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Tiny dancer Prologue

Sore toes. Aching shoulders. Too tight migraines.

Betty Cooper wouldn’t give any of it up, not for the world, they only meant she was doing it right. She was being the best ballerina that she could be, and she was, The best that is.

Juliard was one of the most prestigious dance schools in the world, it was nearly impossible to gain acceptance, especially when you come from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. But that didn’t stop Betty Cooper, she was talented and strong and exceptionally determined, years and years of training and a ridiculous amount of natural talent landed her almost a full scholarship to the school of her dreams. She was in her second year now and she was at the top of her class, being rewarded solo after solo for effortless skill and hard work.

She was a shoe in for a spot on the Rockettes when she graduated thanks to her ridiculously long legs and she was already being scouted by broadway producers. Things were going flawlessly for the beautiful blonde and she could never be more grateful, but…. she was tired. She wanted to have fun, find love like her best friend and roommate, Veronica Lodge, had. She wanted to eat a hamburger instead of carrot sticks and grilled chicken. She wanted to live.

Stretching her legs and tying her incredibly worn in pointe shoes, Betty rolled her shoulders, there was no time for fun and her life was Ballet, she loved ballet she shouldn’t be thinking of frivolous things like boys and…burgers. Next week was another showcase and she was being featured in six numbers, practice was important, and anyway tonight she promised Cheryl and Veronica that she would go out to the newest night club opening right down the road. Might as well get in as much rehearsal as she could.

Jughead groaned, slamming his head into the the too flat pillow on his bed. Archie’s girlfriend was over and she always made his best friend watch some ridiculous reality television show that was currently blaring through the television speakers in their tiny dorm room. The dark haired boy had pictures to edit and he couldn’t focus on anything when some botoxed housewife was throwing tables in the other room. Trudging out of the safety of his own bedroom, Jughead entered the living room and moved to stand in front of the television blocking the couples view.

“Good evening Jughead, what a wonderful day today is.” The raven haired princess Named Veronica Lodge, stared happily from her space next to Archie, both the teens buried into the couch.

“Turn it down or turn it off. I’ve got work to do, now that I mention it, you’ve got work to do to Archie, midterms..?”

Jugheads redheaded roommate rolled his eyes
“I’ll play a couple songs, write a few notes, I’ll be good as gold”

Veronica giggled from his side and placed an obnoxious kiss to his cheeks. The shrill sound of a pop song broke all three teens out of their intense stare battle, Jughead watched Veronica pull her phone out of her pocket and stick her tongue out at Jugheads disgusted face at her choice of ringtone.

“Hey Betts….. oh yeah totally… you’re still rehearsing… what do you mean another hour? You’ve been rehearsing since six this morning…. yes I know you have solos….. come on, take a break…..fine but you’re missing out, you know how much fun you had last night with me and Cher…..fine…. okay I love you….muah.”

Veronica hung up the phone and pouted
“Betty just cancelled on going out tonight, I guess they asked her to fill in tomorrow night because one of the soloists in the upperclassmen showcase got sick, she invited me and Archie to come.” Suddenly something flickered in Veronica’s eyes as she stared wickedly at Jughead
“I think I just figured out how to make you pay up on that bet.”

A few weeks ago Jughead had bet Veronica anything she wanted if she could stay away from Archie a full week, never one to lose anything, Veronica had won and was now cashing in

“What.. oh no..” Jugheads eyes went wide

“Oh yes. You are coming to the recital tommorow. You promised.”

And she was right, Jughead never broke a promise, glaring at a cracked up Archie and smug Veronica, he slammed the door to his room and threw himself back on his bed.

