showa godzilla

This translates too “Gorosaurus family living happily on dinosaur island”. This is from one of the many kaiju books I own. This particular image comes from a break down of Monster Land detailing each monsters habitat and where they live. Interesting to see “baby” Gorosaurus along with the kaiju sized adult. If people are interested I can post more! Just need help with the translations. There is a detailed map as well as the location of each monsters on Monster Land. 

It’s honestly such a delight for me to explain to uninitiated just how obscenely powerful Godzilla is. 

Ignore the basic premise… that this creature not only surivived atomic testing, but became bigger/stronger from it, and developed the means to both absorb nuclear energy as food and repel radiation and atomic energy for defensive attacks. 

In the Showa series (1954-1975), Godzilla is constantly and consistently changing… the loose continuity between films and ever changing design is actually sort of the point. A weakness discovered in 1962 would become a means of getting stronger in 1964. He evolves and develops new abilities at will to defeat certain enemies. 

In the Heisei series (1984-1995), Godzilla is reconstituted from the disintegrated atoms from the original film. He develops the Atomic Pulse, an ability to hurt/destroy anything touching his skin. He evolves and heals past every weakness thrown at him. His cells are capable of turning into other lifeforms. He was trapped in an active volcano for five years. He swam beneath the Earth’s crust through a lava river and literally broke his way out of Mt. Fuji. He heals from any wound almost immediately. His death in 1995, a literal nuclear meltdown from his biology failing him, threatened to literally set the atmosphere on fire. 

In the Millennium series… he’s survived a fucking black hole. He blasted a meteor from space. 

2014, the nuclear testing that mutated him is implied to have been an atom bomb that hit him point blank. 

Shin Godzilla, his controlled evolution is taken further than it ever has been, leading to him literally becoming a collective of humanoids in order to defeat the human race. 


Ah, this was my very first Godzilla movie, which I got to see on a VHS copy I got for Christmas 1997, naturally under the Cosmic Monster moniker. Ever since, it’s been one of my favorites, as well as featuring my personal favorite Showa-era Godzilla design. Obviously, it forever cemented the foundation of me being the kaiju enthusiast I am today. :)

For this piece, I decided to try experimenting with the shading by using the airbrush tool (in GIMP, mind you), mostly because I would still be on MechaGodzilla if I were using the ink tool like I usually do (though there are some accented areas where I used it). It was a bit relaxing to loosen up a bit in doing so, and it never hurt to try new things.

For the shading itself, Godzilla was shaded with blue, since he has blue atomic breath; MechaGodzilla was shaded with red, since he had a red energy beam (well, when he was in disguise), and King Caesar was shaded with an orange/yellow to make him seem a bit more “golden”. Anguirus was done with blue (since he’s Godzilla’s pal), and the shisa statue was done with a dark gray. Also, Godzilla and MechaGodzilla have drop-shadows, red and blue respectively, in reference to their names in the Japanese text in the title sequence.

Anywho, this will be available at G-Fest XXIV, which is just around the corner!