If the Muse albums were movies
  • Showbiz:A dark, philosophical film about an exceptionally sad person who stays inside all day and writes heart-wrenching poetry. The scenery looks cold and it's always raining.
  • Origin Of Symmetry:A badass, dystopian action film where a James Bond-ish characters fights an alien invasion and defies the government.
  • Absolution:A dramatic movie about someone trying to survive the apocalypse. There are a lot of flashbacks about his lost love and he is extremely heartbroken and tired of it all.
  • Black Holes And Revelations:Sci-fi western where a badass alien princess falls in love with a cowboy named Pedro but he gets kidnapped by zetas and she has to ride across the desert on an unicorn in order to save him.
  • The Resistance:Romance/Action movie set in space. 1984-ish, two star-crossed lovers meet each other at a protest and fall in unconditional love but the government throws them in jail and they suffer from heartbreak
  • The 2nd Law:Action movie portraying a team of spies trying to infiltrate the government to discover secrets, and the government's efforts to hide the upcoming end of the world from the rest of the population.
  • Drones:Drama movie, a soldier gets divorced from his wife, joins the army and becomes very robotic, then falls in love with a cute nurse and breaks free from all the oppression in order to run away with her and live happy
me and my friend made up honest Muse album titles
  • Showbiz:- 'We Fucking Love Radiohead' or 'Under-Rated As Fuck'
  • OoS:- 'Just How High Can Matt Bellamy Sing and Is He Actually Human' or 'Only Audible By Squirrels'
  • Absolution:- 'The Morning After' or 'Chris Drop The Bass One More Time and I'll Drop You'
  • BHaR:- 'Futuristic Slightly Homoerotic Mexican Cowboy Music' or alternatively 'Supermassive Black Hole'
  • The Resistance:- 'We Don't Even Know What's Happening But Have A Fucking Symphony' or 'The 2nd Law: Foreplay'
  • The 2nd Law:- 'The Experiment' or 'Take Notice of Chris
  • Drones:- 'The Conspiracy Theory' or alternatively 'Steve Jobs has ruined Human Communication: The Chronicles'