What the hell was he gonna do at some stupid dance recital?

art student!taehyung
  • as an art student, taehyung would be one of the top students in his class
  • his art wouldn’t be the one that wows you on first look
  • instead, each of his pieces have deeper meanings
  • each pencil line, each spot of paint represents an inner feeling, a story of his
  • he’d hang his own work up in his room
  • he’d meet you at an art gallery that he’s visited multiple times before
  • taehyung notices you staring at his favourite painting and asks your opinion
  • “what do you think of this artwork? like, the inner meaning?”
  • your explanation wows him because it was a different interpretation than his
  • you both continue to share ideas about the works on display
  • but taehyung isn’t looking at the art
  • he’s looking
  • at y o u
  • taehyung always texts you whenever there’s a new art showcase and invites you along with him
  • at one of the showcases, his artwork is displayed
  • taehyung almost tears up at your perception of it, because it’s so spot on
  • that was the day he invited you back to his dorm
  • taehyung animatedly spends a whole evening expressing the meanings of his art
  • “this one is one of my favourite. the evening sky shows my inner sadness, but the stars are the bursts of happiness that make everything okay, that make me realise that i’m human”
  • after that night, your perspectives on each other changed
  • you both realised you had feelings for each other
  • s t r o n g feelings for each other.
  • after months of friendship he proposes the idea of painting you
  • “it’s for class, nothing huge
  • really, he wants to have the excuse to stare at you for hours
  • you sit in his room, taehyung making you do an absolutely stupid pose while he paints you
  • you stare at his beautiful concentrated face while he stares at you
  • the next showcase the two of you visit, the painting of you is located there
  • but he didn’t tell you that
  • taehyung leads you to it straight away, the two of you buzzing with excitement as he didn’t let you see it before
  • the way he painted you, including all of your imperfections but made them considerably beautiful
  • your name encased in a heart with a small, “i love you” caused tears to pour out of your eyes as you jumped into his arms
  • “i love you too”, you professed
  • and taehyung held you even tighter, his heart pounding out of love for you.
Open Up

summary: college neighbour daniel (tbh the college aspect of this is almost nonexistent but heh)
a/n: requested; i combined two asks for this bc they were pretty similar haha also to anyone else who has sent me a request, i’m still trying to figure them out + i’m busy rn so it might take a while ;; thank you for waiting <3

  • it is a tired afternoon
  • you’ve just submitted one major mid term assignment and you have another huge written test looming ahead in 2 days so you drag yourself as fast as possible to your dorm room and decide to crash for a few hours before getting up to work again
  • you draw the curtains, set an alarm for exactly 1.5 hours later, settle comfortably into your bed with the blankets snug around you, and are just about to drift off into a much needed sleep when suddenly 
  • THUD
  • seriously all you want is just a little bit of quality sleep time is that too much to ask @ god??
  • you barge towards your door and swing it open to see what’s going on only to find the whole corridor outside your flat filled with 2809349283 boxes and 2 guys trying very hard to get all of that stuff up the stairs and into the room next to yours
  • they freeze and look up at you 
  • your 1st thought is: what the fuk is going on
  • your 2nd thought is: damn that boy is kinda cute 
  • so you’re just standing there kinda glaring and kinda staring at them unsure of what to do next when the cute guy finally unfreezes and comes up to you and offers you his hand for a handshake or smth
  • “hey, my name is daniel! and that’s jaehwan. we’re moving into this flat and i guess you live in this one so,, hi new neighbour?”
  • you just take his hand and and go “uhh yeah hi i’m y/n”
  • this boy is really cute wow 
  • (imagine daniel looking like this)
  • he kinda awkwardly scratches the back of his neck and says “sorry for all the noise i think we disturbed you”
  • and somehow, instead of what you actually meant to say you go “it’s fine, you guys need help with that?”
  • “omg if it isn’t a bother we would love the help pleasesdd”
  • that’s how you give up your much needed nap to help them move their stuff in instead

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anonymous asked:

hellooo!!!! Can i request a RFA+V reaction to.. when MC ask them to take classes of tango or bachata but their schedule doesnt allowed them, so MC started to taking classes on her own, later she gives a performance and has to dance with other guy (which is very handsome) aaaaaaand the choreo were too romantic/sexy (you know the body contact,etc) THANK YOU SWEETIE

 here you go sweetie <3

Scenario: After 16 fun and stressful practice lessons, it was finally time to showcase your talent. You invite your s/o to your graduation performance.

