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“Stop making our hatred of ourselves someone else’s job and just stop hating ourselves.”
Walt Disney Animation Studios Artist Showcase program encourages the creation of new children’s books
The creative legacies of Mary Blair & Bill Peet extend far beyond the time that these two spent at the Mouse House. And that is largely because – in ...

Thanks HuffPost for a great article my picture book, Holly’s Day at the Pool! 

you’re what i deserve

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Title: you’re what i deserve
Pairing: Lee Jinki/Reader
Genre: Idol!AU
Summary: Jinki never truly believed that there could be someone that made his heart race, but when he met certain idol…he knew that waiting for that feeling had been the right idea. Perhaps, someone like that it’s just what Jinki deserves.
Note: I’d like to dedicate this to my darling mutual @hitchhikingbabeh because she absolutely (does not) hates this man called Lee Jinki. Hope you like it!

More often than not, Jinki is good at hiding his feelings.

Yet, the phrase more often than not does not mean always and Jinki had his little quirks that people needed to study close enough to know what was what was going on through his brain. Most fans don’t notice when he is saddened and his eyes are asking someone to save him, they don’t notice when he is truly happy with tears marking his eyes and words not leaving his lips as he stutters out sentences of thankfulness. They don’t notice when he has allergies, when he is heartbroken, when his stomach is killing him, they are symptoms, feelings even, one or two that bubble up from time to time but he hides it behind that usual gummy smile. Not that Jinki was hurting, but he was human and humans went through changes so he doesn’t expect people to understand him. But fans are intelligent, some of them cleverer than others and when he starts seeing videos of himself on the internet about those feelings that he worked so hard on hiding, he was frightened. That video is shown to him by Kibum, who was always very aware of what fans said and what they didn’t, he was very communicative with every single one of them, though generally, so the least he could do was actually explain to him the entire situation. Shipping, so they call it, but he didn’t expect to be wanted as a couple by people with his crush, his real life crush, who was also a performer like himself.

Check in minute 1:34!  He is staring at her as she goes up the stairs to introduce the next artist!  So cute, Onew!” Kibum reads in the most serious tone of voice he can get while trying not to tease his friend, but a smirk was over his face when he saw Jinki’s widened eyes as he looked at the video, sitting down beside Kibum on the couch of his friend’s apartment. Truth be told, he had looked at her…how could he not when she was absolutely beautiful in that short dress he wore? But it had been a few months ever since he started crushing on her and no one ever caught him. “Here is another one,” Kibum clears his throat and he tries a few times to get a girly tone. “I can’t believe you have done this to us!  Please don’t date, Jinki!” Kibum sighs as he shakes his head, looking through comments of the two minutes video. “That one was dumb, absolutely.”

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soulmate!jung jung
  • when you turn 13, a small box containing an oval locket that is sealed shut is sent to you
  • this locket is specially made to get warmer when you meet your soulmate
  • and opens to a picture of them
  • it’s been 9 years since you’ve received this gift and you’re starting to think the whole thing is a hoaxed
  • you’ve seen a couple of your friends complain about the warmth of their necklace only to have it feel cold in your hands
  • and the opened locket they show you only shows nothing from your eyes
  • 21 and you’re almost done with your college career
  • you’re preparing for a district-wide showcase the dance program in your school partakes in
  • once you reach your second year in dance, you can participate in the showcase
  • you missed out last year because of a bad fall but this year you were more than ready to participate
  • the night before the showcase was a final run through of the show
  • it was your first time seeing everyone and what they were performing
  • sitting in the audience was you and your school mates also participating in the showcase
  • a boy with auburn hair entered the stage dressed in all white
  • his hair stuck out like fire
  • upon landing your eyes on him, you felt a warmth on your chest
  • it only got warmer the more you watched the boy dance on stage
  • his body moved flexibly with the music
  • your necklace became too unbearable on your chest as you decided to yank it off your neck
  • confused at the feeling, you stared at the chain that dangled in your hands
  • your friends stared at you in confusion as well 
  • “are you okay?”
  • “why did you yank that off your chest?”
  • moments later soft mumbles filled the room as everyone conspired what was going on
  • you looked around the room to see the dancers around you whisper to each other and pointing to you and to someone else
  • searching, your eyes wandered to where they were pointing at only to see the boy on stage holding a gold chain in his hand
  • he looked at you with intense eyes, catching his breath from his dance
  • then his look changed. it became softer. his eyes somewhat relieved after seeing you.
  • slowly, he made his way towards you
  • his facial features became more prominent the closer he got and his smile grew wider
  • he stopped just a foot away from you and crouched to meet your eyes
  • “you look a lot like the person in my locket…” he said with shy eyes

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Hello, so this might be a dumb question (and sorry for my bad english) but do you think it's a bad idea to add some fanart into my portfolio for when I apply for art college? It's some of my best artwork and it's not nsfw or even shippy so I don't know, what's your opinion, can I use it?

If the school’s requirements doesn’t say you CAN’T include fanart, then it might be okay? I know I’ve heard that generally professors don’t want to see fanart, but in contrast, I went to the graduate showcase of my animation program last week, and there was a ton on fanart in their portfolios.. so I’m not really sure what the unspoken rules are. If it showcases your best work, and the portfolio requirements don’t say to NOT include it, then go ahead!

