local talent to illustrate some of our favorite videogames as a retro-inspired redesign.

My piece is a stupid joke that kinda was run down from brainstorming on twitter too much…

Based on the Super Mario Brothers Movie, what if it was a commercial success?
What if it spawned an ANIMATED SERIES based ON THE MOVIE?
What if that Animated series then spawned a whole new GAME [think ala CD-i] but Licensed from Nintendo?

Bonus SNES Boxart Mockup:

External image

Anyways, happy with the result!! I will be selling prints of these as soon as I open my storefront or something…

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Steve anonymously enters some of his art into a gallery showcase, and is dragged to the event by the avengers who don't know that the work is his...up to you if someone figures it out or not.

The community center was having a showcase of local work, all anonymous, which was what Steve liked the best about it.  He knew that if he wanted to, he could have his drawings displayed in much more prestigious venues, but that would be by virtue of him being Captain America, not by virtue of his art.  Art didn’t have anything to do with him being Captain America, it was opposite of that, in fact.  Being Captain America was how he won battles, led troops to victory, and kept people safe.  Drawing was how he made sure that Steve Rogers also survived all of those trials.

The submission was all online, so he sent off a few pieces with small descriptions and didn’t think much more of it.  He’d go a few days after the show opened, on a quiet afternoon, and see what everyone else around him decided to submit.  It would be easy to slip away for a few hours and say he was taking a walk or getting a bite to eat.  What he didn’t expect was to be dragged there by Tony, Sam, and Natasha for the opening reception.

“I donate a lot of money to this community center,” Tony had told him when Steve expressed his surprise.  “I’m the closest thing they have to a VIP.”

Steve was right in his guess that the makeshift gallery had some beautiful submissions.  At first they stayed together, but soon the four broke apart to look at the pieces that were more interesting to them, or in Tony’s case, spend some additional time talking with community leaders about how the center was helping to further the arts.  Sam was particularly interested in  the work he knew that some of his support group members had submitted, often encouraging them to make art as a way of coping with what they’d experienced.

Steve wanted to enjoy himself, but he couldn’t stop the paranoia that one of his friends would discover his work.  It wasn’t that he was embarrassed by it, more that his art was deeply personal, something that belonged to him and him only. He didn’t need or want it associated with “Captain America,” and if anyone broke the news, he’d never hear the end of it.

He was looking at a rather interesting monochrome painting when Natasha snuck up behind him and muttered, “I didn’t know you liked art so much, Rogers.”  Steve, already on edge, jumped at the sound of her voice.

“Of course,” she continued, “I was always more into ink drawings than paintings, like this one.”  She brought Steve over to one of his own drawings and pointed to it.  “Whoever drew this must be really talented.  It’s a wonder they don’t share their art more often.”

Steve looked at her, realizing he’d been made.  Natasha smiled at him.

“You can’t make art without including a piece of yourself, Rogers,” she said. “This is practically a self portrait, and it’s really good.”

Steve didn’t say anything, trying to stop himself from blushing.

“Don’t worry,” she said, giving his arm a pat, “I won’t tell the others.”