(reminder: requests are CLOSED)


- Zen’s of course sitting in the front row and tbh he’s so excited

- he knows you’re upset that he can’t join you for classes but his practice schedule was hectic and he couldn’t afford to miss any

- he bought you roses and he’s waiting impatiently for you to come out and perform your sequence

- when it’s finally your turn, you step out in a gorgeous body-hugging red dress and Zen is speechless

- he’s already excited when suddenly a man steps out after you and Zen’s expression immediately changed

- and then the song starts playing and guess what it sounds really sexy

- you and your partner had some pretty intimate moves right from the beginning of the performance

- your partner had his hand on your waist and it’s time for the spin but somehow that didn’t happen and you feel someone pulling you back

- and surprise surprise it’s Zen

- he takes your hand and continued the dance even though it’s nothing like what you and your partner practiced and the rest of the audience clapped along because look it’s musical actor Zen 

- and your partner is force to go off-stage

- when the song finishes, he quickly ends it with a kiss and the audience’s applause is louder than ever

- you’re embarrassed but hey you like it

- he then pulls you backstage and apologises that he couldn’t join you for the classes and he’s glad you’ve graduated because he NEVER wants any other guy touching you ever again


- he entered the theatre late because of last minute meetings but he’s just in time to catch your performance

- but before he could sit down, you’ve already began the choreography and you’re dancing with another guy

- he doesn’t even stop to think, he just storms his way up onto the stage and drags you away

- his bodyguards are close behind just in case anything happens

- you’re pissed that you didn’t get to showcase your talent on stage

- but when Jumin asked if you had officially graduated and gotten your certificate, you nodded

- he smirks and says that he can’t wait to watch his own private performance in his penthouse


- he can’t wait to watch your perfomance !!!

- he feels guilty that he couldn’t join you for the classes because of school

- then when you came up on stage his jaw drops

- it’s not just because you look absolutely gorgeous in the dress but also because who the hell is that guy beside you

- he is super uncomfortable throughout the entire performance because:

- 1. that guy is touching is you all over

- 2. he’s way too handsome

- 3. will you leave him for your dance partner?

- it seems like torture because the duration of your performance is very long

- but as soon as it ended, he rushes backstage to meet you

- you’re still with your partner when you bump into Yoosung

- he immediately glares at your partner and your partner gets the hint to leave

- when he turns back to you, his expression changes and it looks as if he could cry anytime

- he asks you quietly if you still loved him

- you know what’s been going through his head, so in response you chuckle and you hug him

- he immediately smiles and congratulated you for graduating


- of course she can’t join you for classes, I mean who could if their boss is Mr. Han

- the performance soon starts and she’s unfazed, really

- or at least that’s what she thinks she’s feeling

- tbh she just can’t wait for your performance to end just so your partner will stop touching you

- but she’s really mesmerised by your dance moves and your expression is absolutely perfect

- when the performance finally finishes, she finds you backstage and she gives you the warmest hug ever

- she compliments you over and over again

- you ask if Jaehee’s okay because she seems flushed

- she nods and she just hugs you again

- you’re confused but you’re just glad she enjoys your performance so much


- your performance started and he’s leaning forward in his seat

- but as soon as you came out with your guy partner, he stands up quietly with a straight face and walks away

- your about to do your next dance sequence when the lights suddenly go off and everyone screams when you screamed

- you know someone’s pulling you away and you think you’re being kidnapped so you struggle but because you’re in heels it was hard for you to free yourself

- suddenly the street light blinds you and you find yourself outside of the theatre

- and you find yourself facing a very familiar redhead grinning in front of you

- you yell again, but this time you’re angry that Seven scared you

- he jokes saying that he ‘wants to take you away into the night’

- but you know he’s jealous even though he doesn’t say it

- so when he brings you inside his car, he requests that you perform your dance in front of him and teach him as well and you agree


- this man is almost blind he can’t see that well so of course he gets the disabled seat at the front of the theatre

- he knows when it’s your turn because he recognises your figure and your performance is the last item

- but the moment you step out, another person steps out as well

- and V has to squint to see who the other person is even though it hurt his eye

- and he becomes slightly irritated to see that the other person is a man and he’s touching you in almost all of the dance moves

- he’s the master at keeping his composure, but inside he’s burning with jealously

- he patiently waits until the performance is over and you come running down the stage to greet him

- you hug him warmly and he gladly returns the hug

- he teases you saying that you’re too good at dancing and he can never dance with you

- but you immediately said no because V can always learn no matter what

- to add on, you said that your partner wasn’t that good anyway he kept stepping on your shoes (just that V couldn’t see) and V laughs

[Official Announcement on Don Malik's denial of entry to U.S.]

