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• Him teasing you constantly
• for example Him pulling your hair
• him slapping your ass
• then acting like nothing happened
• Playing with his hair
• its long enough to make pigtails
• he makes you feel better by wearing them for a day
• Him winking at you when you’re across the room
• “you wanna fight me, cupcake? Huh? Is that what you want?”
• then he attacks your lips with his
• him calling you his “kitten”
• Greenwood getting annoyed by all the PDA
• “it’d be nice to not see you guys suck each other’s faces off”
• everyone teases him bc they think you’re too pretty for him
• “how’d you even land a piece of ass like (name)?”
• “shut up, Greenwood”
• kinky sex
• he’s dominating
• and absolutely loves your submissiveness
• “sit on my lap, cupcake.”
• flirting constantly
• it makes everyone uncomfortable tbh
• make out sessions at random times and places
• jerome is very territorial over you
• its really not healthy at all
• he has a really terrible temper
• he takes it out on you sometimes
• he’s never hit you but he has pushed you and choked you
• a small part of you is terrified of him or at least what he’s capable of
• when he does that you leave but eventually come back after all his pleas and begging
• its a vicious cycle honestly
• but your in love with him
• he brought you a diamond necklace with a j charm
• he always is trying to get your attention
• in a way you’re his anchor
• he likes to think he somewhat has a tiny bit of humanity bc he has you

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Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Prompt: “Fluffy Jerome with prompt 33?” - Anon

Summary: You’re in the middle of torturing someone when Jerome can’t help but need attention.

Word Count: 616 (it’s on the shorter side, sorry)

Warnings: Torture, strong language, needy Jerome. I should add that Reader’s a bit more on the insane side in this imagine.

A/N: OH MY GOD. Anon I am so sorry! I totally forgot this was a request. Please accept my apologies. ;-;

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Ed hallucinating Oswald is such a good thing, it is such a positive thing for the ship. It means Ed is affect by this, it means he is holding onto regret and is struggling with himself. Ed only started hallucinating after he killed Kristen, someone he loves. Now he is seeing Oswald, which means only one thing, he has feelings for him.