stages of being a muser:
  • <p> <b>latent muser:</b> heard uprising, supermassive black hole and neutron star collision but doesn't know that those songs are made by muse<p/><b>general plebs muser:</b> knows the band's name, listens to them but only likes dead inside, mercy and starlight<p/><b>regular muser:</b> listens to muse regularly, knows the titles of all the albums but sometimes fails to recall them correctly (exmp.: "ohh, wrecked whores and levitations? gotta love it, but i love the showbiscuit one more")<p/><b>muser:</b> listens to muse every day, loves knights of cydonia, handler, psycho; realised that hysteria is genius, likes unnatural selection and new born<p/><b>true muser:</b> knows the whole discography by heart, came to the realisation that all muse songs are great without exception<p/><b>mega muser:</b> listens to muse religiously, loves stockholm syndrome, citizen erased, megalomania, micro cuts and actually understands the lyrics of fury<p/><b>massive muser:</b> listens to muse religiously, owns hullabaloo, aware of all the b-sides, loves the groove, jimmy kane, shrinking universe and host, thinks that con-sience is a masterpiece<p/><b>supermassive muser:</b> watched all the live recordings including 120px videos; owns HAARP and Live AT Rome Olympic Stadium, when bored sometimes subconsciously sings the guitar riffs of knights of cydonia<p/><b>delux muser:</b> watched some videos of george bellamy, thinks that 'gothic plague' and 'rocket baby dolls' wouldn't suited them as a band name anyway<p/><b>hardcore muser:</b> perfectly aware of the fact that soldier's poem is not on the album named absolution<p/></p>
what Muse's albums are about (probably)

Showbiz: ANGST

OoS: idk drugs I guess

Hullabaloo Soundtrack: who knows? they don’t even know probably

Absolution: the biblical Apocalypse

BH&R: space Cowboys and politics

The Resistance: 1984 by George Orwell

The 2nd Law: S P A C E

Drones: take a wild fucking guess