Hi, this is DAZE ALIVE.

I have news that may make you feel uncomfortable and/or bothered by it’s details.

As some of you may know, Don Malik was invited to showcase his music for an international audience at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, Don Malik was denied entry to the U.S. after hours of unfair treatment and was forced to give up his stage taking place at the Karma Lounge on March 17.

Last Sunday, March 12th, Don Malik and eight other staff members and fellow artists from artist management agency StoneShip boarded a flight at Incheon International Airport (ICN) and headed for their first point of entry into the U.S. First stop, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) but during a routine screening by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Don Malik was detained and denied entry into the U.S. and was sent back to South Korea.

Don Malik and the rest of the crew had in their possession approved ESTA Visas, Contracts and Visa Waiver Forms, both provided by SXSW, stating that their showcase is not an engagement in commercial activities within the U.S. Nonetheless, they were detained for 24 hours after they were refused entry, and had to go through racist speech and ridicule of local SFO CBP staff, such as pulling both ears on both sides (imitating monkeys) or calling them “chinks.” In addition, all the members of the party were confiscated from the possibility of helping local officials, and one of their fellow artists was handcuffed for no reason and was never recited the ‘Miranda Rights’ which the U.S. Constitution states that the rights apply to all persons within the United States. Due to this refusal, the ESTA approval they received is permanently erased.

According to foreign magazines such as Pitchfork and Spin, at least seven teams have been denied entry for the same reason, some of whom have already entered the U.S. and attended SXSW in previous years with the same visa and paperwork.
We express deep regrets about the racial discrimination and unfair treatment experienced by the artists who have been denied entry and wish you a better chance to meet local fans who were anxiously waiting for Don Malik’s showcase.

- DAZE ALIVE CHIEF JERRY.K, March 15, 2017


This is for Dante Basco…I was planning to give this to you for your birthday, but I started it way too early in anticipation, and it seems like you’ve been having a hard time lately, so…I hope it might cheer you up a little, anyway.

I really can’t express how much Avatar–Zuko in particular–has meant to me without writing pages and pages, so I’ll try to be succinct. This is the very first picture I ever drew of Zuko, when I was 10 years old, so you can have a visual representation of what your amazing work with this character has done for me. Drawing was never something I took very seriously until I found a subject–a character–I was passionate about. Then inspiration took hold, and I just couldn’t stop drawing. Zuko’s character resonated with me the way no character had ever done before. Now, ten years later, I’m still drawing him, art is the love of my life, and I’ve been invited to showcase some of my work in 2 public galleries downtown this September. For all of your incredible work, thank you, thank you, and please know that you have made an immense impact on all the fans whose lives have been shaped by Zuko’s journey, and the life you breathed into him. I hope, as much as you’ve done for me over the years, you enjoy this picture at least a bit. (It was supposed to say; “To Dante Basco: Have an HONORABLE Birthday!” in the corner, but my handwriting is so bad, and I decided not to wreck it)


Stay flamin’, Sifu Hotman.

Dinner with my older brother’s family. (Jedi training.)

It’s not for the quick tempered. There’s always a lot of chaos and shouting. My 3 nephews like to be loud as they vie for their mother’s attention. That’s another story that I won’t drone on about here, but is a good bit of information to consider. 

My brother and his wife have been making an effort to eat meatless 4 days a week. It’s a step in the right direction for them. One of the twins is about 15lbs overweight, the other is type 1 diabetic. The change of diet will be good for them all. He had a new recipe that he was ready to showcase and invited the family’s token vegan over. That’s me. It was delicious. Some fried eggplant dish with loads of Thai basil and cilantro pesto-ish sauce. Outstanding in every sense. 

