showcase 4

  • Only available for males with masculine body frame
  • You can find the uniform in the ‘Suit’ category
  • You can find the shoes in the ‘Loafers’ category

Known Issues:

  • The buttons can be slightly deformed when using body sliders

Source: Yandere Simulator, Taichi Character Pack


- If you have any issues with my custom content, feel free to send me an ask or a message.



Outfit 1- Top // Pants // Boots

Outfit 2- Dress // Shoes

Outfit 3- Bodysuit // Pants // Shoes

Outfit 4- Dress // Boots

Outfit 5- Top // Shorts // Boots

CC Finds for The Sims 4 Toddlers

I know I wasn’t going to post another video, but I found this cc and I couldn’t resist. It’s so cute :3 

So I made this cc finds video, showcasing all the cc I found so far. It’s only been a few hours and there’s already way more for the toddlers. You should definitely check out the tags for this XD 

I found all the cc here: from @sssvitlans

I’m having a cc field day today :D There’s so much, it’s overwhelming. I might cry a little honestly. I seem calm in the video, but trust me, I’m nowhere near calm atm. 

I’ll be updating this post with the cc I used here.  Updated! Full links in the video description.

CC under the spoiler. 

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So I felt the need to make this post because I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me for collabs but there are a lot of things that are a bit off in these emails so I wanted to clarify for yall how to ask someone for a collab.


Write these emails like you’re writing a school email. I’m not super picky about formatting or “dear star” at the top or something, but you can’t send me an email that just says “u want to collab? I need voice for fandub” Or something like that. 100% of the time if you send me an email like this, I will not reply. I simply dont have time to email back and have an email chain figuring out what you mean. Try to use complete sentences, and spell words correctly. Also stay away from “u” and stuff like that, because it doesn’t look professional at all.


This is the biggest one I have an issue with. If you don’t have a previous channel or any other previous work, that’s completely fine. I am perfectly open to working with people who haven’t done anything online before. However, you need to show me something. A preview, a sample of the voice acting, a demo of the game, something like that. Also, include information about what you precisely would need from me. “I would like you to voice this character, in this particular voice, and here is a sample of the lines I would need.” is a good example. If you’re not set on the lines or what kind of voice you need that’s fine, I dont need something really specific, just a rough estimate or more information about the project. 


I get about 4-5 emails daily asking if someone could join the channel as a possible voice actor. I’m completely open to adding people as possible voice actors, I’ve done it many times before, but you NEED to send me a demo reel if you’re looking to join or have an established channel or work that I can check out. It’s as simple as that. Remember, your voice is your trade. You need to showcase your trade. 


Nothing makes me want to delete an email more than reading the words: Here’s my demo reel, it’s so bad don’t look at it. I’m not saying you should send me an email saying “I AM THE BEST VOICE ACTOR IN THE WORLD HIRE ME”, but try to remember that when you’re sending me a demo reel or something like that you’re sending me an audition. If you walked into any audition and told the director not to listen to you, they would send you out of the room. I’m going to do the same. You’re an actor, you’re selling yourself. A better way to word it if you’re not sure about your audition is to say: “I’m still working on it, could I get some constructive feedback?” That right there is WAY better than “this is so bad.” I know this is a weird thing to be picky about, but I get a lot of these types of emails and it weighs on me. 

5. DONT SEND ME “CAN YOU CRITIQUE MY UNDERTALE AU?” just dont do it. I’d love to check out a comic or something, but I know nothing about creating AUs.  

AND THATS IT! I know I was a little strict in this post, don’t let that stop you from sending me an email! I love what I do and I love meeting new people through the internet, I just felt the need to share with you guys the best way to send emails because then you have a better chance of getting in contact with me! Plus this is helpful for people who don’t really know how to send these types of emails, and don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t know. 
Also just because why not, my email is 
Happy Wasteland Designer Showcase is back!

 Designers! We are excited to announce we will be re-launching our settlement design showcase for the new year!

We will be featuring a particular settlement or design feature in order to highlight our community’s creativity and to show some love to some under-represented settlements (we’re looking at you Murkwater)!

*NEW* We are also adding a monthly non-settlement specific theme you can also submit works from, in case you’ve already built something you want to show off.

Showcase submissions and reblogs will be featured in the side bar and reachable by a special tag. They will also be automatically posted instead of queue’d (The queue is at least a week long at any given time)

Participate by tagging us @happywastelanddesigner, sending the post to @wastelandercamo or @percivalhastings, or by using the submit link at the top of the page!

Our current plan for showcases is as follows:

Current Showcase:

Pets and Creatures: Did your Sole Survivor build a little mansion for dogmeat? Is there a house in your settlement that’s sole purpose is to house cats? Or is there some other pet that has it’s own place in your settlement? We’d love to see it, so feel free to share with us!


