Forever Young, Kalani Hilliker (2013)

I know there are probably a ton of videos of this solo online, but I happened to have this recording where the emcee asks her a couple of questions at the end of the dance and she talks about how much she loves this dance!


65 - A Parks & Rec Tip the Waiter Special! 

The past couple weeks, I’ve been leaving these as tips at various coffee shops I’ve been visiting. Started with Ron Swanson (which I’m reposting here, just to complete the set) and just snowballed from there! The baristas seem to enjoy them, even if they’ve mostly never seen the show (shame on them!), so maybe I’ll keep on going, just so I can get to Anne and Gary/Jerry/Larry and round out the gang!

“I remember thinking that Muse were like a classic band, it was like seeing a gang mentality, the fact they were so tight with each other. It was like no band I’d ever met before; and still I work with bands who say, ‘We’re a gang’ but they’re not. You know, I have memories of Dom and Matt tickling each other and laughing like fucking schoolkids. They know when someone’s in a bad mood and will  take them away in isolation for a little bit while everyone else carries on. For a three piece, three’s not really a number for a band, there’s usually someone left on their own, but with Muse there never was.”

- Glen Rowe on Muse during the Showbiz Era

“Matt and Dom tickling each other and laughing like fucking schoolkids”

Some things never change

If the Muse albums were movies
  • Showbiz:A dark, philosophical film about an exceptionally sad person who stays inside all day and writes heart-wrenching poetry. The scenery looks cold and it's always raining.
  • Origin Of Symmetry:A badass, dystopian action film where a James Bond-ish characters fights an alien invasion and defies the government.
  • Absolution:A dramatic movie about someone trying to survive the apocalypse. There are a lot of flashbacks about his lost love and he is extremely heartbroken and tired of it all.
  • Black Holes And Revelations:Sci-fi western where a badass alien princess falls in love with a cowboy named Pedro but he gets kidnapped by zetas and she has to ride across the desert on an unicorn in order to save him.
  • The Resistance:Romance/Action movie set in space. 1984-ish, two star-crossed lovers meet each other at a protest and fall in unconditional love but the government throws them in jail and they suffer from heartbreak
  • The 2nd Law:Action movie portraying a team of spies trying to infiltrate the government to discover secrets, and the government's efforts to hide the upcoming end of the world from the rest of the population.
  • Drones:Drama movie, a soldier gets divorced from his wife, joins the army and becomes very robotic, then falls in love with a cute nurse and breaks free from all the oppression in order to run away with her and live happy

Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

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