Of course, the fat twin cried that he couldn’t eat because he didn’t like it without tasting it. This kid will sneak snack food at every chance. Everyone else was enjoying but he wanted a cheese sandwich and potato chips. Two this that he was sure he could get away with eating. His mother started to cave. I decided to intervene or interfere. Told him to taste the sauce. If he didn’t like it I would get up and make him a sandwich. He liked it. Problem solved.

After we all finished eating, I went into the garden with the twins. Their brother went inside to watch football. These two boys are so different from each other and are extremely good when their mother isn’t present. They do like to talk over one another so I decided to see if I couldn’t lead them through an easy mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation. I avoid any religious specifics with any child in the family other than my own daughter. The level of amazement I felt as they both sat there and silently listened to me was through the heavens. Taking their deep breaths and holding still is not something I expect out of 9 year olds.

We finished up in the garden as my brother switched into some running gear. Took our sweet time running through his neighborhood, down to the park, along the creekside, past the old town, then we spun around and did it all in reverse. He asked about what we did in the garden. Explained it to him. He was more surprised by the twins behavior than I was. He’s aware of our differences in opinion but took no issue in it.

We returned to his house and were standing in the drive talking when my sister-in-law came out to ask about what was said to the boys. I told her about it. She said that she figured it was something like that but the twins had said, “Uncle Dan is teaching us how to be Jedi knights.” Whatever it takes to get them on the right path, right? I know that I never said anything about Jedi. Now the boys want me to come over every night to teach them. After much discussion with their parent, I will be leading them through meditation on either evening of the weekend. Hoping that the adults will take to it as well.

That’s my story.

you are invited to jonghyun’s first album showcase. dress code: #white_t_shirt

the showcase for jonghyun’s first full album, 좋아 (english title: she is), will be held at the platoon kunsthalle in nonhyeon, gangnam, seoul at may 23rd. though a showcase will be held for just media at 3pm kst, fans are invited to attend a second showcase beginning at 8pm. advanced booking for the showcase will take place on may 20th at 6pm kst with a grand total entry of 300 people. due to a special amount of interest show by fans, the showcase will special invitation (otherwise known as: free of charge. there is a catch with how the tickets will be distributed though: of the 300 seats that are available for fans, only 250 will be announced online. (though a random drawing via yes24.) the remainining tickets will go to the first 50 people who arrive to the showcase wearing a special customized shirt that is related to the album. these people will win entry to the showcase regardless of whether or not they applied at all / first for ticketing on yes24.

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in the radio au... i really need them to meet, please.

Anya swaggers up the hallway smelling faintly of smoke and beer and grass. A few of the other residents nod to her—there are a few questions too, mostly from the first years, the usual “where is this and that”, “what do I do if”, and the like—and it’s late when she reaches Lexa’s room. She leans against the wall and knocks lightly, waiting for Lexa to call out before she pushes the door open. She stays there, in the entry, for a moment and lets the music wash over her. 

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Hold on

Joyeux anniversaire Andrea !!!!!!

I hope this little ficlet contributes to make this day a special day ;)

Klaine AU Meeting

Blaine is terribly nervous.

He shouldn’t be : after all, the hard part is behind him, he got into the damn school, didn’t he?

And yet. And yet he’s standing outside of the lecture hall, clutching the strap of his bag like a lifeline, feeling his fingers shake slightly as he ponders the merit of ditching his very first college class.

Blaine knows that he has nothing to be afraid of, per se : here, he’s among people who (should) understand him, (should) share the same passions, (should) welcome him with open arms – ok the last one was maybe a bit too strong a wish, but a man can dream.

It’s just nerves, he rationalizes as he shakes his head and straightens his shoulders, it will pass. Just get in there, Anderson, get in there, take a sit, focus and it will be alright.

Patting himself on the virtual back, Blaine pulls open the door and throws a cautionary look around him. The hall looks beautiful, all dark wood and velvet drapes framing the window filtering the sunlight, and there are only 21 seats taken – he’s not late yet, all is good, he just needs …

He just needs to stop staring and remember how to breath.

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