Hangman’s Alley

February - Winter Abodes

1st-12th Croup Manor

13th - 28th Valentine’s Home Plate: either make a cozy little love nest for your LI, or show our favorite Synth Detective some love by making him his own private oasis

March - Faction Bases

1st - 15th Echo Lake Lumber OR Murkwater Construction Site

16th - 31st  Oberland Station

April - Spring Fling: Gardens and Farms

1st - 15th Kingsport Lighthouse

16th - 30th Longfellow’s Cabin OR Warwick Homestead

May - Defensive Strategies

1st - 15th The Minutemen’s Castle

16th - 31st Tenpines Bluff

(Get it - May Day, they need help? ha. ha? oh well, it’s funny to me)

June - Family Housing and places for kids

1st - 15th Dalton Farm OR Abernathy Farm

16th - 30th Greygarden

July - Markets and Shops

1st - 15th Vault 88 OR Covenant

16th - 31st National Park Visitor’s Center OR Coastal Cottage

August - Dog Days of Summer: Pets and Creatures

1st - 15th NukaWorld Red Rocket OR Red Rocket Truck Stop

16th - 31st Hangman’s Alley

Past Showcases:

Croup Manor

Home Plate

Echo Lake Lumber & Murkwater Construction Site

Oberland Station

Longfellow’s Cabin & Warwick Homestead

Abernathy Farm & Dalton Farm


Vault 88 &  Covenant

National Park Visitor’s Center  &  Coastal Cottage

Nuka World Red Rocket  &   Red Rocket Truck Stop

I hope you’re as excited as we are! Happy Designing and remember - Show us your WIPs!

Let us know if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns! We love to hear from you!

Things I want in ‘Cherry Bomb’

1) Taeyong to say ‘Cherry Bomb’ in his deep voice before an epic bass drop

2) A joint Taeil Doyoung high note 

3) Johnny and WinWin to showcase their amazing voices 

4) Yuta rapping

5) Jaehyun’s honey voice and ‘Limitless’ booty shaking

5) English rap lyrics written and rapped by the one and only Mark Lee

6) Haechan’s ad libs like in ‘Baby Don’t Like It’ 

7) An iconic Markhyuck high five

8) Everyone to be happy and healthy and feel beautiful 



Nightcrawler- Tyra Hair // Velour Choker

Trillyke- Collarbone Tattoos // Back Tattoos // Lace Bustier

MJ95- Alma Shoes // Nina Shoes

Ms Blue- Itty Bitty Dress // Mona Pantyhose

Toksik- Enchanted Earrings // Double Luxe Choker (v.2)

The Fake RWBY Volume 4 or Writing Issues and Pacing

Volume 4 of RWBY ended. We saw our favorite team being split through entire world and embarking onto journeys in entirely different continents, interacting with different characters. Yet for the scope the Volume 4 undertook, There’s a surprising lack of substance. Or Should I say, surprising lack of NEW substance.

Now many who followed my posts might have an inkling of thought on why I chose Ruby with the map as a opener picture to this post. Whether you do or not, let me tell you a tale about Volume 4, the Volume that as far as Narrative and Characters are concerned could as well not exist. In fact if we look from character point of view it literally does not exist. Why?

A long wall of text accompanied by images, charts and schemes waits you after the cut.

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2002-born Beijing babie Du Siyu scored 54.40 on her debut competition this year!!!  (even with stereotypical Chinese judging, lol)

Our princess Siyu became the centre of the Anta cup competition when she showcased upgrades on all 4 events despite a swollen ankle. Her coach has advised her to withdraw from the competition but she insisted on joining. 


Siyu debuted her DTY in the competition. It is abit low due to her ankle but she still managed to land it decently. She scored 5.4+8.45-0.1 = 13.75 on the event


Bars has been Siyu’s forte. This time she surprised us with a new combination of Maloney+Giant 1/1+Tkatchev. She also has an Ono which is really rare among even the Chinese nowadays! She is actually capable of much more than the current routine but Coach He told her to go easy :). She scored 6.0+8.05 = 14.05


Siyu had a shaky beam year in 2016, but she underwent a complete transformation this year! She rocked beam with a BHS+Loso+Loso, switch+switch ½+Korbut and a new mount~ She wrote on social media afterwards that she’s shaking allover beam during the competition but it turns out fine! She scored 5.8+7.65 = 13.45. Again, she’s capable of even more difficulty, so stay tuned :).


Siyu can barely do a double tuck on floor last year due to a injury the year before, but she pulled off something amazing this year! Her routine consists of 2 and ½ twists into full twist, and the very typical triple twist into punch front for Chinese girls~ She scored 5.4+7.75 = 13.15 on this event. Together, she scored a 54.40 which is really good for a junior!

Beyond gymnastics, Siyu also stood out from others as she simply exudes so much happiness! She is an extremely popular girl who likes social media and interaction, and is the mirror image of the stereotypical Chinese gymnast who tends to be more reserved. Another rare quality she has is the fact that she trains gymnastics out of pure passion. While the gymnastic landscape in China is changing, it is still rare for children from well-off families to train gymnastics, as it is often considered too hard on children. Siyu, however, is one such girl. While she come from a really well-off family in Beijing, she is deeply passionate about gymnastics and is one of the most diligent gymnasts in the team. Her upgrades on all four events this year is the best testimonial to that.