A little look back in history. I’m not sure of the exact years but from around 2005-2006, MTV ran an original, short-form programming entitled the “10 Spot Drop”. The program was meant to promote up and coming artists and would air during the commercial breaks of the the network’s most popular prime-time shows, most which aired at 10pm (hence the name “10 Spot Drop”). The clips, ranging from 9-11seconds in length, would feature original visuals and showcase track off the artist/band’s most recent album. Often, an would be showcased on the programs during or around the time of its release.

After browsing around on Youtube a bit, I realized Gorillaz had been featured on this program as part of the promotion for Demon Days. This video is comprised of all the short clips that were made for the album. I wasn’t able to find an HQ clip (which is too bad because I would have liked to make a photoset) but I thought it was pretty neat, and the clips range from creative to funny (, there’s something subtly hilarious about a cut and pasted version of 2D flying around in airplane idk). Anyhow, it’s too bad I never got to see this air on TV.

A Maestro’s Ordinance || A Rateo Love Story


Rylan danced and danced for hours upon hours everyday to get a spot in the school’s showcase. Rylan had to practice and practice or else that rotten musician Mateo would get the spot before him. He vowed everything that the dance program would have more people in the showcase than the music program. He sighed as the music turned off and he grabbed his towel. 

Rylan wiped his face and sipped at his water bottle. He grimaced as he saw the infuriating musician sitting at the door waiting to get in. He grabbed his phone and walked out of the practice room. “The rooms all yours Matthew. Not like you are going to get the showcase anyway.”

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No, seriously.

It was something that I noticed when I first watched Phichit’s FS Program (Terra Incognita). But it was only clearly obvious when I watched JJ’s program (boy do i hate that dude but he can skate) and I knew it was better than Yuri’s. In the same way, I knew Yuri’s was better than Yurio’s before the scores were announced.

The thing with sports is that it would have been incredibly easy to just get these skaters to do more and more impossible jumps to showcase why they are getting better and better. It can be like Prince of Tennis until these skaters aren’t even doing actual humane moves.

But figure skating isn’t like most sports. Figure skating’s major component comes from presentation and boy does this series knows that!

The thing is Yuri on Ice is very good at subtly using better editing, dialogues within a person’s mindset, and better animation quality to showcase how a program is going.

It’s how the show subtly telling us Phichit is winning over Chris’s more technically impressive performance. It’s how the show subtly slowly improves Yuri’s Eros performance tidbit by tidbit – it wasn’t just fanservice.


And that’s amazing, because behind the series is clearly a group of animators that know how to really show instead of tell. It is probably why this show has been such a treat in all angles – it is because these people really think about how every single subtle details can play into the perception of a scene.


The United States is currently enjoying an embarrassment of riches in ice dance, which is by far our strongest discipline. The last world medal won by a US figure skater in any other discipline was won by Evan Lysacek in 2009. In the same amount of time, four US ice dance teams have won seven world medals. Half of the teams at this season’s Grand Prix Final were from the United States. Next week, our top teams will go head to head in St. Paul for the national title and a chance to represent the US in front of a home crowd at Worlds in Boston this spring. Who will come out on top? Click through for analysis, predictions, and gifs of attractive people!

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Presenting the third annual all-comics issue of Lumpen magazine, including comic work by groundbreaking local and international artists. This issue has a loose theme of “Radio” which correlates to the launch 105.5 WLPN, which is a brand new non-commercial radio station based out of Bridgeport that will showcase underground and innovative programming and feature distinctly curated music from a variety of genres as well as cultural commentary, not unlike the variety of comics and artists in Lumpen magazine.

With comics by:

David Alvarado, Sharmila Banerjee, Nate Beaty, Ben Bertin, Kevin Budnik, Andy Burkholder, Jessica Campbell, Danielle Chenette, Mark Connery, Krystal Difronzo, Margaux Duseigneur, Edie Fake, Sarah Ferrick, Leif Goldberg, Keith Herzik, Andrew Holmquist, Clay Hickson, Lyra Hill, Emily Hutchings, Juliacks, Blaise Larmee, Sarah Leitten, Ben Marcus, Marieke McClendon, Ian Mcduffie, Max Morris, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, Jason Overby, George Porteus, Grant Reynolds, Eric Rivera, Aaron Renier, Joe Tallarico, Mike Taylor Matthew Thurber, Tim Tvedt, Two Tone Comix, Lale Westvind, Gina Wynbrandt, Leslie Wiebeler, Mickey Zachilli

There will also be an art exhibition including many contributors to the issue on Friday, October 9th from 7-11pm at the Co-prosperity Sphere (3219 S. Morgan St. in Chicago)

Copies of the magazine and refreshments will be available at the opening.

“We all started working together on Grease in September 2014,” when the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was in rehearsal. “I would press pause and talk about the Revolutionary War and then pause again for the dawn of the ’60s. The idea was about how to access the celebratory spirit of Grease — how to own and embrace the fact that we’re doing it live, this show about the first time you fall in love, have freedom.”

Kail hopes the trend for live presentations will extend to non-musicals as well. That’s of course where much of Golden Era TV got golden — the live broadcasts on Playhouse 90 and other programs that showcased the country’s emerging talents.

In the meantime, Kail himself is quickly returning to just such a project, staging Sarah Burgess’ new play Dry Powder at the Public Theater with a cast including Claire Danes, Hank Azaria and John Krasinski. “It’s a new and thrilling play by a writer to be reckoned with,” he said. Just the sort of thing success lets you dive in to.