I’m working on a summer project, entitled Intimicy, under an artist’s collective I created called abstract 

I would love to showcase the talents of talented youth this summer, so if you would like to participate in this project, all you have to do is create. Artwork, Videos and Music are all welcome. Whether you are a dancer, painter, producer, or musician, this is your chance to showcase your work on a virtual gallery.

The theme is: Intimacy. Translate that however you wish ^^

If you have any question, hit me up in my ask box or on my email at Everyone involved will be credited on the Intimacybyabstract webpage (Which is currently under construction to prepare for its launch). The launch date of the project is September, to give everyone time to create ^^

Thank you to everyone who participate, and spread the word 


Apparently, Stevie Nicks used to take a lot of selfies while she was on tour in the 70s and 80s. And then later she showcased them in a gallery and called it 24 K Gold. She said that she has shoeboxes full of her own selfies. I don’t feel bad for taking selfies or hoarding them in my phone now.

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Progress detail…working on stuff for a show. #show #artshow #convention #gallery #exhibit #showcase #artobsess #digitalart #cool #awesome #conceptart #dog #bulldog #animal #bestoftheday #bestfriend #puppy #sketch #draw #sepia #monomood #artwork #illustration #lineart #creative

Geordie shore.

That trashy T.V. show gives my beautiful city and the people in it such a bad name. Come to our museums and let me educate you on 35,000 years of human history in the region. Walk to the river and let me show you nearly 1000 years of architecture. Churches and cathedrals older than American independence. Come to our science museums and see hundreds of years of innovation- from the steam train to playdough. Let me show you our red brick university and the home grown scientists in it paving the way in their fields, world leaders in mapping the solar magnetic field. Let me show your our world famous biomedical centres that are making global breakthroughs, and our hospitals, the nation’s leaders in paediatric care and transplants. How about our art galleries showcasing local, national and international talent? You need to stop for a beverage? How about a milkshake in a store that gives you a comic book with ever drink? Not your scene? Let me take you to a small tea house where you can get freshly brewed tea from across the world at two in the morning if you Fancy. Want a bite to eat? Let’s go to China town, or to restaurants owned by Jamie Oliver or Marco Pierre White. Come to our beautiful literature and philosophy library and let me show you how educated we really are. Come for a night out to a sixties disco or an alternative club night.

Come to my city. Let me show you how beautiful it REALLY is.

TIMBER – An Unusual Photography WordPress Theme (Photography)

TIMBER – An Unusual Photography WordPress Theme (Photography)

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Summer and Fashion
Azzedine Alaïa “ Couture/Sculpture,” an exhibition opened at Rome’s Galleria Borghese casting a light on the designer’s works that are closer to sculpture that to fashion design. Alaïa studied sculpture when he was a teenager at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tunis. His sculptural approach on fashion is evident in his superb draping techniques that accentuate women’s curves, with his exquisitely crafted creations fitting the body as easily as if they were a second skin. The collection, which span the Tunisian’s entire 34 year career in Paris, are culled from his archive and include many he remade specifically for the show. It’s showcased alongside the gallery’s own collection of works by iconic artists, from Bernini Bernini, Canova, Raphael, Rubens, Caravaggio, Titian and Veronese.
“Couture-sculpture: Azzedine Alaïa in the history of fashion” runs from July 11 to October 25, 2015, at Galleria Borghese Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197, Ro


1. Make sure you are fundamentally unfulfilled.
The economy needs your sadness to keep it afloat!

2. Buy a bigger house!
You will need a large gallery to showcase your expensive attempts at filling your inner void!

3. Change your face!
Everybody hates it. Also never get old. Several men in lab coats have proven that human cells *actually* devalue with age (they devalue even faster for women!). Make sure you coat your body in expensive chemicals no less than 2 times per day.

4. Buy a vacation!
Run away and escape all reminders that your life is slowly wasting away! Make sure it is someplace where there is much poverty, it is also important that you learn to appreciate how large and shiny your cage is.

Make sure you never express self confidence in anything you do, you have not bought enough things to deserve happiness. Express shame with yourself as to not threaten others into facing their own deep self loathing!

@Ilovememphisblog South Main was not only active with Trolley(but no active trolley) Night..It was also Park Parsell`s Meet Me in Memphis event and the opening of Ion`s Geek Gallery which showcase`s the talent of local comic/fantasy artist writers and photographers.. An added bonus was the selling of MK Embroidery`s “YOU AINT MEMPHIS LIKE ME” between the two#stores#youaintmemphislikeme#ilovememphisblog#art#artwoork #print#photography#jodhrv#jodylynch #harVtography

Late night in my new workspace/living room/ gallery… I swear ya’ll just have to come see it for yourself… Creative collaborations, pop-up gallery showcases etc. coming soon! I’m a art curator, consultant, mentor, painter and more… I’m just getting started my friends.. All glory to the most high! #willwatsontheartist #latenight #Studio #gallery #homemural #WatsonGallery #paintLikeItsPayingYourBills #payyourbilldoingart #goals #beinspired #beinspired #NeverStopDreaming #naptown to #DC (at Brookland, Washington, District of Columbia)

Alt Space” is a new store and gallery that showcases art in every way and every kind of design based in Brooklyn, N.Y. They shared this gif-set created by Cheryl Georgette Arent exclusive for us. Alt Space has some super cute zines that you can buy and a lot of art. So if you are in N.Y or you wanna go this summer, you’d better check this amazing place out, and even if you don’t, you need to visit their site, they always have a perfect selection of video art and cool stuff!

@memphiscomicexp @ilovememphisblog South Main was not only active with Trolley(but no active trolley) Night..I was also Park Parsell`s Meet Me in Memphis event and the opening of Ion`s Geek Gallery which showcase`s the talent of local comic/fantasy artist writers and photographers.. Comic artist Dean Zachary with a newly autographed JOKER print#joker#action#comics#geek#gallery#fantasy#art#sketch#artwoork#jodhrv#jodylynch#harVtography#youaintmemphislikeme#ion##dccomics#ilovememphisblog

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Keen – Easy to Use Photography WordPress Theme (Photography)

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Come watch Pru, the Gothic teenager, in my post graduate animation film from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. Showcased on the National Gallery’s website. Http://*/choosemedia/12/
( My animator name is: Pru Feria)
#animation #gothic #gothicgirl #teenager#fineart #centralsaintmartins #universityoftheartslondon #nationalgallery #nationalgalleryofart #london