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[Official Announcement on Don Malik's denial of entry to U.S.]

Hi, this is DAZE ALIVE.

I have news that may make you feel uncomfortable and/or bothered by it’s details.

As some of you may know, Don Malik was invited to showcase his music for an international audience at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, Don Malik was denied entry to the U.S. after hours of unfair treatment and was forced to give up his stage taking place at the Karma Lounge on March 17.

Last Sunday, March 12th, Don Malik and eight other staff members and fellow artists from artist management agency StoneShip boarded a flight at Incheon International Airport (ICN) and headed for their first point of entry into the U.S. First stop, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) but during a routine screening by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Don Malik was detained and denied entry into the U.S. and was sent back to South Korea.

Don Malik and the rest of the crew had in their possession approved ESTA Visas, Contracts and Visa Waiver Forms, both provided by SXSW, stating that their showcase is not an engagement in commercial activities within the U.S. Nonetheless, they were detained for 24 hours after they were refused entry, and had to go through racist speech and ridicule of local SFO CBP staff, such as pulling both ears on both sides (imitating monkeys) or calling them “chinks.” In addition, all the members of the party were confiscated from the possibility of helping local officials, and one of their fellow artists was handcuffed for no reason and was never recited the ‘Miranda Rights’ which the U.S. Constitution states that the rights apply to all persons within the United States. Due to this refusal, the ESTA approval they received is permanently erased.

According to foreign magazines such as Pitchfork and Spin, at least seven teams have been denied entry for the same reason, some of whom have already entered the U.S. and attended SXSW in previous years with the same visa and paperwork.
We express deep regrets about the racial discrimination and unfair treatment experienced by the artists who have been denied entry and wish you a better chance to meet local fans who were anxiously waiting for Don Malik’s showcase.

- DAZE ALIVE CHIEF JERRY.K, March 15, 2017


This is for Dante Basco…I was planning to give this to you for your birthday, but I started it way too early in anticipation, and it seems like you’ve been having a hard time lately, so…I hope it might cheer you up a little, anyway.

I really can’t express how much Avatar–Zuko in particular–has meant to me without writing pages and pages, so I’ll try to be succinct. This is the very first picture I ever drew of Zuko, when I was 10 years old, so you can have a visual representation of what your amazing work with this character has done for me. Drawing was never something I took very seriously until I found a subject–a character–I was passionate about. Then inspiration took hold, and I just couldn’t stop drawing. Zuko’s character resonated with me the way no character had ever done before. Now, ten years later, I’m still drawing him, art is the love of my life, and I’ve been invited to showcase some of my work in 2 public galleries downtown this September. For all of your incredible work, thank you, thank you, and please know that you have made an immense impact on all the fans whose lives have been shaped by Zuko’s journey, and the life you breathed into him. I hope, as much as you’ve done for me over the years, you enjoy this picture at least a bit. (It was supposed to say; “To Dante Basco: Have an HONORABLE Birthday!” in the corner, but my handwriting is so bad, and I decided not to wreck it)


Stay flamin’, Sifu Hotman.

you are invited to jonghyun’s first album showcase. dress code: #white_t_shirt

the showcase for jonghyun’s first full album, 좋아 (english title: she is), will be held at the platoon kunsthalle in nonhyeon, gangnam, seoul at may 23rd. though a showcase will be held for just media at 3pm kst, fans are invited to attend a second showcase beginning at 8pm. advanced booking for the showcase will take place on may 20th at 6pm kst with a grand total entry of 300 people. due to a special amount of interest show by fans, the showcase will special invitation (otherwise known as: free of charge. there is a catch with how the tickets will be distributed though: of the 300 seats that are available for fans, only 250 will be announced online. (though a random drawing via yes24.) the remainining tickets will go to the first 50 people who arrive to the showcase wearing a special customized shirt that is related to the album. these people will win entry to the showcase regardless of whether or not they applied at all / first for ticketing on yes24.